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350370350370B004KND0HSA19HF70Z3O167QSmallTownLady1111349654400Starbucks lost a loyal customerSince the formula change, this tea is nothing special. For many years, I have been addicted to Starbucks Black Iced Tea. I live in a little town in the midwest that doesn't even have a Starbucks, but I have a gold Starbucks card. I would check every route when travelling to plan stops for this iced tea. I have purchased the quart sized bags from Starbucks and Target when available and ordered the gallon bags when that was my only option to brew this tea daily. I started noticing a change when I was in South Carolina in March, 2012. I thought maybe southerners just have a different tea preference. I then noticed it in Nashville over the summer. Since I spend time regularly in Nashville, I knew a change was on the way. The tea has lost its crispness and citrus finish. It seems Starbucks has purchased Tazo from Steven Smith and decided to change it. I hate to think it was to make more money with a cheaper blend, but I haven't been able to find another reason. Given the fact that I was paying over $3.00 per Trenta, I can't imagine the mark up was unfair to them no matter what the cost of the original tea. By buying Tazo, Starbucks cut out the middle man to make way for more profits, then made major change. Couldn't it just have started its own tea brand? It has lost a loyal customer in me (and many transfers from my bank account to the Starbucks card). If you are loyal to taste rather than brand, start your search for a new tea. I have started my search with the former owner of Tazo who has opened a new business. Maybe the old formula will come back before we find something we like better.
350341350341B000JZEABGATJF1JD8Y5RYDconniecole1151305849600Bears for EmilyMy granddaughter, Emily, (three years old), loves these gummy bears - and won't eat any other brand. The brand is hard to find in our small town, and I was delighted to see that I could buy them on Amazon in six pound bags!
350342350342B000JZEABGA2UJRNASEOVYPUC. Young "KY_Techie"1151258588800Easy, Quick & GoodThis was an easy order that arrived on time exactly as described. WIll order again
350343350343B000JZEABGA31WJZI2ST79WRKenneth J. Reed2351293321600Black Forset-Gummy Bears 6lb. bagThe Black-Forest-Gummy 6lb.Gummy Bears are the most delicious, juiciest, softest, most excellent Gummy Bears!
I also like the easy to use resealable bag they come in.
350344350344B000JZEABGA1ND9QTPTR74LNancy Livingston0021349049600flat and lack flavorThe candy in the white page was GREAT. They were plump and juicy gummy bears. Now my store has switched to a green bag version. These gummy bears are flat and lack any flavor. I would not recommend this version to anyone.
350345350345B000JZEABGA3ALZMBJNNYQUPAlbert Pahlke0051348963200moral boosterBlack Forest Gummy products are always fresh with the real taste of fruit that is pleasent to the taste buds.
350346350346B000JZEABGA2FC1XLFJUK5D3R.B. (mom of two girls)0031348012800Drunken gummy bearsI got these to make drunken gummy bears with, (cover bears with flavored vodka and refrigerate up to 2 weeks) and I also ate some plain. I prefer haribo, they seem to be a bit sweeter and that would work better with the liquor. I also like the firmer texture of haribo. There is absolutely nothin wrong with these bears, they just don't stand out flavor-wise.
350347350347B000JZEABGA8MJJ78WJAR8RNeosmith200051342051200Tasty bearsThese little gummy bears are great! They use the best products for the best end result. We split the bag up into smaller bags. We kept 1 bag out and the rest frozen, when needed we un-froze a bag and they returned to the original texture and taste. :D Would recommend to a friend for size, price and tastiness!!! Fast shipping too. ^_^
350348350348B000JZEABGAI0UOVG8BVFDDB. Newell "Skijackz"0051334275200YumDo I really need say more? YUMMM! Arrived on time and the product is exactly what you expect. Gummy Bears!! The kids love them.
350349350349B000JZEABGA205QODY03SP8HWilldozer.200051332547200Yummy GummyWhat can really be said, there Gummy Bears, they were shipped fast, I recieved them fast even in my deployed location!! Yummy Gummys!
350350350350B000JZEABGA30X98ZT33EJNBobby Gilbert "gbob99"0051328918400Black Forest Gummy BearsThe GBlack Forest Gummy Bears is all I buy for my business..they have an excellent flavor and good consistancy to them...great product...
350351350351B000JZEABGA15LC2I8T6950gummy master0051314316800gummiThey are 18 pounds of gummy bears, how can it get any better. they stay moist and soft in their resealable bag, but I always put them in tupperware just to be sure.
350352350352B000JZEABGA24W50VGIKS30XM. Peacock0051250553600The best gummy bears!My college-age son is addicted to Black Forest gummy bears and I love having the option of buying him a gazillion at a time. These bears are the perfect consistency and flavor. Yum!
350353350353B000JZEABGA1RBBOZ68849UNK. Preble "svivor"2451229040000Yummy gummy bears!Great deal for the money, I buy these every Christmas for a friend who is a State Trooper and who loves to snack on them. Love the zip-lock feature.
350354350354B000JZEABGA3UI5UOTSAM22BB. Miller0141343174400Great Item, Lousy PriceThese certainly are fresh and delicious. However, I buy a 6lb bag of the Black Forest gummy bears and gummy worms mixed for $6 at Costco.
350355350355B000JZEABGAFNZ3KSXPSNSLc.n.0151323216000AwesomeThese gummy bears are the best. They are nice and soft, plus the resealable bag helps keep them that way.
350356350356B000JZEABGA10NUWVFPTT3U0Katie0151308873600Great gummy bears!These gummy bears tasted amazing, and were worth the money. The 6 pound bag is really big -- you'll have plenty to share (or keep to yourself to eat over a period of a month or two!). If you like gummy bears, you will love this product.
350357350357B000JZEABGAO0DLTSE44VB4Dh211111`0151307664000Great Gummies!!Great flavor, not to firm not to soft, high quality gummies. If you are a person who is picky about what kind of candy you like to enjoy like i am. These little jewels of chewy, fruity, awesomeness are for you! With the zip-lock bag so you can take a handful or two at a time it allows you to eat them at your own pace, i expect to have these for my own personal stash for quite awhile.
350359350359B000JZEABGA358YXS5OL4LRYA. Marcroft1351181347200These are better than the Haribo Gummi Bears!I used to buy the Haribo Gummi bears --- I always thought that they were a bit too chewy. Then I bought these at a store by us, Smart-N-Final and the flavors were better and they were so much softer!
350360350360B000JZEABGA1GVPLB30ANWAEHershey Bear3751272931200OverpricedI love these gummy bears but I can buy the same bag 6 lb bag for $5.96 at SamsClub. Thus the Amazon price is a rip off. I wish Amazon would work to provide us the lowest prices.
350361350361B000JZEABGA2SRQD4ZG6JOOMAce "bargain shopper"1421307664000Were not fresh on arrival.Became very hard and dry quickly. Not as many flavors and not as tasty as the Albanese Gummies. Not as good a value either. My opinion - check out the Albanese for a better treat!
350362350362B000JZEABGA1KVYSSHQ4L2KPGrad671451202860800Well receivedI ordered them as a gift for a gummy bear lover, they were well received and I have had no complaints from receiver, I didn't eat any. Fast shipping from supplier.
350363350363B000JZEABGAOY76IGPFNBPUharibohearts1621285545600gummi bearsthere is no comparison between this brand and haribo. haribo surpasses black forest by an infinite amount. i cant even believe people would compare the two!!!!
350364350364B000JZEABGANC5GDMU5U4NILisa31011288656000They're 1/3rd of the price from Costco or Sam's ClubI ordered these for $14 from this site, then walked into Costco the next weekend and found them for $5. What a ripoff!
350365350365B000JZEABGA3C56IXBT4ETXABashert1711311033600Thought they'd have more flavor, but rather blandMy gummy Vitamin C tastes better than these. Flavors are just not vibrant or tasty. They may be sort of fun to chew on, but not worth it flavor-wise. I haven't had gummy bears in probably 20 years, so my expectations may be unrealistic.
350366350366B000JZEABGA38UAFUEREQNP5J. Bardi21011302825600Rip-off - No price matchingI ordred this for $19.00 and 2 days later the price dropped to $12.98.

I know Amazon has several different people selling the same product, but this is LITERALLY the same exact product. I click on the product link in my order history, and it takes me directly to this exact product with the lower price.

Contacted Amazon, and guess what, they don't even price match their own products. It is not like I told them I found it cheaper at Walmart, no, it is the same product on their site and they won't match the lower price and refund me the $7.00 difference. Unbelievable rip-off.
350367350367B004KND0HSA1NC0JCS3KEB0FGeorge Rogol4411335657600Beware - The taste has changed!If you liked Tazo Black Iced Tea in the past - you may not like it anymore. My wife and I have been buying Tazo's Black Iced Tea for several years. It was the best iced tea we ever found, and we enjoyed it immensely. Recently we ordered two more boxes from Starbuck's through Amazon. When we brewed the first bag, something wasn't right. The taste was bland, not at all like every other time we had it. We tried a second bag, and it was bland as well. VERY disappointing. My wife Googled and found on another web site that Tazo changed the formulation of its Black Iced Tea. It is a flop in our opinion.
350368350368B004KND0HSA2M3BMJHRY4WG1Barbara Fay "WordSmith"6751311552000What A Surprise!I love Iced Tea & always have two half-gallon bottles of tea in the fridge. I use Luminarc Quadro 2-Liter Glass Pitcher with Lid. My favorites are Newman's Own Organic Tea, 4.95-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6) & Davidson's Tea Bulk, Moroccan Green with Mint, 16-Ounce Bag which I brew in a Swissgold TF 200 Tea Ball. So yes, I am a Major Tea Lover. I ordered the Passion Tea, based on the reviews. It seemed expensive, but after using it for the past ten days, I am very impressed. It is refreshing & easy to brew. Be prepared for a packaging surprise; it arrived in a plain brown commercial box, the same one they send to the stores. Easy to prepare after the first batch.

I like to have tea ready to go, so I fill my6-pack of Aquasana 18 Oz. Glass Bottlesand season my tea withNellie & Joe's Famous Key LEMON Juice, The Original- 16 oz and sip through a Zak Reusable Polycarbonate Stripe Straws - Set of 12 which I keep clean with a Brushtech Sports Bottle Straw Washing Brush B23C. And YES, I am a PRIME shopper and love Amazon. At 70, I am a mainly home bound caretaker for my mom, who is 96, so shopping at Amazon is efficient and economical.
350369350369B004KND0HSA1VJ8QRXCLVGDWA. Hopeck "CattyGirl"2251308614400Love this! Much like my favorite purchased beverage!I wasn't sure what to expect. I wanted to mimmic a certain starbucks iced tea. The Passion Fruit Tea with Lemonade. These tea bags make 1 gallon of tea. Directions are on the box and are easy enough. I used a powder lemonade to make a pitcher of lemonade and then mix the two as I want a drink. Equal amounts of each. When I want it to be a little sweeter, I simply add some agave nectar and it is absolutely perfect for me. I'll be buying this box of tea regularly.

Update: Now my favorite way to drink this is as 1 gallon passion fruit tea with 1/4 cup agave, which I also bought on Amazon at a great price!

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