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350580350580B002OL2MWMA2UVNVMHBH4LQ7M. Dean "md"686851260921600It really works!Well, I'll be... this silly little thing actually works. How can you get the effect of decanted wine in the time it takes to pour a glass from a newly-opened bottle? After reading other reviews, I was convinced to try it, but after seeing it work I thought, "There's no way- that was too fast and too easy."

I was wrong.

I took 3 blind taste tests. I washed 2 identical glasses, opened a new bottle of Merlot, poured one straight from the bottle and poured the other through the Vinturi Aerator. I left the room and asked my wife to move the glasses to the table and call me when all the bubbles were gone. There was no question which one had been aerated. I picked it right away. Even when my son tried to tell me I picked wrong, I stood by my choice, it was that obvious. It softens the wine, releases the bouquet and created a silky finish. I took multiple tests and picked it right every time. My wife took turns testing and could tell as well.

I got an aerator for red and white so a couple days later I opened a bottle of white and did the same test and got the same results. The difference is enough that I won't have a glass without it now. Even wine I would normally open and pour and drink right away is now aerated, red or white, it makes a real difference.

I bought the tower, which is an added expense, but it's nice for parties so guests can serve themselves and not have to handle the aerator, just pour and enjoy. The quality of the parts feel solid, not cheesy plastic like I thought it would be. Taken care of, I don't see why these can't last for many years, and since it's just liquid and air, it should work just as well in 10 years as it does today.

I'm impressed and plan to show them off to my fellow wine enthusiasts at our annual New Years party.
350551350551B002OL2MWMA23480GZJE3QLQM. Bell0051264809600Great Deal!Great deal! Saved $30 by purchasing from amazon. Plus free shipping. Works great. I can definitely tell a difference when drinking my wine. Very nice product.
350552350552B002OL2MWMA2Z0VHDHQ7A5EWR. Sommers0051264809600Love it!I have owned the aerator for some time. I recently purchased this set for the tower. It's simple in design yet attractive enough that my wife lets me keep it out on her counter. I use it whenever I enjoy a glass of wine. It also makes a great gift for family and friends that enjoy their wine. Same product at Bevmo sells for $70.
350553350553B002OL2MWMA1M7LJ05PS8OMLWilliam "Bill"0051264809600Great Product - everyone needs one!Great wine accoutrament - if you are a serious wine drinker, or just getting into it, this is a must. All wine has bad gasses in the bottle - you either need to open and let it sit for an hour or so, yeah right... or aerate it. This is the best way to go. We have 4-5 carafes and that works - but you have a party - 5-8 bottles of wine - all in carafes? Which is in which? Space? Buy one of these and enjoy!
350554350554B002OL2MWMA3FL7ND1Y5O4Q5theodorered0051263686400red wine aeratorA great thing to have if your a red wine drinker,it will taste a lot better and knock the edge off a lot smoother taste. great item.
350555350555B002OL2MWMA14AKAFILQJGLHZ. Shakir0051262822400Great GiftMy mother and I drink red wine and I gave this to her as a gift. She absolutely loved it. It was easy to use and the wine flowed wonderfully through it. She thought it looked very nice. So nice in fact that she wants to keep it setup in her kitchen.
350556350556B002OL2MWMA3POOJY9O3H8CPA. Huber "CamryMan"0051262822400Classy and functionalThe Vinturi aerator set is perfect for the wine enthusiast that has everything.

Wine that has been poured through the Vinturi tastes as if it has been breathing in a decanter all night (the flavor is much smoother). Plus, the acrylic tower that holds the Vinturi is very classy and elegant looking.
350557350557B002OL2MWMA11P73C94KBY0MRyan G. Lopez0051262390400Simple yet AmazingMy wife and enjoy a class of wine with our dinner and sometimes lunch. This product enhances every single bottle of wine we have tried. We don't drink expensive bottles, normally anywhere from $5-$35 a bottle and we have our regulars. I enjoyed this product so much that I bought one for my parents and it was a big hit. If you are a wine drinker this product is as essential as a cork opener.
350558350558B002OL2MWMA2LPGRJYIZLVI8Mark Sr1211332288000DissappointedLooks nice but leaks like a sive when poring wine into the cylinder. Should be taken off the market!!!!!! Would not recommend this piece of junk to anyone!!! Very disappointed! Get a battery operated whip to do a much better job and better results!!
350559350559B002OL2MWMA2TZJ0107M6GVPPat S1211310860800Vinturi Aerator SetI ordered the Vinturi Aerator Set as a present for my wife. When assembled, it looks beautiful. However, when you pour your red wine through the aerator, the wine leaks out through the two air holes and fills the base of the stand with red wine. The wine even splashed out through the holes too. Following the exact instructions of carefully pouring the wine into the aerator so that is runs down the side of the aerator only, was better except for the fact that the red wine then only leaked out of one air hole instead of two.

I give the Vinturi Aerator Set one star for beauty only. Now, where do I send the dry cleaning bill to?
350560350560B002OL2MWMA21SDP1ZY93I12Roseanne Farmer "Rosie"1251268956800Wine aerator towerThis is an excellent way to enhance the flavor of the wine. The tower makes it even easier to pour without spilling a drop.
350561350561B002OL2MWMAVPTW6Y3P8SQGKristen Zheng "Kris"2421285977600MessyIt does not work as expected. Just after served three glasses of wine I noticed the splatter all over the table. the wine would also dripped from the two holes on each side of the aerator along the arm holding the aerator all the way down to the bottom of the base. I can deal with the wine dripped from the aerator but not the splatter since it will ruin your beautiful table cloth unless you place it on the kitchen counter. It would be messy even on the kitchen counter. This "Deluxe" package looks elegant when first set up, but it looks messy just after served three glasses of wine. I will be returning this to Amazon for a refund.
350562350562B002OL2MWMA21LMSXE4FODWLSnow "velvetrose"0141322697600Top Way to Enjoy Your WineMy parents drink wine, go to tastings, and attend wine festivals on a regular basis and suggested I try a wine aerator. Amazon had the best price with free shipping. Most wines do taste better with the aerator and it is kind of fun to taste the wine with and without being aeratred. The box set is nice because it gives it a storage place. I bought the one with the arm and paid more, but it wasn't necessary. I normally just hold the aerator in my hand and pour the wine in slowly. You do need the black rubber stand for the aerator to sit in when you are done because it will drip and cannot stand up on its own. The aerator is easy to clean, I just run some water through it. I'd recommend this product if you drink wine, and I'd recommend not buying the arm stand with it. Other places I saw had a white and red aerator. I heard that you don't need to aerate whites, but I have only tried it with red wines.
350563350563B002OL2MWMA1YL43LXFWIBWUjennyinkeller0151321488000If you drink red wine you've gotta get this aeratorWhen I told my husband I had ordered this aerator he told me I wasted my money- well he ate those words! When the aerator arrived I had him do a blind taste test with a glass of wine poured from the bottle and another through the aerator and to my delight he said the glass from the aerator was more drinkable! Ha! This is a great product if you drink wine like I do- quickly. I know that a glass bottle aerator is the proper method however if you are like me you don't have the time nor patience to go that route. This aerator is fool proof and has made almost every red wine taste better. It's portable so I have taken it with me to parties and now my friends are all believers too. If you drink red wine you've gotta try this product! Cheers!
350564350564B002OL2MWMA17SHXEXY4RWUUkashtuff0151320710400Vinturi deluxe Aerator setI purchased this as a birthday gift for a friend and they absolutely love it. She says the aerator opens the flavors of the wine.
350565350565B002OL2MWMA2OGHYF3EW3XQDD. Jacobsen0151317945600AwesomeBought this after a friend who is a wine nut (his brother owns a large wineyard), recommended it. All I can say is wow, it elimates the after taste of cheap wines and helps bring out the flavors of better wines.
350566350566B002OL2MWMA2AWFJ8F5KPJJ3John Kiser0151315008000These are the Cat's Ass....I've purchased several of these as gifts for people and they all collectively think they're the Cat's Ass.
For all of the individuals that rate this product in the 1 through 4 categories due to its flaws in either manufacturing design and/or dripping/spillage problems, should really read the directions that came with the product in their entirety. When used properly and in accordance to the instructions this product performs as designed and advertised.
350567350567B002OL2MWMAL5ZX3LRDXR98Amy "Amy"0151313193600excellent product!This product works very well. it makes the wine taste smoother and "less bitter". we did a taste test and there was an absolute difference. i would recommend this to anyone. Going to buy a few more as gifts. great for the wine enthusiasts. considering buying the aerator for the white wine - not sure if it is needed tho.
350568350568B002OL2MWMA32SJOMI0V3YIBSonya0131310601600Looks niceYou can taste that the wine is "fuller" because of the air infused, but I'm not sure it really smoothes the taste out all that much.
350569350569B002OL2MWMA19CYRWOJVZSS1LL0141297814400Perfect for Quick-DecantingI purchased this as a gift for my husband - he loves it - will not have a glass of wine without it. I could do without it, but not him ...
350570350570B002OL2MWMA16WQOW8SA07JIJellyBeanz0121294617600Incomplete itemI was very happy to received the Vinturi Deluxe prior Christmas for my boyfriend. But when I inspect the items in the box, I noticed that there's a chip on the base of the tower and the traveling pouch was missing. The item was not a 6-piece wine aerator set, but a 5 piece wine aerator set. I was very disappointed, but glad that my boyfriend was happy about this gift, he said the chip on the base doesn't affect or the tower is still standing. I could have return this item back, but his been wanting this since he caught his eye on this item at Bevmo. So, I will give this transaction 2 stars for an incomplete item and for not disclosing the chip on the tower.
350571350571B002OL2MWMA2VMHFRCIU22CPCatherine Kim0151291852800nice presentationI was impressed by how the tower looks. I don't know if the breathing process really works or not, but it's a nice presentation when you have a dinner party! Nice holiday gift at reasonable price.
350573350573B002OL2MWMA87VJS1SZPCDOWonderWoman0141282176000Great item and the stand is particularly helpfulI have since discovered an aerator that attaches to the spout of the bottle. I think it's a superior product but the Vinturi is still a really good one.
350574350574B002OL2MWMA38VGLHS8K6V82J. Rodriguez0211299628800i am not happyI'm not happy with the product, both the base and the aerator look as if they were used and are scratched. I am very upset about this uncomfortable situation.
350575350575B002OL2MWMA2QU3VMWZ8BWTMmichael0221294963200To us not worth the priceVery nice, but for us it is not worth the price, If you have wine that was laid down for years and needed to decant it then it MAY be worth the price.
350576350576B002OL2MWMA1JZX5GFEO4PNCDeen E. Entsminger "entsrwe"2611273449600Wine drips from the deviceIf you purchase this product, have plenty of paper towels nearby. The wine will leak from the sides of the device and you will be cleaning up after you pour wine through it. I would recommend swishing your wine in the glass or leaving the bottle open for a period of time rather than putting up with the mess that is created from the design flaw.
350577350577B002OL2MWMAPBCL4U45LBF1Suzanne D. Thomas0341288915200A gift for DadI bought this for my dad after he said that he wished for a wine aerator so that we didn't need to wait for the red wine to breathe. So I sent this set for his birthday. He seemed pleased to receive it but since I don't live in the same town I have no way to know if he's actually used it yet. Amazon's price was the best I could find and there was no shipping cost.
350578350578B002OL2MWMAKACGHPVILE9RSophronia "Euphemia"0711275696000Unsure...Doesn't it Taste the Same?We are not wine aficionados just trying to find a way to improve the taste of wine. Would like to get the 1/2 glass for men and 1/4 glass for women per night into our diet. So we thought, let's try aeration maybe that will do the trick. After putting several bottles of various different wines through the aerator we did not notice any difference.
350579350579B002OL2MWMA28J3123I1QDKIBowser B "Bill"15815841288396800Wine lovers: Get the Vinturi...skip the standFirst of all, if you are a wine drinker, get this. It works, or else I've been taken by the psychology of it. I first encountered it at the Sterling winery in California. Since we were joining the "club", we got quasi-VIP treatment, which included a demo of this device on a newly opened bottle of wine (yes, the Sterling wine store had them for sale for $45). Wine was poured into one glass from the bottle, and another through the Vinturi. It clearly made a difference in aroma and taste. We've since done a couple of blind tests, and picked the aerated wine every time.

Now, let me save you a couple bucks. The basic device includes a small rubber stand for storing the Vinturi. It is just fine. The upgraded 6-piece set includes a less-than-useful stand. It is not attractive enough to leave on display, so it's another bulky thing to store. Also, we found that our wine glasses were either too short--and we got spashing--or they were too tall and wouldn't fit. Plus, the stand holds the Vinturi perfectly vertical, which is contrary to the included instructions, which tell you to tip it slightly to the side.

So, fellow wine drinkers, get the $25.47 model, and you'll be quite pleased. Don't waste your money on the six-piece version with the stand.

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