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350581350581B002OL2MWMA3OFI0WHI6XW32D. Neumyer "tidal 2step"586131261008000Aerator yes, tower noI have had this aerator for many months and am very pleased with it's ability to let the wine breath as it is poured. This aerator is quick and relatively neat, except for some drippage from the air holes. I highly recommend it for heavier red wines.
Now the stand/tower just makes this drippage issue worse. It runs down the inside of the stand pooling where you would set a glass, and down the outside of the stand directly onto the table/tablecloth.
I love my aerator, I just wish it didn't drip the way it does.
350582350582B002OL2MWMA8PE10XSATCJSChristine Tarr121251263254400We love our wine and the Venturi is fantastic.The Venturi is just what we hoped it would be. All the young wines at restaurants today make it difficult. We've used it on a newer red, 2007 Brunello, and an older, 1998 Shiraz, just to see the difference. The Shiraz was already ready to drink but the Venturi opened it quickly. The 2007 was amazing - it was far too young and yet the Venturi did the trick. It still isn't a 1998 vintage but the difference was truly amazing. You can take the Venturi anywhere in its cloth case. Get the tower as well but use a decanter underneath instead of a wine glass. With a glass (even a taller one) there is some spill from the height. The tower does have a "catch" for the spill but the decanter takes away most of that.
350583350583B002OL2MWMA3SKJ6J985X74TE. B. Martin8851269475200Impressed in many ways..A friend bought the Red wine Vinturi model recently. He and his wife visit the Napa Valley area frequently and have gotten to know the vineyards and owners. Back at home, they have a basement wine cellar. I mention this because his wife and he enjoy wine for what it is, and doesn't fool with junk. He brought the Vinturi out and explained how and why this gadget worked, which I and others found did quite well. I was impressed and confident enough to turn around and buy a Red wine Vinturi for my brother's 40th birthday gift, which was used with numerous bottles of wine. Another brother in attendance nicknamed the device "Bobcat" after comedian Bobcat Goldthwait for the intensely caffeinated noise this thing makes as the wine mixes with air. Blind taste testing resulted in most everyone picking the glass of wine poured though the Vinturi with having the best flavor, which seems lighter, sweeter and with a better aftertaste. They hosted another party shortly after the birthday party and emailed me that the Vinturi was a centerpiece "hit". I have bought one myself; maybe I should start entertaining others now...the wine will be at its best.
350584350584B002OL2MWMA2MTKVTISAMIISC. Hafer111231282694400Helpful, but not magicDon't expect a miracle, but it does help. I usually let a good glass of red wine sit for about an hour to an hour and a half before drinking it. The Vinturi product cannot match this, however, it is equivalent to letting wine sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. If that's what you are used to doing, you'll be happy. If you really let your wine age properly, you won't be happy unless you are simply using the device to speed up the process. Using the Vinturi and then letting the wine sit for an hour produces a nice wine. It can cut about 30 minutes off the normal process without the aerator.

I tested the device on four bottles of good reasonably priced wines. They were -

1) Bogel Old Vine Zinfandel (2007) - full body, very good Zin $11
2) Rodney Strong Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon (2007) - very good Cabernet that needs some air $18
3) Shenandoah Vineyards Zinfandel Special Reserve (2008) - very nice full body zin $10
4) Grand Pacific Vineyards Heritage Red table Wine (2007) - surprisingly decent inexpensive and easily drinkable $7

The aerator worked to some degree on all of the wines, but on the full bodied Cabs and Zins, it really couldn't begin to compete with letting a glass of wine sit in a wide glass for 90 minutes. For the table wine, it did a better job, but there was still a noticeable difference between letting it age naturally and using the aerator. Blind tests on all of the wines showed modest improvements over drinking the wine straight out of the bottle, but also showed significant difference between aerating and further aging.

Next point, the tower is a joke. It enhances splattering instead of preventing it. The only way to use the tower and stop splatter is to jam the opening below the rim of the glass. Without the tower, the device isn't bad.
350585350585B002OL2MWMA2NPS4WVXCZF9KReedWriter5531314662400Great conceptA friend recommended a wine aerator, so I ordered the Vinturi set from Amazon for my husband who is the wine connoisseur in our household. The aerator is great, but the stand is a waste of money. If you try to pour the wine through the aerator using the stand, the wine pours directly down and makes a mess. The directions say to hold the aerator at an angle, which is what you have to do to make the aerator work properly. I don't understand why the stand/holder aims the aerator straight down rather at an angle as instructed. I highly recommend the aerator but not in the set. It is better and less expensive to order the aerator separately and forget the stand because the stand simply cannot be used without making a complete mess on the countertop. As for the aerated wine, my husband says that a mediocre bottle wine tastes like a much more expensive wine when aerated with the Vinturi, and that was the objective, so the aerator is great, but the stand is worthless.
350586350586B002OL2MWMA3FSJYQ5RNQU3SPLay4451286150400VinturiThis item has been everything that we expected. No more waiting on an open bottle to breathe; I have no idea how this thing works -- but it clearly make a difference to the palate!As avid wine-enthusiasts, it was recommended that we purchase one of these after trying out an identical model at a friend's house. Highly recommend the purchase. Arrival of the item was efficient, price was fair.
350587350587B002OL2MWMA3EURYSP2G75W1winrobaaa4431274400000Vinturi Deluxe 7 piece wine Aerator setI love the idea of being able to aerate my wine in a much shorter time frame. I found that the product worked well except that no matter how I poured the wine it would spill out of the aerator holes. The price was the best I could find.
350588350588B002OL2MWMA2U6WSDR5HZ1AAkmorisol3341309564800Nice productThe only problem is that the top leaks. We figured out you have to clean it out after every use to prevent leakage.
350589350589B002OL2MWMA3IZ7UCM5XATWZA. Galdi3351285027200Works great!Got this as a gift and absolutely love it! At first I too had a little issue with drippage, but quickly learned that the key is a slow steady pour. They give some tips in the book and after following them I hardly ever have a problem with drips. The stand looks really need on a counter and everybody always asks me "WOW what's this?!" It's a great tool for heavier wines that you don't have time to let open before you want to drink them, though it helps with lighter wines too. Really opens them up and releases the aromas.

The 7-piece set is a great gift as well and not too expensive on Amazon!
350590350590B002OL2MWMA2MG4VL89OZ3VUCook & Collector "Qualified Foodie"2251305504000Had the Aerator but added the stand and glad that I did.I already had the Vinturi Aerator, which I have enjoyed greatly. I added the stand as I thought it was well designed and attractive. I am very pleased with the addition as the stand makes using the Aerator easier and it also prompts me to always use the Aerator, which I sometimes forgot to use before I had the stand. I have not experienced any of the dripping referred to in other reviews and I find the 6-piece set easy to use as well as effectively providing what the manufacturer promises to deliver.
350591350591B002OL2MWMA2WT14VM9NNI8FM. Zahorchak4551269216000It really works!Enough said. This product rocks. I researched this on-line first and all wine experts agreed.
350592350592B002OL2MWMA2N0FKPXCPYOM5Laura G. Lees "Laura"1111339113600broken when receivedWhen I received it, it was enclosed in plastic so I was not able to look inside. I was giving it as a gift and when they opened it, it was broken at the base, very embarassing and disappointed.
350593350593B002OL2MWMA20XL8LSEDYYFHLily1141329177600Amazing Product, Would skip the package deal though.The aerator is amazing, no question about it. Even doubtful people notice a difference. I got the 6 piece set as a gift for my husband and thought the stand was a great idea. After reading the reviews on this product I concluded that some people had an issue with making a mess while others don't when they pour wine using the stand. So I thought maybe we will figure it out. Well I can see that when it is poured a precise way that it doesn't make a mess but if you slightly increase the flow that you pour the wine or the angle that you are pouring it will automatically pour out the aerator holes. Seriously annoying. We tried a few times and gave up. It's so much easier to just hold the aerator over the glass of wine and use the small stand when not in use. We will most likely never use the large stand again even though it looks great, functionality is more important. And if you're a big wine drinker I'm sure it will get more difficult with each glass of wine poured. If I could do it again I would skip the 6 piece set and go straight for aerator itself, this will save you a lot of frustration and some cash.
350594350594B002OL2MWMA1U4CGWTUL2AZFSneaker1151328832000Amazing It actually worksThis product is amazing because it actually works. I have been a "wine buff" for some 35 years and in that time I have seen and tried innumerable wine inprovement "gadgets" some of which have shown promise, others much less so. But none compare with this remarkable invention. Beautifully constructed, it transforms ANY bottle of wine into one ready to drink, with full sweet aromas and flavours , all in 5 seconds or the time it takes you to pour the wine into a glass. A 10year old wine is ready to drink in an instant!
My equally skeptical friends have been amazed and all ordered one immediatlely, and now are ordering more to give as gifts and for family members.

I just wished I had invented it. Congratulations to the one who did.
The last guy who did anything this good turned water into wine!!!!

Get one!!! will not be diappointed!
350595350595B002OL2MWMA2GNY484P8BAO5Bruce A. Johnson1141328400000Vinturi Deluxe 6-piece Wine Aerator SetGood transaction. Everything arrived as promised, and on time. We are happy with the preformance of the aerator. Would recommend this set to a friend. My wife doesn't feel that the stand is necessary, but it does make pouring wine easier, since you do not have to hold the bottle in one hand and the aerator in the other.
350596350596B002OL2MWMA1OH55DIR43CRBT&1151327449600great gismo!
350597350597B002OL2MWMA3F73SC1LY51OOAlan Montgomery1141313020800Does Seem To Make Wine Taste Better - But MessyMy wife is the wine drinker in the family and she has many times picked wine that has been aerated from the Vinturi out in a blind taste test as tasting better. I personally didn't think it would actually do anything but she seems to notice the different.

My main complaint is that it is sometimes hard to pour wine in the top at the correct speed to get it to work and it will drip quite a bit after you remove your glass.

So I have no complaints about the taste, just the operation. If you can overlook that then dont hesitate buying this.
350598350598B002OL2MWMA1UUQOALN94PGSR.Yousif1151297900800Great Price - Great ProductI bought the stand and aerator separately for a Christmas present for my husband from bed bath and beyond. So I decided to get one of these for my brother for his birthday. Now I wish I would have done the same for my husband. It comes in one box with everything in it, even an extra carrying case for the aerator itself, which you can't get from bed bath and beyond. And even with the 20% off coupons from BBB the price was a little better. I really recommend this product for its price and ingenuity.
350599350599B002OL2MWMA34XZW88WMHH3Xhjvet1151297728000a great hitPurchased this for my dad and he was amazed at how much of a difference it made. He did a taste test of wine with and without the aerator and said it was much improved with the aerator. He uses it every time he has red wine now. It was a hit.
350600350600B002OL2MWMA3KXE2XTWEN2ZDAva1131295740800could have been great, but...Great idea and you can taste the difference in wine after poring it through the aerator. But if you put it on the tower and even a tall wine glass under it, wine sprays all over the place but not into the glass. You must tilt the aerator to prevent it. Design could have been a lot better if they have tried to pour wine as it is. Buy just the aerator; the tower is just a piece of decoration.
350601350601B002OL2MWMA3SZQ97LU5LVT8dempsl1151295654400Love it!I was skeptical about this product when my husband got it for me for Christmas, but when I did a comparison of a glass of wine poured with it and without, it was amazing how much smoother the wine tasted! It even helps when you've opened a bottle of wine and then put it in the frig for a few days and it starts to taste a little bitter. We ended up ordering a separate aerator for white wines (and zinfandels) too. It would be nice if they offered a set that came with both, but the set only includes the aerator for red wines. A little pricey at regular price but we found it on Amazon after Christmas for 40% off!
350602350602B002OL2MWMA59BU29AU9MQ6Jane Pino1151294444800GREAT FOR WINE ENTHUSIASTS, GREAT FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO IMPROVE WINE-DRINKINGI discovered the Vinturi having a glass of wine at a friend's house. They were so enthusiastic that we did a side-by-side taste test - wine poured through the vinturi and wine from the bottle. It was amazing. The Vinturi miraculously improves wine by aearateing it instantly. I gave six of these as gifts this year.. You don't really need the Lucite arm accessory but it's nice to have if you have the space. The Vinturi is conveniently sized so that you can easily take it with you on a picnic. AND by using Amazon, the price was 20% to 30% less than buying it in a store.
350603350603B002OL2MWMA305L9P6I8D7UKT. Martin1141293667200Nice looking piece!Looks pretty. Nice gift for a wine fan. I purchased it for $40-$45. It does spill a bit if you directly pour into it. We have to kind of pour it against the side so it doesn't make a little mess. No big deal. I'd certainly buy it again!
350604350604B002OL2MWMA5JZAIV0PMWBRAllen G Fong1151291852800vinturi aerator for red wines:Great gift box! I have ordered six of these in the past and the recepients rave about them. I myself, enjoy mine every day. No longer is it necessary to open to aerate for 30 to 90 minutes before driniking the first and subsequent glasses of your favorite wine. One friend of mine raved about it, and saw a demonstration at wine tasting event in napa wine country. His first thoughts: this is a lot of houghey(bull). He belongs to moderate sized wine club that gathers once a month. His impression: what an amazing difference! He became a believer!
350605350605B002OL2MWMA39XJ82MU7YTFMav12345561151291852800Great Taste & fun at partiesdefinetly enhances the flavor of wine. Brings it to life more. Tastes great looks cool and is a fun thing to keep around the house and show off at a party.

I tried it once and now i am purchasing it
350606350606B002OL2MWMA3U0BDXO7J1JGVLucky Murphy1151291766400A must have for wine lovers!!!!I'm not sure how my husband and I lived without this product! Has changed our lives. Took it to the wineries with us and did taste test. Could absolutly tell the difference on the bottles of red. The white was less subtle. Would highly recomend for anybody!
350607350607B002OL2MWMA2ZHO81NPNURUDLovingMotherhood "Leah"1151291593600Works amazingly! but does NOT come with travel pouch!After reading about 100 reviews on this aerator on you tube and other sites, my husband and I decided to give it a go. Boy am i glad we did! We have only owned it for a few days now, and i have tried a few various red wines... from expensive wines from Portugal to cheap wines such as Yellow Tail... and the taste difference is notable. The nose difference alone is incredible. I even tried it with Sangria and it made it more fruity!!

I only have a small gripe with the stand, but its nothing that really gets me angry, or nothing that will make me stop using it by any means... When you use the aerator in the tower, it leaks out of the air holes in the sides and drips down the tower. Not a lot, just a drop or 2 here and there. Now i tried pouring slow, fast, sideways, etc... and there is just no way around it when the aerator is being held straight, as the tower holds it. Now if you hold the aerator by hand, and tilt it slightly over the glass when you pour, no drips! LIke i said, this is a small issue and does not effect the way i feel about my new "wine-erator" as me and my friend call it!!!

I am a little heated that it does not come with the travel pouch as shown in a few pictures and also described in the description. It doesnt show it in the box section, but it says in another part that it is included, and its on the pictures, so dont be mislead. I beleive there is an "essential kit" which would include that pouch, but for the price that amazon is selling it vs bed bath, wine enthusiasts, and everyone else, its worth not having the pouch.

350608350608B002OL2MWMA37AV9NPF8XO9KGreg1131291420800Aerates the wine, but makes a messI got this as a birthday gift a couple months ago and only just had a chance to really take it for a test drive. I agree with most of the reviews that it really makes a difference in the flavor of the wine. However, I'm a bit frustrated with how messy it is. The wine spurts out the two air holes and ends up all over the stand and the table. I've tried pouring faster and slower in a vain attempt to prevent the mess, but I haven't been successful yet. The only way I've found to address the problem is by wrapping a paper towel loosely around the cone before putting it in the stand so it soaks up the wine before it has a chance to drip all over the place. This is the only wine aerator I've ever used, so for all I know this might be a common problem with all of them. At least the wine tastes better...
350609350609B002OL2MWMA3KJQHATPF7R2GP. Straub "Surf789"1151273190400What a difference breathing makesThis product and an electriic cork screw have made me the wino stud I've always drempt to be. Seriously, this product makes a cheap wine palatable and a good wine great. Get a bottle of $5.99 Barefoot and this aerator set, and you'll have a hard time justifying spending over $10 a bottle again. Screw the martinis and margaritas. Unscrew a bottle of wine and start screwing.
350610350610B002OL2MWMA28ZC5NZHI7Y4EMeoow5551141268870400VinturiMy friend had this @ our last dinner party; I liked it and purchased one. It definitely helps the wine open up & breath much quicker. I only gave it 4 stars because it leaks a little bit down the back of the stand, which gets on the bottom of the wine glass. Everytime you use it, you must wipe the bottom of the glass. Still, a good buy if you drink wine.

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