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351451351451B001M072WGA2224QQLR6UNV6Ms.B. Mellin1241241222400A Very Fun Pasta for those who love TennisI saw Martha Stewart prepare this with cheese and asparagus! I prepared her online recipe for my friends who play tennis and also sent a box to others. I think one needs to boil longer than expected just so that it is tender.
351452351452B0036IO1IKA3A0BDU787BG7Fseasnaxtoasted5651290124800great snack instead of chipsMy kids, 2yrs and 6yrs will eat a whole package of these and enjoy every minute. Some of it is just fun because of the different color and texture. Not as cheap as chips but worth the cost. Thanks!
351453351453B0036IO1IKA1UTJ4YCA6XLKGNatureSnax7951266969600SeaSnax is Strangely Addictive @ The Go Green Expo Los Angeles 2010 Length:: 0:55 Mins

SeaSnax! Lightly Roasted & Seasoned Seaweed - The Healthy Alternative to Chips
351454351454B0036IO1IKA38XW5668UKIJ6Truth Crusader2231334793600ok, but...I love seaweed and have tried many brands, but was new to this one. This product is ok, but it has it's issues. First, the flavor is ok, but the texture is so brittle it just crumbles as you try to take it out of the package. Second the size is inconvenient. Each sheet is about 7x8", not a good size for eating. Not really good for holding as it's too large and just keeps crumbling making quite a mess. I think a child could only get a few bites before the rest was on the floor. The pkg comes w/5 sheets, so if you use only one or 2, the others will go stale really quickly. The serving size is 1/2 a package and that's a good sized serving, with only 24 calories. However, 22 of those calories are fat. Interesting how different seaweeds have such different calorie, fat and carb counts. Go figure. I think the price is also a little high, but I don't know if that's the retail price or the Amazon price. Overall the product is ok, but you can do better.
351455351455B0036IO1IKA1VMLDCP0D5O48Jodi "WV girl"2351317168000Yummy!!I love these! They are definately the best of the seaweed snacks on the market. I hope Amazon is able to keep them in stock. After I got hooked, they ran out for quite a while.
351456351456B0036IO1IKA1MFY1V0RS2J7LA2351310860800Better than Chips!!!! wihtout the guiltLOVE these new roasted seaweed snax with olive oil. I have eaten them alone or with hummus or plain tuna wrapped inside. Highly Recommend. Be ware they are usually sold out on store shelves and I know why
351457351457B0036IO1IKA2NP8RNW9T5BQFA. Brazhnykova0051340150400CAUTION they are addictive!love it! so addictive! but hubby told me that we better not to purchase any seaweeds after the radiation spill in Japan :(
351458351458B0036IO1IKA3EKO687UJ09ZKMSAP "Katy"1221341532800Taste is not good.I did not like this product at all. Gave it all away. Maybe it will suit some, but it is definitely not for me. I thought it tasted like a boiled shrimp shell.
351459351459B0036IO1IKA2G9M92C9FBUEPGrasshopper0121332028800Bad Batch?We've had several other brands of seaweed snacks and always enjoyed them.
I loved the cute, kid-friendly packaging on these, the all natural ingredients, and the flavor options.

When we opened our first pack, though, the smell was overwhelming - a briny, dead fish smell. Taste was even worse.
This was not just a little "essence of the sea" smell and taste - it was overwhelmingly fishy!
One family member described it as being like "licking the inside of a really slimy fish tank", and I have to agree!

I know several friends who love the product and have never had a "fishy" experience, so I have to wonder if they have some quality control issues.
Even if we were brave enough to give this product a second chance, I think I would certainly hesitate to buy in bulk again because of the amount of wasted money and food if we ended up with another bad batch.
351460351460B0036IO1IKA2TCSBP3H3HEZDStelly1711325116800HorribleThe seaweed snack is horrible. It has a strong fishy taste. Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. Would never buy again nor recommmend this product to anyone.
351461351461B003P7XXPEA3THOZJDROZW2Imoemoneysouth1151331251200greatThey are so good i eat the whole bag in an hour LOL i don't know if that's a good thing ... oh well
351462351462B003P7XXPEA1KU4WYGZBAX0GAnsley Clements0051322956800Get crackin'!Pistachios by Wonderful are gluten-free and heart healthy. I've tried pistachios of another brand and the fresh ones in the store. These are hands down the best in taste and quality. The nuts are all big and always fresh. They are flavored the just right amount, roasted with no added oil, and sea salted. A good source of Vitamin B6, copper and manganese, these nuts are worth buying. The serving size is generous but also accurate considering how they're hard to put down. 160 calories per serving and a serving is 49 nuts. This 16-oz. bag has about 8 servings in it. Recommended.
351463351463B004HGJ73EA327J08W21577Vsheila1121329955200pretty expensivethe product was what i wanted however i was expecting to get a bigger pack i think it was quite expensive for a small pack
351464351464B004HGJ73EA20DKXIEA5YG63sg0051324080000Best dry milk product I've usedMy coworker makes chai every day and uses this product instead of canned milk. It has a creamy taste without the funny taste that other dried milk products have. She says her family back home uses this everyday - thus the name!
351465351465B000LLIVB8AI4WRY4I49YW5Fraulein0011319673600Misleading imageI purchased from this seller based on the image that says they are 41 oz packs. I received 12-7oz packs. Misleading and I'm very disappointed.
351466351466B003Z6SRYWAXMFSGPCZXGOKErika J. Wells0041304294400Not very spicy, yet tasty!I like this sauce. It's a nice, basic, upscale tomato sauce. It's not spicy, as the label reads, but I like that there are more ounces in a pouch than a typical jar as the pouch to pasta ratio is spot on.
351467351467B003Z6SRYWA3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"0041288569600Mangia!My preferred brand of pouch sauce stopped being available via Amazon so I search and searched and searched for a decent, affordable replacement. Hallelujah! I found it. This is tangy but not really spicy to me. It tastes homemade like Nona used to make.
351468351468B0002H3UGWA3HPCRD9RX351SSpudman1151174089600Canine TestimonialAll I can say is that our two dogs love these things almost more than anything else. They each get one a day and very much look forward to that special time. These long lasting treats are well worth the money for us.
351469351469B0002H3UGWA2JMKQD867B4VJM. J. Fox "FoxyArt"0031332633600Great bargain treat!My basenji, Lily, loves Rawhide Munchy Sticks Beef 5" 100 Pack and Chicken, 5" 100 Pack best, but these are a great deal and she will chew happily on these as well. I guess she is not too picky.
351470351470B000E9WC4YA32QUWSSPHYYIKC. Nguyen "foodchunky"4451180569600Great CrepesThese crepes are soO delicous! They're great with icecream,tea or just by themselves. I like the ones in the tin better. These shown here are in paper box. The price are ok. I've gotten them cheaper in store when I was in California. I bought the 40 in a tin box for $10. Anywho, they're are yummy delicous and great for gift basket.
351471351471B001X9GLKKAXRWR5VYGFZORsukhveen ajrawat2251282694400Best pani PuriHaldiram has created a little bit of India. This the best Gol Gappas (Pani Puri)outside of India. Tried several products made by other companies. None compare.
351472351472B001X9GLKKA3VMVGXG6JCS1RWin0411300233600Going down the bin!One of the worst pani puris ever. When you mix the ingredients, everything is so spicy that you would probably need a gallon of water just after a bite or two (and this is coming from a person who adds tons of spices to just about anything, but this thing was just insane like eating a lot of wasabis together). The water made from the paste is just ridiculous. I am just going to throw everything and see for'll be disappointed if you've ever tasted the real thing before.
351473351473B005CWFV2IA2HXQ6U9LUKNKYIgor Faleev0051323907200Aromatic & smoothOne of the best Kona Coffee I've had ever bought! Aromatic & smooth! No bitterness at all! Our family enjoy this coffee every day! Thanks a lot! free fast shipping!
351474351474B000OJI66MA2IRW5RHNC8BXXgma1151280707200sweetnessBest of the lot. Equal is dangerous. Splenda is great but I need almost 2 to 1 so Sweet n' low it is.
351475351475B000OJI66MA21K28EQ023UUUNY rat "+"0051285113600amazing value!amazing value/fast shipping! even though it seems a lot to pay 35+shipping(comes to ab 42$ but it's 2 big boxes!) it's still less than other options on this site or through regular supermarket.

today 4/7/2011: we got these again and a lot of packets were open and sugar was inside the box...ordered it twice before and this is the first time so many were spilling out.....but will order again, it's a good deal
351476351476B002V5PDS6A2FDXUJCZHO3TKjean-pierre parent0041324771200GREAT but $$$ shippingthese are AMAZING in a vitamix - creamy and delicious, and the fiber (of which there is a lot) is very effective. great for warm sprouted oatmeal with coconut, banana, and raisins on a rawsome winter morning.
351477351477B002V5PDS6A1H8ECV0SLTT9ODSmith250421321833600Not what was advertisedI thought these would be sprouting seeds to eat but they are only for sprouting grass. They still have the hull attatched. So I can't do anything with it unless I find some goats to feed it too or maybe some rats...bad purchase for me but the quality was there and fast shipping.
351478351478B004JLHTQ4A882PMEFQSP2Nangelsguard1151307318400Brilliant bulk buyI fell in love with Stash chocolate mint tea two years ago. I am thrilled to be able to buy it now in an economical and environmentally friendly way. This is used for my private use and I've felt uncomfortable with all the many boxes I've gone through in order to have my six bag a day tea fix. If you are a tea junkie and care about our landfill situation then go for broke and purchase this way and save yourself a couple of hundred bucks.
351479351479B004JLHTQ4AS0SPE5TEM74ZElizabeth Kingsley0051332201600Excellent tasting tea.I have tried many OOlong teas and this is by far the best. It has a wonderfully light coconut, mango flavor. The two flavors blend well together, neither one overpowering the other. I will definitely buy again.
351480351480B004JLHTQ4A2VHX2LUXMLS18noblecat530051328486400an excellent cuppareally nice tea, and smells wonderful. I enjoy it with a teaspoon of "sugar in the raw." Stores well as is wrapped in foil. I usually buy the box of 100 teabags since it is an excellent value

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