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350371350371B004KND0HSA26JZ4MP5F5HZTKeepItReal1111342396800Please bring back old recipe Tazo Iced Tea with Citrus flavorIt took a while to understand why none of the Starbucks stores could make a good glass anymore until I realized they changed the recipe. Now the mail order bags have also been changed and it is no longer that great Tazo tea anymore. So disappointed.
350372350372B004KND0HSA3PVJT25LUHC61Sara1151335657600I'm a Starbucks Passion Iced Tea addict...and finally found my fix.There are some products that make our lives better, and some that make us happy, and this does both for me. It's on my list of things that make me happy. Seriously.

I love Passion iced tea at Starbucks. I always get it unsweetened with ice.

I had one of those moments (after handing nearly five dollars to the barista for just one glass of this stuff) and I thought, "You know, if I could have a bunch of this at home, I'd up my water intake, and I bet my kids would love it."

And I was right. I drink it and so does my husband three kids. Its refreshing, a little tart, and just a nice break from water. No sugar, no additives, and that makes it feel healthy.

I started with the regular sized bags and found 6 bags per gallon works. I boiled a half gallon of water, let it steep, then added extra water in the pitcher until it hit the gallon mark.

I bought a new gallon pitcher here at amazon to cut down the amount of times I made tea, and when I found the gallon sized iced tea bags were available, I was thrilled. One bag per gallon is perfect for us. I know there are those out there who want it stronger and tarter, but I have two reasons. One, it saves money by using less and honestly, if I let it steep for a long time--- leaving the bag in the pot for an hour or two until it cools--- it's plenty strong.

It's a big hit with guests, too. People are so pleasantly surprised when I offer them a cold glass of passion tea.
350373350373B004KND0HSAKI37PAG7JRXRp1151335657600Good thing this tea tastes great, otherwise...Tazo Black Iced Tea is fantastic. Always has been. It is a brilliant blend of black tea and citrus that is simply beguiling. I drink a lot of tea. I am always struck by how refreshing and complex the flavor notes are, especially when I haven't had it in a while. The citrus notes are quite subtle on the tongue, but much more present in the aroma. It serves to highlight the black tea in much the same way that coffee brings out the flavor of chocolate-you don't really taste the coffee, but the chocolate is more pronounced and accessible. Very pleasant and delicious.

I wish I had such praise for Starbucks the company. Dealing with Starbucks in ANY capacity other than in one of the ubiquitous coffee-stores is irritating and unpleasant. Starbucks Store, the online retailer of Tazo, is especially egregious. Like ALL Starbucks products, Tazo teas are considerably expensive, almost to the point of price-gouging. To order the large filter-bags in the past was to recieve a resealable, coated bag to keep the tea fresh. Then when the Starbucks "Store" was created, they quickly ditched the resealable-bags for a crude cardboard box, with a gaping hole for commercial use that can not be resealed, with the unwrapped tea packed in helter-skelter. Moreover, they shipped the whole package in boxes literally big enough to fit a computer, filled with Earth-friendly styrofoam peanuts. Not only does the majority of their coffee benifit large corporations that rob the growers and harvesters of fair-trade, but their shipping practices are out of the Stone Age and, true to form, expensive. Stryrofoam is non-biodegradable and no cheaper than other, greener products, and those big shipping-containers take up unnecessary space on cargo-planes resulting in lost efficiency and increased use of diesel fuel.

Now, as if Starbucks wasn't making enough money off their overpriced-products, they have the audacity to short their 24-count Tazo Black Iced Tea by four filter-bags. Now 20 bags for the old price of 24 bags. Nice work if you can get it, I guess. They know that people love their products and will pay for the convenience with which they are offered. But their arrogance is systemic in many of their policies, and certainly no more apparent than dealings with customer service. God help you if you have a problem with shipping or product. I was treated with rudeness and indifference both verbally and with the resolution of my issue. It's like I said, it is a good thing this tea is so good.
350374350374B004KND0HSA1WZHMVENHETI9tierneymarie1151323820800No Need to Leave the HouseWe LOVE Starbucks' Tazo passion iced tea, and having a pitcher of it at home in the fridge is terrific. They have directions on the side of the box, which is helpful, but I like to steep it a little longer than the directions say (7-10 minutes instead of 5). I add 1/3 cup splenda/sugar blend to the pitcher and it's just as good as getting it at Starbucks--my husband says it's even better. The directions also say to leave it out and then throw it out at the end of the day but once it cools to room temperature we stick it in the fridge and enjoy it all week.
350375350375B004KND0HSA38UOUKWZ0I2CVKathryn Weber "Red Lotus Katie"0051350604800Iced Tea for Iced Tea ConnoisseursA friend sent me two boxes of this tea two years ago for my birthday (and that now qualifies him as a really good friend), and since then I can't bring myself to make anything else. I make a large bottle of sun tea once a week with the exception of winter. This tea completely spoiled me for any other iced tea. Living in Texas, liquid refreshment is a necessity in the summer. The problem is finding a drink that's satisfying and not sugar-laden. The choices are limited to diet drinks (which I don't drink), water (which is nice, but you yearn for something with taste), and iced tea (the Texas kind, unsweetened). And because of the heat, we drink a lot of tea in my house. I've tried all kinds of teas including those "specially blended for iced tea" and froo-froo specialty teas they don't hold a candle to Tazo iced tea. Why? It has a distinctive rich and full tea taste...and I'm sorry but sweet tea covers true tea flavor. It's a shame that this is the only way you can buy it, but it beats not being able to buy it at all. Have an iced tea fanatic at your house? This will be their new "crack tea"....I know it's mine.
350376350376B004KND0HSA3RTF2DV1NQILRVirtualvivi0051349740800deliciousYummy, easy and refreshing. I make 1/2 gallon of this every other day - delicious way to stay hydrated w/o sugar or calories. Add a splash of lemonade for variety.
350377350377B004KND0HSA21W24XP29TC8GOpus0051343001600No need to leave the houseBest tea to brew iced tea with, get some syrup, a pump and you don't have to leave the house and pay double for a great glass of tea.
350378350378B004KND0HSA119H9YDCWNTHAZ.Joel0051339977600Large Black Tea BagsWas good. Just too large for a single serving thing. If you are doing Parties or need it for Restaurant Service etc. It's great.
350379350379B004KND0HSA3E9YX902IPEQLM0051337904000DELICIOUSI love this stuff. Delicious. You could definitely get more than 1 gallon out of each of these bags. I use them with aMr. Coffee TM70 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker, alternating between the Passion tea and regular Lipton Iced Tea, 48-Count Gallon SizeTea Bags (which I get at Costco).
350380350380B004KND0HSAYRJB0D0CI6KYJanice D. Strano0051325808000Tazo tropic teaAs always, the tazo tropic tea arrived quickly and was exactly what I ordered. It makes wonderful iced tea...very refreshing.
350381350381B004KND0HSA3V956FHAE4WK9Shelly Jordan "Love to shop & read!"0051315440000Love this teaI love this green tea so keep some brewed at home all the time. While brewing it myself doesn't make it taste quite like that I buy at Starbuck's, it is still great.
350382350382B004KND0HSA1JDTPFRR4X2RXStephanie K0051314662400Just like @ Starbuck's!!!If you love the passion tea at Starbuck's as much as I do, this is the product for you. Each tea bag makes 1 gallon of tea. I've used them to make "sun tea" & cool brew, just sitting on my counter overnight. Tastes great!!!
350383350383B004KND0HSA1K7PI7K3IX1QIhooverhund0051314144000green teaTazo Zen Green ice tea is not for sissies, It is very strong so can be diluted and still have a great taste. Love it!!
350384350384B004KND0HSA2NNCCH475532GAmazon Addict "Amazon Addict"0131341100800Not as good as their old blend, but it's still decentLike every other Tazo iced tea lover, I was heartbroken when I read they changed the blend of their iced black tea. I had 6 of the old bags left and rationed them as long as I could. I broke down and bought a 3-pack of the new blend. The first batch was disappointing--it was a weak pitcher of iced tea that lacked color and taste. I didn't think I'd be able to drink another pitcher, let alone 3 full boxes of tea. But then I started adding 3 Irish Breakfast tea bags to the water, and I let the pitcher sit in the fridge overnight before drinking. Finally I've made a decent pitcher of tea with this new blend. It's dark and full-bodied and not half bad. I've got one bag of their old blend left and am going to try to concoct my own blend to match.

If you like sweet tea, try taking 1/4 C brown sugar, 1/4 white sugar, mix with enough water to cover the sugar, then microwave for a minute to dissolve the sugar. Pour into the pitcher and stir, then let sit overnight. It's a delicious guilty pleasure.
350385350385B004KND0HSA1VTER2DY2W1NLhombre2521317772800Bags not airtightThe tea tastes fine.
I just don't know for how long...
The tea bags came (loose) in a cardboard box.
(Must be institutional packaging.)
We'll see how it lasts.
350386350386B004KND0HSA236JVPEQ504FIAvid Amazon purchaser2611314921600Never Received Product- Starbucks Poor Customer Service!After enjoying Passion Iced Tea at Starbucks brick and mortar stores, I was excited to make some at home with the filter bags. I would have never ordered it if I knew that it would cost me not only $27 but hours of dealing with customer service with no resolution, no filter bags, and no refund.

In short:
At the end of the day, only purchase from companies you can trust. Starbucks is no longer in my list of go to trust-worthy companies. I now purchase Mighty Leaf Teas instead.

The full story:
I purchased two starbucks products the Passion Iced Tea Filter bags (PITFB)and Earl Grey Tea Bags. I received the Tea Bags but not the Passion Iced Tea. I inquired with Starbucks to follow-up on the missing merchandise. Starbucks advised that the PITFB were mailed out in a separate box from the Earl Grey bags but in the same shipment. I advised that I only received one box with the shipment. At first Starbucks emailed me that the me that I would receive a subsequent shipment.

"Thank you for contacting Starbucks Online Ordering.
We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced with your order.
After further research, all of the items shipped out but separately.
Please allow 5 to 10 business days to receive the remaining part of your

When no new order ID generated after 10 days, I called Starbucks and was told that they would not send out a new shipment. Starbucks advised that they checked their inventory and because their "counts matched", a replacement would not be sent and they could determine that the passion iced tea had been mailed.

I asked for the tracking number that was associated with the PITFB so I could investigate further. Starbucks stated that they sent two separate boxes but with one tracking number. Starbucks insisted that I file a claim with the carrier. I spoke with the carrier who stated that each box should have a tracking number. The one tracking number that was given with the order was delivered (the earl grey tea bags)so UPS could not honor a claim on the second box because there was no second tracking number on the missing merchandise. Starbucks response was that because UPS would not honor their claim (because Starbucks didn't only used one tracking # for 2 boxes) that I was out of luck and nothing further could be done.

Starbucks, a company that I have traditionally enjoyed doing business with, has discouraged me from purchasing their products again...on Amazon or otherwise. The customer service agent and his supervisor's inability to address the shipping department's error and take no responsibility for seeing the transaction through is incredibly disappointing. I expected more from a company that is praised for its customer-centric attitude when in reality Starbucks neither offered to replace the unreceived merchandise nor refund the cost of the PITFB.

I have attempted to obtain a refund through Amazon's A-to-Z Guarantee Program on June 16. As of 09-02-11 and several inquiries to Amazon, I still have not received a credit to my Amazon account nor a refund to my credit card.

This has been my worst Amazon experience to date.
350387350387B001ELL4RMA37071Q86HR6FUAlan Hawkins1121199059200Not That GreatI like the beans in the can but coffee is average at best. Strong woody taste and no aroma. would not buy again.
350388350388B001ELL4RMA33JDZHVNWK75MJ. Crossland0041271203200Good Coffee and a Good PriceThe coffee arrived as described and on time
350389350389B0053R94HAA2J21PEJBB43DFR. Moss0051350604800I carry it with me dailyIf you're into perilously spicy food, you will appreciate naga jolokia powder. I've started sprinkling it very lightly on a salad to add some "pop" to the flavor of the dressing. In contrast to habanero this powder has less identifiable flavor of its own and more consistent strong heat for very little volume of powder. The container is well sealed so you can keep it handy and not worry about spilling it or getting it on hands. Great product and packaging.
350390350390B0007KLK3EA2D2CZMETCWS8SPat O'Brien1151325030400Great gluten free pastaThis brand was carried by my local supermarket until just recently. Now, it is no longer on the shelves and is replaced by another brand. Big disappointment. Thank goodness I purchased the last few boxes when it appeared as though they were going to stop carrying it. I shall be purchasing it though Amazon in the future as I do other gluten free products that Amazon carries. Well, now to Lundberg's pasta. It is great. I have tried other brands but none ever were as palatable as this brand. Not hard and "dry" like so many others. I recommend it.
350391350391B001EO5SLWA3RRM5J7F19ZYOTomBob1151287532800My Favorite CerealI've eaten a bowl of this cereal each morning for 10 or more years. I used to buy it at a food co-op near where I used to live and would still buy it there when I visited. However, their supply became erratic, and I found the cereal at Amazon. I've ordered it from Amazon four or five times now, and it's always at my doorstep within a day or two. Arrowhead Mills Shredded Wheat is a simple, nutritious, flavorful cereal. It is a natural grain (wheat) product without lots of sweeteners and has been consistent in flavor and quality over the many years I have eaten it.
350392350392B001EO5SLWA2F0PCVFFG3PQZmerstar2351270684800Great cereal at a great price.Delicious, healthy cereal with no artificial preservatives and no sweeteners - the ingredients are simply Organic Whole Grain Wheat and Natural Vitamin E. Highly recommended.
350393350393B001EO5SLWA3F6TGA2TBM23REJH2351203033600A BargainMy husband's cereal at a great savings (compared with the cost of buying it in a store in New York City). And delivered into my lobby! What more could you ask?
350394350394B001EO5SLWA8N8GHGHZ59JIEva Yaa Asantewaa0051315180800Healthy breakfast!This is my breakfast staple of choice! Just a half-cup of it with fruit, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips, raisins and creamy Greek Gods yogurt (try the Honey or the Plain) makes for breakfast paradise! Healthy all around! I totally recommend that you try it and p
350395350395B0009IZ472A12CLWX7ISYNRHMrs. Stacy L. Bridges2251168732800cookie tinI purchased this cookie tin as a gift to our newly pregnant inlaws. It was received by them in a efficient amount of time and they said they looked and tasted great.
350396350396B0009IZ472A11UKHHU3G78QUAlyssa Bollers0041226361600Delicious Cookies!Cookies were as good as they looked! Shared a bunch with friends who loved them as well! Prompt delivery!
350397350397B003VMZWFWA1WAVPEWBAZWWQpinkboog5551295049600Awesome!These chips are awesome!! Super light and crispy with the perfect amount of lime. There's only one problem..... they disappear way too fast!
350398350398B003VMZWFWAIDMLAYRQRIU3M. Roberts3351299283200So Good That You'll Wonder Where They WentTostitos with lime used to be my favorite tortilla chip. Corazonas now is. This is partly because I like Corazonas taste better, and partly because I don't want to have to pick up 6 bags of chips from a store every month when it can get delivered right to you.

If you know that you like "hint of lime" type chips you won't be disappointed by these, they're a great kind of dipping chip. If you want the added benefit of a "heart healthy" chip, Corzonas is your choice. I eat them with Fischer & Wieser Salsa A La Charra, 17.5-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6) and they're great, but it's just a personal preference.

I expect these chips to spend some time on my subscribe & save list. I agree with the other reviewer though, they get gobbled up way too quickly!
350399350399B003VMZWFWA25RVNX92SQ9WJJ. Pence1151304553600Tangy ChipsThese chips have just enough tanginess to make them irresistable. This is my second order and I shared them with other family members. They liked them as well. I especially liked the crispness and the light salt. I will definitely order them again.
350400350400B003VMZWFWA3RGPBC7HZA8V4EMC "neelie klop"1151302912000Addicting!Oh my goodness, but these are good! The company should make larger bags because one bag can be consumed by 2 people in one evening, with a little salsa and a couple beers! These are so delicious! I signed up for auto-delivery so I don't run out!

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