Amazon Fine Food Reviews

350698350698B0002AQ2VYA2YSR6NWYE3F0M. Pullin "Pushin' On"1141273017600Helped me get her weight downThese chew sticks keep my dog's teeth pretty clean between cleanings. That's what they're supposed to do. But when my dog developed a weight problem, and the vet vetoed "doggie treats", these little goodies kept ME out of the dog house. When the treats stopped coming, my dog whined and put on a show of such pitiable neediness, that I had to do something to quiet her down. I remembered that the ingredients in her Dental Stix were healthful and not likely to hurt her weight loss program a bit. I went back to using these as directed, and my dog kept on losing weight, reached her goal, and has stayed there. And we did it without her feeling deprived. Not bad at all!
350699350699B0002AQ2VYAXAV7I5V33EKEvicki0041330128000Joint TreatI'm still surprised that my dogs liked this treat. They are used to beefy treats - BUT THEY LOVE this for a treat and it has some joint benifits. WOW would recommend this to all dog owners.
350671350671B005HQROHYA18CMGIQZ1OAA2toby0051347580800too expensive but reliableBecause of Jacks high prices Ive shopped around. Ive tried the cheaper brands and though I have found some that I like pretty good I dont enjoy them like I do Jack Daniels. I cut out beer for a while and switched to just drinking whiskey and thats a pricey thing to do with Jack. I buy it by the pint and I pay 10.60 a pint for it. The cheaper brands you can sometimes get 2 bottles for that but they aren't anywhere near as good. I also tried bourbon (no thanks). Despite its high price Id even take this over Bulliet. I love that smokey taste.
350672350672B003LJ8RFMA232ZHZKYRSCCUDiscriminating212351279497600Addicting!Nuttzo is amazing!!! My only complaint is that I can't stop eating it! I am used to skipping breakfasts, which I know is not a good habit... I started eating Nuttzo on my favorite health bread and it is so satisfying and energizing. My kids also love it which is so rare to find a food we all can eat! This is unlike any nut butter I've ever had and there are so many different ways to encorporate it into your day to give you a healthy energy boost. It is one of those things you want at home, at work, on the go because you know that you are getting quality, healthy food so if its right there you'll be so happy you ate that instead of whatever else may be tempting! I will definitely keep this as a regular item in my house.
350673350673B003LJ8RFMA2DNTJYRT6XRU4CatMom9951317254400Another GREAT Dr. Oz recommendation comes thru ....Heard about this on Dr. Oz and decided to give it a try. Wow is this stuff filling as well as delicious. Sure wished it was a bit cheaper. I normally do not like crunchy "peanut butter", but this is an exception. Its a great way to get extra Omega-3 in your diet. I bought 1 jar to try, but will be getting more for sure :)
350674350674B003LJ8RFMA2XV2H32VUUKH6Loulabelle91051317254400WOW!Wow! The delivery was right on time as I was anxiously waiting for it. It's the BEST tasting Nut Butter I have ever found! My husband is type 2 Diabetic and I have 3 boys who love peanut butter so I am always looking for healthy, grainy food to incorporate in my family's everyday lives. Their nutrition and health are very important to me! Nuttzo is a big hit with my family and it makes me happy to be serving them a nutritious, healthy nut butter that has no added sugars or hydrogenated oils! This is such a fantastic find! Thanks to Dr. Oz and the makers of Nuttzo!
350675350675B003LJ8RFMA10S8NDSGZR6NAS. love4451322438400Fabulous and yummy !Love this stuff...hate that its so expensive but it is really good! I wish I could purchase NuttZo at a store that's close to where I live.
350676350676B003LJ8RFMA1XYY2M3NSY2U8Barbara Mindel "Very Pleased Customer"4451322179200I love this stuff!Nuttzo is delicious straight from the spoon. I wish it were available in larger containers. I can't say enough about how much my family and I enjoy it. Do yourself a favor and buy some.
350677350677B003LJ8RFMA3120UJ9FI0OAOmj4451319587200NuttZo peanut butterI saw this product on Dr. Oz and had to try it. It is a delicious combination of peanuts and other nuts high in Omega 3 fatty acids which are considered essential for a healthy diet. This product is sugar free. I will buy it again.
350678350678B003LJ8RFMA2TXSEOQEKXXEFjoelib33 "joelib33"4451319155200pnuttierThe product is delicious and nutricious. It arrived on time in perfect condition and is as advertised. I will buy more of this product.
350679350679B003LJ8RFMA2IW9URACR5LUDShani "Shani"4451318464000INCREDIBLEI expected to like this but I was overwhelmed at how good it actually is! It is a bit expensive but I would rather treat myself to this tasty treat than spend any money on junk food that has no nutritional value.

Best thing is the taste. What a find!
350680350680B003LJ8RFMA3SMVTSYVR0EB3realtor2251326153600nuttzoI am a health nut and love this product....Great ingredients..spreads's a complete protein and used along with Julian complete protein bread it makes a perfect meal on the run or anytime...I have tried the peanut free and really like that as well!!!!
350681350681B003LJ8RFMA3943VRYMMQ2BTH. Willis2251323302400I'm nuts for NUTTZOI heard about this product on Dr. Oz and thought I would give it a try. This product is wonderful....tasty and good for you. I will be purchasing more as soon as its available again.
350682350682B003LJ8RFMA2VCP5UTP3N1XP. Johnson "Mad About Books"2251323216000NuttZoPeanut butter lovers, take note! NuttZo provides crunch and taste beside all the healthy benefits of Omega 3...I will NEVER put another brand of peanut butter in my mouth...Only problem is keeping enough jars on my shelf
350683350683B003LJ8RFMA2NGNWUXE2B7EFDEDE0011350345600Ick Tasted Rancid. Sent back.Purchased the two pack. Opened one. The taste was rancid. We use nut butters all the time. Very disappointed. Will stay with cashew butter. Sent this back. The company was very efficient to deal with.
350684350684B003LJ8RFMA34B4I6SK1JUXQfitnessnut0051350086400nuttzo omega 3 nut butterAmazing. My only criticism with this butter is that it's addicting and $! I would highly recommend. I agree with another review that this is the best nut butter.
350685350685B003LJ8RFMA1OWUZIZ8I1ZB7Amazing0051348531200NuttzoNuttzo butter, great tasting treat without a guilt! Spread it on whole wheat with a sliced banannas, yummmmmm! Loved it and will recommend for sure!
350686350686B003LJ8RFMA3KSA1TTR7TFY4nancy anne0051339804800Great but too expensiveThis is excellent but too expensive to use daily like we used it. I could not afford to buy 3 or 4 at the price charged.
350687350687B003LJ8RFMA2H84V55USFJQXM50051337126400amazing taste, healthy, great for digestive trackwas having high cholesterol and bowel issues, bought this, it goes amazing with graham crackers and granola bars. very very healthy also. a win win win. definitely buying more.
350688350688B003LJ8RFMA2COVZXOOFKMDEBigRawn0051336176000not so nuttzoThis is an acquired taste. I love peanut butter , and was looking for heather alternatives. I use it the same way i do peanut butter, and like it. Much more grainier than peanut butter.
350689350689B003LJ8RFMA1LR9XH9Q1ZU1TGail W. Kantz0051336089600will tryI heard about this product, as others, on Dr. Oz. I sought the ingredient information and I am thrilled to find this to be a sugar-free product!! What an awesome find as I am allergic to sugar. Thanks for your complete information and that others post that it is also a tasty product - definitely on my wish list.
350690350690B003LJ8RFMA3CEDYJ4YNHV32CreativeCreature0051336003200greatI had originally ordered this to try because I had heard about it on the Dr. Oz show. I recently ordered another one because it is really good tho it may be a bit pricey still 5 stars
350691350691B003LJ8RFMA8XEURVHZNINCElise Wood0131337731200Doesn't taste so greatIt's awesome that I can get all these nuts in one, but it's much tastier to eat the individual nut butters or nuts. This stuff isn't anywhere near as tasty as peanut butter. It kinda sucks actually. I only ate half the jar.
350692350692B0043DAJQ0A2JW66WTMSACYFM. L. Bolton "myTwoCents"0011350691200Return Policy--No Returns!Never even heard of 'Tassimo Professional (Foodservice) Coffeemakers'. so was innocent mistake to buy for my home machine. discs do not work at all. like barcode-reader hasn't a clue. Return policy sucks. One more example of price too good to be true.
350693350693B0043DAJQ0A1MN61ZVJVZLQNlikes to shop "reviewer"1451305504000Wrong Picture this is for PROSESSIONAL machine ONLYthese coffee discs are for use with the professional Tassimo machine only they won't work in your home system!! the picture is wrong!! you cant even buy the professional machine on Amazon. the only ones that can buy professional office machines are businesses. Beware!!! UPDATE!!!! There is a new picture for this item.. it is for the profesional machine. This coffee is wonderful... just be careful when ordering to get thr right prodct for your machine. Enjoy!
350694350694B0002AQ2VYA2RDLSG5LGD12EJean2251332460800Not made in China!Great product- read that if you put a treat in water and it gets soft overnight than it is a safe treat. This one passes the test. Good treat for the price.
350695350695B0002AQ2VYA2HH23N4V7JC8ILona Bruno1141328054400Dental StixMy Border Collie really enjoys the stix. My concern is that there is no labeling that tells me exactly what the produce is made of nor is there a nutritional breakdown.
350696350696B0002AQ2VYAXRBBDJ9CMNMEOlga Zolochevska "Olga"1141306108800Good but very smallThe product has a very bad description, so I though I need to write some details. It does not specify the size, but great that they say it's 100% natural.
So, it smells bad and looks very small, but my dog loves it! Maybe it's just small for my 100 lbs Cane Corso... On the back of the pack it says to give 2-3 stix a day for dogs that size. Each stick is about 5 in long and 1/2 in diameter. They are very hard, but my dog does not have any problems chewing it. It goes away in about 1 min. When he fells that he is going to get it, he starts "dancing".
I cannot say anything about its function, my dog only got stix few times. But he likes them even though they have a terrible smell. I would buy again.
350697350697B0002AQ2VYA1C5Q9AVZ8XAFQbellablue1131302566400Like any other treats.This did not calm or "anti-stress" my dogs, but they really liked eating them. It was like giving them any other treat. One word of warning, these stink really bad (I mean really, really bad)!

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