Amazon Fine Food Reviews

351211351211B0030GT28CA11KB3FD4VIRTOTom C2211280188800Absolutely DisgustingI should have read the reviews before I bought this one. Worse than the hot chocolate at winter camp! Returned it after trying one.
351212351212B0030GT28CA1E2BUG66MTO5XKurt S. Clark2211271376000NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bought a box, took a week to get the nasty taste out of my mouth.

Left them out for my coworkers and everyone that tried them had the same opinion.

Not at all what you would want to put in your mouth.
351213351213B0030GT28CA2EF14T554HPS0D. King2211271203200Not what I had hopedThis was hardly dark chocolate and did not have a rich flavor as I had hoped. I have resorted to adding milk or flavored coffee creamer to make it drinkable. For the end result, it definitely cost too much. I give it one star for the wonderful Keurig convenience.
351214351214B0030GT28CA1JQYB9INKUQIVLisa Tompkins2251261180800Yummy!I have tried many different hot cocoas for my Keurig and I think this is my favorite! I am a chocolate lover and found this one to have the most flavor and I like the deep brown color of it. I also like Timothy's White Hot chocolate but find that while it is sweet, doesn't have the chocolate flavor that this one has.
351215351215B0030GT28CAIK70E6PUZM0TGessica Brown1111294358400I can't believe people are paying this price!This is sad....this price is MORE THAN DOUBLE than what you pay at Bed, Bath, and Beyond....and there you can use d coupon and get it for even cheaper....paying more than $10 a box for this is just RIDICULOUS!!! Shop elswehere!
351216351216B0030GT28CA3TWIUN2YTYNMLCatharin Meadors1111293580800Mmm, chemicalicious!I used the small cup size, and it tasted like a watery cup of chemicals with a hint of chocolate flavor. Yuk.
351217351217B0030GT28CA2A52XKXGRT8GADiane R. Katz1151262304000Yum - Delicious Chocolate Flavor!I think this is one of the best hot chocolates I've ever had. It tastes like a fine dark chocolate candy bar and when I put some whipped cream on it, it's like heaven in a mug! I haven't tried any of the other hot chocolates so I have nothing to compare it to, but I don't think I'm going to move to anything else. I also love the Cafe Mocha by the same company. I served it after a dinner party and my guests were oohing and aahing for the rest of the night! I love my Keurig!
351218351218B0030GT28CA2EWV3SZ5Q3QK7A. Kaplan "sunflower coach"1121261180800WeakEven after shaking the cup and using the smaller water amount, we found this cocoa to be weak, watery, almost tasteless. MUCH prefer the Green Mountain Cocoa we got in a sample pack.
351224351224B0030GT28CA245PMSUUWWX5Tchocolate lover0011324684800Production control issues?It seems like reviewers either really like this product or really dislike it. When we tried it for the first time last night, the result was a watery, bitter, vaguely chocolate flavored drink. All three of us poured it down the drain. If other people really like this product, they must be drinking a different formulation.
351225351225B0030GT28CA2DCW10P9IG4ENVernon Scott Jorgenson0051323388800Absolutely deliciousI have no idea what prior reviewers are tasting, but my wife and I love these K-Cups and would much rather have this than Swiss Miss packets. This tastes like *cocoa* and not *chocolate* and, for that reason alone, it'd be 5-stars to me. The sweetener level was just fine, with no bizarre aftertaste. If they had used full-on sugar, it'd be like sucking a melted chocolate bar out of a cup - which I would hate. In fact, this could have been even more bitter. It reminds me of the mildly (this is key) sweetened cocoa found in Mexican grocers as "Mexican chocolate."

For best results, you *have* to shake the K-Cup as stated on the box. We added a splash of heavy cream when done and it was heaven. Plus, no grainy, powdery consistency found in packet mixes. If you have a Keurig, and you want easy-to-make hot cocoa (and the over-rich quality of Ghirardelli and the like are too much for your tastes), I recommend this product.
351226351226B0030GT28CA2YSYZVQ5H6FM1Michael0011322870400So HorribleI just received my new Keurig machine. I made sever cups of coffee which I love. This morning I decided to try the hot cocoa. When I purchased the machine I received several free samples of different coffees, cocoa etc.....I decided I wanted the hot chocolate this morning and it was horrible. It had a severely metallic after taste which I could not get rid of. I would not recommend this to anyone. The sad thing is, I received an entire free box of the hot chocolate which is now wasted, although I feel better that I did not pay for such a bad tasting product. I love the Keurig for coffee only, everything else is sub par.
351227351227B0030GT28CA3DZCNE8GA9H2QNathan@MS0011322784000Worst tasting hot chocolate ever!This dark hot chocolate is so bad, I would be ashamed to produce it and put my company's name on it. YUCK! I put it out where I work and the other employees think the same thing..... YUCK! Being from the SOUTH and home of some really GREAT hot chocolate.... this stuff I wouldn't serve to my worst enemy! HORRIBLE!!! It taste like an old shoe has been boiled, the shoe broth poured over cheap dark chocolate flavored wax, and then added a pound of netrasweet to the mix....... YUCK.... YUCK.... AND MORE YUCK!

If you want an instant hot chocolate, save yourself from this YUCK! Buy swissmiss and be happy! It's much better!
351228351228B0030GT28CA2PDN5BECFGQTWNellie0011318636800Yuck, Sucralose!I was looking forward to treating myself with a yummy cup of hot chocolate. When I took the first taste is was extremely disappointed. I looked at the package and sure enough, the last ingredient was sucralose. My husband gets migraines from artificial sweeteners. After one drink he stopped but still got the headache. Bad move Green Mountain. If your going to put artificial sweetener in you NEED to say something like "reduced sugar" or something to warn people to check a little closer!
351229351229B0030GT28CA1CY8TAF8X5P6Ojaimilyn0011315353600Not happy. Hate artificial sweetener.Bought a box of these at BBB (for less than the listed Amazon price), and after the first sip I was completely grossed out. First, the artificial sweetener (sucralose=Splenda) aftertaste just killed it for me. I can taste that stuff a mile off, and think it's nasty. Also, even if it was sweetened normally, the chocolate flavor was very thin and weak. I'd have been better off just heating the hot water with my Keurig and stirring in some Swiss Miss mix.

Why isn't the sweetener mentioned anywhere on the box except for in tiny letters on the ingredient list??
351230351230B0030GT28CAWE8PL5OBGGFC. Bui "justaperson05"0051311811200Pleasant Joy in a mini CupI bought this for a friend as a replacement for all the ones I drank using her one cup brewer. I drank them all, that's how delicious they were!
351231351231B0030GT28CAYSMMOBT0G9BYboonepharm0011310256000Wow, seriously?I decided to try it even though it has a lot of bad reviews. I should have listened. It's way too sweet to qualify as a dark chocolate drink.The sugar with the sucalose makes it sickeningly sweet and stomach churning. It's missing the creamy quality that hot cocoa should have, kinda watery although it does have some of the thick mouth feel, just no creaminess. I think I'll stick with packets when I'm too lazy to make it from scratch.
351232351232B0030GT28CA3NBHYYTA1PQJFRick "cpto"0011310083200Bitter, artificial taste. Unpalataible.I see that other reviewers mention the sucralose in this cocoa. I don't know if that's what causes the unpleasant chemical taste I noticed but whatever the ingredient is, it makes both flavors of cocoa from this company very unpalatable.

This mix doesn't even start to compare to Carnation or Swiss Miss mixes, or those from Tassimo. Save your money. It tastes like it was made by a chemist, not someone who has ever tasted real - or even good instant - cocoa.
351219351219B0030GT28CA3J5FBX1LZWMDZCynthia0051344556800Yummy!This Cafe Escapes product is like drinking a piece of dark chocolate. It has quickly become an office favorite around here.
351220351220B0030GT28CA2EE7H7BR3KDFSKrista0051333929600Love this!I wasn't a fan of the taste when it was plain- but I added a little creamer and it became so rich and delicious- totally different cup of hot chocolate!
351221351221B0030GT28CA3G93L4BYM513Melissa0011327708800Disappointing Chemical TasteNew to the world of Keurig, I bought these K-cups in a large package for my husband and I to share. Unfortunately we were very disappointed. Hot chocolate K-cups are designed to quick-dissolve (compared to the regular hot chocolate packages you buy from the store) and it tastes like chemicals. The milk chocolate is no different than the dark chocolate when it comes to chemical taste. After playing with different water level settings, I eventually just had to throw them out. Now we buy normal hot chocolate packets instead.
351222351222B0030GT28CA1DRJBPOAUUYG3Kathleen Goode "KT"0011326758400Doesn't taste like chocolateI was so excited for these, but sadly it just taste like hot water when heated up and very chemically too. This is the second cafe escape k-cup product I have tried and both have been horrible. I do not plan on trying anything else from these guys.
351223351223B0030GT28CABWCUB71DOWC9Kristen R Boltz0011325030400Yuck!I was hoping for good-quality hot chocolate from these K-Cups because I chose the dark chocolate variety, and dark chocolate generally equals a richer chocolate flavor. I was very disappointed by the quality of this K-Cup, as I could taste the artificial sweetener in it and the chocolate flavor was very weak. It actually made me sick to my stomach to drink this hot chocolate and I'm not even sure that my kids would drink it. I couldn't finish my first cup.
351233351233B0030GT28CA262CYAY43PF52Donatello0031308268800Too expensiveI'm sorry but for the price I was expecting more. I was unimpressed. The taste is good but in my opinion, seems no better than regular hot chocolate. Most likely will not purchase this again.
351234351234B0030GT28CAXNRNCWFVF4H7Matthew S Bain0051307232000MmmmDelicious rich dark chocolate and K-Cup convenience...what's not to like? Definitely a winner if you have a K-Cup machine and a love of hot chocolate.
351235351235B0030GT28CA2GZ4KY8R72WE3Hale Yeiko0011305072000Yuck!Don't know if its artificial sweetner or just poor quality cocoa, but this left a bad taste in the mouth and was not enjoyable at all. I'll be giving the rest away.
351236351236B0030GT28CA1B9UT6YLU4XX2Joy0011299888000Worst Hot Chocolate I've Ever Had!I couldn't even taste the chocolate. It tasted more like dirt that was brewed with hot water. I have so many of these left and I can't bear to drink them. Absolutely horrible!
351237351237B0030GT28CA1QIHNZHUHQV08Susan Gardner Bowers "Susu"0011298592000Ewwww. NastyIf you don't mind the taste of sucralose (think nuclear fallout combined with lye) then you will like this drink. It also begs the question of why, when the first ingredient listed is sugar that they even felt the need to add the sucralose.
351238351238B0030GT28CAXXLCTO0SQ7YOkm0041298073600better than expected!I have to say i was impressed with this hot cocoa! I like mine thick/rich and it was. I gave it 4 stars for price here. I bought the same amount at my local store for only $11.00!
351239351239B0030GT28CA3I4TU5NDPSO04JESSICA BUCHANAN0051286841600By Far The Best Hot Chocolate I've Ever Had!!!!!!I am usually a milk chocolate- hot chocolate drinker, but when I saw this I had to give it a try and boy am I glad I did. There is nothing that compares to this, not even the Godiva hot chocolate. This Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa is the best HANDS DOWN!!!!! I'm a huge chocoholic, I've been eating chocolate for over 30 yrs, I'm 32.... so I think its safe to say I've had my share of hot cocoa. I've even had the aztec version you make with milk. This so much better. I just wish they had it on auto-order!!!
351240351240B0030GT28CA11QMI2QLO6CU5Mark Brace "Gadget Guy"0051286496000A Chocoholics Dream!Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Keurig K-Cups, 16 Count Mmmm, Mmmm, Goood! (Oops wrong product!... but it fits) When it comes to chocolate of any variety I prefer the less sweet, bolder taste and mouth feel of dark chocolate. Thus, the dark chocolate hot cocoa has quickly become my favorite. It is rich, bold & creamy (even so I add dry creamer). At 1 minute to heat up the brewer & 1 minute to brew a fantastic cup of hot cocoa, you can't beat it. A tip: stir your cup of cocoa occasionally while you drink it as some of the chocolate tends to settle out, and as a fellow chocoholic I'm sure you would hate to see any of that chocolate go to waste.

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