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350761350761B0024SGQPYA37MBQ4ZMVJ8YZNY Shopper0051333584000I LOVE THIS TEAHealthy non-acidic Rooibos tea with a delicious mildly fruity tang. I drink it all the time with Manuka Honey. It's delicious.
350762350762B0024SGQPYA3SU6CU11Z3JPFLiLLY0051287100800Very Good!!!I have been drinking this tea since it 1st came out. it needs to steep 5 minutes & add a little sugar
350763350763B0013CEMV2A29Y2N1CDZIE1KJacqueline Ryan "jackielenon"0051308009600YumThese were purchased for my mother.
She's never going to see them.
My office mates discovered them first.
Mom, you'll get the next tub. And you too will love them.
350764350764B0013CEMV2A3VF7K9FEP28PYAllan Tampellini0031307577600CandyI was not really impressed by the Snax candy it left a bitter taste in your mouth after you finished it.
350765350765B0039LU82WA6C56IQX6IZRLD. Bourland0051343952000Love it...healthy, simple energy!Never thought I'd be excited about water, but this stuff really works. I suffer from chronic headaches and sleep apnea, so I have a double whammy of being tired but not being allowed to enjoy caffeine products. I saw this in my local Whole Foods Market and gave it a shot. Twist the cap and the vitamins drop down, shake, and enjoy. The flavor is simple, possibly helped by the RO water. I get plenty of healthy energy with zero jitter and it lasts a long time. Since I'm writing grad school papers 4+ days out of every week I need simple energy to keep me going.

Highly recommend. This is the only "energy" specific flavor I'm aware of, but I have not found a flavor I didn't like.
350766350766B0048IISX6AV3S6W3RPWRSHGFbuddy0051347062400Best GF BaguettesExcellent taste and texture! Since it is par baked (you need to bake for 5 minutes before serving), this GF bread is fresh and wonderful. I use it like French bread and also for sub sandwiches. I highly recommend it!Schar, Baguettes, Parbaked, 12.30 OZ (Pack of 6)
350767350767B0048IISX6A18EI9RGOSFVQCAbe the "Amazon Guy"0051335225600BEST GLUTEN FREE BREAD BRANDBOTTOM LINE
Schar makes the best gluten free bread, bar none. These are indistinguishable from normal bread, except they taste better, especially when toasted

I love to toast all my bread before eating and, when toasted, these taste better than normal submarine rolls. They are crispy on the outside and warm and soft on the inside.

These rolls are somewhat thinner than the average submarine roll, but they work just fine for most sandwiches I would make. I used these for some delicious lobster rolls!

For gluten-free bread, these rolls are not even outrageously priced!
350768350768B0048IISX6A3VYLUZ78ISRMLHeather Annis0051324857600Awesome baked, toasted, or microwaved.Used straight out of the bag they are a little firm and dry. Heated in anyway, they become soft, and if baked or toasted, have a nice crunchy crust. First gluten free 'bread' that tastes, and feels like the real deal. A winner for making garlic bread, or using to dip in a cheese fondue.
350769350769B0048IISX6A1DIF6MVTMV8IENana Deb0051323820800MMMMMMThese Gluten Free baguettes don't really need to be baked off if you like a softer crust. We were using them for submarine sandwich rolls and slicing and toasting for bruchetta appetizers. You will not be sorry about getting these if you need to live gluten free.
350770350770B001EPQQEOADLVFFE4VBT8A. Dent "Aragorn"2251250035200Tastes great, less filling, no side effectsI could not use any of the not-to-be-named pre-Splenda sweeteners. I simply could not tolerate their taste AND the after-taste. I've been a Splenda user ever since it became available because... well... the taste is VERY close to sugar's own and, as far as I know, there are NO side effects.

My understanding of the Splenda technology is that the process starts with what is supposed to be a 'sugar' molecule and then ONE atom is replaced with another which makes it impossible to digest so it simply passes through your digestive tract. You get zero calories, good taste and no side effects.

So... what's not to like? The price? That's were the wisdom of buying these large but not too heavy Splenda boxes comes from.

I NEVER put anything sweet into my tea or my coffee - a habit I probably developed during those dark, sad, pre-Splenda days - but, when it comes to Cappuccino... it's a different story. I am reaching for the little yellow packets. A box of these lasts me for a long, long time.
350771350771B001EPQQEOA3K3JYARN27M4Julie A. Morgan0051264377600No Cal wonderI am very pleased with the taste and flexibility of Splenda. The taste to me is no different than regular sugar, much healthier product. I was very skeptical at first to try something new like this product. This is my second shipment so far and I plan to purchase other varieties of Splenda.
I use every day in my coffee and cereal. I've altered my fudge recipes and my family can tell no difference, since the taste is so good. I highly recommend this product.
350772350772B001EPQQEOAEL6CQNQXONBXCute Chihuahua0051254528000Great product for cutting caloriesI use Splenda every day to help reduce my sugar intake and limit calories in order to keep the weight off. I actually prefer the taste of Splenda over normal sugar. It has a much sweeter taste than sugar. I use it things like Coffee, Tea and Kool Aid for the kids. This large package lasts us a long time.
350774350774B001EPQQEOA21AWNNC7C551Dchrishern821211289088000Terrible sweetener for your healthAfter finding out what Splenda is and contains I have made it clear to my family and friends to keep away from this product.

"Splenda is not natural; it is a chlorinated artificial sweetener. There have been no long-term human studies on the safety of Splenda; however, issues have been raised about Splenda in a new study from Duke University."


"In animals examined for the study, Splenda reduced the amount of good bacteria in the intestines by 50 percent, increased the pH level in the intestines, contributed to increases in body weight and affected P-glycoprotein (P-gp) levels in such a way that crucial health-related drugs could be rejected.

The P-gp effect could result in medications used in chemotherapy, AIDS treatment and treatments for heart conditions being shunted back into the intestines, rather than being absorbed by the body."


I would suggest anybody who seriously cares for his/her health to stay away from Splenda, and try Stevia or brown sugar if you must use a sweetener.
350775350775B001EPQQEOA3SLPC4WE0HVAVAgent991251199836800Wonderful alternative to sugarMy husband uses this daily for his morning coffee. He only needs two packets instead of about three to four spoons of sugar. He says it is much sweeter than sugar and does the job well. This price is good about 20-30 cents cheaper than my local grocery and get delivered right to your door. You can also sign up for automatic deliveries and save more money. You can cancel it if you find you don't need it again that soon with no penalties.
350776350776B001EPQQEOAFC3APFZ3183EL. Rosenberg1251194048000I love this stuff!With all of the health dangers associated with consuming sugar, I don't understand why we're not using Splenda with everything. Really, if you haven't tried it, you should order a box. I don't taste any difference between this stuff and regular sugar...and if you do, well, get over it! This stuff is *much* better for you. And you can cook with it, too, without sacrificing the sugar requirement of a particular recipe.
350777350777B004N5FR6KA2OOW68WFX96SBJENNYhouzhi0051325548800l like itthe warp was very exquisite and the taste is good! l love sweet desert. this miniature has the rich chocolate and peanut butter. Maybe to some people,it is too sweet but l love it!
350778350778B004N5FR6KA36OM3W2C2HO0Sjed clampett "michael mclaughlin"0151324425600i love reeses but...I mean who doesn't but there's no way to tell if these are made in the U.S. or Amazon please include the country of manufacture in the description...sometimes you do and sometimes not.

I was in walmart recently and noticed the dollar size packs of reeses and there were 2 different sizes at the same, dollar, price. Upon reading the label i noticed that the better deal, i forget but something like 4 oz., was the mexican reeses and the lesser bargain weight wise was from pennsylvania.
350779350779B004VLVARGA12VO1CF8HB7MAmjs0051339545600Great tasting and healthyGreat price for a quality product.. healthy and great-tasting. Cooks up in a couple of minutes, Just add a little honey or brown sugar. My 4 kids all eat this even though they won't all eat other breakfast cereals like oatmeal. This also makes pretty good muffins... Bob's has plenty of recipes on their website.
350780350780B001HCMB0MA1WUMITYCQ7GXSmissjrc750051347321600Sweet n Salty!Delivered within timeframe. I was half expecting stale and broken pretzel sticks-- I was surprised-- they were just as fresh, and whole, as if I would have walked into a store and purchased it myself!
350781350781B001HCMB0MA13F4BSG6ASV7PAdam M. Dubin0051326067200These are awesome pretzelsNot too salty, with a great, very slightly sweet flavor. These stay fresh for at least several months after opening.
350782350782B002ALYK8AA29WMG0NQXQMUHSusan Stone1151318291200Excellent sugar-free chocolateI have purchased the 8 pound size several times and received an excellent product in good condition. This is almost a semi-sweet chocolate, which suites my taste and minimizes the amount of maltinol. Storage has been fine for months in an air tight container at room temperature.
350783350783B002ALYK8AA3S0WWHGK5W9KJDavid Bricker "Author & Designer"1151315699200Excellent ChocolateI'm allergic to milk and my wife and I avoid sugar. Splenda wrecks my stomach. We're so glad to have a maltitol-sweetened alternative that isn't overdone to the point where it's like snacking on ExLax. Though we've tried most brands of sugar-free chocolate, we've come to love YC's offerings. Most chocolates are ridiculously sweet to the point where I can't stand them; these are just right. We buy the 8-pound box and store it in the fridge where we nibble on one or two per day for months. I'm sorry the other reviewer had such a negative experience. This is great tasting chocolate. We store it for long periods of time and are grateful to have something that suits our needs and tastes.
350784350784B002ALYK8AA2MLCH9REYK6Q7Zoli0051350432000Loved it, but this price hike is ridiculousBeen buying Yamate chocolate for years. Great taste.. but last time I bought 8lbs bulk it cost $96, now it's $136, that's a huge increase. At these prices will have to re-evaluate market, other brands now come into play.
350785350785B002ALYK8AA1WRNKCP6NQ318JJ0011313452800Worst sugar free I've ever hadNot only were they bad tasting when I got them, they WENT bad while storing in my dark, cool pantry. AND these were half the price when I got them 5 months ago...
350786350786B000G31KKUA1ZC9SL5WS8YZLG. M.3341201910400Good stuffIf you like wasabi and mustard this stuff is pretty good. I've purchased two cases so far. I'd like to see it a little hotter but that's just me. It's a hard product to find locally so I just buy it on Amazon. It's easier and just as cheap even with shipping. I'd recommend it to anyone that likes spicy products.
350787350787B000G31KKUA3B72ANNNO2XA1Baby Snoooks1151302739200Great mustard!I couldn't find this mustard anywhere so searched online. Had to buy a case, but went through it fast with gifts to others who never had used it. Good deal, also.
350788350788B000G31KKUA1385TD4N3CQBNCOREGROUND0031320278400Should have bought...I should have stuck with the Beaver brand I had previously purchased. This product is ok, but nothing more than that.
350789350789B003Z6U498A2MNB77YGJ3CN0L. Mountford0051349395200My new favorite pasta sauce ...This stuff is amazing! Just the right blend of mellow roasted garlic and perky tomatoes. It's not too sweet (my chief complaint with most packaged sauces), but also not too acidic. While it's great on its own served over ziti, penne, or linguine, it also players well with others: meatballs, add-ins like peppers, mushrooms, sausage, in casseroles, even as a pizza sauce.

I now have this on subscribe and save. I use it that much.
350790350790B003Z6U498A1YV4U8304IQCrystal0041345593600New family favortieI do not recommend heating the sauce in this packaging. There is a funny tast compared to heating it on the stove top or in a glass bowl in the microwave. But, this is an amazing pasta sauce and i will continue to purchase!

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