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350491350491B0002XIBLAA1YP7ULZ03IGBWW. Reed2251258156800Why is this stuff so hard to find?!!I have been a huge fan of this, the ONLY authentic malted mix, in my estimation, since childhood 6 decades ago.

I can understand that not every grocery store might want to carry it, but I am absolutely baffled that it is such a rarity on ANY grocery stores' shelves!

I guess when Nestle bought Carnation, it became just another product and no one is really attempting to market it. More's the pity.

I have found it on the shelves of a WalMart superstore in Kingston, NY, as well as the Kingston Shoprite down the street from the Walmart. Kingston is the largest population center for a radius of about 15 miles, and boasts a meager population of about 23,500. 2 stores within a half-mile of each other carry it where population is so sparse.

I live in Westchester county, in the suburbs of NYC (pop. 8,000,000) and can't find it anywhere! Not at the A&P, Super Stop and Shop, NOWHERE! I have to drive to Harlem, 20 mi. away, in NYC to find it.

My opinion is that it's a failure of Nestle's salespeople. SOMEONE within a 5-mile radius of Mamaroneck, NY (pop. 18,350, in a densely populated area) should carry it!
350492350492B0002XIBLAA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"2221239408000Nice But What's With The Price?
350493350493B00474D3HCA2LVG03A6M42LQAlec Gross "akkg"2231328140800Buyer Beware: not a 12 packThe fruit juice is delicious - I just wanted to warn buyers that when I purchased this, the page indicated that the shipment would come with 12 packs, but mine only came with six. I guess that makes sense with the price, but I still don't know why amazon is advertising it as a "12 pack"...
350494350494B001BKL93UA1X3J1GJQ5BKTPSaia7751245801600My dog LOVES this........We used to have two pomeranians - Autumn and Teddie. Ever since we lost Teddie last summer, Autumn became very depressed and wouldn't eat. We tried so many different brands including home-cooked, he would only ate a couple times and wouldn't touch it anymore. He lost so much weight and got us so worried. But that all changed when we found Organix and that's the only brand Autumn will eat. Now he can't wait until I feed him every morning. The cost Amazon offered is less expenisve than other retailers and you can't beat free shipping!! Please continue carrying it!!
350495350495B001BKL93UA30GC4FCPTZ98KKriss3331313193600Great food, but consider the costs.I have an old, soppy Saint Bernard who's missing a bunch of her teeth. And don't start nagging me about doggy dental care! I adopted her from a rescue organization & the damage had already been done when we got her. Anyway, we started supplementing her dry kibble with this canned food; and although she really likes it & the consistency is great for her toothlessness, the price increases EVERY TIME we order have left me seeking other options.

After weighing out all the costs, it's actually cheaper to buy ground beef in bulk & boil it up for her, and mix it up with some brown rice and/or eggs. I don't know if this diet is "healthier" for her, but she isn't gaining any extra weight & her coat looks fantastic. And I have peace of mind in knowing ~exactly~ what she's eating. She's almost 10 & probably doesn't have a whole lot of time left with us, and she seems to prefer the hamburger/brown rice/egg concoction to the canned food. And my budget likes having a couple of extra dollars a week, too.

I really do think it's a great food. Just make sure you do your own cost calculations to find the best value for your already-stretched dollar.
350496350496B001BKL93UA2C8E0BUK8L000Rosemary Donahoe3351280016000I believe in this product!My 3 chihuahuas LOVE this food! They have been enjoying it for about 8 months now. Their coats are amazing! When I took them to the vet the other day she thought I had just bathed them but it had been weeks since a bath. I just make sure to give them crunchy treats for their teeth. I feel good knowing they are not eating a bunch of garbage.
350497350497B001BKL93UACZA62F9MWNCSM. Leahy "Mary"3351279152000Quality premium dog food.My sister told me about Organix brand dog food. After reading the ingredients I began buying it for my dogs. I only feed them premium dog foods like Organix and Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers' Soul. They contain real meat products and no fillers. Organix takes this a step further with organic food in the ingredients. The price is a bit higher, but it's worth it to have healthy pets! My last dog died of cancer, and after a lot of research, I believe that high-quality pet food ingredients without fillers are the best plan for healthier pets!
350498350498B001BKL93UA1AW7OTQ9QX3IGpen1151339286400dog foodThis is a little pricey, but well worth it. I figure spend more on the food now, and less on vet bills later from Cancer and other side effects of harmful things in their food. It's all natural, always well packed. . . sometimes there are a few cans that are dented in the case, but "such is life" . . .

the chihuahua's love it, even my cat eats it now, (he's 23 years old and won't eat any cat food I buy anymore - ... so I figure he can eat what he likes at this age)

It is all natural and organic, free range, hormone free, no grains. . . just wonderful.
350499350499B001BKL93UADMDA6V32NFLIdoggrrl1131317686400Seconds?I've bought canned food from several times and
each time we receive our order there were more than a few
dented cans in the shipment (maybe 20% of the cans were
dented to some extent). I'm reticent to feed the food
from the dented cans, so end up throwing them away. Any
savings I gained ordering from Amazon were lost in
the cans I had to dispose of. Other than that, my dog
loves this food and does very well on it. I may just
have to resort to sourcing it locally.
350500350500B001BKL93UA3URC0E81RQ64GLlamaMama "julia"1151311033600Healthy dogsI've been feeding my dogs this canned food mixed in with their Organix kibble for about a year. They are very healthy. I have two 70 pound Goldendoodles, one with bilateral hip dysplasia. I have fed them various food over the past five years and none seem to agree with them more than this Castor & Pollux. One of my dogs has terrible gastric problems with gurgling and passing gas and he hasn't experienced any of that eating this food. I'm glad to be able to get it on Amazon. Saves me a lot of money compared to the pet store where I was buying it.
350501350501B001BKL93UAS27RRE5I04WAJERRY L SCHOCK1141301097600DOG FOODThe 4 stars ONLY because it did not agree with my toy poodle. She loves this BUT it gives her gas so we had to discontinue it. Was pleased with the quality of it and the good ingredients. It is a great product.
350502350502B001BKL93UA1V5KR13WY5AYYrthestarr0051346198400a favorite!I've tried other foods in the past, but I have never gotten such a positive reation from my husky like I did with this food! I usually mix it with with dry food and she eats it all! In the past she would only lick up a majority of the canned food and would leave the dry, but with just 2 table spoons of this product is enough to have her finish everything every time!
350503350503B001BKL93UA39U6B8QDIPULLexe0051342224000Our dog loves itNo filler ingredients, could be dryer but the water content not really a big enough problem to deduct a star.
350504350504B001BKL93UA3FMIO9O3YNRSXAngela Graves "wifey04"0051315180800Improved dogs healthWe all love this food. Real meat that my dog loves, and doesn't smell like other canned foods. This food has played a part in improving our dog's health, serving along with Organix dry food, we have been able to provide softer food and more fiber to our dogs senior diet needs.
350505350505B001BKL93UA1AVKD9PFDCRB5Chef Kris "SillyKris"0051305676800MY DOG LOVES ITMy dog loves this brand of canned dog food. I used to cook for her but lately, due to unfortunate circumstances, I do not have the time. This food has been great for us! My dog eats this and then looks at me like "give me more please" haha... Also It was really fast shipping. I signed up for auto ship to get one every month. Also the price is much better than at the pet store where they charge about $2.50 or more per can.
350506350506B001BKL93UA2EZ4USJA4O1RGMomtotwins "Momtotwins"0051292284800The best dog food!After finding out my toy Shih Tzu was allergic to practically every dog food, I tried this. Not only is he not allergic to it, he loves it! He finishes every last morsel. He has been eating this product for over 6 months and I am thrilled with it.
350507350507B001BKL93UA3NMW4SPIELBNLJane K.0051280361600Only food my 16 yr. old can eatI've always bought high quality foods for my dogs. The past couple years my 16 yr. old has had diarrhea. The vet prescribed medications that sometimes worked. She's a picky eater and never liked any canned food I tried. I switched her to the Organix Turkey flavors and she eats well and the diarrhea is gone! I don't need to give her any medications either. It's expensive, but she's worth it and I'm not fooling around with the vet and have the peace of mind that she eating.
350508350508B001BKL93UA1X3J1GJQ5BKTPSaia0051245801600My dog LOVES this........We used to have two pomeranians - Autumn and Teddie. Ever since we lost Teddie last summer, Autumn became very depressed and wouldn't eat. We tried so many different brands including home-cooked, he would only ate a couple times and wouldn't touch it anymore. He lost so much weight and got us so worried. But that all changed when we found Organix and that's the only brand Autumn will eat. Now, he can't wait until I feed him every morning. The cost Amazon offered is less expenisve than other retailers and you can't beat free shipping!! Please continue carrying it!!
350509350509B001BKL93UA1YM7DQ04YSKIJWhatsBuzzin0051243036800Tastiest Organic Dog FoodOur Terrier is super picky but he always finishes his Organix dog food! It's made with 95% organic ingredients.
350510350510B001BKL93UA255SNKZQ9IXQVBilly0151304035200Good thing my dog likes the Turkey, Chicken, Vegetables flavor.Just so anyone knows, I think they have a stockpile of Turkey, Chicken, Veggies flavor. All the cases I have ordered the last 6 months have the same expiration date in 2013. My dog eats this flavor no problems every day, so for me this is a good chance to stock up on organic food at an unbeatable price. $17 for a case after sub & save is going to be virtually unbeatable I would presume, so 5 stars amazon.
350511350511B001BKL93UAQTN42R50CHNJNidia Estrada "nce"3611280361600Diarrhea here I come!This food made my 3 dogs very sick. It was the worst dairrhea they have ever had. Both the dry and the can food made them ALL REALLY sick. i am was so upset I spent all that money and could not use the food.
350512350512B001BKL93UA1NHROQNYRVUE0HappyTrader41211290556800Don't buy this garbage!I bought a case of this (Adult Organic Turkey and Organic Vegetables Formula)12.7 oz cans beause my dog adores the Organix Dry Dog Food and he does very well on it. As soon as I gave him a little canned (a small amount mixed with his other food) he started vomiting white foamy stuff the following morning. I ended up giving a can to a friend and her dog had horrible breath (from his stomach--does not have bad teeth). I didn't give the rest away, will throw it away. I emailed the company twice and they couldn't bother to respond in about two weeks. Apparently they don't stand by their products. Now I don't trust any of their products even though my dog does fine on the dry formula.
350513350513B001IWCR96A1TI2L994OYRZUMern1151304899200My FAVORITE cola on the marketNot overly carbonated, extra nice cola taste and best of all no caffeine. I actually hunted this stuff down the other day and wanted one real bad late in the evening...It was only then that I realized that it was caffeine free!
Real good stuff.
350514350514B001IWCR96A1WREZ7ZXX7UD8Jim0031336694400was greatI used to buy this all the time then I moved and couldn't find it for about a year. I found a place that sells it recently and bought 12 bottles. Well it smelled like mildew and tasted horrible. I emailed Sprecher about it but got no reply. Now Im afraid to buy it anymore. It had some numbers on it that could be a date? 120131138 If that's the date it was made its only 3 months old. If its an expiration date its only 3 months expired. Either way it tasted horrible.
350515350515B001IWCR96A2T354874A1YTNECW HEATWAVE 20000051238371200Quit caffeine on thisWean yourself onto this stuff and you'll never miss Pepsi - I haven't had caffeine in two years and it's thanks to Puma Kola .
350516350516B002OL2MWMA3IITGYVD6CDE4N. Bruce0051289692800Best tool for wine pouringThis wine aerator works wonders for wine. It gives a whole new meaning to flavor. I bought this as a Christmas Gift after trying it out at a local wine store. I think it will be a hit at our gift exchange. The price on line was much better than the wine store which was also a bonus.
350517350517B002OL2MWMA2LW33NOAZYFALgmdavila47130051289347200Awesome invention!I absolutely love my Vinturi kit! IT is amazing how it turns a $5 bottle of wine into at least a $20 bottle. Really a great invention. Great conversation starter if you have people over. And its sleek and beautiful. Plus the price was unbeatable!
350518350518B002OL2MWMA393FWBAMBB33Mrlcrosson0051288569600Wow - there is a BIG differenceI did a with and without taste test with relatives and all noted the huge difference the Vinturi made. I highly recommend it.
350519350519B002OL2MWMAVIHSGTHMFE5AMommaH0051288396800Vinturi 6 piece wine aeratorI received this as a gift last Christmas and it is the best gift! I use it for fine wines as well as everyday wines and it really does make a difference! I would recommend it highly. I am giving this to all my wine friends this year.
350520350520B002OL2MWMA2XKBQIHF72PSRiam-moi0051285891200Vinturi reviewWe were a little sceptical about the Vinturi, but did a blind taste test of before and after pouring our wine through the Vinturi. All six of us thought the wine was much smoother after being poured throught the Vinturi. Also, the Vinturi in the acrylic stand is kind of fun and showy.

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