Amazon Fine Food Reviews

351351351351B0017OGFU2A31C5903EQDFHTCal Leckington0051297814400Truely healthy dog foodIf you have never investigated what is in your dogs food, and you think it is all about the same...READ THIS !
All dry dog food is NOT good for your loved pet, and it is NOT the same. MANY major brands of dog food, including most that are sold at local grocery stores are not good for your pet. Yes...they will survive on them...and yes...they might like the taste, but investigate ! Useless calories, fillers of cereal husks, and other trash are typical ingredients....and....the PRIMARY incredients. Wellness...and some other brands....all of which will cost you more than the cheap brands, are made with chicken, lamb, or other animal products as their MAIN incredient, which will be the FIRST one listed on the label, by law. With added antioxidents, vitamins, and joint compounds, these premium foods will extend the life of your pet. Feeding them the cheap food is like feed your child McDolnald's bugers 3 times a day, with all the desserts they can eat. They will live, but you are killing them slowly. Our dig loves her Wellness food, and I feel better knowing I am doing the best I can for her. Does you dog deserve any less?
351352351352B0017OGFU2A21LC8KZI8TOLKJim "jim77345"0051296259200Sadie Loves ItWe started Sadie on Wellness White Fish and Sweet Potato formula, which she loved. But it gave her gas and she had 'fish breath' after she ate. So we switched to the Healthy Weight formula and she transitioned very well. And it cured the gas and breath problems too. Although she is at a good weight, we will continue with this formula because she really likes it and since I use individual kibble as a treat for good behavior, I don't worry that she is getting over fed. I would highly recommend this formula, regardless of whether your dog has a weight problem or not.
351353351353B0017OGFU2A56J5N3QFSPFHC Godfrey0051295913600Wellness Healthy Weight RecipeI started feeding this formula to my Yorkshire terrier because she is slightly overweight. She has no problem eating it, which is surprising because she can be picky. The only Con against this food is the kibble size. I wish that they would make a healthy weight formula for small dogs!
351354351354B0017OGFU2A273AXLT4X9J4AB. Wood0051294099200My pug loves this!Pugs are NOT finicky eaters - still mine gobbles this up and loves it as much as any food I've tried on him. He weighed 18 lbs. when I first started him on this and reminded me of a fat little sausage. He has almost finished one 26 lb. bag and has lost 3 lbs. and is holding at a steady 15 lbs. now. I feed him 1/4 c. in the morning and 1/3 c. in the evening. And....2 - 3 times a week I give him a "treat". The food does what is supposed to. Vet says he couldn't be healthier!
351355351355B0017OGFU2A3MLD120JJZII5Cat0051291161600Perfect for both overweight and healthy weight dogsOur puggle's weight had ballooned to almost 40 pounds--at least 10 pounds too heavy--and we weren't willing to feed her a low-quality food full of by-products and weird stuff after making the switch to holistic foods a few years ago. Just three months after starting on Wellness Healthy Weight, she has shed several pounds and is well on her way to being at her ideal weight again. Our other, healthy-weight dog has also been eating this food without any noticeable weight gain or loss and without having any food allergy flare-ups. The best part is that both dogs love the food, and they are both picky, picky eaters. If you're looking for a high-quality, no-filler holistic food to help your lazy, treat-filled pooch lose some of those extra pounds, give this one a try.
351356351356B0017OGFU2A1TO752N975CYIFeeling Good is the End-All "Abraham follower"0051287705600BEST food for Weight ReductionThis food is great! My little dog was 3 lbs overweight-followed the instructions for feeding amounts and he lost it all within 2 months-he is more energetic and lively than ever and at a perfect weight. Great Product!!
351357351357B0017OGFU2A2SGQEHCY64CE7SR "SR"0111329609600Made my dog sickI was feeding my dog the Complete Wellness but decided that she needed to watch her weight so I started feeding her this weight one. She started vomiting daily. I figured it was probably the food since it started happening right around the time we got her on the new one. I took her to the vet just in case and the vet agreed that I should stop feeding her this food and put her on a bland diet for 5 days. Once she stopped eating this food, she was fine. I'm going to be switching her to a new brand because I'm hearing some sketchy things about Wellness.
351358351358B0017OGFU2A24QFEOROF5GKRbraiding one0211292457600Dog says not tastyI recently ran low on Castor & Pollux Organix Adult Less Active Canine Formula Dry Dog Food and it was unavailable with Prime shipping at the time, so I ordered this brand. I've been mixing the two together to increase my dog's acceptance, but she now has not eaten for three days straight. I suppose that is an alternate strategy for weight reduction, but neither of us is happy, and the food was really expensive. My dog does not recommend this dog food. She preferred the Organix.
351359351359B001F2I9TQA2S1KCM95A3W30E. Taliaferro "hopespringsranch"1151323648000great!!I've used this product on my female border collie for several years now. When I was working and leaving her at home she was occasionally required to "hold it" for 10-12 hours (not good, I know). Her urine smelled strong and she did develop a UTI (urinary tract infection).I began using this product for her and haven't stopped even though I'm now retired and we are together 24/7. As she is aging (8 years old this month) I see no reason to ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I buy 2 at a time...I never want to run out! Haven't used it on the cats (1 male, 1 female, both neutered) but I'm considering it.
351360351360B001F2I9TQA3G54QPO7XN8I9Rikki Y.0051349481600Work for my BoxerMy Boxer went in 2 years ago with a bladder infection. $250.00 in treatment and since then I've been giving her this product and haven't had a problem since so far.I mix it up with a few drops of water and she licks it right up.
351331351331B001IZG730A3U8U5CRGC5AGPFleebert0051337644800Good Deal!Glad I looked for this product on Amazon - it was great quality, a very good deal compared to supermarket prices...and I really like the design of the jars. Highly recommended.
351332351332B002HQCJZYA2ZYK7TRDULDTHHaroldf7470031340755200So So CoffeeI have been looking for a less expensive Costarican Tarrazu coffee. So when I found this coffee I had high hopes for it because the price seemed to be pretty reasonable compared to what I have been buying. Of course rating food items can be pretty subjective. So with that said
351333351333B0007OVW6UA310SS37YKFU8Ykriot2231311292800interestingFor those wondering about the flavor of this gum I would describe it as being very similar to cinnamon with kind of a musky floral scent. It isn't unpleasant. however it isn't sugar free which is preferable for most kinds of gum now. The actual gum is very hard and loses flavor quickly, not recommended for those with sensitive teeth.

Overall I like it, but it is different.
351334351334B0007OVW6UA1D9U33OHQTO18Julie L. Friedman0051344384000Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FLI first tried this Violet Chewing Gum in the early 1960's. My grandma from New York gave it to me. It taste and smells great. This really brings back good memories. I give it 5 stars. By Gregg L. Friedman MD, Psychiatrist, Hallandale Beach, FL
351335351335B0007OVW6UADSCTL7UIRPXQJoe1951267401600CHAMMERS GUM IS THE BESTso i went to the store with Tony today and for 99 cents i got 8 peices of Chammers perfume scented gum. it was so cool cause it was purple. so tony had some before i did and he spit it out saying it was like chewing on deordorant. and then Brad had some and didnt like it but chewed it anway.

so i shoved the rest of the box in my mouth and Tony was right! it was speedstick in gum form. it did get better with time but started to strink as i chewed it. but the bad part is my mouth feels like ive been drinking Grandmas perfume all day. and 4 hours later, nothing has changed.

needless to say ill be buying CHamaordds gum again!
351336351336B005CT9MVWA5NXM2T8UEYH4Robert R. Stanley "Navy Commander"0151332460800Wonderful Olives!!!I order these olives on a regular basis and I think they are great. I keep them in the refrigerator and then dump them into a Tupperware bowl and spoon them out as a snack between meals. Olives are one of the oldest food sources on the planet and I guess it's all a matter of taste but I think these are delicious. I think they come from the Middle East, most likely Israel, and they are a bit different than what we are used to but they make for a variety in taste.
351337351337B005CT9MVWA18CQ9RRTRED0XM. Cogar "Spongee"1311328572800HorribleAnother food that doesn't taste like it should! I will tell you that if you order these you will not get the lovely black olives you expect to.
351338351338B003NQVLOCA1E6M4ZBR7FZBCGwen "buzzkill87"0031325116800Not bad but not great.I was really excited about this tea but I think I fell for the attractive box. It just doesn't do much for me. It's not the worst thing I've had but it's not that great either. I wouldn't recommend it. Maybe try Tulsi or Yogi tea instead.
351339351339B0017OGFU2A2IMZ4Q7WN6435DAL3351211155200Such healthy dogs...I discovered this brand in July 2007. My two terriers were always prone to digestive problems - gas, vomiting, diahrhea. They both had asthma, allergies and chronic ear infections. My vet told me that is just how the breed is and I spent thousands of dollars on vet treatments. I felt so sad for my dogs, I began exploring health options on my own. After much research, I found that nutrition can cause and cure many health ailments, including all those my dogs had.

I researched a variety of brands, and began buying Wellness Lite - within a few weeks, my dogs were both healthier than ever. It has now been 10 months and we've had no more health problems whatsoever - my only regret is that I did not find this brand sooner!
351340351340B0017OGFU2A3NPDUDH4L87D4M.1121304467200Seems better for the owner rather than the dogWe recently adopted an obese pet and were looking for healthy dog food that could help him lose weight. The ingredients seemed great, but this food made our dog vomit daily and have very soft bowel movements 5-7 times per day! The food did little to help with weight reduction (even with all the vomiting), and we eventually had to switch to a veterinarian-prescribed food instead. (Note: Our dog does not have a hypothyroid problem.) After we stopped feeding our dog this brand of dog food, his stool has become firmer and less frequent, and he is no longer vomiting on a daily basis.

As I stated above, the ingredients seemed very healthy and nutritious, but I would not feed this to my dog or recommend it to anyone else.
351341351341B0017OGFU2A38V5JYGL81979Dawn G.1151227139200The only thing I will give my dogI had a beagle with stomach issues. I tried the Iams, the Nutro, all of the expensive brands you get at the big name pet stores. Nothing agreed with her until I found this brand.

Now she is five years old and has the softest coat I have ever felt on a beagle, and is extremely healthy.

It was wonderful to not have to worry when the dog food scare happened, because this is a product of the US, and they don't buy ingredients from China.

I will never feed her anything else.
351342351342B0017OGFU2A1A0LX1CFOZXA7nanbr "nanbr"0031339718400dog does not like itBought this for my dog that could stand losing some weight. Rescue dog. Only food I have given her that she does not like. Had to buy canned dog food to mix with it. That is the only way she will eat it. Probably will not be buying this type of food again.
351343351343B0017OGFU2A2K98T6D4WNCRWMac0051333324800Excellent dog foodWe have two collies, one 11 year old and one 3 1/2 years. We have to watch what we feed our senior, because he has a sensitive digestive system. We also have to watch the 3 1/2 year old because she has pancreatitis and a low fat food is good for her so that she keeps an even weight. We tried many different dog foods including premium holistic foods and prescription foods. We have used the Wellness Super5Mix Healthy Weight food for about 2 months. So far, both of them seem to be doing well. They like it well enough that we use the dry kibbles for their treats. I will update the review in another few months.
351344351344B0017OGFU2AWRNGZPDR9F4Ssuzie0051322265600My dogs love it :)One of my little dogs was starting to get bad breath. After about one month on Wellness, the bad breath is gone! I guess the previous diet I had them on had a lot of non-digestible ingredients. Whatever the reason, I'm happy :)
351345351345B0017OGFU2A3MUK3JWGX90YQMya0051315872000Awesom Price, Awesome Project!So glad I could find this on Amazon. Saved more than $10.00 off of regular retail price at all of my local pet stores. My dog has been sick, in part due to regular name-brand dry foods. Too many additives and by-products hidden behind a "healthy" label. Wellness allows me to feed my dog food that will not make her sick. I can pronounce the ingredients and she loves the Healthy Weight Recipe, despite it being a "diet" formula. As a dog living with colitis, limiting fat and increasing fiber intake is vital to her IT health. This food makes it easy and she still regards it as a treat six months after starting to eat it in her bowl. She is a finicky eater, and I have spent hundreds of dollars on various "diet" foods from the vet and pet boutiques. This was the first formula she liked right out of the bag. What a relief! Five star product!
351346351346B0017OGFU2A21NVFKZQH4A5DAsian Amazon0051314662400Excellent food with an easy-to-read nutrition labelOur 7½-year-old and 2-year-old dogs have been on Wellness Super5Mix Healthy Weight Recipe Dog Food for almost 3 weeks at the time of this review. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the bag for the first time -- I was not greeted by that all-too-familiar and cringe-worthy dry food smell that you get from other brands. The kibbles are little triangles and pale yellow in color. I love that the 26-lb bag is also resealable.

Because this food was designed to fill doggy bellies the right way, I learned quickly that I didn't need to adhere to typical portion sizes for our dogs. The 7½-year-old is a 92-lb Rott/Shep. Given her size, the recommendation is 4 cups a day. This serving size is not needed in our case with this food. She eats 2½ cups at dinnertime and is very happy. She doesn't poke around the food bag or tip her bowl over as a request for more. Our 2-year-old is a 40-lb Chow mix that is as skinny as her breed comes. She eats 1½ cups (sometimes less) and walks away when she's done, occasionally leaving a few kibbles for her sister to finish up.

Both dogs have also not skipped any meals the way they used to when they were on a different brand of food. They now eat every evening without fail, and I've not had to throw out uneaten kibbles. I also recently noticed that their breaths actually smell cleaner.

Thank you, Wellness, for making excellent products for our furry kids!
351347351347B0017OGFU2A1TC7NGPD6ERGKsloux0051314316800wellness healthy weightAll three dogs love it! My older dog was not eating and now, no problem. Just wish it were a little cheaper.
351348351348B0017OGFU2A30UUVP4H3IZT7JJ210051314230400Best low-fat dog food!My dog had gotten Pancreatitis (no reason why) but had already been eating the regular whitefish Wellness bag so we switched to this low-fat blend b/c Pancreatitis can be caused by too much fat in a dogs diet (make sure you look at the fat content in any brand you buy) and it's working out great! It's a great blend and brand for the price!
351349351349B0017OGFU2AWKDYJP0176VXMarilyn E Heinisch0051307404800Wellness Super5 Mix Healthy Weight Dog FoodExcellent food with first ingredient being deboned chicken. My border collie loves it and is doing well on it. It was delivered quickly and Amazon's price was better than anywhere I had ever purchased from. I also didn't have to put it in a cart, push it to my car, transfer it from the car to the kitchen. Came right to my front door. Thanks Amazon for such great service.
351350351350B0017OGFU2A2HW8E265889IZblst "64blk"0041306800000Guaranteed AnalysisVery good low calorie (3180kcal/kg) diet food for dogs. Recommended.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Protein Not Less Than 17.0%
Crude Fat Not Less Than 6.0%
Crude Fat Not More Than 10.0%
Crude Fiber Not More Than 8.0%
Moisture Not More Than 11.0%
Calcium Not Less Than 1.00%
Phosphorus Not Less Than 0.85%
Vitamin E Not Less Than 400 IU/kg
Omega 6 Fatty Acids* Not Less Than 2.30%
Omega 3 Fatty Acids* Not Less Than 0.40%
Glucosamine Hydrochloride* Not Less Than 400 mg/kg
Chondroitin Sulfate* Not Less Than 300 mg/kg
Beta-Carotene* Not Less Than 5 mg/kg
Lycopene* Not Less Than 0.25 mg/kg
Taurine* Not Less Than 0.09%

Total Micro-organisms* Not Less Than 20,000,000 CFU/lb(L. plantarum, E. faecium, L. casei, L. acidophilus in equal amounts)*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

Calories AnalysisThis food contains 3,180 kcal per kilogram or 325 kcal per cup ME (metabolizable energy) on an as fed basis (calculated).

* Görseller ve İçerik tekif hakkına sahip olabilir