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350161350161B0000GIVFAARELWNMOMCI6PKelly4551168128000THE BEST DRINK EVER!!I spent a week in Peru with my grandmother as a part of my high school graduation present. I fell IN LOVE with Inca Kola. I spent the last of my money buying out the corner store's supply of it just so that i could take it home and rashen it out over weeks, but sadly the last one was drank and I'm still craving more!!
350162350162B0000GIVFAA1Q3U0SALV4FSBrprebel1151229904000Best non alcoholic drink everI had this in 2003 in Peru, and have been wanting more since I got back. It's easily the best cola on Earth.
350163350163B0000GIVFAA17ABIR3Y4XU7GS. Bahr1151196899200Good buyMy brother loved it while visiting Peru, so naturally I had to get this for his birthday. It was his favorite gift!
350164350164B0000GIVFAA2FP7NVTALD7FTRainyDay1151188950400Like I rememberI grew up with Inca Kola... I was born in Peru. We moved to the US when I was a kid. When I found this at MexGrocer.... I ordered four liters! Yum! I think it's the best!
350165350165B0000GIVFAA25L4MK7LXYT50K. Stewart "Catwoman"1151178409600My son was soooo happy!After a mission trip to Peru, my son was unable to find this in Houston. Imagine his surprise when I had it here for him when he came home from school! It tastes like cream soda to me, but he loves it!! It arrived quickly, packaged well. Thanks again Amazon!
350166350166B0000GIVFAA2OKSD3SLPEM1VCougGirl2351134086400According to my husbandThis is "better than the best" of sodas. He spent two years in Peru, fell in love with this soda, and now I can buy him some so he won't miss Peru!
350167350167B0000GIVFAA19WXDEW3KWDZFAaron Vines0051332547200Gotta get my FIX!I can't get enough of this stuff. Latin Products is about the only place I could find that could ship my Inca Kola to me. They were prompt with my order but I did have to wash my cans before drinking. (Rather sticky). North America doesn't know what they're missing out on! Bring Inca Kola to the US!!!
350168350168B0000GIVFAA2G5O30KOVQC2VJean Giles0051330041600not a soda drinkerI came across this soda entirely by accident when I went out with some friends to a Peruvian restaurant. They didn't have much to offer for beverages and even though I normally don't drink soda I decided to give this Peruvian favorite a try. I liked it! It reminded me of cream soda with a hint of lime and very carbonated. I can't beleive that I ordered a six pack off of Amazon but I wanted to introduce it to some family members. Instead, when it arrived I stashed it away and lovingly and selfishly enjoyed each can until it was gone!
350169350169B0000GIVFAA3PJ7WDRE9R89LW. Janssen0051235779200Inka KolaInka Kola is the favorite beverage of Peru. When Coca-Cola tried to compete against it and couldn't win, they bought Inka Kola. It's still the same though. I wish they also offered Diet Inka Kola.
350170350170B0000GIVFAAVGTDIGXZS8OQFloravel Cardenas "kamy15"1251324598400This beverage is not from Mexico!Inca Kola is one of the best sodas you can drink, you get addicted to it and it's NOT from Mexico, amazon should fix the product information. Inka Kola is a drink from Peru.
350171350171B0000GIVFAA25Y19MILXTZ4Jclint1331281916800multi-national beverage anyone?come on now, eight bucks?
It's ok, but now just another victim of the cola giant juggernaut.
was better before... really eight bucks. save your money...go there and have one if you must..beautiful country and people.
350172350172B0000GIVFAAAXCNVXF98Z1HTorr Gables0241301184000Cream SodaWhile the taste isn't in any way bad, it's also nothing really new. Inca Cola is basically just cream soda. There are hints of another flavor, but it's tiny and I couldn't always place it so it may just be me desperately searching for something that isn't there.

It's cheap enough though, so if you're interested then give it a shot.
350173350173B001IZK7GIA1NJJ2V25PPTGEsundown4451267488000Great No Peanut SnackEden All Mixed Up Too, Nuts Seeds & Dried Fruit - - - I wasn't sure what to expect with the Tamari sauce, but these are good. The flavor is mild and good. Each pkg is 3.5 servings. It is a better value than if first seemed. Yes, I would buy again.

NO PEANUTS IN THESE. This is great for people looking for nuts/seeds without peanuts. A great snack to have on hand.
350174350174B001IZK7GIA2DO60WZ5F94YYelaine sylvester3351308700800Eden All Mixed Up Too, Nuts Seeds and Dried Fruit is wonderful!Eden All Mixed Up Too, Nuts Seeds & Dried Fruit, 4-Ounce Pouch (Pack of 5)

Eden All Mixed Up Too, Nuts Seeds and Dried Fruit is everything the company claims. It is a delicious blend of seeds and nuts and dried fruit that is so pure and easy to eat! There were no husks or stems! It truly is a great product I am eager to buy more!
I would recommend this product to anyone who loves wholesome nutrition.
350175350175B001IZK7GIA2LL686ZJYF79YJ. Green3331269734400Great over saladTastes great and I like to spread it over salad. I would have preferred more cherries in the packet. I usually buy a bag of raisins or cherries to go with it. That's why I give it 3 stars instead of 4. The price is not bad either.

350176350176B001IZK7GIA1HQZ73EU0HUSET. Guerrero "Toni G"0051337558400My Daily Breakfast TopperThis is delicious, delightful, crunchy, and ... healthy? Bonus!

I've discovered that it makes the best breakfast topper. I sprinkle it over yoghurt, muesli, or cereal. I stir it into my oats before I cook them, and wow! does it ever make the oatmeal pop!

It's so good, in fact, that I have signed up for the subscribe and save option. An economical and tasty way to bump up the taste of breakfast or lunch, a quick and healthy snack option, or just a chewy treat for after dinner. You can't go wrong!

Caveat: nuts and seeds are high in (healthy) fats, so watch your serving size.

P.S. Not a peanut in sight! Heaven...
350177350177B000B6MU74A2P401O4NU6WA3Angel Haven Preschool1151320019200Simply the bestI first tried this product about three years ago. It is absolutely the best extract I have ever found for baking. I make all my pancakes from scratch. My family has always insisted, and that was a beautiful compliment for me. The first time I used this extract, they said "we didn't think your pancakes could get any better....until now". Vanilla Butter and Nut is added to all our home made baking recipes instead of just vanilla. It makes all batter taste just like cake batter and the kids love it. I also run an in home Christian preschool and daycare and my kids there love it just as much. When my local store stopped carrying it, I ordered it online. I had to order a full box of six bottles, but it is well worth it. We wouldn't use anything else :)
350178350178B000B6MU74A5RYS3TNXXCMKPatricia A. Ramsey "Drakesgran"0051349913600ONE OF MY FAVORITESAbsolutely must have. It gives the special touch to what I bake. I call it my secret ingredient. Cannot find in stores where I live, so was thrilled to find it online. Will definitely purchase again. Was shipped to me quick and all intact.
350179350179B001EO5OJSA1JG5QJTMTDZ8Driley0021337040000Durango Carrot ChipletsWhen I received them they were all broken up. They use to be much harder than they are now. I liked them better before they Durango changed them.
350180350180B001EO5OJSA17N11AJM1G2CMS. Brown0051217289600My dog loves ChipletsAll flavors of Chiplets are good - Miss Pooh loves them all.
They stay very fresh and crispy for a long time. The price here
is much better than when I bought them at the pet store and the
pet store doesn't even carry them any more.
350181350181B001EO5OJSA1OVNK1CFA0IMHM. Nichols0051192147200Great for office dogsThe Dachshunds love them. Small enough for treats for small dog. Difficult to break up into small tidbits, but it can be done. We keep these in the office for clients to use for treats for our dogs. Love the resealable package that really reseals!
350182350182B0000V1B3OA1PB1QQLCPZ6ERKathy L. Nichol "gadget lady"2251235865600great ice teaThis is the same brand and type of ice tea served at a number of the PFChangs restaurants as I have bought it from them directly. Makes ice tea at home just like you can get in the restaurant.
350183350183B0000V1B3OA1BX7YG656ETGJ. Weir "trying to get orgainized"1151213142400Tastes GreatThis tea is very nice. I love all the China Mist teas I've tried so far. I used it in an iced tea maker and it turns out perfect every time. I sometimes mix this tea with the China Mist passion fruit tea and that is also very nice. It reminds me of the tea served at the Cheesecake factory-- not exact but close enough.
350184350184B0000V1B3OA3U8J1MBIJC2XPMindy0011312502400Not at all what I was expecting! Smells and Tastes NASTY!This tea is terrible. I read other reviews before purchasing. Other reviews compared it to the cheesecake factory mango iced tea. This tea is NOTHING like it. It has a fowl smell and tastes just like it smells. I doubt I will ever drink any mango flavored tea again after this. There is no way I can drink it and it is not returnable. I never write product reviews but was so disappointed I had to in this case.
350185350185B0000V1B3OA2AG77LK7IMAX0Big Big Hair "Big Big Hair"0051308873600Easy TransactionThe China Mist Mango iced tea arrived in a timely manner and was very fresh. I would buy from this vendor again.
350186350186B0083OP960A29FPFJ7QIW22EKLee2251341705600Beautiful, healthy plantJust received a Pinguicula Moctezumae Butterwort from this seller. Plant arrived quickly, and in exceptional condition. It even had 2 perfect blossoms on it. Very pleased with all my purchases from Joel. One of the best carnivorous plant sources and highly recommended.
350187350187B0083OP960A80DY4XH9NALAFrances Knaack-day "kontemplating kindle Muse"1151343692800Just as pictured and described, healthy thriving plantWe just moved to Virginia from Washington state, so many more bugs and with 4 boys I thought this would be a great intriguing first house plant! It arrived in great health and came with clear detailed instructions. My 7 year old helped read directions and we choose a fun hand painted ceramic coffee mug that my boys had previously decorated for a Mothers day present and successfully planted it. It is now thriving in window and my 7 year old goes outside on a bug hunt to find "Pavement" tiny ants to feed it. The ants are so tiny that one dead or maimed is enough to place on plant. At first he put it in flower. Which was soon picked off by my 3 year
old. I was worried that this may harm plant but it appears to still be thriving. I may be wrong but I believe this plant stalk/leaves are able to absorb the nutrients from the bugs? As it appears to be sticky? Not sure as it has only been a week since flower bud was picked off by my son. All in all I found it tobe a fun houseplant to have especially with curious boys and of course the "Carnivorous" aspect is most thrilling!
350188350188B0083OP960A35SHZ3FJ26KFbisnicks1151343606400Fast shipping, great condition, thriving thanks to care sheetI'm very impressed with the growth of this plant. It came in about 2-3 days after ordering even though I'm in Ohio. It arrived with the roots wrapped in a moist paper towel and rolled into a ziploc baggie with a completely intact flower! I followed the care sheet that came with the plant and it's been thriving ever since! It puts out a fresh flower every week or so and is growing like crazy. My order came with tons of New Zealand Sphagnum moss and I even have some left over! Great product, great seller!
350189350189B0083OP960A3GXTH8RV5MRA7Anthony J. Gomez Diaz "-Ant-"0051350950400Wonderful little plant!A excellent plant from a reputable seller. Includes a care guide everyone must read! Beautiful deep violet blooms about the size of a U.S. 5 cent piece. Beautiful but not delicate. Mine has caught three decent size flies already. Very pleased.
350190350190B0083OP960AT1CDV1Q52Q5Kfourteeni0051350086400Very Thorough Seller & Healthy PlantsIt's the early going here but the plants arrived well packed, healthy, and with thorough instructions with regard to potting and getting them off to a good start.

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