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351511351511B001E5323WA2QXA5PKKQMOCLj "j"2811217894400very disappointed with sunmaid.they have a disclaimer on their package that it is packaged in same facility as nuts *and may contain* & it just sucks when you are dealing with food allergies & young children. There are so many foods they can't eat, now we have to eliminate all the CYA foods too, b/c you never know.

Very disappointed with Sun Maid, their competition Ocean Spray does not pack their product in the same facility, so we are now only using ocean spray
351512351512B0032GHI6IA3E3NEILYCO7DABill Albanese "Billy 5"3351318291200YummyThese were not as yummy as Coco Puffs, but then again, their not supposed to. I eat these every time I have a mind to, which makes them satisfying and either the way you look at it, they are great. Lots of sugar and we love that here, I put Splenda on them to add to the delight.
351513351513B0032GHI6IAX1SE25U7P6I8Crystal Watanabe "Pikko"3351306972800Very good Cheerios productI bought this in the 2 bag pack at Costco and was pleasantly surprised at how crispy and chocolately this cereal is. It's got just the right amount of sweetness and leaves you with a great bowl of chocolate milk at the end, which is always a plus for me. The sugar content per serving is the same as Honey Nut Cheerios and is only 100 calories per serving, making it a good choice for a midday snack for my kids.

As for the Amazon price, how can you beat the subscription price? It comes out to $2.45 a box, which is like 60% off of grocery stores. My kids love it and I eat it for breakfast often myself as well.
351514351514B0032GHI6IA13MZ8L5DC4JHCChelsea "Chelsea H."5651300924800Love them so much - Mix them with the Banana Nut!For a real wow - we mix the chocolate cheerios with the banana nut cheerios. They are sooooooo good!! Try it, you will love it, too!
351515351515B0032GHI6IAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson1151316995200My Wife and Son Love Them.I can remember Cheerios all the way back to my childhood and I'm now 75. We always seemed to have Kellog's Pep, Post Toasties and Cheerios on hand for the breakfast meal. I very seldom eat cereal for breakfast these days, but my wife does and Cheerios are one of her favorites. Lately, she's been bringing Chocolate Cheerios home and says that she prefers them to the original. I tried them and they are indeed good. My young son (three years old) loves them, seemingly better than the old Cheerios. Well, he can be hard to feed, so if he loves Chocolate Cheerios and they're deemed nutritious enough then that's part of what he's going to get.

Gary Peterson
351516351516B0032GHI6IATHI1HSQG9160John Funchion2341284076800Kids love itKids love it. I love that it comes via subscribe and save. Total win.
351517351517B0032GHI6IA3HDXQ7JZGR56GVictor Pariso0041349913600less sugar and it's delicious!!I bought this cereal for my son because the bulk price on 4 boxes, fed ex'd to my house was 45%cheaper than in the grocery store. This cereal has less sugar and it's delicious!! Worth purchasing.
351518351518B0032GHI6IA2GEZJHBV92EVRHistory buff0051344384000The best cheerios!These are really good. Never ate cheerios until these came out. Now I have them in the house all the time. I eat them about2-3 times a week. Cheerios have recently come out with a peanut butter flavor. I like to mix the 2 flavors. OH SO.GOOD!!!!!!!!! Yummie in my tummy! Love them.
351519351519B0032GHI6IA2TQVFQ54ACHZ5Colin Perry0031342742400Chocolate Cereal: Yes! Price of convenience: Never again.I paid $21+ dollars for the smallest boxes of C-Cheerios available. The cereal is a great choice for people who love chocolate. The flavor is not overwhelmed with sugar on sugar and leaves chocolate milk in my bowl. The downside is paying over $5 bucks per box. Next time I will conveniently go to my local Target and save 9 dollars. Lesson learned.
351520351520B0032GHI6IA2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051331337600chocolatety chocolately chocolate!I'm so happy Chocolate Cheerios exist! What a fantastic cereal! Alright so it's probably unhealthy to the max since, you know, it's chocolate and according to my dentist and my deteriorating teeth, chocolate is a very bad thing... HOWEVER! Taste-wise, you can't beat the chocolatey goodness of Chocolate Cheerios. I highly recommend it to everyone who brushes regularly (and I'm not being sarcastic either- had I actually brushed during my teenage years, my teeth would be fine now and eating this cereal would have been no problem whatsoever). Still, NOTHING beats Honey Nut Cheerios, and nothing ever will. This is just a nice alternative from the norm.
351521351521B0032GHI6IA1WD8PRZ5VQCS0Reacher Creature0051314576000My new favorite Breakfast Cereal.I picked these up on a whim, and man, am I glad I did. These are fantastic! Most of the time, when you have chocolate in cereal, the chocolate is either to weak, or to strong of a taste. I'm pleased to report that this isn't the case for the Chocolate Cheeriors. The chocolate blend is perfect. It does turn the milk chocolate, so that's a bonus. If you want your kids to eat breakfast, the I highly suggest you get this for them.
351522351522B0032GHI6IA3PJZ8TU8FDQ1KJared Castle0051314230400Amazon's Subscribe & Save program makes this a sweet dealMy wife likes to start her day with a taste of chocolate, so when Amazon's Subscribe & Save program began offering Chocolate Cheerios at a competitive price we placed an order. The first shipment arrived with an added surprise - each box has a Spongebob Squarepants toy inside! Our sons (ages 8 and 7) happily prepare their mother's morning bowl of cereal, knowing each serving gets them one step closer to completing the 8-piece collection.

Of course, my wife would eat Chocolate Cheerios with or without the toy. She eats the cereal with 2% milk and a cup of black coffee because, really, you don't need cream or sugar when you're eating a bowl of chocolate cereal.

Getting to the basics: the cereal was tightly packaged with no damage; the expiration date extends at least 12 months out, so there's no mad dash to consume six boxes at once; and the price is competitive with the supermarkets we regularly patronize. The added convenience of the cereal arriving at our doorstep rather than hauling it home in shopping bags is a bonus.

Personally, I don't touch the stuff. I'm more of a Post Raisin Bran Cereal kind of guy. And, yes, of course, we buy that through Amazon's Subscribe & Save program as well.

Rating: Five stars
351523351523B0032GHI6IA377MC4J167VSCdaar0051295827200DeliciousI recently discover them and my kid's love them, including the adults of the house, everybody ends up having some to kill the sweet tooth.
351524351524B0032GHI6IA2G1Z94H1SG0CEC. Woods0241312156800Love the taste hate the priceThe title says it all. These are great to eat for breakfast of late snacks but seriously the grocery stores or on Amazon all seem to be gouging us.
351525351525B003EMOIOAA38HPJZBNL8LRARobert Cummings0031345334400Not as good as othersNot as crunchy as others I have tried but still okay for the price. I will probably try a different maker next time.
351526351526B007RV4Z4MA6HBS6SS6QGTLExplorer0051339372800REAL TREATWhile traveling in New York we stopped at an Inn for dinner and decided to try this with our dinner. I was a very pleasant surprise. It really tasted like Raspberries. If you like Raspberries and bubbles, you will not be disappointed. Scale of 1 to 10 a big 10 +++
351527351527B001EQ5NIIAFAI30GLHP26OJay "netsurfer17"6651283212800pretty close to spam but with less fat and sodiumI've been a fan of spam since I was a kid and I usually avoid the "diet" or "low fat" variety of most foods. But, I figure I might as well give Spam Lite a try. It tastes almost the same to me. I don't think I'd be able to tell the difference in a blind taste test. That is why i give it 5 stars. I will be buying spam lite in the future.

I usually just fry it in a pan and eat it with rice and eggs in the morning. Throw on some hot sauce and thats all you need to get going in the day.
351528351528B001EQ5NIIA3I31E25Z49SHHT. Kumor5551279497600can't live without it!I eat two slices with egg beaters every morning for breakfast. Sometimes I have it for dinner with veggies and a baked potato. There are no carbs in it so it is good for the Atkins diet.
351529351529B001EQ5NIIA11ED8O95W2103lighten_up_already2 "lighten_up_already2"5551250035200Light is all right with me!I just tried this lite SPAM this morning for breakfast. Just sliced it up and browned it in a pan and it wasn't bad at all! In fact, it wasn't that "lite" to me, having never had orignal spam. It was more than meaty and greasy enough to get me out the door and to work and not think about food for many hours. Thanks SPAM lite!
351530351530B001EQ5NIIA1JR2IUFFVBE84East Coast Reader4451312502400I must admit it is delicious... Great for camping!I hadn't had Spam since I was a kid - at least 25 years. My mother had lived in Hawaii, where it is a very common food (even in restaurants) and used to feed it to us on occasion. I remember liking it in the same way I enjoy fried ham and bacon.

Still, as an adult, the idea of most canned meat just revolted me, not to mention the fact that within most of the US culture Spam is associated with poverty. I recently got the idea to buy some when we were about to go camping in a remote location with no electricity or running water. I didn't want to only eat peanut butter sandwiches and cup o' noodles - I wanted something heartier, and canned foods are the way to go! While camping, I made a "spam hash" - spam cut into tiny pieces and cooked in olive oil along with some canned diced potatoes. On a cold morning, along with some coffee, it really hit the spot.

I now keep a few cans in my cupboard, and eat it at home at times. I think the key for people who don't like Spam, or who are trying it for the first time, is to cut it into thin slices and fry it until crispy. The texture of uncooked Spam is somewhat spongy and paste-like at the same time. This can turn a lot of people off. If you fry thick slices, the slices will still remain quite soft, even if the outside is crispy. The uninitiated (as well as many of the initiated) would probably love Spam if it were cooked until crispy all the way through - hence the need for thin slices. You end up with something hearty and delicious, like thick bacon. With a fried egg, or some hashbrowns, it makes a delicious breakfast.

I'm not advocating consumption of Spam on a regular basis. Even the lite version is relatively high in fat and sodium. But, that's no different from bacon, another item to be enjoyed on occasion but not every day.

If you genuinely don't like Spam, that's fine. Not everyone likes every food. But if you put it down because everyone thinks it's for "poor people," then I suggest that you stop caring so much what other people think, and eat it if you will enjoy it. The number of people who will eat any number of other processed foods but will disparage Spam is high.
351531351531B001EQ5NIIA3PCEG8ZMW93DNStarrphyre5641248825600SPAM Lite, 12-Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)What in the world can be said about Spam? Lite is best without so much grease. When camping on a mountain, I came up with this idea: I slice it, brown it in a skillet, and dump a can of baked beans on top of it and heat. Served with slaw and cornbread, makes a real "down home" and satisfying meal. Tasty and easy!
351532351532B001EQ5NIIAA9TG7K2F1V9SA. Wong5751250985600spam haters begoneThere are two types of people in the world - those who love Spam, and those who've never tried it.
351533351533B001EQ5NIIAFCEGAZT488ERkitchen helper0051343952000Easy chewing SpamSpam in all its varieties is easy on the gums, easy on the teeth, and easy on the budget....A successful choice for every recipe...and every age group....great mashed up in pancakes of all kinds..or wrapped in your favorite fresh greens,or stuffed into your favorite fruits and vegetables, cooked or out of the can...served with a topping or condiment...effortless meals, great tasting and super nutrition..
351534351534B001EQ5NIIA2DU9MAU2P97FRBarbara A. Mcelveen "Bobbye"0051341878400YUMMY!Haven't eaten Spam in ages...this was excellent! Bought it for hurricane season but I think it might be gone way before storm season is over.
351536351536B001EQ5NIIA31RK6E8NXM452C. J. "C. J."0051327968000Healthier is good!!!!I have also always liked Spam and when I found this Lite version, super! I cube it for omelets, slice it for sandwiches, add it to bean soup!!!! Try it you'll like it!
351537351537B001EQ5NIIAZJ4V2EVSLG27J. Marty "Gadget Man!"0051325635200Ordered for co-workers who love spam!I'm not a huge spam fan but when you fry it and mix it with eggs it's pretty good and on amazon it beats sams club prices by as much as 5 dollars a six pack with free shipping!!
351538351538B001EQ5NIIA3NMSAKV0RRIDDoppa0051324684800Good price deal!!The shipment arrived earlier than expected.
The package was well packed and no damage at all.
I love this special price offer.
Thank you
351539351539B001EQ5NIIA6VQL83HD5M8DB. Dao0051324252800Good !!!!Instant food to have for your quick meals.
Will buy again when this discount price offered
This special SPAM has less salt and less fat
351540351540B001EQ5NIIA1N2ML8ATV49RBJonathan0041303257600Like it better than regular SPAMSure, this stuff is still about as valuable to your good health as eating lard sandwiches, but the flavor is good and "Spammy", and very noticeably less salty/fatty as regular SPAM. Fries up nice with eggs, or great as a sandwich. Still has a nice "hamish" taste, but the added chicken lightens things up for folks who prefer this, all the while with a less than Dead Sea kick of NaCl. It's O-TAY by me.

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