Amazon Fine Food Reviews

350401350401B003VMZWFWA1K4AIPL0NFAGFConstance Cade1151302825600Really tasty!The short and sweet: very tasty, better than I expected, and the lime flavor is wonderful. Did not upset my delicate stomach and digestion. LOVED THEM! Going to try some more flavors!
350402350402B003VMZWFWA3VFH2NK9GHMQEP. Crum0051333411200A delicious, nutritious, productI first tried these chips at Costco, and was sad when they stopped carrying them. We like these as well as the bars made by Corazonas - it nice to have convenient snack foods available that are a bit higher on the nutrition scale. Luckily we can get these through Amazon now!
350403350403B003VMZWFWAVFA1JB08RG8GWile E. Coyote "^. .^"0051331769600The Ultimate Tortilla Chip!These T-chips are 'finestkind'...light, fresh, flavorful, and healthy, to boot. Dip these things in some chilled salsa verde and you'll be well on yer way. The only suggestions I would offer are to tone-down the lime a bit, possibly use a key lime, and to lighten-up on the salt. Incidentally, someone wrote in about the problem of a few crushed chips in their shipment...hey, "no hay problema"...isn't that why The Great Spirit created chili?
350404350404B003VMZWFWA1G481FWGZIBMHCameron Jones "CJones"0031318464000Good not GreatWe like these okay but not nearly as much as Tostitos Hint of Lime chips. The texture is okay and they don't taste like cardboard like a lot of whole grain tortilla chips but the flavor is still a little off.
350405350405B003VMZWFWA3RR5Z1UD02YXOVivek R. Gupta0031307664000OK.. not greatThese chips were OK.. nothing fabulous, but were OK for the Super Bowl party that I bought them for. The main problem I had with them is that there were a TON of crushed chips in the bag. I guess that's what I get for buying chips on the internet, but still...wish there were less crushed chips.
350406350406B008MPCJ7CA1Z54EM24Y40LLc20031343001600So-SoI bought a gallon of this stuff thinking that it would be as good as the chilled versions in the grocery cooler. Whew, that was a mistake! It has that, "Oh, I've been stored in a plastic bottle" twang that sticks in your throat, making it scream for a water chaser. The flavoring is quite nice, however, it is severely masked by that twang. Can't really recommend this one!
350407350407B000EGR85AA18LEN5RY23IHSKelly Vincent7851156809600A delightful treat!In the market for some healthy snack choices, I picked up a box of these cookies at my local IKEA store. What a wonderfully delicious treat for barely any calories! Plus, a serving is a sizeable 6 cookies, so you can munch on these and feel satisfied. At only 133 calories, and 5.2 grams of fat (only 1 gram saturated fat), this is a perfect choice for those looking to lead healthier lifestyles while still eating great-tasting foods.

I'm looking forward to trying all the available flavors!
350408350408B000EGR85AA30QR6WVPZHAPJJudith D. Huszarik "maltese breeder"4451224633600Anna's Thins Almond Cinnamon Cookies---Anna's Thins almond cinnamon cookies are delicious, both my husband and I love them, however, they arrived with half of each box in crumbs. Someone should figure out how to pack them. I know they're light and delicate but there should be some way.
350415350415B000EGR85AA19HJW4VFHB02CA. Clinton "lucywench"1141320710400Yummy Yummy Cookies!My mother suffers from digestion issues and these cookies are one of the few things she can eat to settle her stomach. They have been a Godsend for her. Highly recommend this product!
350416350416B000EGR85AA1M1IQS265BD83barbj1131291161600Not the best flavor....I LOVE the ginger thins, so thought I would try some of their others. These were the worst of the bunch. (I also tried almond cinnamon & chocolate. These tasted like they had been cooked too long and they tasted burnt. To look at them, they were only a little brown. I LOVE lemon coolers and these didn't have much of a lemon flavor at all. I would not buy them again.
350417350417B000EGR85AA34IQQCL51AUD3Anna Laurie Steimle1121284940800lemon cookiesLove Anna's cookies but ordered this many did not work. The last six boxes even though they had previously been unopen began to loose the lemon flavor and the last four boxes the cookies became limp. Will still continue to buy Anna's cookes but not a dozen at a time.
350418350418B000EGR85AA2QH10DJRZM93MSagar1151216512000These thins are great!!!I love these cookies. They are very tasty and a great little snack. They are also very light on the stomach.
350419350419B000EGR85AA3JUGIW6QZ8P8ZAmazon Shopper1141169424000I love this cookies but upset on shippingIt tastes so good and I love it very much!

I agree with the other buyers that this cookie is very easy to break into small pieces.

If the packing can be improved, I will give it 5 stars.
350420350420B000EGR85AA1HRKB32QMHG55John H. Schenk "Henryclause"1151168473600Anna's cookiesI totally love these cookies , BUT the cookies are all crumbs.The cookies are all broken. Looks like the shipping lads played football withthe packages.
350421350421B000EGR85AAIU6OKES652VGDallee "Dallee"1151159315200Totally terrific, suited to an adult's tasteA really high quality cookie with a delicate tang of blueberry and a slight buttery taste. Finely milled flour, so the texture is not coarse. Very, very nice.

This brand is also sold at Ikea as a scandanavian-type cookie and Amazon's sale price is well below Ikea's.
350422350422B000EGR85AA21OI97QNQZ28WW. Jolly "TJ"5731168300800Good cookies, but....Be careful what you order along with these cookies. We made the mistake of getting a 5 pound bag of Gummi Bears at the same time. They apparently fought the whole way to our house, and the Gummi Bears won! They don't call them "thins" for nothing you know. The packing job was not the best, and many of the thins had turned into crumbs. Time for a chocolate pie crust I guess.
350409350409B000EGR85AA2967RHCHXW2ADEric Rollence2251162425600Great Cookies, Great PriceI just received my first grocery order from Amazon. Included in my shipment was a 12 pack of Anna's Ginger Thins. Mine arrived in excellent condition. Just a few broken cookies. They are quite delicate by design after all. I wouldn't hesitate to order fine cookies like these from Amazon again. Great cookies. Great price. Tax free. Free shipping. My goodness, what's not to like? Don't live in fear, order some cookies. They're fantastic, and so is Amazon for providing them.
350410350410B000EGR85AA3COICHUD8DIXPM. Strand2221162166400Not so HotI enjoy this brand of cookies, but this flavor just isn't very good. It tastes a bit like stale coffee.
350411350411B000EGR85AA2SDI48I98LSOKpatchouli2251159401600THANKS AMAZON!!!I've been reading through some amazon reviews concerning groceries, because honestly I was a bit hesitant to order food online. Some of the reviews were really bad, saying that they received open packages blah blah, others were of satisfied customers. I went with the latter and ordered, and I'm glad I did.

My first box of Anna's thins was purchased at IKEA cause they are swedish cookies, and I fell in love with them. They are the perfect cookie for me. They are so thin (meaning less calories!) and bursting with flavor. The Chocolate mint is my favorite! They use good cocoa and real peppermint oil! Nothing artificial. And the price is perfect at Amazon with free shipping!!! I received the box is perfect condition with all the individual boxes inside ALSO in perfect condition. So I have to say I will be ordeing more groceries from Amazon. I highly recommend this cookie it's very well balanced, and not icky sweet, just right.

Thanks Amazon!
350412350412B000EGR85AA1ZSIPVLCOOL6Bgraciegal142011160697600Cookies delicious packing the WORST!
350413350413B000EGR85AA26GXZBJFSK8G2Rob1121331769600Taste delicious, however most cookies arrived brokenWe love these cookies, and have eaten them for years. Sadly, (although double boxed) two thirds or more of the cookies arrived badly broken. Very few cookies were whole, they still taste good, but they would not be suitable for serving.
350414350414B000EGR85AA2CSUP6KYW0VLUO'K1151326585600yes they really are THIN.... and tasty, even as crumbles.Yes, some of the thin crackers are broken, but it was obviously not due to Amazon's shipping-- the box containing the crackers was thoroughly wrapped in bubblewrap which was carefully packed with other packing material in a larger box. A few of the crackers at one end of each 5.25 ox box are broken, but they taste just as good as the whole ones. Very nicely gingery. Not, to be frank, as gingery as Trader Joe's "Triple Ginger Thins", but TJ's does not ship, and the closest one to Miami is in Atlanta... so these will do quite nicely. I've signed up for a subscription.
350423350423B000EGR85AAVC6YIUVVNJALow Carb Queen2351236384000And they're low carb too!Nice cookie. Much like a "tea" cookie. Not too sweet. Very low carb. Highly recommended. Children love them, adults do too.
350424350424B000EGR85AA3TW2S8IS3WZ4UJohn W. Ratcliff "John W. Ratcliff"0051337644800Best cookies ever!After dinner I always tell my wife that I need a 'light cookie snack'. These are the perfect solution to that request! Simply delicious
350425350425B000EGR85AA3PQXIGG33M5EUG. Allen0031329091200Just not that greatI don't really understand what the buzz is about for these cookies. They aren't really minty or sweet which is what I was hoping for. They are kind of bland with a weird initial taste and really aren't that impressive. I thought dipping them in hot chocolate could improve them but even that didn't really help.

They aren't horrible but certainly am not ordering them again.
350426350426B000EGR85AACTWCEODCIAU8Julie0051327104000So yummyThin, chocolate and inviting. Just a hint of mint. In fact these are much like the overpriced cookies sold door to door by female scouts- but they are not enrobed in chocolate. Excellent with a cup of tea. Plus you can have a few without too much guilt.
350427350427B000EGR85AAOYBNKPKJI06ECharles Bohlen0051325635200Anna's ginger thinsThese ginger thins are great. They are an excellant snack and great with coffee. I recommend these highly and I am sure that when purchased by anyone they will feel as I do "THEY ARE GREAT"
350428350428B000EGR85AA168BTPX4TQFITRornDoone0051317859200Classic ". . .book by it's cover."I was craving my absolute favorite GS cookie in October and went on a desperate search for a possible equivalent. What I have discovered in these delicious thin wafers is amazing. Defying all appearances, OMG these are soooooo good. I won't mourn for GS cookie season any more. These are wonderful "consolation," and now I'll buy the GS simply to support GS. I have no trouble believing that these were originally created for a King, as the box says. Don't be alarmed; they look dry and thin in the classic European manner of visual understatement. They taste MARVELLOUS, but no one steals them because they LOOK -- eh -- blah. But in the mouth -- AAAAAAH -- they melt into a perfectly balanced, luxurious mint chocolate that I now crave on an ongoing basis. Not just good, they're OMG good!
350429350429B000EGR85AA281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0051317427200Crisp CookiesI first found these crisp ginger cookies being sold next to the coffee at my local grocery store. They are really perfect with coffee or tea. Each cookie is delicate and deliciously crunchy. The ginger flavor is mild and there is a hint of cinnamon and cloves. They remind me of cookies I once found in Holland. Although these are made in Canada from a Swedish recipe. These may contain peanuts, milk powder, whey and lactose. So if you have allergies - beware! I will definintely buy these again.

~The Rebecca Review
350430350430B000EGR85AA10RD34ZMOB3TCJanet Bartoo0051316304000Best Ginger snap thin cookies ever!I could munch on these cookies all day. They are thin and VERY flavorable.

There are several different flavors as well. A good buy!

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