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351121351121B003DGQBCOA3V1A3C9DTLPMEPeter Faden2251312243200A good, spicy blend.I purchased the 4 oz size, and it arrived with a few sample packs of other salts as well. This stuff tastes very good, and is hot, although in my opinion, it wont kill you like other ghost pepper oriented products might. I've been using it on eggs and also threw some in with my beer when making brats the other day. Both have been excellent uses. I would say use it sparingly, especially if you are sensitive to heat, but the flavor is good and the extra kick is nice. A definite winner IMO.
351122351122B003DGQBCOA2LXGRL0OZJN7HLarry L. Hassenpflug II1151291852800Very impressedI ordered a one pound package for my Dad this Christmas, so I can't really comment on the flavor yet, though my Dad has liked pepper flavored salt before. However, I was very impressed with the speed with which The Spice Labe sent it. I was also expecting to get a sigle large box or bag, like you'd see on a store shelf. Instead, the salt came in eight 2oz. vacuum sealed, durable plastic bags, so I know that the salt will maintain its freshness no matter how long it takes for my Dad to get through it. Very nice. Also, they included several differnt little sample packets so I could try some of their different flavors of salt without having to order tons of it. My package included a sampler of himalayan sea salt (larger chunks), french grey salt, himalayan salt (with crystals sized like table salt, hickory smoke salt, and habañero salt. Very cool. I will be getting more stuff from them.

ADDENDUM 12/26: About flavor: my Dad says this salt tastes better than other ghost pepper salt he's tried. He attributes it to both a better product and better packaging (see my above comments).
351123351123B003DGQBCOA1QZYZQ1BMN87Jsundaymorning0051347840000Spicy and tasty!I love this as a finishing salt. It's pretty spicy, but not uncomfortably spicy. We really enjoy using this on a variety of meals. It may be too spicy for those who are not used to spicy foods. Makes a great gift as well!
351124351124B003DGQBCOA2RZT9Z9LM7S4ZMonkeysfather0051347667200Ghost Pepper saltFresh taste with the flavor of the peppers and aroma very strong. Good product if you like heat. Use for BBQ seasoning.
351125351125B003DGQBCOA1O6F7S2TF89FTM. Benjamin0041337040000Nice taste, not that hot thoughI just received the spice bottle of this ghost pepper salt. Large crystals like you'd expect from sea salt, infused with ghost pepper. I put in a pepper grinder and seasoned some deep fried french fries. Adds a nice flavor and a little bit of kick. I'd say hot store bought mass produced salsa is hotter. Flavor is great though, and I would buy again. If you want something really hot, look elsewhere. If you want nice flavor with a little kick this is a great product.
351126351126B003DGQBCOA2ABFH910TSY2Mtechie0051335225600very goodI felt it was very good but not great. I recently purchased a similar product from The Spice and Tea Exchange in Tarpon Springs, FL. Their product has a fresher taste and smell.

If you're a heat freak like me don't be misled by "Hot! Hot!". More of a medium heat but the flavor is good.

I will place another order simply to determine if I was unlucky and received a package which had been sitting around a while.

UPDATE: My second order was perfect. Brett took a personal intrest to make certain I was completely happy. Still not as hot as I would like, but I will order again.
351127351127B003DGQBCOA3O4EQFELGATWJJoshua Willis0051329177600GREAT productI absolutely love this product and fine myself putting it on a great number of foods. My only complaint is it isn't quite as hot as I'd like so you end up making your food a bit too salty to get the desired amount of heat. Still, a great addition to your spice cabinet.
351128351128B004FF916UA24N3N4D63PYLAAmbelle0051326931200Delicious tea, great packaging!I gave away a tea pyramid with honey sticks wrapped in a green ribbon as wedding favors. They were a big hit. Each pyramid has a little leaf on top. There is a nice variety of teas and they are delicious. A great way to have loose leaf tea in an individual pouch.
351129351129B000F6QEDQAO4QQOGS61L8XKatmacrn "Katmacrn"2251246492800Wonderful spicy, sweet flavor!!Discovered this when our children brought it home the first time from Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is sweet with the wonderful Thai chili peppers infused into the sauce. Not "screaming" hot, but just right for those who like a bit of a "kick" to their sauces. Highly recommend for chicken. Also excellent on pork.
351130351130B000F6QEDQA1WR4IB5OQMEW5Lance0051344384000Best Thai Sweet Chili sauceThis sweet chili sauce by Mae Pranom is the real deal. Forget those overly sweet alternatives. I make a killer wing sauce using Mae Pranom as the base. They go faster than hot cakes. It is also good on pizza! I promise!
351131351131B002SYFJR0A1LQU1NL4EQEOIConsumer Trooper "CT"0031331769600Tiny Tin!Pretty disappointed the tin is so small as I was looking forward to reusing the tin for normal sized cookies. It measures 5" x 4"x 2.625" tall.
351132351132B004B9FZX8A2PT69Z8SZ224Vjim johnson3351331510400My wife LOVES this tea!I bought this Oolong tea for my wife (who has been researching Oolong tea for a few weeks). She loves it. We have our daily tea ritual each morning and evening (I drink my cup of Earl Grey and she drinks a cup of this Oolong). She really raves about it and has added it to her Amazon Wishlist. She says it tastes wonderful, has a beautiful rich amber color and makes her feel great! (Hey, when your wife is happy...well - you can't beat THAT!) Highly recommend this product.
351133351133B004B9FZX8AUVLYFV9U4P9YC. Ballard0031346544000Green TeaI haven't been drinking the tea very much, but it does have a pretty good taste to it. I'll just have to start drinking it more often!
351134351134B004B9FZX8A39ZFO3NHMN7C7orcana0021336262400ok teaTea is weak and I don't care for the taste an oolong should have a little smokeyand after 10 or 12 cups, I gave the rest away.
351135351135B0032XNEM8A2RPO2VHR1GROJesse Dorland1141336867200Has been great for my dog.I see that someone has copy-pasted the same negative review for multiple Bil-Jac products so I decided to provide a counterpoint. I realize that the overwhelming number of dog food choices requires people to have criteria to quickly separate "good" and "bad" dog foods. Nevertheless, critical thinking is important and I don't think most of the reviews available for Bil-Jac products are particularly well thought-out. Meanwhile, a lot of premium pet food brands (even ones I like) are increasingly using tricky ingredient labeling to hide shortcuts, and this goes largely unnoticed.

I am not affiliated with Bil-Jac or any pet food company and, for years before I began to really look at pet foods critically, would never have used or recommended it. The main issues people have with Bil-Jac are that it contains corn and chicken byproducts. Both of those are common in many low-quality pet foods so this is understandable, but Bil-Jac is not a low quality food.

Byproducts are almost exclusively the domain of low-quality foods, because, generally speaking, they could come from anywhere and contain almost anything. They are used because they are cheap. Bil-Jac's chicken byproducts are specifically identified as organs, which are nutritious and which your dog would almost undoubtedly choose to eat even if you wouldn't.

Corn used as empty filler, or especially corn gluten meal used to inflate a food's protein level, are bad. Whole corn meal used to make kibble stick together -- as with rice, oatmeal, potatoes, peas, or any other starch -- is not necessarily bad.

Conversely, if you read enough pet food labels you will be surprised at how many premium pet foods use multiple "better" starches in combination so that meat bubbles up the ingredient list. If you see meat followed by "rice, barley, oatmeal," "whole brown rice, rice bran, rice flour," or "peas, pea protein, pea fiber," you should be very skeptical of the amount of meat in the food. This practice is disturbingly widespread. Bil-Jac is one of very few brands that discloses the amount of meat used in most formulas, and it is a lot more than most dog foods.

The reason I tried Bil-Jac to begin with is that the manufacturing process is unique and makes it very easily digestible while still containing a large quantity of meat. The sensitive systems formulas in virtually every premium brand achieve their digestibility at least in part by reducing the amount of meat in the product to make it more bland.

My aim here is not to disparage any particular brand of food but to encourage critical thinking when evaluating pet foods. Guidelines are useful but not universal.
351136351136B0032XNEM8AMQ1MEG334SAPBigmac1211322611200A Big Ripoff!I bought this thing after a recommendation from a pet store rep. My dog hardly touched the stuff, and then I looked at the ingredients: one of the first things on it was corn-a grain known to cause allergies in dogs. As a matter of fact, corn might be the most allergy-prone food amongst dogs. Not to mention, thanks to our friends at Monsanto, it is almost always Genetically modified (GMO) or a franken-food, unless it's organic. Real "premium" dog foods brag that they've no corn.

Right at the top of the list of ingredients is chicken-by-products, another no-no among real "premium" dog foods. This means all the waste that it is usually thrown out from the chicken since it's not real meat. Cheap dog foods put this in their food simply because it's cheap, but it's not real meat. A little further down you will notice BHA, an artificial preservative, which again real "premium" dog foods do not have.

In short, BilJac is a joke. It is basically, insanely overpriced Alpo, with no organic ingredients whatsoever, and uses all the shortcuts, filler, and chemistry that the cheapest dog foods on the market use. Don't be fooled by the old-fashioned appeal of the company's 60 years in business. There is nothing but modern chemistry in the bag, and all the folksy appeal will not make up for cheap, lousy ingredients. Calling this stuff premium dog food would be like calling a Kia a Mercedes. For nearly the same price as this overpriced Alpo, one could buy organic dog food, free of preservatives, corn, and cheap by-products!
351137351137B00164X40CA2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"1221283299200Weak Hot Chocolate With A Fancy NameVery disappointed in General Foods International Coffees! I've purchased their retail tins previously and thought these bags were that same product in bulk...NOT EVEN CLOSE! I'm still waiting for the French Vanilla taste and aroma. At best this is a very weak hot chocolate AKA flavored hot water :( So when I greedily purchased TWO BATCHES on the cheap to enjoy throughout the rest of the year, I'm the one that got the bad deal. The product will be used as a coffee creamer, hot chocolate enhancer, and a donation to the local food pantry.

BE forewarned and DO NOT fall for the "Cappuccino" label OR the General Foods International Coffees reputation. I CANNOT recommend this product even at rock bottom prices of 2 bucks a bag.

UPDATE: This item is not labeled for retail sale
DIRECTIONS: Recommended gram throw for for vending or automatic dispensers is 3 to5 grams of cappucino mix per 1 fluid ounce of water, depending upon desired flavor strength...French Vanilla Creme
351138351138B0083R1EPMA2LQWALMPHQSGUT. Wiseley0051342137600Great new product for my familyWe try not to drink beverages loaded with high fructose corn syrup, but is it tough to find them. This is the perfect choice for my family to stay hydrated and healthy. My kids love it, and so do we. We keep a case in our fridge at all times, and the smaller size is perfect when we're on the go.
351139351139B001SAWTNMA2YZOF0YUARC19diogenes2251264723200excellent salsa--cheaper from El FenixThis is excellent salsa/hot sauce, but you can get it for $29.95 from the El Fenix store site.
351140351140B001SAWTNMA3SEZ0QMOGH5C5Tyler0011341792000A ripoffThe salsa is incredible, but not for this price. One can order the same salsa from El Fenix's website for $29.50... less than HALF of the price offered here.
351141351141B003C1SZZ6A20AZ60KW8ECZMDorothy Rosa "flyawayhome"5551290124800Too good! I can get into trouble with theseSo often the sugar-free version of a favorite candy classic is disappointing. Not these sugar-free peach rings! They're tangy but sweet and refreshing -- and, I'm sorry to say (in my case, at least), addictive. One of the nice surprises is finding that instead of being coated with flecks of too-acidic sugar or sugar substitute, they're coated with flecks of something that doesn't sting the tongue or distress the palate with too sour a sensation. The gummi texture's just right and the flavor's irresistable. Try some. If you like traditional peach rings, I think you'll be pleased.
351142351142B003C1SZZ6A3NXCL9NJTL3TFTarget Shopaholic91131294185600These are sugar free??By taste alone, you would never think that these are sugar free because they taste like the real thing, although these have a little tart sprinkle to them. If I was rating these on taste alone, they deserve 5 stars however when I received my package, I did not like the fact that there were no labels on ingredients or nutritional facts. I did however manage to find the information on their website

Ingredients: corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, sorbitol, natural & artificial flavors, fd&c yellow 5, blue 1, yellow 6, red 40, vegetable oil(Coconut origin), carnuaba wax (used for anti-sticking).

I don't know what exactly carnuaba wax is but I don't like the sound of ingesting wax, even if it is meant for anti-sticking... In addition, I wonder about the nutritional facts. This is sugar-free but why is sugar & corn syrup listed and why is there 0g of sugar but no sugar alcohol listed when sorbitol is in fact a type of sugar alcohol? There are some conflicting informations here.

I know for a fact that these contain sugar alcohol b/c a couple of hours after eating these, I had a gassy cramping feeling in my stomach. This is a common side effect. Sugar alcohol can cause abdominal discomfort and they also have a laxative effect. Because of my discomfort, I have to drop the rating to 3 stars.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size 3 pieces (20g)
Calories 50 Cal from fat 0
Total Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 5mg
Total Carbohydrate 15g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Sugar 0g
Protein 1g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%

But hey if you don't care about the ingredients used or its nutritional facts, then go ahead and buy these to enjoy. From their website, these are currently listed for $4.99 but it costs $13.88 to ship it to you!
351143351143B003C1SZZ6A25WFV0G2S7D7PR. Freeman2241304812800BewareThey taste fine but definetly not peach. They're a bit softer than Haribos, which I prefer. The sweetner used causes a laxative effect, fast acting I might add. It would be different for everybody but for me I can safely eat 7 or 8 rings. If you exceed the amount your body can tolerate you better plan on staying very, very near the bathroom for an hour or two. If you need a laxative these work well but you'll be sorry if you eat too many. NOT FOR CHILDREN!
351144351144B003C1SZZ6A2AUDU9Q784RVBrobb quick "mia"1151312416000Oh MyI have loved peach gummy candies since I first found them. Now that I am older and watch what I eat, carbs, sugar, and so forth, Albanese peach rings are great. They are flavorful, really do taste like peaches, have no after taste, and even have that sugary coating that the original peach candies have. Give them a try. They are worth it.
351145351145B003C1SZZ6A3D5QXJNOJWNVASouthern Gal1141303084800Yummy YummyVery, Very good! Almost too good...have to be careful not to eat too many. Only complaint, and reason for 4 stars instead of nutritional label. Need that information for dieters and diabetics. Have bought this product from another source, in a smaller quantity, so got nutritional information from there for my personal use.
351146351146B003C1SZZ6ADLPNX8JQUZ54Nicole Barabash1151297382400Almost as good as the real thingThe Sugar Free Peach rings were delicious. They are almost as good as the real peach rings, just not as tart. I just ordered a second bag!!
351147351147B003C1SZZ6A2L1JWMMY8OLMCJEN VACHA0051330732800Love these!Just as good as the originals. A great sweet treat for anyone who loves gummy candies but is watching sugar and or carbs.
351148351148B003C1SZZ6A2IQRBYTSZQAG4Mr. Richard J. Furnari0111315180800yukIn one word HORRIBLE! Through them away immediately. Composition unkind
351149351149B003C1SZZ6A2K1BDBPOY59Wtldark0111307318400horrible melted mess!!!!!Received candy shipment: Candy all melted together into one big horrible mess of a liquid blob. Do not order in summer. Wasted my money. Will never order again.
351150351150B000EUF9EIA302G8KPII748KE. Mead3351294012800"What?! Cranberries??!" YES!Everyone I have shared this chocolate with has had the same reaction. "Cranberries? I don't think so!" And then everyone has had the same reaction when they've tried it. "Hey, this is good!"
To begin with, the dark chocolate is very good and the added ingredients make it a special treat.
This box of chocolate bars is my go-to gift for all occasions.

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