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350852350852B0001BVF84A6GMEO3VRY51Smicrojoe6651122163200The best most authentic grape soda ever!I am a soda fan, trying sodas from all over the country. As far as grape sodas go, this one is the absolute best, hands down. I loved grape sodas as a kids, but find the few that are made nowadays to be over sweet, too syrupy, and the grape seems too fake. There is a reason for this, first is that most bootlers use more carbonation in sodas than they used too and it overwhelms the flavor. Second, the soda companies switched to high fructose corn syrup in the 1970's in order to save money, but the corn syrup makes it taste, well, syrupy. It weighs the flavor down into a mess. But there are some premium brands that use real cane sugar, just like the old days. That and a bit less carbonation, and you have a soda that tastes like they used to back when.
Boylan's grape really does has an oaky concord grape flavor, like real grape juice, and does not taste like artificial grape flavoring. That and the lighter carbonation make this the best grape soda I have tried in over 30 years.

The company: Originally brewed in 1891, the New York classic "Boylan's Birch Beer" started in a apothecary in the early 1890's and developed into the most popular flavor of The Boylan Sodaworks. Boylan was a bottling and keg filling operation located in the heart of Paterson, NJ, the first industrialized city in the country. Competition increased however, and in the 1930's Boylan was forced to close its bottling lines, leaving Boylan's Draught Birch Beer as its only product. Shortly thereafter, the rights to the name, the formula, and the sole route was purchased by the driver. His grandkids the Fiorina's still run the company in New Jersey today, and have expanded again to near a dozen very delicious flavors. They recently changed packaging to the very good looking and nostalgic bottles with raised lettering and painted on labels. Look for my other soda reviews at Amazon.
350853350853B0001BVF84AOQ8K3LV884PAV. Sapone4451193702400Best Grape EverYou can't beat this. It's woody and spicy like it's been aged in oak barrels - doesn't taste like a cheap, melted grape popsicle. You can't go wrong with this.
350854350854B0001BVF84ABKAZYSKRRM78Ignatz451 "Ignatz451"2251202169600great grape sodaI'm a huge grape soda fan. The problem is that so many grape sodas are too heavy on the sweet and not very "grapey". After testing a few different brands, I settled on Welches grape for a decent, easy to find grape soda thats high in grape flavor and doesn't have that syrupy-sweet, bad aftertaste, and I had pretty much resigned myself to the probable fact that Welches was about as good a grape soda as I was likely to find. Then I saw this stuff one day at my grocery store and gave it a try. It has a strong, complex grape flavor. It tastes like lightly carbonated grape-juice, not like most grape sodas. It's not overly sweet and syrupy, and it has no artificial, chemical aftertaste (like Fanta has.) It's really in it's own category. It's a lot more expensive, and normally I pick-up welches for my daily grape fix, but for a great soda once in a while it's perfect. Best I've ever had, really. Definitely a "sipping" soda, not a "Chugging" one. You'll want to enjoy this one for a long time.
350855350855B0001BVF84A1E4GLKBPZPRM4Patrick Wise1151202083200Expensive but excellent.I never thought I'd pay $2.50 for the same amount of liquid that's in a regular can of soda, but this is worth it. It has a classic taste to it, with the bottle and the real sugar, a perfect level of tartness, sweet but not too sweet.
350856350856B0001BVF84A15NJC3FE9FCNQHarold E. Hogan0051273449600if you love grape soda . . .My son loves grape soda and years ago he was served a Boylan Grape Soda which he never forgot. For his 12th birthday I looked all over Seattle for the soda - to no avail. Finally I went on-line and, of course, where did I find it - I ordered - and 4 days later a twelve-pack showed up - - securely packed - and most importantly my son tells me it was as delicious as he remembered.
350857350857B000LKTB90A2CKJTLNXP40L3xyzvinakos657121292889600More corn than quinoaSo I am giving this two stars, mainly because this product/brand tries to trick you into thinking it is quinoa-based spaghetti, even though the first ingredient listed is corn flour. Having more corn than quinoa in spaghetti is not quinoa-based, it is corn-based, though they put 'QUINOA' in big letters on the package and 'corn-quinoa' blend in small letters. Having a bunch of corn in the product basically negates the health benefits of this product.
350858350858B000LKTB90A38B5ALZAMZY1AD. Henry161651191715200Great gluten-free pasta!Pasta has been one of the most difficult foods for me to give up
350859350859B000LKTB90A2D95KT35FSHE9S. Leiker101051220140800delicious gluten free pastaI was so delighted to learn that I didn't have to give up pasta when I was diagnosed as celiac. The quinoa pasta is very tasty and has a nice bite to it. It has a smaller window of peak perfection when cooking. If cooked too long it does get mushy and I find it tends to stick together. A quick cool water rinse helps.

We had tried rice pasta first. It is pretty slick and tends to slide off your spoon. We liked the taste in Pad thai, but not with Italian sauces.
350851350851B0002ASB04AJD41FBJD9010N. Ferguson "Two, Daisy, Hannah, and Kitten"0041233360000weight loss tool for dogsMy golden retriever enjoys this food-- in fact, she scarfs it down.

I agree that this is a unique food in that it is low calorie yet also highly digestible. I appreciate that this food pays attention to skin and coat health (some of the very noticeable areas negatively impacted by most diet foods), and that it is very digestible, even though it includes lots of fiber to help your dog feel full. Another great option is Nutro Ultra Weight Management Dry Dog Food (35-lb bag).
Ingredients include:
Rice Flour, Lamb Meal, Ground Rice, Rice Bran, Dried Plain Beet Pulp, Powdered Fiber, Natural Flavors, Soybean Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), Poultry Fat (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), Yeast Culture, Calcium Carbonate, Sunflower Oil (preserved with mixed Tocopherols, a source of Vitamin E), Potassium Chloride, Monocalcium Phosphate, Taurine, Dried Kelp Meal, Choline Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin E Supplement, Ascorbic Acid (source of Vitamin C), Manganous Oxide, Biotin, Garlic Flavor, Calcium Pantothenate, Niacin, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin B12 Supplement, Riboflavin Supplement (source of Vitamin B2), Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Vitamin A Supplement, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (source of Vitamin B6), Thiamine Mononitrate (source of Vitamin B1), Chondroitin Sulfate, Calcium Iodate, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex (source of Vitamin K activity), Sodium Selenite, Folic Acid.
350860350860B000LKTB90A19IPLUIKG7Q3FL. Pyeatt101051189987200Great PastaTastes great, the whole family loves it. It has a corn taste unlike most pasta on the market. Great alternative to pasta's on the market if your looking for organic/natural foods.
350861350861B000LKTB90A2TY1LWWR054SDWSSiegelaar "Wim's EX! Finally!!!"5551264464000Really great tasting, textured and good-for-you pastaI am not sensitive to gluten and I'm thankful for that. My granddaughter and my dear friend are so I wanted to experiment with gluten free foods. I did NOT like any of the rice pastas one bit. A few years back, I ordered Bob's Red Mill organic quinoa flour and made the muffins on the package - everyone raved and there was no other flours in them so my deduction is that it's a broader spectrum flour to use for many things rather than all the mixes you have to concoct to make something baked that's gluten free - and really not be able to tell the difference. I decided I'd order this pasta and see what it's like. I absolutely love it to the point its the only pasta I buy. It's just healthier all around...period. I have a parrot who totally loves pasta and this is a much better food for him, too. Whatever I'm eating he has to be eating, too - he even ate liver and onions! When I give him this pasta, he doesn't come up for air and repeats 'goooood' the whole time he's pigging out. He wouldn't eat the rice pastas. I buy the Bertolli pasta sauces in the little bags (amazing pasta sauces!) and one bag is perfect for one box of quinoa pasta. It reheats very, very well, it's good cold, tho! It's easy to over-cook but once you get it down, you'll find it cooks a little quicker than wheat pasta. I do not add oil to the water but I use a cooking chopstick to keep it moving just until each strand of pasta is all separated and good and wet and I have no problem with it sticking together through the rest of the cooking process. I use the water to moisten my dog's dry food - she loves it, too.

It's so plainly bannered on the packaging and in the product description that it's corn and quinoa pasta. I can't believe someone down-rated the product because they didn't read what they were buying!
350862350862B000LKTB90A2IF5J75C7N3W1orbital chaos5551196380800best non-gluten productSo glad I tried this. Thanks to the first 2 reviewers, I had confidence and am not disappointed. Product is firm, not mealy and more nutritious then processed wheat. I wasn't able to have spaghetti for the longest time. Addendum 12/4/09: you do have to pay attention while cooking this; this pasta is not forgiving in being over-cooked; I have found that adding olive oil to the water before adding pasta helps to lessen sticking, although cooking shows may dispute that this works for regular pasta. I am still buying this product.
350863350863B000LKTB90A173S7PYTY6FPMGluten Free Guy4451302307200Quinoa PastaIgnore ANY negative reviews. I've already had to give up bread, pastry, and just about everything else that tasted good when I gave up gluten. This is HANDS DOWN the best gluten free pasta you can buy. Even my wife and kids, only one of which also has a problem with gluten, likes this better than regular pasta. It cooks like regular pasta and has better flavor than wheat products. Yes, it has corn in it - so what? It cooks easier and tastes better than the rice-based products. If you can't eat gluten, this is your pasta and UDI's is your bread.
350864350864B000LKTB90A3W566PWQ4S7J1D. Pierantozzi3351232668800Superior to riceI love this spaghetti. I have been hoping to find a pasta that can hold up well and also tastes very close to my once deeply missed semolina pastas.
This one wins hands down! I can even use it broken up into soups and it retains it's texture. (doesn't get mushy) I agree that it takes longer to cook, but it's worth it! Since it cooks slowly, I find it a snap to catch the al dente point. I was using Tinkyada pastas and I still will for lasagna, fettucini etc.. but this spaghetti wins hands down for texture, taste, everything. I agree that it should be noted that it is made from mostly corn (which is non-gmo) with quinoa (organic) as it's 2nd ingredient for those with corn sentivities.
My only complaint is that 8 oz packaging is a bummer. Coming from a long line of Italian chefs.. We really love our pasta, so I have to cook 3-4 boxes per meal. That gets pricey.

Try this brand!! If you are just ok with the rice pastas, but still missing your old pasta texture and flavor.. you'll truly appreciate this!
My family and I are thrilled to have found this!!!
350865350865B000LKTB90A3G0ZE5NEH8L8LKristine Campbell1141305590400Noodle over this gluten-free winner!When I went gluten-free to manage chronic pain, one of the biggest cravings I fought was for pasta. I tried lots of gluten-free varieties including brown rice pasta, corn pasta, and quinoa pasta and Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta is a clear winner! Cooks up perfectly al dente (as long as you time it--more below on that) and doesn't get mushy. Flavor is closest to wheat-based or flour-based pastas and is mild enough to work with any type of italian or other sauce. Firm enough to manage the biggest meatballs when tossing. Bakes well for casseroles. Keeps shape and flavor when refrigerated as a cold pasta dish. I've tried all different forms and find them all to be consistently great!

Downsides? 8 oz boxes is really only 2 servings and small servings at that. Really need to follow timing suggestions. I time it at 8 min boiling and then check often until al dente.
350866350866B000LKTB90A2JCGSIIQ96RKANatalie J. Newhart1151288224000Best GF Pasta by a mileMy non-GF family members eat this and love it. It is the only GF pasta that doesn't taste like it. I have tried all the pastas and this far suprasses them all. Plus it has lots of protein.
350867350867B000LKTB90A2IW1L47TLKA5AJ. Marzo3411325635200BadThis is not quinoa pasta it is corn pasta. It makes a very nasty mess of corn starchy water when cooked. Do not fall for it!
350868350868B000LKTB90ARAEKW4OEPI7Ootherdoc "Sue"142111208822400not what I expectedI was very disappointed that it was not clear from the label that this
quinoa product is actually corn and quinoa. I cannot eat corn. There is
enough corn in it that it should be called quinoa-corn pasta.
I usually read the labels very closely, but I missed this ingredient. I
guess because I know there quinoa cereal is just quinoa. So I have a stack
of food I can't eat.
Lots of people who look for quinoa are gluten intolerant. Corn sensitivity
is also very common. I hope they'll make their label more clear.
350869350869B000LKTB90AHO3GZPAGYD5NKathryn A. Barth4611311638400Corn is first ingredientLike another reviewer I did not realize until I got this that is was corn based. Very misleading and disappointing. I will look to other brand names that are reliable and truthful.
350870350870B000LKTB90ASAHTTUEJSUN2Eva0031349654400Good alternative to wheat pasta unless you're on a tight budgetThis gets three stars from me because of the packet size vs value for money - it contains perhaps 2 (not-that-hungry female) portions and for the price I find that almost unacceptable. Also, if you have been told you are gluten intolerant or have decided that gluten is not a healthy food choice and really miss spaghetti with your favourite sauce, then be prepared to have your taste buds challenged slightly.

As with anything, it does take a little bit of getting used to and you do have to watch for the 8 - minute cooking time mark and then test often to catch the 'al dente' stage, or the pasta will become claggy/sticky. The texture is good although you will of course notice the difference between this and regular spaghetti. I found this product retained heat for longer than standard pasta, which was a nice surprise.

Due to the cost, I have decided to use this product for light lunches rather than cook a lot of the packet for a decent-sized dinner, and rendering the amount left for another serving unbalanced, i.e not enough for a portion. Complaints aside, this is the best alternative to wheat pasta that I have tried so far in terms of taste and texture and performance at "holding" a sauce. Due to the price of this product, I will only be repurchasing a few times a year but I do recommend it if you're not worried about blowing your budget.
350871350871B000LKTB90A3LD7NUA0UAPFWShelnanigans0041345680000Why the increase?We love this product, but were shocked to discover nearly a $10 increase in price today! Why the sharp increase?
350872350872B000LKTB90AAEW50UKXP9Q0Laura Newton "It's a car wash ladies and gent...0051344297600Love this stuffI love this quinoa corn pasta. I think I have a mild wheat allergy, because I feel better when I don't eat it. Luckily, I like this pasta more than wheat pasta and certainly more than rice. It's good in cold salads as well as hot spaghetti with sauce. I like that it is NON-GMO too.
350873350873B000LKTB90APT4EDFQRX9OEC. Feigenbutz "healthy mom"0051341273600Amazing gluten-free pastaI love, love, love this pasta. I actually prefer it over wheat! I've tried every brand of brown rice pasta and was disgusted my the mushiness of it. This pasta is "aldente" and it doesn't turn the water you boil it in milky. Highly recommend!!!
350874350874B000LKTB90A11IXJ8M1JO296mkayreagan "marykay"0051339891200The best GF pasta!We've tried them all in the almost 20 years since my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This quinoa is the absolute best pasta, closest to semolina types. I love it too and I don't have to avoid wheat. The price is great here and Publix has been out of it for awhile. Great to know Amazon has it.
350875350875B000LKTB90A19Y07HCANKHJ3sarahjoy0041338508800deliciousI have tried many gluten free pastas and his one is the best I have found! it is a combination of rice and quinoa flour. tastes very similar to wheat pasta!
350876350876B000LKTB90A6KWQKOHSFYQCM. Pearce0051337904000Best gluten free pastaIt comes out with a better bite than real al dente pasta, at least in my opinion. It tastes good, and cooks up consistently. I tried every brand I could find, and unfortunately most of them couldn't be cooked to a point where they had a bite remotely resembling cooked or overcooked.
350877350877B000LKTB90A1DOD6DF3P6KKGmomof30051328572800Wonderful gluten-free pastaThis is what I consider to be the best tasting gluten-free pasta out there. I have never liked the rice pastas because the texture is not quite right. This pasta is wonderful because you can cook and cook it and it does not seem to get overdone. Just rinse it in hot water when you're done cooking it and enjoy!
350878350878B000LKTB90A2SV3NV5QAK3MOGabrielle W. "book lover"0051328400000Healthy and very delicious!I can't eat spaghetti with gluten, and this spaghetti fits what I'm looking for. It has organic corn and most importantly has quinoa in it which is a complete protein. I add a spaghetti sauce with veggies, as well as some Romano cheese, extra garlic powder and olive oil. Simply heavenly! The price for this product at Amazon is always discounted for which I am grateful.
350879350879B000LKTB90A21QER6QW9T2MEJanell0051325980800good alternativeAfter having found how versatile quinoa is as a grain and because niether of us likes the whole grain pastas we've found, we began looking for a quinoa pasta. We were very pleased to find this product in bulk online; and, although, we don't eat pasta often these days, we already are on our second carton of 12 boxes.
350880350880B000LKTB90A2WR25EFB5LBT9xanetplanet0041325376000Is that all?The noodles were great--both kids liked them!--and I was very happy with the price until I realized that I was going through this pasta twice as fast as the organic wheat, at twice the price. So if you don't mind paying a lot more for quinoa, it's a great product. Check the weight of the box and judge for yourself.

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