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351691351691B002BFXYNCA2DPYMNI2HCIOIAngela Evans1141313280000consistency is a bit thin, decent chocolate flavoring, good in smoothiesOf all the non-dairy chocolate beverages, I like Silk Chocolate Soymilk Natural, 8-Ounce Aseptic Cartons (Pack of 18) the best with So Delicious Coconut Milk Chocolate Flavor, 8-Count (Pack of 2) being second. Pacific's hazelnut non-dairy beverage is my third favorite.

This product is sufficiently tasty, but seems to have a water-like consistency. The cocoa powder is mixed in so you don't get lumps of grainy powder in your glass (sometimes, so delicious coconut milk chocolate has this problem). There is a faint hint of hazelnuts but the chocolate is more pronounced than the hazelnuts.

I frequently use this product with PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter - 85% Less Fat and Calories - 6.5 Oz to make chocolate peanut butter smoothies as a delicious, healthful treat.

I recommend this product for those that are seeking a very good non-dairy chocolate flavored beverage.
351692351692B002BFXYNCA36WGHR8TO5DKTGoldwave "shopper"0051346716800The Best Chocolate Pseudo-Milk I've TriedI think that chocolate and hazelnuts combined are awesome, so I surely would like this product. I've tried pretty much every variant of pseudo-milks, and I think this one is the best chocolate one I've tried. Not that the others are bad; they aren't. But this one has some superior qualities. The flavor is great, and you can taste the hazelnuts; it's not just a syrupy sweet chocolate taste. Also, the body of this beverage is lighter and more delicate than similar products. It still is rich and creamy, but I think a big improvement overall. I also find that this product is more satiating and refreshing than the others. I haven't tried it hot, nor have I tried cooking with it yet; but I think both would offer great possibilities.
351693351693B002BFXYNCA2UMEACOXTVSCWD. Buss0051345161600To make a fantastic iced mocha...I use an 8oz carton of chocolate hazelnut milk with about 4oz of cold brewed coffee concentrate (made with a Toddy) shaken with about a cup of ice cubes. So simple and delicious.
351694351694B002BFXYNCA2QUMRZ6MP66DNwolfbinary0051345161600very tasty treatI tried third product locally first after I saw it here. Its cheaper and more convenient in these small juice boxes.
351695351695B002BFXYNCA1PQPF9XBN34ANJMason0051344470400Chocolate Dream!Finally a great chocolate milk substitute I can drink. I do not like soy products....just don't. I've tried and tried to like them but no luck. Hazelnut chocolate beverage is not only nutritious, it is great!!!! And I mean GREAT! First day I received my shipment I drank 4 of them. Thank you Pacific Natural Foods for such a great product!
351696351696B002BFXYNCA3S3VSXEFXBMRCN. Chernyavskaya0051344470400Uh-Oh!WOW, I love this drink! But I am not buying at anymore, because I just can't help drinking it all right away. So yummy!
351697351697B002BFXYNCA1FHCM1A21BM1Fhealthfreak0051334793600best hazel nut milk!I have been purchasing this hazel nut milk for almost a year and there is never a problem in the quality of the product. I drink them every morning and it is very easy to just take one to work, school, gym, etc.
351698351698B002BFXYNCA2POBYA8R9ZG6EC. Hall0051332374400Yum!I buy this beverage for my son to pack in school lunches. He loves it! It packs and stores well and tastes delicious.
351699351699B002BFXYNCA8VIXCFJNCJEIecomama "ecomama"0051312329600Yummy and Healthy!This is the best option to chocolate milk and half the sugar as most organic boxed chocolate milk. My kids love this as well as I!
351700351700B002BFXYNCAKYMNY4SLBVGEMeredith Whitt0051306800000Awesome ProductThe chocolate flavor is very good. It tastes very close to chocolate milk and my 4 year old son absolutely loves it. The drink boxes are very portable and fit nicely into a lunchbox or a small cooler. You don't have to keep the milk cold but it tastes better if it is.
351701351701B002BFXYNCA3ETAFY5D4I3X5Kate1251294876800Best "milk" drink for GFCFSF kids, LOVE it!My son who is 4 1/2 and GFCFSF LOVES this drink. It has calcium, some protein and comes in singe serve packs, as well as larger containers. It is a must at our house, and with Subscribe and Save is very reasonable. It really is yummy!
351702351702B002BFXYNCA1IHZZG0WP4EHVFiliz0151348704000SuperMy daughter cannot have cow's milk, so this is the only milk she drinks. She loves it! It tastes like runny nutella, and has the same amount of sugar as 2% cow's milk.
351703351703B002BFXYNCA2NWW05920OYOPTedi0141308009600Delicious non dairy, soy free drinkThis beverage is delicious and creamy but I wish that it could be lower in calories and sweetened with something other than cane juice.
351704351704B0029K0UR2A867X78IJFE8HCG0051343088000Warehouse deal comes and goes.The item shipped as individual boxes of 4" sticks rather than the long sticks.
Item was very fresh, but I prefer the original flavor rather than the mild.
I couldn't pass up on the warehouse clearance price. If this item comes back in stock, I will purchase again for the incredible cheap price.
351705351705B0029K0UR2A2MUGFV2TDQ47KLynrie "Oh HELL no"01213328928004 Greasy Slim Jim Minis per Pack - Dog Loves 'emThese were to be my guilty pleasure; haven't had a Slim Jim in years. The "mechancally separated chicken" as the 2nd ingredient is a little bit unappetizing in light of the "pink slime" enlightenment. They also contain wheat and soy. These are much greasier than I remember, so my dog got to sample them. My fur-baby loves them and will get the rest of the minis for treats.
351706351706B000RY6VKCA19UQNM5YMAHMHJakki0051284163200Like mushrooms? Wait til you try mushroom pasta!Initially I found this product elsewhere and enjoyed it so much was willing to wait for it when Amazon said they'd email me when it became available. When they notified me I purchased 3 bags, it's that good. This mushroom infused pasta is fantastic, smokey and bold in flavor, light but not delicately so. I just drizzled it with garlic olive oil, sprinkled with a zesty cheese, and voila! dinner is ready.
351707351707B000RY6VKCA2MBEWOIPIXQ14Ishtar0051283558400Wonderful pastaThis is my favorite pasta. I get it at a local specialty store for the same price (minus the shipping). I was looking to get it from Amazon because all packages gets snatched very fast when they come in. Apparently I'm not the only one who loves this pasta.

I prepare it with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Note: Keep your cooking water for use in stews and other dishes, it's very fragrant and absolutely delicious.
351708351708B000RY6VKCA3EE88UYGWUSSTS. Rider "militant atheist"1411243987200Contains Wheat, Not Gluten FreeThis product is made from Durum Wheat, wheat contains gluten, this product is *NOT* gluten free. If you have celiac disease and you eat this product you will regret it very much very quickly.

You may be looking at this product because you searched for gluten free pasta. This product is not gluten free. It may be very nice pasta for people who are able to eat wheat, I'd be the last to know.
351709351709B004VLVCI8A3DN8Z4WT8TRS3Oatmeal Daft2251346112000Real Scottish OatmealI am a Scottish man living in America. Grandson of an Oatmeal Miller so I know a little bit about Oatmeal. This is genuine Scottish style Oatmeal ground between two stones to make a rough flour. What Americans call oatmeal isn't oatmeal its flaked oats.

I had been hunting for oatmeal for years as I far prefer porridge made with meal over the flaked oats. It has a nuttier flavour and a better texture. Then I found this and was delighted. I recommend it to lots of people. If you want genuine Scottish oatmeal porridge, only add a pinch of salt, no sugar and serve with separate cup of milk. Take a spoonful of oats and then dip into the milk to cool. fair braw.
351710351710B004VLVCI8A2VJ166RAHYPW0P. Rybolt1151311120000Not Exactly Porridge...This isn't exactly like the porridge that you find in Scotland but it is quite good. I've been searching for several months for the closest match to what you find in Scottish B and B's and this may be it. It cooks in 8 minutes (at very low temp) and it is important that you add the oatmeal to the boiling water slowly and while whisking. I also stir it at the halfway point to keep it moist and prevent scorching.
I usually eat it on some sort of breakfast cake that involves fruit, nuts and coconut so I don't add any extra sweetener. Just a dash of cinnamon.
351711351711B004VLVCI8A1R1HW4C4OEBRNFelina0051350345600A Favorite of MineThis is one of my favorite winter breakfasts. The texture is between that of oatmeal and oat bran, which is smooth and creamy. I add a little cinnamon and sweetner. Very tasty and fiber rich. I definitely recommend it.
351712351712B004VLVCI8A2YWEE8B7FNFAYM. Kelson "makelson"0051333756800The best oatmeal I have ever eatenI purchased this product because it was on a health food program and they featured it due to its high quality and good for your body. I have always liked oatmeal but it took time to prepare as I did not like the instant. I read the 'contents' of almost 100% of the food I buy as I have serious health issues. This particular product is pure and simple GROUND OATS. It is easy to prepare in a microwave (takes 4 min) or if you want to make a larger amounts (there is only me in my home) you can prepare it on the cooktop. I add only a small amount of sugar and about 1/4 cup of half and half and it is smooth and delisious. Sometimes I add fruit or nuts, not always as I love it plain. I intend to buy more when I finish what I purchased. Highly recommended.
351713351713B004VLVCI8A1XXAI5C7BZ3DICatherine Anderson0051332460800great stuffMy husband eats this every morning. Likes the consistency better than regular oatmeal. It also seems to make more in a serving than regular oatmeal. Bob's Red Mill products are very consistent in their milling so there is no question as to how the product will turn out. I find with regular oatmeal there is always a question of consistency even if you make the same every time.
351714351714B004VLVCI8A1SMC7STU25C0INicholas A. Cummings0041323043200Good, not specialLooks better and has a better texture than quick or instant oats. Takes much longer to cook than "old fasioned" rolled oats, with no obvious advantage in the final product. I'm glad I ordered it and expanded my horizons, but probably won't bother to do so again.
351715351715B004VLVCI8A1IAD5IW4KYVXOBear316 "Bear"0031309910400Eat your Oatmeal everyday!Any Oatmeal is good for you, this brand is not what I expected but it's OK for the price I paid. Played with the recipe a bit until I got the consistency I was looking for by simply adding regular rolled oats to the mix. I like this brand but I think I will purchase the steel cut oats next time.
351716351716B004VLVCI8AJ7UQ7GKAGB66Robert E Herald0131336694400Good product but instructions need workI like the taste of the product but had 2 large messes cuased by following the cooking instructions on the package.
351717351717B001IVQVSKAYYK6GSWP7GNVdan0051342310400best tea everI'm a serious tea drinker, and love this combination, macha + genmaicha = genmai matcha! This tea is so good it's become my daily and already am going to order another bag.
351718351718B0018CFN1KA1Q9F21FHNMBBVClaudia0041344729600Good product.My cats like it and I know the ingredients are healthy but I am switching back to PetGuard. PetGuard has never had recalls and Natuarl Balance seems to have a lot (usually their dry foods with venison). Still, I am not taking chances with my two cats. Other than the recall issue, the product is liked by my cats and the ingredients are healthy/ no by-products.
351719351719B0018CFN1KA31O1ZK0JN3RYElulu990051331424000my cats love it!My cats love this cat food. It is natural and healthy and contains no by products. I feel good serving this to my cats. My cat with IBS cam digest this easily with no diarrhea.
351720351720B0018CFN1KA2RUUSIKWUKAQ5T. Polk0051328832000Great Seller, Great FoodMy 16-1/2 year old cat has had inflammatory bowel disorder under control for about 3 years now with Natural Balance limited ingredient diet venison & green pea canned food, and a small dose of prednisolone every other day. She really enjoys it, and my other cat can eat the same food since it meets nutritional standards for all cats for daily use. I usually buy it from a pet store in my community, but this food is presently in short supply. The manufacturer has been without the venison for several weeks now. Natural Balance has handled the situation well, providing information to its customers on how long they expect to be unable to deliver the food. As a result, I was able to plan for my older cat and order enough of the food from several sources to get her through the shortage (unless it lasts longer than presently expected). Given her age and the veterinary condition, it might have saved her life if it enables me to avoid having to switch her to another food. All of the cans received were in good condition. They arrived on time. And the food was as advertised.

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