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351241351241B0030GT28CA51QPUSUEPMPOTraci Poole0021285718400Dark It Is But Tasteful It Is NotI followed the recommendations and as soon as it was palable, I tried it. It tasted like it was a diet drink more than a rick , dark, sinful hot chocolatey escape. Do not waste your time or energy with this product. It doesnt live up to its name.
351242351242B0030GT28CA21N3NX6IIMZ1XJason Bailey "Jason"0021285027200Didn't like at all!I was really excited to try this, thinking it was actually going to taste like a dark chocolate hot drink. I was sorely disappointed. In my opinion it was WAY too sweet and I didn't even get a hint of dark chocolate taste. To make matters worse, if you read the ingredients on the box, it's full of chemicals I can't even pronounce, as well as artificial sweetener. Save your money and keep looking.
351243351243B0030GT28CA2JC0G945B4X93Charles Casey "cjc"0051284336000Great Hot ChocolateGreat Hot chocolate for the Keurig, but if cafe escapes keeps limiting the supply in order to drive the price up I think that many buyers including myself will stop buying it. It is only worth about 50cents a cup not a dollar like they are trying to get
351244351244B0030GT28CA2YV8GYPCN5PAMKristin0051283731200The bestI wouldnt consider this DARK.. maybe semi dark. But i can tell you this is the BEST hot chocolate. I dont understand why all the bad reviews. its really awesome.
351245351245B0030GT28CAFCFFX449NPJMA. M. Darcangelo-notch "pet lover"0021274227200Kuerig Fana bit disappointed overall with this product. I made a mug of this hot chocolate, but found it very weak in flavor. I was expecting a stronger flavor.
351246351246B0030GT28CA1D7UY06MLBOWVA. Gomez "Mishka"0041272585600Best of the Kcup cocoasI have tried several hot cocoa K-cups and this one is the best of all the ones I've tried. Ok I like Godiva better but that has to be made w/milk and is more calories. So for my Keurig, this is the one I buy.
351247351247B0030GT28CA2I2KPNJDQ9SL0XiMiX0021271808000Funny tasteIt tastes harsh and artificial, not what is expected in hot chocolate.
I prefer the Green Mountain Hot Cocoa.

Chocolate tastes aside, neither of them are perfect for K-cup as chocolate powder do not always dissolve completely inside K-cup, so there are some inconsistencies between cups. Some cups can be much weaker than others, especially if the K-cup is not shaken before use.
351248351248B0030GT28CA1G1XRJE50WOFBAngelica0031270684800Better than others I've triedAlthough I do like the flavor of this hot chocolate and was excited about it being "dark chocolate" (my favorite!), I only gave this a 3 star review. It tastes good, especially with a bit of added cream. My one complaint though is it seems to give me a slight aftertaste, which I do not like. So far, however, this is the best k-cup hot chocolate I've found. Hoping more will come out to try, because none of them I've tried so far are THAT good, this one is the best though. At least it does taste like hot chocolate, the others taste like brown SLIGHTLY chocolate flavored water. Suggestion: Make the smallest cup setting or the hot chocolate will be too weak. Add a tish of cream and/or whipped cream on top and stir as it's brewing...makes it taste good!
351249351249B0030GT28CA190O0ZBSQYCOBSergio Pastore0051267228800The Best Hot Chocolate Flavor in a K CupNot really a dark chocolate it tastes more like what real hot chocolate should be. The other hot chocolates available for the Keurig are just brown water in comparison.
351251351251B0030GT28CA28O3XLRWT853FCrystal Wiener "Emerarld13"0011265673600Taste like a sugar free productI tried this after a co-worker said they were good. One sip and you can taste the sucralose. Gross. I hate that taste. Waste of money. Gave them to my co-worker.
351252351252B0030GT28CA2DEROS3K5K6RNMoosemarcy "Mooseomama"0111264464000Hydrogenated!Why would they make a hot chocolate that has trans fat in it???? So will not buy it. Look for the word hydrogenated in the ingredient list.
351253351253B000EUF9E8A33PY4HJX15168careful consumer5551277251200I use this chocolate for wine tastingsI own a small wine shop on the North Fork of Long Island and I pair this dark chocolate with wine for in shop tastings. It pairs well with deep ruby reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and with Syrahs, Pinots and Zins. My customers love to take a bit and then a sip. They also know that the dark chocolate has healthful properties. The chocolate is smooth and full of flavor. I enjoy it it at home as well.
351254351254B000EUF9E8A2B4K0SAX1SY9AMonica "MV"5551264291200The best chocolate ever!I love this chocolate, it has a perfect taste and no refined sugar...I can't get enough of it sometimes! Smooth taste and perfectly sweeten so it is not too much like regular sweeten chocolates.
351255351255B000EUF9E8AYGH56WGQBPLAN. A. Napp "NAN"5551237593600Best Dark ChocolateEndangered Species Chimp 72% cocoa is my favorite dark chocolate bar. It is consistent, taste tested against numerous other dark chocolate bars. Sweetened with beet sugar, smooth and rich. Yum.
351256351256B000EUF9E8A1Z7MYGPH9FE24skinky alice7941269216000Chimp 72% is very goodThis is a very good dark chocolate...I like mine dark, but with a little sweetness. The 88% is too dark for my taste, and the 72% a tad too sweet.. I like to chop them both up together and mix them with raw nuts and dried cranberries. I wished they made something in the middle...say 77- 80% I think that would be the perfect sugar/choco combo. I like the ethics of the company as well.
351257351257B000EUF9E8A1DIFL0333QPEBMarcus T. Brody2251323820800Easily the best dark chocolate I've ever eatenThere's not even an argument here. I've eaten pretty much every organic dark chocolate bar on the market. Even some of those insanely priced Raw Food ones, at $9 per bar. This is FAR AND AWAY the best tasting, best quality bar I've eaten. It's so amazingly delicious, and makes me feel good too.

The price listed on here isn't that great, however. I get these in Stop N' Shop (NY Grocery Store Chain) for 2 for $5. A pack of 12 would be $30 and I don't have to pay for shipping, so I end up getting a better deal. Amazon usually has the best deals ever, but not so for these chocolate bars. Even though I'm not buying them on here, I'm still buying them regularly!

Amazing chocolate. Do yourself a favor and buy CASES of these if you can't find them in any store around you!
351258351258B000EUF9E8AKX1379QNZI7MWormLady2251320019200best chocolate bar out thereWe had a chocolate tasting party with 10 different chocolate bars. This was the unanimous favorite, even among self proclaimed milk chocolate people.
351259351259B000EUF9E8A33MLDRF63ZM6FMark A Frey2251304726400Works for MeI love anything dark and chocolate but this bar is my present favorite. Since I'm eating Paleo presently and I'm totally off sugar except for little cheats like in this bar, I may eventually try the 88% version, but for now, these are just right.

WARNING: beware of ordering in the summer. My last shipment was the beginning of May to Pennsylvania and the bars arrived quite soft. Not fully melted but not solid either. It will likely get worse as we move into the summer.
351260351260B000EUF9E8A281NPSIMI1C2RRebecca of Amazon "The Rebecca Review"0051340582400Excellent - Smooth and RichEndangered Species Chimpanzee Dark Chocolate is smooth and rich without being overly bitter or too sweet. It is also comforting to know that when you buy this chocolate animals are being helped. I like this chocolate as much as the "Bat" dark chocolate. This chocolate is just right and I will definitely buy it again and again. If you really want a great experience eat dark chocolate while sipping on a cup of coffee or tea. The warmer your mouth the better the experience. I'd avoid drinking something cold while eating chocolate.

~The Rebecca Review
351261351261B000EUF9E8AMUUU27KM102TBeth A. Peck0051295827200Best chocolate I've ever hadThis is my staple chocolate, I always have to have some in the house. It also has so much protein and fiber!
351262351262B000EUF9E8A1DEOZRTHKJQVFMegaBurn1351307577600The Good StuffGreat chocolate, easily the best retail packaged bars I have ever had, and a close second to specialty chocolate from dedicated chocolate shops, both in taste and social responsibility. My only gripes are not being certified organic and at the moment not being available with super-saver shipping.

Normally I only write reviews in special cases, such as when customers need to be aware of a problem not disclosed on the product page, false advertising or, as in this case, other reviews misrepresent the product. This is mostly in response the 1-star bad humor review claiming the lack of actual "chimp flavor" as false advertising, which I reported as abuse for blatantly misrepresenting the product after the author claimed it was not an attempt at humor.
351263351263B000EUF9E8A1F4WN907BF7HNA. Lai31231279152000tastes goodI think that drak chocolate is quite bitter. This choclate is not as sweet and as easy to melt as milk chocolate but still tastes good enough.
351264351264B000EUF9E8AHYRTWABDAG1HE. Thomsen "arvig"146211281830400No Chimpanzee flavor at all!I bought this expecting to be able to enjoy the savory flavor of man's closest living genetic relative, the chimpanzee. When I tasted this chocolate bar, all I could taste is dark chocolate. Now, had this been marketed as just a dark chocolate bar, then I would have given it a four or five star rating, as JUST chocolate it's fine and quite tasty. But look at the label, there is quite clearly a chipmanzee on the label. Where is the chimp flavor? Had I wanted just chocolate flavor I would have bought such. Please stop such false advertising and put at least extract from the flesh of a chimpanzee into this chocolate bar.
351265351265B001PQRERUA295RSG8K1619HKeith Sharp "Keith"0011349136000With a dash of DirtSorry, McCormick, but it took me a month, eliminating spices and ingredients one at a time from my spaghetti sauce to determine the dirt is in your oregano.

Reminds me too too much of lunch at the beach ...

I didn't get to the dirt until the bottom half of the jar, too late to return it.
351266351266B003QNZ4TKAI5ILHSOQASFQL. Arrington "Rocketmom"3351302480000Espresso Capsule for Lavazza Blue machinesThis capsule will ONLY WORK in the Lavazza Blue espresso machines. It is very good espresso with a rich dark flavor.
351267351267B003QNZ4TKA17RV0BL41VV6BDouglas M. Harrison0051338422400Lavazza Blue IntensoUntil you've had real Italian espresso, you don't know what espresso is. Smooth, rich, deep. The Blue Machines are sadly discontinued but they were an incredible value. Solid, quiet, separate steam & brew boilers, decent water tank. Remove the newb barrel from the wand and steaming is effortless. Had a Gaggia and Torrefazione coffee(pre-Starbucks) for 10 years and thought it was the tops. No in home espresso for 10 years. Bought Lavazza last year for the convenience and got blown away by the taste. The Amazon subscription is a beautiful thing.
351268351268B003QNZ4TKA2GDVVAX1VZYOMHome Gourmet0051322870400Great product and priceI use my Lavazza BLUE espresso machine every day and was thrilled that Amazon now carries this product. Arrived promptly and the box of 100 pods was fresh/long expiration date and at a price considerably less than offered in the Chicago area. Produces a perfect, great tasting shot of espresso with good crema every time. Would highly recommend but you must have a Lavazza BLUE machine.
351269351269B003QNZ4TKA11HIUFTTYEGIAS. Giddens0051280880000Awesome EspressoI was introduced to Lavazza on a cruise where one of their top espresso machines was in the suite. It was so impressive that when I returned home I bought one. This Intenso is very very good. Though I don't see it offered on Amazon presently, the Delicato is even better. It's smooth and refined. They offer teas, soups and other items too.

Two espressos in the morning and I'm off to start my day! This product rocks!
351270351270B000E3VA16ABF4SRK2V3WVULuvthesun4451160524800Really, really good soupThis soup is quite amazing. Easy to store, and once reconstituted it has a great texture and delicious, slightly spicy flavor. Also, quite a filling meal. Highly recommended!

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