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350131350131B000EMU2BGATLXHDTOB9GXXLost in LA0051260748800Where have all the marshmellows gone?I loved nestles diet (low cal) hot chocolate with marshmellows. It was only 30 or 35 calories. Have they stopped making it??? Can not find it anywhere. It was the best!
350132350132B000EMU2BGA3JAKTKW3HX5XILorraine N "Lorraine N"0051260576000Best Chocolate MixThis is the only hot chocolate mix I will buy, but my local grocery stores rarely have it in stock. It has a perfect degree of chocolatey-ness and is not too sweet. I haven't found any others that are even close.
350133350133B000EMU2BGAEB67C78Z31WIJLK0051260403200Way better than Swiss Miss diet cocoaI don't know why or how this one can taste so much better than Swiss Miss, but the Nestle fat free is my fave. It also dissolves much better. I hope Nestle never stops making this.
350134350134B000EMU2BGA1839A42S61F4EBob Groke0051260316800nestle, hot cocoaI was very happy with this product. You couldn't be the price. I am hoping you have more deals like that.
350135350135B000EMU2BGA2E0WNF4ZNP0EUCyber Steve0041259625600Good stuff!This hot cocoa is delicious, low in calories, and reasonably priced. Although the label only states that it is fat-free, it is also sugar-free. It tastes as good as any hot cocoa that contains fat and sugar, yet contains far fewer calories. Try it!
350136350136B000EMU2BGA3IVDOBQ3X5HHTJoanna "Jo"0051259539200Stellar Hot Chocolate!!!I just discovered this stuff and now I cannot find it anywhere. One of my co-workers gave me a few packs to try and I am adicted!

It totally tastes like a melted Butterfinger in a Hot Chocolate, and it's not too sweet. It's just right.

Please come back!!!
350137350137B000EMU2BGA1GTI5MRVP7AEJ. Willis0041259539200Nestle Hot Cocoa MixI thought that (1)package of cocoa was enough to receive a good chocolate taste, and the marshmallows gave an additional sweetness, for a nice cup of hot cocoa.
350138350138B000EMU2BGARXB08BBM6H37Wendy Hale "booklady"0041259020800Nestle hot cocoa mix double chocolate meltdownThis is such a good hot cocoa mix with more flavor than most because of the "double chocolate". I'm frustrated because I haven't been able to find it in the grocery stores any more. So I ordered a whole case from Amazon. Hooray for Amazon!
350139350139B000EMU2BGA1ZL87BI3GD9WBDan Musgrave0051259020800A Great Refreshing DrinkThis is a great drink and is a shame it has been discontinued by Nestles. I have always enjoyed the taste and it is always refreshing to drink.
350140350140B000EMU2BGA30BST1JSB5211L. Arrington "gotta have pets"0051258588800Love it!!!I have been looking for this item since last winter. My store stopped carrying it (and I shop at four different grocery stores)I'm so glad I found it here. This is so very rich and smooth, I like the flavor but wish it came in a dark chocolate flavor. And I really agree about the coffee, it makes it so much better. Most cocoa mixes are like drinking colored water, this is so good and you don't need milk to get the thick and rich balance. LOOOOOVE IT !!!
350141350141B000EMU2BGA3ICXA05108QHJJudy Tomlin0051256947200Hot CocoaThis is the best fatfree cocoa! I have had the other's and this is the best tasting one out there for the calories! I recommend it to anyone who is on a restricted diet or is just watching calories.
350142350142B000EMU2BGA8O6O7J62FOVQPamela Lynn Palmer "Heart of Fire"0051254355200Makes great frappacinos!Although it might be closer to milk chocolate than dark chocolate flavor, it makes great cheap fraps using two envelopes with a teaspoon of instant coffee and 2 cups of ice water.
350143350143B000EMU2BGAHNDF9WRNDE9PDebbie0051251936000GREAT HOT CHOCOLATE FOR THE DIET CONSCIOUS!I love this Nestle hot chocolate but have only been able to find it in the supermarkets for about $3.69 for eight servings. When I came across these canisters at this great price, I immediately ordered it.

It's a satisfying hot chocolate which has only 25 calories and comes out to just pennies a serving. I highly recommend it.
350144350144B004VLVRREA1HAMJNZ7R2XVARobinD0051343347200That's a whole lotta mustard seed!And thankfully, freezes quite well. I make my own gourmet mustards and can them as gifts for family and friends. Even considering, these seeds should last me a while. Terrific service and the freshest quality . . .perfect!
350145350145B004J0RXB6A2XM83H5BEG6G6Whiterabbit2251303948800Classic candythis candy is a classic. chewy peanutbutter flavored taffy filled with peanutbutter. they were very fresh, and the shipping was quick. it was one large bag of individually wrapped candies. i dont think it'd be a very nice presentation for gift giving, but it was fine for what i ordered them for.
350146350146B0001G6VLUA3K501NR67YEQGKat Hallmark "Card Reader"0051290556800Best Bran Muffin mix out there!This is a good muffin mix to dress up by adding fruit or extra ingrediants. It is also really goodby itself. You cant go wrong with this product. It is not too sweet and not bland.
350147350147B002CO7OLAAVMJOWP2ZPD2EAlfredo R. Villanueva3351266364800Only available on Amazon!I used to buy these little packets of my favorite diet Snapple flavor at local pharmacy, and then they disappeared from the market. I ran to Amazon, where I usually buy anything that I cannot find at a local store. The advantages are twofold: 1) they are cheaper than bottled Snapple and one does not have to deal with empties; 2)I can control the flavor by adding 2 packages to half a gallon of water, thus reducing the inevitable acid stomach. And, of course, they are ideal for diabetics!
350148350148B002CO7OLAABQWMANK4AR63John S. Dean "John"0041303603200Great price until the shipping...This would've been a good deal if it was an Amazon Prime item, 24 sticks for the price, but you have to pay almost half again as much just for shipping. So the value goes down, but as others have said, this is a hard to find item now. I got these for my grandmother, who loves the peach snapple, and was saddened when a local brick and mortar stopped carrying them. So for her, I'm willing to pay the premium while she's laid up recovering from an operation, but for myself I'd think by the time it was all done, I'd probably save money buying them by the case at a warehouse outlet since then i'd save my time of making each bottle.

From just the product side though, it's 5 stars since she says it tastes just like the regular item. From the whole deal perspective, i'd give a 3, so combining them I figure four stars for people who love this product.
350149350149B002CO7OLAA3KS5XG2UNDLL7Vicki Bedford "Tea drinker"0151247702400Is 4 packets correct?I am looking to purchase the diet peach snapple to go but the product I have purchased in the past has 8 packets per box. Is 4 correct or are they referring to the number of boxes?
350150350150B000LRFYG2A3V4SWJJPI55NZS. Jager "Fan of Amazon"0051200096000Delicious!We certainly enjoyed this 'Lekvar' product. If one is not going to make it homemade, this is a convenient option. Nice for baking products, good on toast. Very generous size!
350151350151B000LRFYG2A73VQB2ZU1D96L. Hollingsworth "Leslie SF CA"2411195862400don't botherThis product was not what we were looking for, and on top of that, one of the jars had a lot of mold inside.
Quite disgusting!

Look elsewhere.
350152350152B004S07FPQA2M9D9BDHONV3YA. Bennett1151339977600This is great canned chicken chunks!This can of chicken pieces is really very tasty with real chicken flavor and texture. I prefer this over any canned tuna. The meat is moist and tender. I was taken aback by how much I liked this Valley Fresh canned chicken. When I used these up, I bought the larger sized cans. I will be buying more when I run out again and highly recommend it to everyone. It does not taste salty nor have any after taste. It is just great tasting 'chicken'.
350153350153B004HK7NT0A38CWC6MDL1PK6Single Mom Smarts1151326672000My emergency supplyLoved this purchase--I'm always running out of milk (regular and soy) so these boxes are perfect. You can keep them in the cupboard at room temp and have a pretty long shelf life. Beats a trip to the store when you have toddlers with you! They don't like it plain, but it's great for cereal and mac n cheese!
350154350154B004HK7NT0A1BKX9MC3YAKF8L. Torres "titililly"1151318809600One of the best soy milksI guess you get what you pay for.
Silk doesn't have the same gassy effect that other Soy Milks have on some people, it also taste better than many others.
Not sure if Silk is the same one sold at Costco under their Kirkland name, but that one is also very good and similar in taste to Silk.
350155350155B004HK7NT0A1HXVAW4TXU2QQB. Lipps25513149216005 stars!Five stars! Yes, five, I don't know what else to say. I just wanted to leave a 5 star comment.
350156350156B003EMUCN6A1ZDD76NJF0R4Wjodi p0041328054400sugar snowflakessnowflakes were thicker than I thought they would be but still very nice and came in a timely fashion all in one piece. thank-you
350157350157B001EDG8MGAOU664GV1C3FLKC in KC "From the Heartland"2251324166400These Turtles Were Not SlowI ordered these chocolates for a farewell party because turtles have special meaning for the coworker who was leaving. If they hadn't arrived in time, the gesture would have been lost. Turtles to the rescue! They arrived with time to spare, and were deliciously dark and flavorful. Thanks!
350158350158B001EDG8MGA1ZGXZW37JEZWHavid reader3451241395200cute, and super yummyI ordered these for my mom for Mother's Day. The shipping was phenominally fast, and the chocolates arrived in perfect condition. I think this might become a Mother's Day tradition.
350159350159B0000GIVFAA28RW1M6VO8EYJJennaveve3351255564800Inca Kola from MexGrocerAmazingly fast delivery. Product is excellent, but that was expected. 6-pack of canned cola, no damage, perfect condition. Service/delivery was most impressive about this transaction. Got my order within 3 days.
350160350160B0000GIVFAA1RAJGHCKZP44OShennah R. Teuscher "Jesus won"3341231372800good sodaMy daughter was in Peru on a mission trip this last summer and loved their Inca Kola. So for Christmas I decided to order her some. We all had some and liked it as well. It has a bubblegum/cream soda flavor. Different! But the price and shipping terribly high.

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