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351601351601B000UXVIYOA1IUCELN43MEZ4Ryan Turner0051313625600Great for FerretThis isn't quite the standard use for rice, but my ferret absolutely loved this stuff. It's a great deal on product that just works - my ferret would dig through the rice for about an hour before he got tired. The rice absorbed a lot of smell, neutralizing it. It is sized perfectly so he never has issues with it getting in his mouth or nose, despite throwing his face in it.

All in all, a great product with an unconventional use. The rice looked so appetizing that I was tempted to steal a bit away for me to eat!
351602351602B000UXVIYOA13PRL6D3KE38TSpazzled0051310256000Scrumptious!I was not disappointed when I first sampled this rice. The lovely fragrance of the rice alone when I opened the bag was worth every dime. It cooks beautifully in our rice cooker and retains that lovely, nutty flavor that's characteristic of jasmine rice. The texture is perfect, no mushiness, perfect amount of clinging. This is the exact rice that I remember eating in Thailand. Me and my hubby have already gone through half of it - and I will buy more as soon as we run out. Which will be soon!
351603351603B000UXVIYOA8PTA9BBON9ORZlasher0051308528000Rice reviewThe rice is very good, not sticky, simple to cook and clean, very nice taste and absolutely great for its price!
351604351604B000UXVIYOA33HK4D0LH07C4amarirs "mk"0211333929600Too many dead bugs!Would not recommend this. Found too many dead bugs! Very old stock probably.
Protein I did not ask for! One of the dangers of buying food items sight unseen!
351605351605B000UXVIYOA2ITJIFVTAYC6BAlex2811313884800Someting apart from the description!Product Description says:
"It can be substituted for domestic long grained rices for an aromatic touch and special flavor; An aromatic rice"

I would say that:

1. It is a short grained rice!
2. Neither Fragrant nor Aromatic!
3. No flavor or taste at all!
4. You can find better "Basmati" rice in every local Costco for one third of this price!
351606351606B0042ROG02A1MXVD5HPL1VLALovesPugs1151326326400Great for pugs..My 10-year old pug loves Buddy Biscuits. He is allergic to most products that contain chicken. The duck flavor is his favorite. The price is good, as this is for a pack of 4. The biscuits are really soft, but do have a strong odor. I recommend storing biscuits in a plastic container or glass jar to keep fresh and eliminate the odor.
351607351607B0042ROG02A3A60Q42DB0ARVSarah0051342569600My dog Loves these treats the most!!!I have a dog who barks a lot and we have been training him not to bark as much by using the "Quiet" command and giving him a treat every time he is quiet (first we conditioned him before he barked by saying "quiet and giving him a treat every time we said that word - now when we say that word he immediately stops whatever he is doing and looks for a treat).

Treats we have used in the past were good but because they were dry, they weren't as stinky and didn't get his attention during one of his barking rants. These treats are soo stinky and my dog loves them!

I love them because they are easy to break up into 10+ pieces for training since they are soft. Also, compared to most other snacks they are healthy with duck meat being the first ingredient. Although I wouldn't consider these treats to be the healthiest you can get, they are certainly not the unhealthiest. We use the duck flavor because my dog has diarrhea when he has chicken, beef, or salmon and these work well for him.
351608351608B0042ROG02A3MRU170ITZLVQRoxy "Roxy"0051335398400Great price, and they are fresh tooGreat price, and they are fresh too. I've ordered some other products in bulk, and they were stale. So, I was thrilled when I re-ordered this prodcut and it was fresh. I usually order the chicken ones, but I went off of someone's review and ordered the duck ones. My dog likes the duck better. Great price and I'm happy that they are very fresh and flexible. So, they are good for a dog who has only a few teeth or has problem chewing. You can also break them into smaller pieces.
351609351609B0042ROG02A14PHAEE6FE0ZJDoxie Lover "TB"0051335398400Perfect for dogs with allergies!My dachshund is allergic to certain proteins so duck treats are one of the only kind she can have. She had five teeth extracted last year so I've been looking for softer duck treats which seem to be very hard to find. A friend brought over a bag of these for Christmas and Chile loved them! I've been buying them in bulk on Amazon ever since!
351610351610B0042ROG02A1FOTLXVYQWPKGN Zee0051316908800Great soft treats for my older dogMy grumpy Chi loves soft treats and this is her favorite. I'm glad I can buy them on line and have it sent to my home so that she will never run out of them.
351611351611B002HFNEBIA17K3QXRVXM60Cposey0041338422400Great teaThis tea is great to serve guests that dont care so much for caffeine or even tea lovers. it was affordable on amazon compared to our local stores. i would definately recommend it for anyone looking for an anytime cup of tea
351612351612B004K6AU9QA2MYXP6DTCLKKUJulie N0041343260800Delicious Bread not perfectly suited for breadmaker
351613351613B00427Q6VOA1PCZXJ3YPG5JJT. Parker "DiscDogShayne"3351336608000Good quality Bully SticksThe vendor I normally purchase my bully sticks from was out of teh 6" extra thick variety that I use for my two dogs so I had to find a new source. I was really pleased with this product when I got it. The sticks were certainly thicker than normal sticks and I felt I definitely got the quality I was looking for--not surprisingly, the dogs love them. If I freeze them, I can get 15 minutes from my border collie mix 34lbs and maybe 25 from my whippet/cattle dog 29lbs.

These do have a moderately strong odor but I'm not bothered at all by it.
351614351614B00427Q6VOA3NC3LUU7V73SXrumkat2251338249600Truly jumboSo great to find a bully stick that lives up to the name "jumbo." Highly recommend for vigorous chewers and those who make kindling out of regular bully sticks.
351615351615B00427Q6VOA1AM1TSQ4DI6AQJames White1151342828800Jumbo extra thick Bully sticks on AmazonThe Bully sticks were just as advertised......6" Jumbo and extra thick. My dog loves them!
We had previously ordered some other Bully sticks and when they arrived, we were disappointed in the quality (almost pencil-thin).
These Jumbo extra thick bully sticks are perfect and we will order more!
351616351616B00427Q6VOAFPEYG0ITW4HXDolly0041350604800Great Chew PowerMy dog loved the bully sticks, and they were thick enough to give him plenty of chew time. They did smell, though, so be prepared. Don't let your dog leave these bully sticks on your bed or couch!
351617351617B00427Q6VOA24F8PIBENFKGMG. Erlich "Lifexplorer"0031350000000Stinky, Size Matters = Could be Just a 10 Minute TreatOK, I read the other reviews and understood that it would smell, and I agree - they are stinky and messy - I highly suggest that this be an outside the home treat. Originally I wrote this review after giving the male pup , a 65 lbs. 6 mos. old Dogo Argentino, one, which he devoured in 10 minutes flat. However, I had to come back to edit this review as today I gave both he and his sister one. This 55 pounder took 30 minutes to finally finish hers, which is fantastic. I guess that for voracious eaters this isn't much more than a 10 minute treat, but for others it's a good deal. I'm split down the middle because of this, which is why it's a 3 star rating.

PS. I envision Jumbo Extra Thick being much thicker as I feel that regular size must be pencil skinny.
351618351618B0035N287WA2QPF7DXA96JJZKimberly0051321920000Sohgave! Premium Blue AgaveI love this Agave. I use it in my green tea. I ran out one day and used regular sugar. It was not the same. This sweetener has a slight caramel flavor that I've grown to love. My husband uses it in his coffee. The caramel flavor enhances the flavor of our tea/coffee. The item was shipped promptly. I will definitely order again.
351619351619B001EPPIPWAX1TZ6ID4FRFPjimmy l. campbell1151290729600deliciosoi have ordered this product for the past 8 years, and it is without a doubt the best chowder of any type that i have ever tasted. it is also the easiest to prepare.
351620351620B001EPPIPWA31P67JZAC2FZ2gusscott "gusscott"1151197763200Best Chowder aroundwe drive for miles to a small shop on Virginia's eastern shore to buy the seabear chowder. it is really tasty, with plenty of salmon and other great ingredients. now that i have found it on Amazon, we will be ordering it on line (at a great price savings too)
351621351621B001EPPIPWAV2UQKLI45XBRJohn D. Farr "Johnbbq"0051346976000The finest seafood soup in AmericaThis SeaBear Salmon soup is not only a staple in our home, we serve it to company often. It comes in a sealed foil packet that requires NO refrigeration.
It is the best tasting seafood soup on the market. You need to mix it with milk or half and half--we keep special milk products on hand in case of emergency to have for this soup. We have it sent for regular delivery via Amazon to our home so we NEVER run out of this marvelous product. Many friends are doing the same thing with this SeaBear Salmon Chowder
351622351622B001EPPIPWA3PHZD00OUSELJDudley F. Wynkoop "Dudley"0041270944000Very good chowder...It's a good item to have in the pantry for a rainy day.
351623351623B001EPPIPWA2CBWRE182BNJ7maya's mama0051255478400Love it!I found this to be a great, quick meal. I grew up in a fishing town in Alaska and am always looking for good salmon. I love salmon and enjoy it in just about any form! The previous reviewer could have donated it to me! :) As I'm told, not everyone shares the love for salmon that I do because of its strong flavor. I say, more for me.

Actually, my expectations for this salmon chowder were low because I'm kind of a salmon snob and didnt expect a pouch to deliver much. I was pleasantly surprised that it was full of flavor and creamy.

If you are use to any ol' farmed Atlantic salmon, you may not share the same appreciation for pure wild Alaska salmon. Since this chowder is made with smoked salmon, the flavor is understandably more intense. If you're like me and hankerin' for a taste of home, you could do a lot worse. The pouches make it a convenient pantry staple when salmon care packages from home arent possible.
351624351624B001EPPIPWA3AZXQ4KT6UOTOPeter G. Coulis0041215820800salmon 'chanted eveningI have had two of the chowder packs so far and they are pretty good!!
I added a bit of rice to the second pack after heating it, and it added just the right touch!! I have not as yet had the salmon filet, but I'm looking forward to it!!
351625351625B001EPPIPWA35Q0RBM3YNQNFM. Hill1311228608000Almost Inedible Mystery Fish SoupThis "chowder" is simply dreadful and although I made an effort to eat it, eventually gave up and threw the first batch out. I am planning on donating the rest to a food bank, and feel mildly guilty subjecting anyone else to this slop. I am shocked that this is presented as something edible -- and it is expensive enough that the expectation of a good tasting soup with a noticeable amount of smoked salmon isn't unreasonable. There is precious little salmon -- it is mostly mystery fish chunks and a few potatoes. I used regular milk, not cream, in the amount stated on the packet and it was very watery with little substance. It was decidedly fishy in an extremely unpleasant way, and my husband and I both felt nauseous after consuming the small amount we ate before tossing it. Save your money.
351626351626B001EPPIPWA36159WU2F46RMPamela Ann2511196812800Absolutely AWFUL!Where do I start? This soup is HORRIFIC! I bought 4 pouches to send to my father for Christmas, but decided I had better sample 1 pouch prior to shipping to him (since I had never tried this product before). I love all of the ingredients it says is in this soup, so had high expectations of the flavor, consistency, etc. However, to say I was disappointed is an under-statement!!! The soup contained maybe 10 pieces of yucky-tasting potatoes (I hope that's what they were..hard to tell), and only a few shards of salmon, if that. The entire mixture had a "fishy" taste to it..not fresh, and not much like "salmon". It was watery, flavorless (except for the harsh "fishy" taste, already mentioned) and very difficult to eat. I had to throw out the entire pot.
351627351627B0026RHUOYA2TBBI5P3UCO52J81111298073600Not a good dealConsidering you can get 105 oz for $76 at Costco, this is not a good deal. You are only getting 75oz and you are paying much more.
351628351628B0026RHUOYA1HFQ956W3D5VGNathan Arthur1151288656000Baby loves thisThis was the first formula we tried, and our baby liked it, so we've stuck with it. Note that the name has recently changed from "Premium Lipil" to just "Premium", so a lot of stores look like they are out of stock even though they aren't.
351629351629B0026RHUOYA3K1YKTUIUXH26GL0011341187200bad dealthis is not a good deal at all. i can go to a local grocery store and get the exact same thing, and the exact same amount it ounces and cans, and only pay 79 dollars. Also dont have to wait for it!
351630351630B0026RHUOYA166D35G0S3DVQLiv0051340236800Great product!Just like buying from the store. Great product & was on sale! I will be looking for as many deals as I can find on this product...

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