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351001351001B001EQ57DOA10044ECXDUVKSDean J Copely0051345161600Not available in storesUsed to get this all the time but can no longer find it in grocery stores. Use it on all poultry and some sea food. Comes in a big can that will last you a while. Need the steak magic next !
351002351002B001EQ57DOA1I8EU72LSBA7YDaniel0051336176000fantasticThis is just another great product from the Great chef pauls product line.I seem to buy more and more of chef pauls products.I have a whole shelf in the kitchen of chef pauls products.SIMPLY FANTASTIC
351003351003B001EQ57DOA267WLD9O9KKH4p1mkw0051294272000The Best!I have used this for several months now and there is just nothing to compare it to. I use a lot of it for a salmon recipe that calls for 1 tbsp of cajun seasoning. It's also great on shrimp ... just cover with the seasoning and saute in a skillet with a little olive oil. Buying the 2 oz. bottle I go thru a lot and I'm thrilled to find it out here on Amazon in a 24 oz. canister ... maybe this will last more than a month!
351004351004B001EQ57DOA2FJAZTZ4BEF8WD.L.R.0051274745600WonderfulI have used this seasonings blend for a few years now. It is incredibly versatile. I use it in chicken pasta dishes, grilled chicken and grilled fish.
351005351005B005ER1JE0A2A8KWCE8RKB9TDavid Glazer3351341187200Tastes Great!If you have the'll like these. Get them on sale....the only downside is I wish they held up better in milk...they go soggy fast...and they still taste great.
351006351006B005ER1JE0A1T1YSCDW0PD25A. Wiersch81141336435200Great taste but some unfortunate ingredientsThis is a good tasting cereal, probably on the sweet side (the second ingredient is sugar). For taste alone, I'd give it 5 stars but I am deducting a star from my overall rating for "unfortunate" ingredients like disodium phosphate, caramel color, yellow 6, BHT, yellow 5, red 40, and blue 1. I don't understand the need for all the "junk" ingredients and all the coloring.

As for delivery, my cereal arrived fine. There were no problems with shipping, delivery, or packaging. I received it on May 8, 2012 and the "Best Before" date was March 21, 2013.

For a healthier cereal, I like "Kashi Organic Cereal, Cinnamon Harvest" which is made from a small number of ingredients without all the questionable stuff. It's also not as sweet. I give that one 5 stars because it also tastes great (even though it's not as sweet) but the ingredients are healthier than Life.
351007351007B005ER1JE0A1QX9KG8MKIO8MTrish W.1151341187200Great cereal!I love this cereal! I remember Life cereal as a kid. It has the perfect balance of fiber and cinnamon without being too sweet.
351008351008B005ER1JE0A3S7H61DND298JDV0051350000000YumI love life cereal, these boxes didn't last long but I got a great price during the special. Tasted great.
351009351009B005ER1JE0A2F7A9I7CSH22Qagab8550051349395200Love this cereal!I grew up eating the original Life cereal and immediately switched to the cinnamon variety when they released it years ago. This is my favorite cereal and I am already out of the two 4-packs I ordered two weeks ago.
351010351010B005ER1JE0A1HU9RHDDYBLMIiYogee0051348531200Nicely BalancedLike these with subtle hint of Cinnamon and low sweetness. Nice improvement over some other too sweet Cinnamon cereals. I think the packaging may add up too much to the cost - shall be able to buy in large packets for the family.
351011351011B005ER1JE0A3IJN3ND4273DRNaTasha "Pink Brass"0041347408000Yum YumGood stuff, cinnamon and Life Multi-grain cereal, which I hear is better for you. Excellent price, hard to go wrong here.
351012351012B005ER1JE0A1W9UG7WASEGKQJohn Christensen0041347062400A Better Taste Than The Regular Life Cereals!Kids love it, Mom & I love it, and even the dog loves it! Whether it's for breakfast or just munching on a couple of handfuls for a snack, Cinnamon Life satisfies the hunger crave in all of us! The sweet cinnamon taste seems to really appeal to breakfast cereal eaters alike. The only slight complaint I have is it gets soggy really fast, so I try not to put a lot of milk on my cereal.
351014351014B005ER1JE0A3NWNYBWGHJX7Gmusicaltheaterlover0021346198400Powder cerealThis is one of my favorite cereals. But purchase it only if you don't mind eating it in powder form. What you get is mostly powder, not crunchy squares. I will not be ordering again, sorry.
351015351015B005ER1JE0A3P1R7GZUYTYDREmhodew1251342224000PleasedI have 4 children, I find these kind of offers a great way to keep the larder full, and the budget on track.
351016351016B005ER1JE0A276999Y6VRSCQJMay1351336780800Taste GreatGot at a great price. A little slow (backordered) but worth the wait (savings). Other than the UPS man using this as a booster seat along the way - all is good otherwise.
351017351017B005ER1JE0A1RUS8VOWCIC28ComputerGuy31521336262400Use too many chemicals (colors, preservatives) - not healthyWhile taste is OK it's simply using too many artificial colors (blue1, red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6 - approved by FDA doesn't mean it's healthy) and other chemicals (BHT etc) to be used by children.
If you're going to eat it yourself - take your chances. But since there are many good and healthy alternatives - why bother?
351018351018B002L84EXSA1ME5DMALJLFC9Big Al1151304553600Italian Sausage SuccessThis is a great blend for Italian Sausage. It makes a mild sausage with a little kick. It does 50 lbs of sausage and I make it in 10 lb batches. I measured the level of the blend(5") and with a permanent marker made lines every inch on the container for my 10 lbs of meat. I ground up my shoulders, mixed in the spices, then reground a second time. Some of the best sausage I have ever had. Tastes like NY style sausage with the fennel in it. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to save money on sausage. I estimated I have about 1.75 a pound into it where store bought is over 3.50 a pound. It is also very healthy. I will be purchasing other blends in the future to also try.
351019351019B002L84EXSA3BXC0TUKI5F96ONExLOSTxSOUL0031337472000takes a special personso i tried the garlic one and i made a mistake.... and didn't wear a gas mask when i used it ... i LOVE garlic but wow this is over powering in powder form when i first got it i opened it up to give it a smell and almost fell over it was like i got mased eyes tearing up nose burning regardless i bought it im trying it and i mix up some sausage and if you add water like it says it gets toned down so you can work with it after stuffing it and letting it sit for 24hrs for the casing to firm up i grilled them and im not impressed its not bad like someone just dumped a bunch of garlic powder in my sausage and no other spices i feel like it needs more flavor then JUST garlic powder i mean even salt and pepper would be nice
351020351020B002L84EXSA26QC20EM0HSF4Valkryder "Dockem"0041326499200Mild/Hot Italian Sausage seasoningWe followed the directions closely for a 10 lb. mix of 1/2 venison and 1/2 pork. (We did mix the seasoning directly into the meat, then added a bit of water.) We then let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. We fried some patties up the next morning to taste test.

The pepper seasoning came through, not excessively so, but it did linger a bit. I have been known to like things hot (although my tastes have mellowed with age) and I would rate this between mild and medium. I have tasted commercially prepared breakfast sausage that tasted hotter. It definitely makes this a great sausage for using in spaghetti and other italian dishes. By itself, the sausage is very flavorable. We plan to pack 1/2 into casings and bulk store the rest for cooking Italian dishes.

I do agree with one reviewer, it is a bit salty tasting and could be toned down a bit. But, it is within the limits for a spicy sausage and will be fine used in other Italian recipes, IMHO.

I would buy this again, but back off of the amount to mix into the meat (due to the salt) and add other Italian seasonings.
351021351021B002L84EXSA3IVLB2X0SN47Rcwilkers60151317081600Very good seasoningThis some good sausage seasoning, has a great garlic taste, I use half the recommended seasoning on a 10lb mix and its just right for me. Great product
351022351022B002L84EXSA1NASHF2NH7WV9Rev Shoshana0111310688000way too saltyI know others like salt more than I do but I am not on a salt free diet or anything like that. I love sausage but this was way too salty for my taste.
351023351023B003BFVZLYA1RXSZRXATEMGCKathy Dob0051341964800Great product. Makes a nice gift.This tea is a great gift for the tea lover. It's far to expensive for someone, like me, who is a daily tea drinker. The tea is very tasty but with these, it's all in the presentation. The little leaf that rises above the tea is very cute.
351024351024B003BFVZLYA1WJGZOYZRKKBAV. Bruno0051339977600Great!These are really good! Its a really tasty strong tea, and it has a very cute presentation. (This box did not have much earl grey tough)
351025351025B003BFVZLYA2KMCCQF638XGCbirdnerd1221322611200Classic Package not represented accuratelyI ordered this for a gift based on the description that it would be sent with 4 of each 'classic' flavors. The sampler was sent with only two flavors. I would have chosen something else had I known I would be getting just two instead of four flavors.
351026351026B003BFVZLYA1ADOPGPY3IFKBSDNURSE1251309132800GREAT FOR A GIFTI purchased this product for a gift. Individual packages were neatly lined in the ribbon box. The quality of tea is also great. It would be a great gift for tea lovers.
351027351027B003UQDM2EA2MAU41V5LD2I0Danny1141301875200Awesome cookiesI really like these. I can't stop eating them! I haven't bought them on amazon, but i did buy them on a few occasions. They have a smooth buttery flavor.
351028351028B003TDM8UKA24YIQ3LFEVHDYM. Davila0051341360000Really tasty non-caffeine alternativeLove this tea as an iced-tea alternative. The flavor needs little sugar and it's a great alternative to soda pop. Remember to put double the quantity of tea (2 Tablespoons for each 8 ounce serving) if you intend to make iced-tea.
351029351029B003TDM8UKA3GI01GFRY0OPIS. Buchalski0051336348800very goodI love this tea.. It is one of my favorites. It is alittle tart, but I like tart so it is perfect for me.
351030351030B001H31ZWGA16I6WJUEBJ1C3doctorsirena "doctorsirena"0041273276800YumThese are excellent tasting, especially when fresh. They are chewy chocolate caramels with a dark chocolate coating that matches perfectly with the chocolate caramel inside (not too dark tasting for me). They are made in Germany.

These individual "candy bar" size of Riesens are difficult to find in stores in my area, so I ordered from Amazon. This product provides a sort of portion control for me, since there are 5 caramels in each package - when I buy a larger bag of individually wrapped Riesens, I tend to eat the whole bag or at least, too much of it. With this "candy bar" size, I am limited to 5 Riesens (or suffer my self-imposed guilt for eating multiple packages). I also like that it is less packaging, since the 5 Riesens are not individually wrapped, also making them easier to eat.

One drawback of this packaging, however, may be that the caramels do not stay as fresh - they were a tiny bit hard at the edges, compared to bags of super soft and chewy individually foil-wrapped Riesens.

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