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351631351631B0026RHUOYA2CMETDVOVHXYZModern Dayhippy "moderndayhippy"0051339545600Baby Thriving on ThisBaby is doing very well on this formula. I'm happy to say that it is non binding (does not cause constipation), non staining, and seems to be gentle on baby's stomach as well. We have tried 2 other formulas that were organic, because I was hoping to go the organic route. But 1 of them caused severe constipation, and the other slight constipation. So this has been our go to formula.

Someone else had posted ingredients that are no longer correct, so I will post the new ingredients here. - Nonfat milk, lactose, vegetable oil (palm olein, coconut, soy, and high oleic sunflower oils), whey protein concentrate, galactooligosaccharides*, polydextrose*, and less than 1%: mortierella alpina oil**, crypthecodinium cohnii oil+, calcium carbonate, potassium citrate, ferrous sulfate, potassium chloride, magnesium oxide, sodium chloride, zinc sulfate, cupric sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium selenite, soy lecithin, choline chloride, ascorbic acid, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, vitamin A palmitate, vitamin B12, vitamin D3, riboflavin, thiamin hydrochloride, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, folic acid, vitamin K1, biotin, inositol, vitamin E acetate, nucleotides (cytidine 5-monophosphate, disodium uridine 5-monophosphate, adenosine 5-monophosphate, disodium guanosine 5-monophosphate), taurine, L-carnitine.

*A type of prebiotic.
** A source of arachidonic acid (AHA)
+ A source of docosahexenoic acid (DHA)
351632351632B0026RHUOYA3QOAAIMHQXOAXButterFlyBaby0051327190400Shopping Options are GREAT :)I bought this for my great nieces baby, & got a ''very good price'' for this item from this seller. We were all pleased. Nice to know there are other options for shopping to save. :)
351633351633B0026RHUOYA34Z4PU2VOFGFQEden Waters2451275264000convenient!Love that I can order this online in bulk and it show up at my doorstep!
Super helpful for a busy Mom :-)
351634351634B0026RHUOYA1KZUS62XHQ3UBPat2451268438400Great product!This formula is reasonably priced and it's great to be able to order it in bulk right online and delivered to my door!
351635351635B0026RHUOYA1N9GJ9TY9RTOVJessica M. Sloan "Family Physician & Mom"1341288310400Love that it comes to my doorThis is a good price for this formula. I am happy to find it online so I can order it rather than having to buy it more expensively at the grocery store or take the time to go to Sam's Club. It's just regular Enfamil formula. Good quality formula, but breastmilk is best, of course.
351636351636B001LQZOZSA3088G02JNAVZ7J. Quinto6651281744000Super yum, and SUPER POWERS!!! :)Sent for this after reading some info on its benefits. Wasn't sure if I was being duped for another old-wive's-tale or not.

Taste was really good, but did take some getting used to since it did have a lot of the plant/flower taste left.

If you think sucking down all of those cups of coffee is carrying you through your day, ditch 'em and try a spoonful of this in a cup of tea- you'll not only be ALIVE, but it will laste for quite some time- like... one cup and a few hours later you'll be wondering, "why am I so on fire today?!" ... like I did. :)

Really wish that I still had this around, but unfortunately the giant ant hill that is San Diego took this as its prisoner- I forgot to screw the lid on all the way one night and woke up to find a small universe of ants swarming the entire container, inside and out.

Will be ordering again, and again.
351637351637B0000VABYEA22ZU9SPWSU4D1Richard L Brewster0121082937600Black Cherry GumTook along time getting here about 2 1/2 weeks to get here but it is a good product. Shipping was just slow.
351638351638B005BD7TNWA2FDF1AC8RQ752Darkroom Diva1151334966400It IS heavenly!I love granola and I love chocolate. Combining the two was a stroke of genius! The granola is absolutely fabulous. If I could find a way to remove most of the calories, I would eat it every day (at least once)! I highly recommend this product. Enjoy!
351639351639B003FOSRTEA2063PGBVLB18ZMariaA370031316131200I like Mrs. MaysI love the apple and pear chips so I thought I'd try the pineapple. They're OK, but there's some hard pieces in it that aren't in the pears, apples, or strawberries, so if you have sensitive teeth, you might want to be careful. If you like pineapple, you'll like these.
351640351640B003NHXQ6WAOY6MHTS66YMWScott Carpentier0031333497600I think the product was good, but they didn't survive the delivery.They were eatable, but very 'crummy'. This is NOT the sellers fault. They were packaged very well. I think the problem would be the way they were handled by the USPS/UPS/FEDEX. But it sure didn't affect the taste!
351641351641B0052UERB6A1HQH7SOK2RAQ3Dan L.0051314230400Small Treats - Great Product!This is a great product that we use for training purposes with our 3 dogs. It is also perfect for a little treat before bed. Recommend highly.
351642351642B0000E2Y9MA3CMIS26R6ZT37Q. Luong "Q.L."0021228003200Different WrapperThe wrapper shown is not the exact one we received. Tangy candy tastes ok.
351643351643B0000VABYOA5KVTBI8FA961Houston Guy "Daniel Hughes"0021349827200Hard And Broken Gumball EyesI received the order promptly and several of the eyes were broken. They were very hard and brittle. The taste of the gum was OK but it was plain to see that these were very old. I would not purchase again.
351644351644B0000VABYOA2EDNVRZN6NB7VKimberly D. Burke "serialmom"0031183939200What's that in your eye?The eye balls are great to look at but the taste really isn't all that good. Not bad; Not good! Still,. . . Cool!
351645351645B000F6WPLQA1ZPY91VE3IDN1J. Offenbach121251231372800Yummy, ready to eat and shareThe first package of Kasilof smoked salmon I bought was several years ago and it was not good at all, the fish fell apart in chunks when the sealed foil bag was opened. I contacted the company and during our discussion, realized the foil package had been unsealed in it's cellophane wrapped cardboard box. They could have sent me back to the store, but instead replaced the product and shipped it in two days. This package contained delicious smoked salmon in a nice solid filet which was savored with great gusto. Because we had spent a week on the Kenai peninsula a few years back fishing for salmon in a fishing hole in Homer, this fish reminded us of those days. Since this first filet, we have enjoyed the salmon on many occasions, also sharing it as gifts. I personally do not care if it arrives in a box or the sturdy cardboard which I purchased this week. The fish inside is the same -- flavorful, moist, not bad nutritionally, and perfect for more than one meal if you can find the 24 ounce filet which is our favorite. Wild salmon, salt and brown sugar are the only ingredients in this product and I'm all in favor of wild fish with no colorings or preservatives added. It's great plain and simple, in hot pasta, as a fish spread or a cold salad. Must buy more when it's on sale!
351646351646B000F6WPLQA2V7BNFQRNSU5OSalmon Lover101051212969600Kasilof Alder Smoked Salmon -- EXCELLENTThe smoked salmon was the best I have had since visiting the Seattle area. Plenty to share with friends. I am definitely ordering again and would highly recommend to others.
351647351647B000F6WPLQA1C20AE3RW4X00P. Park8851202428800Great smoked SalmonThe Kasilof Fish Company smoked salmon was moist, tender and flavorful. If you like this kind of fish you should try it. The price is hard to beat, too.
351648351648B000F6WPLQA3QX06FASM6U5Richard Lemmon4451280620800Delicious & smokeyI went to a brunch earlier this summer and someone served smoked salmon on bagels with cream cheese. That brunch started me on my quest for a nice smoked salmon. I found Kasilof's Smoked Salmon on Amazon and gave it a try. Friends came for drinks and I served the salmon with crackers and cheese. I went back 3 times to fill the salmon on the plate until it was gone. It's one of those things that once you start, you can't stop eating it.

Quality - The Salmon holds it shape nicely in the packaging and there is minimal water in the package. When you open it, just stand near the sink and drain the small amount of liquid down the drain.

Price - Smoked Salmon is going to be a pricier purchase by nature. The quality and taste of this salmon was well worth it. I have come back and purchased it at least 3 more times and will continue to do so.
351649351649B000F6WPLQA24753K0LR1HP1C. Tabony4451271980800Great holiday giftThis product was not quite what I was expecting. It is just my own ignorance, but I assumed that smoked salmon would be lox or close to it. This salmon is more like gravlax (cured salmon with salt and sugar) but fully cooked.

It is excellent with no qualifications. It strikes an amazing balance between having strong flavors but still tasting light and delicate. There is a little sweetness beyond the normal salmon flavor, but with added depth from the smoking. Again, very well balanced with no specific flavor knocking you over the head. The fish is of consistent quality through out the piece.

I didn't read the included recipes but did try a few of my own. It can easily overwhelm other flavors so use a modest amount if you don't want that. It is nice as a lox alternative on a bagel with cream cheese - again use sparingly. Great in egg scramble or omelet. Experiment a little before making anything big.

Due to the price and packaging I think this would make an ideal holiday gift.

The box it comes in is attractive and I am sure we will find a new use for it.
351650351650B000F6WPLQA2G4FIZBEQLRAWRussell N. Ortiz4451241222400Excellent QualityComes vacuum packed in a foil package (inside wooden box). Flavor is excellent and really couldn't be better.
351651351651B000F6WPLQA2X69QS17MAPDRSkeptical Buyer2221296950400Strong Smoke Flavored Cooked SalmonI increased this rating to 2 stars because the product was edible, the wood packaging is beautiful, and considering the number of 5 star reviews, it is apparent that others found this salmon satisfactory.
My family and I are used to and prefer cured salmon that's closer to Lox which I make myself sometimes. This product appears to be cooked by heat or smoking and has a real strong smoke flavor. Unfortunately because of this no one in my family would eat this product.
351652351652B000F6WPLQA26O91DXB6SA2OR. Breton1151261526400Smoked Salmon ReviewThe item was shipped quickly and in perfect condition. I am very satisfied with this order/company and would order this product again. I would also recommend it. Thanks for the speedy delivery.
351653351653B000F6WPLQAUSO5VHC6IMFJA. Gift For You "Cynthia"2311289606400Displeased with productAs a Native American who is from Seattle, I was excited to try this well-reviewed product. It is a great disappointment. There were about 3 ounces of liquid as part of the weight for which we paid so dearly. The flavor was watery and fishy with a faintly salty hint of smokiness. Did I receive a bad batch? Whatever shall we do with the additional unopened package? It was intended as a gift... Maybe I will give it to the cats for Christmas.
351654351654B000F6WPLQABDS2RQ1WHJ1DN. Lobo "NL"0011332374400$20 for canned salmon with a smokey flavor in a fancy boxI should have paid more attention to the 1 and 2 star reviews. I can only assume the 5 star reviewers are fools who have never had proper smoked salmon or lox. This stuff comes with a couple of ounces of liquid, tastes like and has the consistently of canned salmon with smokey flavor which is available at any large grocery store for $4.

It is dry, stiff/flaky, not meaty-soft-smooth. I believe the salmon costs $4, the box costs $8, and the rest is profit. Amazon should get this garbage off their site or relabel this product as smoky-canned-salmon in a vacuum packed bag shipped in a fancy box.

Private selection salmon at kroger costs just as much per ounce and is proper smoked salmon or lox. This stuff is dog or cat food and fit for the garbage bin. Save your money or flush it down the toilet.
351655351655B000F6WPLQABU98BOOQ0EVGYacht Guy0011324512000Not what you might expectIf you want a nice wooden display case to store old drill bits in or maybe some rocks than at best this is what your paying for.
I eat Smoked Alder mackeral, Turkey and salmon from my local smoke house in Fl. and they were shut down for maint so I thought what the heck I'll give this a try & boy was I in for a shock! Nasty meily soft and smelly best describes this product. Couldnt get the smell out of the kitchen for a few hours. Dont waste your $$ might as well go to your local store and buy a can of Salmon for 2.95 and feed this glop to your cat if he'll eat it!
351656351656B004QQ82M2A9BI0IZ8V7JV8blasley6711331251200DisappointingWe were very disappointed in this extract. It took way too much extract to get any kind of taste to our root beer and when we did get the taste, it wasn't pleasing. We emailed Cooks to give them a chance to tell us if this was normal for their product or if we got a bad batch. They chose not to respond at all. I certainly would not recommend this company or their products to anyone.
351657351657B004QQ82M2AXQ785QK1JXR1Jeannette Bober3351318291200Great Product!The extract arrived on time for me to make my root beer float cupcakes. They came out perfect. I would definitely use Cook's brand again.
351658351658B004QQ82M2AG7YQ6C2RWN2LJoe0051334793600Great tastingUsed this to make a batch of homemade root beer with the kids. I force carbonated in the keg since bottle carbonating sounded too dicey. They loved it and we will do that again!
351659351659B002JH2NN4A2LWYTOFGA64ZLChris "Chris"0051309046400Nice option to haveLike others have stated, this isn't the hottest sauce you'd use. But I think it's a good option to have in your hot sauce collection. It's a very runny sauce that can come out quickly. But it doesn't have a flavor like other sauces I have. I've used it on many dishes and occasionally prefer this sauce to other options like Dave's Insanity. Surprisingly it can pack a nice little punch so don't let the color fool you.
351660351660B0051NHO1YA1ILMDO2212ZZ9I <3 Electronix "I <3 Electronix"0051325030400Tastes like standard pasta, the kids can't tell the differenceThis pasta tastes good. If you are going to eat pasta, why not get the most out of anything you eat and not just empty carbs? This is a good product.

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