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350090350090B000EMU2BGA1TTZARTM117PQWilliam J. Grace2311326240000Still Not Twice as GoodI've bought this product from Amazon for almost two years for $20.19 shipped by Amazon as an Amazon Prime product. Amazon no longer carries it directly and the reseller is charging $44 for the same package plus shipping(down this week from $49 last week). The cocoa is not twice as good at these prices and I wish Amazon would find a reseller whose price is somewhat closer to the old amazon price. This is a very disappointing message from Amazon to its loyal customers. W. Grace
350091350091B000EMU2BGA1J406TTWYHACASabbathLily "Lily"2351212019200If you like hot chocolate you will LOVE this!I have tried hundreds of hot chocolates from the really expensive and really cheap and this is by far the best you can ever have. It is creamy and the wonderful taste of Butterfingers. It is like a candy bar in a mug. However it is not overpowering.

If you want to try something delicious this is perfect.
350092350092B000EMU2BGA1KMU0M8NVQ9F5James K. Hardy0011350518400Way over priced.This vendor is clearly attempting to take advantage of consumers. A 4 pack used to be sold for about $20 and has since doubled in price. If you look elsewhere on the Interned, you can find a MUCH better price. I just placed an order for the same product with A DOZEN 7.33 oz cans only cost me $68,97 and is being shipped 1-3 day for free.
350093350093B000EMU2BGA21FO8HXJECL08WILLIAM D. WOOD0051350345600Sipped By a Blazing Fire..Nestle Hot Cocoa Mix has always been a part of my family as a child and into adulthood. This stuff is chocolaty and tastes great when sipped on a cool Winter night with family and friends, next to a blazing fireplace while reminiscing about the years gone by. If only those years could be relived.. there would be time to enjoy more of this memorable drink.

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350094350094B000EMU2BGA21N3CFERVUT0IMichael Hansen0051350259200Since I Was a KidI have consumed this as long as I can remember, eating the powder from the pouches too as kid. I don't believe any other hot chocolate product even comes close to the taste of this product. Now my kids love it as much as I do!
350095350095B000EMU2BGA2LRKV5PK0II9DKino12340011349568000DisgustingI would never buy this cocoa ever again. this was by far the foulest substance to ever cross my lips. DONT BUY THIS
no stars
350096350096B000EMU2BGA3U32VOIQ1QBDVVernon O. Aune0021339027200What happened to the larger cans??Question: Are the larger (27.7 oz.) cans of the Nestle Rich Milk Chocolate cocoa mix (39 servings) no longer available?? The texture and taste of the cocoa in the smaller cans is nowhere near as good as the cocoa we have previously ordered.

Thank you.

Vernon Aune
350097350097B000EMU2BGA1Q00IWYT4F54UNellie0051334966400a little extragreat added to your morning coffee! Doesn't add all the sugar like the regular hot cocoa mix! Moca low cal
350098350098B000EMU2BGAOV0QIT6RC8TDThomas Reitsma "bikenstitches"0051327276800Best hot chocolate, hard to findThe supermarkets I shop at don't carry this hot chocolate, but it's the only one I like. So I bought the large boxes of 50 to last the whole winter!
350099350099B000EMU2BGAJPN9LC78ONUWPutts0051325808000Nestles Fat Free Hot ChocolateIt is great...I want to buy more, but the price has more than doubled....On 11-1-11 I ordered 2 four packs for a total of $38.72 and today it is $99.98 for the same thing?? Not worth it.
350100350100B000EMU2BGA12OZF8Y7FSHSZHIPPIE0051324944000great tasting cocoagreat cocoa. good when you want to drink on a cold evening and dont need the fat and sugar on your gut. the only kind of cocoa my wife will drink. drank this on Christmas eve and loved every minute of it
350071350071B000EMU2BGA1PQRBDQG7XEPBscoby1151332633600Excellent product price hike sice last order
350072350072B000EMU2BGA2UM8XCHXJVN8FDeb1151285804800Tastes great, low calorieIt's only 20 calories a serving and it tastes great. I am quite sensitive to the taste of artificial sweetners but I don't pick any of that taste up in this product. They stopped selling it at my local supermarket (Wegmans) so I order it on line now. I drink it almost every night to satisfy my chocolate craving!
350073350073B000EMU2BGA2TH3APDPEEJJ5RBC Ed.D1151279411200simply wonderfulAt only 20 calories per cup, with its rich, chocolate taste, this is a best buy. Also, zero cholesterol. It can't be beat!
350074350074B000EMU2BGA2AV1LZY0VBF8CMs Muffet1141277769600Good hot cocoa mix, but....I usually buy Nestle's Hot Cocoa Mix in the Milk Chocolate flavor.
This time, I decided to try the Dark Chocolate flavor which we've
never had before. My husband loves dark chocolate in all its forms,
but I never really cared for it. Well, I still don't. This is a
flavorful hot cocoa, but I think it's much sweeter than the Milk
Chocolate flavor yet not as chocolate-y; not as creamy. This flavor
is OK and the price was good at Amazon so we'll use it up but I'll
go back to the Milk Chocolate flavor the next time I order.
By the way, we've tried every popular brand of hot cocoa mix and
Nestle's wins, there's no contest. After all, as they say,
"Nestle's makes the very best - chocolate".
350075350075B000EMU2BGA2CBHCZGUKCC8FCarlene J. Biery1141271635200wonderful hot cocoaThis is a good hot cocoa. It is really good for someone who is looking for all the taste of hot cocoa but wants to limit their caffeine intake, it is 99% caffeine free. Also it has some needed vitamins that many woman are looking for at different times in their life.
350076350076B000EMU2BGAXZHXOJGPFCNNYona Williams1151266105600A Real TreatThere is no flavor or sweetness lost in this fat-free hot cocoa mix. There are ONLY 20 calories contained in each packet. The cocoa doesn't have a fake taste or lackluster aftertaste. It's honestly one of the best low-calorie hot cocoa drinks I've ever had. I have yet to find a hot beverage that tastes this good and is only 20 calories...
350077350077B000EMU2BGA1VUN4JU731CBHI. Peters1141255564800Like it in coffeeI do not like this for its intended purpose as a hot chocolate drink. To my taste buds, this does not taste rich and chocolate-y despite its name of "Double Chocolate Meltdown".

But - I add it every day to my morning coffee and for that purpose, it is the best hot chocolate powder around. I've tried many different brands and chocolate flavors but nothing comes close to putting this one in my coffee. It creates the perfect balance between hot chocolate and coffee, and I even make sure to take it with me when going on vacation. Love it for that!
350078350078B000EMU2BGA3M4QZCQV0GOUYBarbara L. Lutnick "Bonnie"1141252713600hot chocolate mixIf you are looking to watch the amount of sugar you use, this is a fine product.
350079350079B000EMU2BGA3106ZUNB3WAARMoi Je1151252627200Morning MochaJust a little in my coffee in the morning makes a perfect cup. Who needs Starbucks!
350080350080B000EMU2BGA3VZGOR83EDKVKMary Allen1151239753600Really good stuff.Fat free version is delicious and low calorie. Wish the fat free did not cost more than the varieties
350081350081B000EMU2BGAG39GZJV0164ILinda Inman "weight watcher"1151233014400Love this "stuff"The cocoa mix in a CAN is hard to find in a grocery store. I finally found it on Amazon. It is FAT FREE, LOW CARBS, ONLY 25 CALORIES AND THE BEST THING OF ALL IS THAT IT IS 99.9% CAFFEINE FREE!!! I cannot have caffeine due to a heart condidion and it is a wonderful find. I have shared this information with my Weight Watchers Group and everyone is elated to find a treat such as this. MANY, MANY THANKS TO NESTLE!!!!!!
If you want to risk a few more calories, use 1/2 water and 1/2 skim milK. DELICIOUS!!
350082350082B000EMU2BGA23F97YZ3AEZYHCougarmom1141231891200Nestle's Fat Free for MeI start each day with a cup of hot chocolate. I worried that this product was discontinued because I couldn't find it for some time. But happily it became available again and I ordered enough to last a while. I like the way it tastes and love the fact that it is like 30 calories per serving. The low calorie count gives me more reasons to keep using it.
350083350083B000EMU2BGAAI5Y2TW9ECOKG. Rector "gordman"1151223769600Great price, great valueSave on money. buy this hot chocolate in bulk. Its sooo good and great anytime.
350084350084B000EMU2BGA19HQFRSRVOB42Jessica Jagger1151211068800fat freehot coca mixI've been buying Nestle's fat free hot coca for years. When my market no longer carried it, someone suggested I try amazon. Which I did. Yours cost half what I'd been paying in the market.
350085350085B000EMU2BGA2PHY596EINIKPSuki "online food shopper"1151207526400Nestle, fat free hot cocoa mix is deliciousI love this product. I use it hot or cold (in the blender with ice). It's a great, low calorie treat and it has calcium.
350086350086B000EMU2BGA9GIGJUB98JNRChen Sun ""1151196467200really good stuff and non-fat too!Hard to beat this cocoa. Taste great, and is non-fat. Might even be good for you.
350088350088B000EMU2BGAYCDRVXTOWZ23Maxwell J. Wilcomb1151163030400Nestle Hot Cocoa MixThe sugarless mix is very satisfactory and it's fewer calories. Go for it.
350089350089B000EMU2BGAH7YOQJOUZ1IIJLF2311326240000YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDINGThis price is twice what one can buy this product at the store. What gives? Nobody should consider this product at these prices.

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