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351721351721B00423P420A2AAQQRM8CF8HMAnne M Celeste1151342396800Great Appetite EnhancersI have 3 Greyhounds that absolutely LOVE these turkey training oldest one is fussy and I used to cook fresh chicken breast to cut up on her food......she loves these just as much...take a few and shred then on her kibble and mix-up it up (yes, they all get some)...she barks to let me know she needs more put on her food...naturally, I oblige her....I figure I am saving money on this vs cost of fresh chicken breast plus no cooking, no clean-up and no refrigeration.....she has food allegies to anything with chicken, turkey or lamb by-products in it (believe me there is a lot of dog food out there with them in it). She also has pancreatitis (must eat low fat food)...these are low in fat (4%) as are the Buffalo Bites that she also likes a lot...all in all a really plus for her diet....found the trail mix as samples during a Meet & Greet at Dogs & Company in Columbia MD. Thanks Bravo for making this quality food product that can be used for more than training treats!
351722351722B00423P420A1C8X8NXUB7DEUTina Davis1151299801600Great sized treat for trainingI use treats for obedience and agility classes. I need a treat that is not crunchy, but chewy and capable of breaking up into small bits. This product is already a perfect training treat size, so I do not have to spend time cutting the pieces into soy bean sized bits. Have yet to see them in action but I am sure my pup will love them.
351723351723B00423P420A332IM0QC4GEQ4Phil Rizzo "Happy Handyman"0051344124800freeze dried treatBravo! Premium Freeze-Dried Training Treats for Dogs, Turkey flavor is my dogs favorite treat and it doesn't upset her stomach,
351724351724B00423P420A1QGO0Z8EDDIHQR. Peterson "richie"0051308960000100% Turkey!These treats are a bit on the expensive side but worth it. My dog absolutely loves them! She gets so excited when she sees the bag, like no other treats I've tried. She sits and lays down randomly when I hold the bag, hoping she will get a reward.
351725351725B002EY5TTWA1ZLNEHH81BC64Truth Seeker & Reader181851293408000Nutritious and satisfyingThis is dense tuna. I love it straight out of the can over salad greens, with a little olive oil, lemon juice, and capers. It is super high in omega-3s and just delicious. I have been eating this for years, and Amazon has a great deal on it. I am a student in a masters program (Physician Assistant) and always have cans of this in my locker for lunch in case I forget something. It has come in handy! It satisfies my hunger for hours because of all the protein and fat.

The taste is really strong, but that is what I like. Regarding the metallic taste, I have only tasted a metallic taste once and that was the unsalted variety. I have probably eaten 200 cans of this over the years and have only tasted that once. So I don't think it's a common problem.

I think this tuna is for someone who doesn't really want to have to add a bunch of stuff to it to make it palatable/taste good. It's a bit pricy, but well worth it for the convenience and nutritional value.

One thing to be cautious of is that if you want to put a lot of stuff in it, this might be a bit too salty for that. I find this pretty salty, but you'd have to judge yourself. I buy both the unsalted and the salted. If I'm making a tuna salad or tuna melts, I use the unsalted and add in salt to taste. Otherwise, I find it's too salty. Straight out of the can, though, the salted is the best way to go. :)
351726351726B002EY5TTWA1ZQI0ZOZ2AON9Honest Reviewer "James A. Dobson"242751276819200Less Tuna per can, but a much better buy now!I was a very long-time loyal buyer of Wild Planet of Minimal Mercury Wild Troll-Caught Albacore Tuna until Wild Planet decided to eliminate the minimal mercury tuna and simultaneously cut the size of their can from 6oz to 5oz.

The surprising and very good news is that they also cut the price from $27 to $16. So the price actually went down from $4.50 per can to $2.67 per can. That brought the price per oz down from $0.77/oz to $0.55/oz. ---- a very substantial (almost 40%) savings! The quality is still very good, and it's actually a much better buy now.

On the minus side, I do not like the fact that Wild Planet decided to ditch the Minimal Mercury Albacore and instead is pushing it's Minimal Mercury Skip-jack tuna instead.

Additionally, I am not thrilled that this product is now coming from Vietnam---according to the product description. I prefer my troll caught albacore tuna to come from clean waters of Alaska or Oregon.

But in light of today's economy, getting such excellent tuna for almost 40% less --- only $0.55/oz when a closely equivalent version previously cost $0.77/oz is a remarkable and welcome change.

UPDATE! This product is going for $29.95 + shipping on the Wild Planet website. So the Amazon price of $16 is a super bargain and probably won't last. I am going to stock up while I still can!!!
351727351727B002EY5TTWAWZD63AL8JIQvinominer202411271980800No longer good - I used to love them.My most recent purchase through Amazon was not good. It was Wild Planet Sustainably Caught Wild Albacore Tuna, 5 Ounce Cans (Pack of 6)
The tuna has an odd somewhat metallic taste and smell. I tried three of the cans and am concerned that they may have changed their source or methods.
I contacted the company but received no response.
351728351728B002EY5TTWA2KTJSLIJ0ZDYYMartinez Mitch "My Opinion, worth what you pa...6651287187200Excellent Tuna at a Decent PriceResearch other tuna products, their sourcing, processing, and then research Wild Planet. In addition to their quility processing, their selection of smaller fish, and the fact that the tuna is cooked in the can is quite different from say, Bumble Bee. Most others freeze the fish first, then bake it, which removes a lot of the desirable Omega 3 oils. This is sushi grade tuna, hand packed while raw.

Plus, the taste just blows all the others away. I've been using this product for quite some time, and have never had an experience such as the 1 star reviewer has. I would have to imagine, had that person requested a replacement or refund Amazon would have made it right.

I don't often buy the best product out there nor shop organic, but with tuna it is important to me to consume the best product I can obtain.
351729351729B002EY5TTWA1LDMC2M3IO01LJohn Johnson253221309219200NOT THE SAMEI have been buying this for years and loved it. Then recently the taste has changed. A little searching revealed that they have moved their fishing grounds to Vietnam. Not the same fish-not the same taste. And now that Japan has polluted the ocean around Asia from their nuke nightmare, I am looking for another tuna company.
351730351730B002EY5TTWA21NF5EU4CJOAYsoccermom4451278460800Outstanding qualityI love this tuna. I saw it online and decided to give it a try. It is delicious and fresh tasting. Excellent texture as well. I am hooked!
351731351731B002EY5TTWANRPEUUA47URZWilliam B. Baker4451273276800Tasted good hereAnother reviewer described a metallic taste to a batch she received; we have two 6-packs from around the same time (April 2010), and no metallic taste here. The seven cans we have eaten so far have been good. Must be some variability in the product.
351732351732B002EY5TTWA3J171NBGIBYAWD. Mansfield "Book Addict"3351346803200We LOVE this tuna.The taste and quality are consistent and to us, it's worth the money. It tastes fresh and never has that canned tuna taste I get from the name brands. As with any tuna, you do need to check it for bones, but we've always found the 1 or 2 that happen to be in can here and there because we flake it with our hands when making dishes with it or before eating it plain. It is worth the price.
351733351733B002EY5TTWA2E7Q430MGF53OTrader Jane3351346630400Wish I could give more stars!I am not usually driven to write reviews of the many products I buy on Amazon, and it surprises me that something as mundane as tuna would prompt me to take time out of my day to do so, but I was truly shocked by how wonderful this is.

I stumbled upon this brand after realizing with dismay that my regular tuna actually contains soy. Silly me to think that a product labelled "Tuna in water" actually consists of simply tuna in water. I ordered this brand expecting to have to give up something in taste or texture in exchange for the health benefits and environmental benefits. At minimum, I expected not to notice or care much about the taste. I could not have been more wrong. This is without question the most delicious tuna I have ever eaten and the difference is definitely noticeable. This is worth every penny. How often can you do well for your body and the planet AND treat yourself as well.
351734351734B002EY5TTWA262I1DEN9V26EJ. Mason3351334534400Delicious & sustainable..Simply some of the best tuna that you can find in a can. Fresh is clearly always better but not always feasible due to geographic location and/or cost and Wild Planet makes a great alternative here. Great tasting tuna, low mercury, bpa free, but still packed with protein & omega 3s and all the other benefits of eating seafood. In addition, it is simply convenient to keep around for those last minute meals when you simply have nothing ready. Product highly recommended for not only great tasting and healthy tuna but also focus on sustainable and ethical operations.
351735351735B002EY5TTWAY12DBB0U420BGary Peterson3351332115200Well Above Most Canned Tunas.I keep reading about how we're supposed to have more fish in our diet. Well, okay, I can go along with that and I've been adding a few extra meals per week. Fish is hard for me to keep, so the kind I rely most on is canned fish and, to a lesser degree, frozen fish. As such, I was shopping at my local Costco store and came up with a pack of six cans (5 ounces each) of "Wild Planet" Wild Albacore Tuna. I just had some for lunch with wild and brown rice, baby carrots and celery. The cats went wild over the smell (a good sign).Very good tuna. Excellent taste! Well above most of the other brands of tuna that I've had. I'll be looking forward to trying it out in several casseroles that I make up. It's good to have stuff like this on the pantry shelves. It's so easy to make up something tasty and healthy too.

Gary Peterson
351736351736B002EY5TTWA2E6EGW2QPNMUFDCLawyer3351319068800Worth the PriceI made the decision to go with Wild Planet based on ethical concerns, but it was nice that the tuna actually tasted a lot better than regular tuna. I've had a few "bachelor lunches" where I was too lazy to make a sandwich and just ate out of the can. Surprisingly good with this stuff, gross if you do it with Chicken of the Sea or whatever.
351737351737B002EY5TTWA2APNH26ANF7GDLally D.3351317081600It tastes like tuna!This is the real thing. Love it! There is an actual 5oz of tuna, and very little water. It has loads of flavor too. Common supermarket brands taste like cardboard to me - this does not. This is a premium product and the price reflects it. Buy it 'cause it is worth it! I recommend the 'Subscribe & Save'.
351738351738B002EY5TTWA1AWGP3405E2SIStuff3351313798400SatisfiedI am very satisfied with this tuna. I search the engine for tuna with low mercury and found this brand.
351739351739B002EY5TTWA1MR8JYUUQFVEAL. Jones "calicopark"2251348358400tuna is GOOD againthis wonderful tuna is many notches above the store brands. large filet o' tuna, just lovely. The price is well worth the quality. I had a super premium $9.00 a can tuna and this is very close.
Great to have a good lunch on hand too. Always cheaper to eat at home or carry a lunch in cost and usually calories too.
351740351740B002EY5TTWAZYH32578YZBFmy_reviews_amazon "my_reviews_amazon"2251345334400Love it and Amazon is much cheaper than storesMy family loves this tuna, we tried switching to the really cheap stuff from Costco once but found the quality and price of this tuna to be so superior that we went back to this brand. Whole Foods charges more than double the price and the grocery stores are about the same.
351741351741B002EY5TTWAP9H97VFWOD3Hjeff2251337212800Best tuna i have ever hadThis tuna is absolutely amazing. It tastes like fresh fish. It is worth every penny and i will not go back to bumble pee tuna or similar. something to note is that you do not drain the water like you do with normal tuna, plus the can has a easy pull off top, so the whole process of making tuna is clean and simple. with regular store tuna, between the top removal and water draining, i would need to take a shower after making the darn food.
351742351742B002EY5TTWA2F9DCXY4GD3John C. bossolt2251311811200Remember Charlie the Tuna?Well, Charlie had nothing on this tuna, since it leaves every other in the dust...or the ocean, at the bottom. You will not regret buying this. You'll wonder why you bought all the other competitors over the years.
351743351743B002EY5TTWA1E6ILRSSEWU4CSteve Main2251298678400A bit pricey, but feels good to serve low mercuryThis albacore is darker than the major brands "white" and correspondingly more flavorful. I read about how mercury levels in fish have risen in recent times, and I also read claims that the whole issue is bogus and based on bad research. Regardless, it's comforting to know that I'm not putting my kids at risk when I serve this tuna and so it's worth the extra cost.
351744351744B002EY5TTWA1R08783O7WUVXL. Stewart2251282435200TunaTuna arrived much sooner than expected. It's delicous! I will definitely place another order in the near future.
351745351745B002EY5TTWA2EQS1M11VTRLHouston1151344988800The perfect canned tuna.This is such good tuna. I've bought Kirklands brand albacore for years. This product is even better. Well worth the price. Clean, solid tuna. Nothing worse than mushy canned tuna. I'd rather have peanut butter & jelly.
351746351746B002EY5TTWA2O49T7YQBW26UAllen J. Bennett1151344211200Excellent tasting tunaThe taste of this tuna is excellent. I have a rather unique problem, however (which has nothing at all to do with the product--which is why I gave it five stars [actually about seven stars out of five!!!]). I have mild cerebral palsy, and, being so solid, I find it a bit difficult to break up (for tuna salad) with just a fork. Does anyone have any ideas for me? I thought of something like a potato masher. Might that work? Links to any specific products that I can buy here on Amazon would be appreciated.
351747351747B002EY5TTWA19BCE3BEF2YGVjanis1151342137600OMG This is the best Tuna I have had in 20 years.This is my 3rd reorder.
I LOVE Tunafish,but after years of trying to eat the crap in the can,
I gave up...until I googled BEST TUNA .
Thank you,Mr.Google.

Wild Planet is just like the Tuna I remember.
You actually have to Break it up with a fork.
No extraneous floaters and pieces swimming in stinky water.
Sorry Charlie
351748351748B002EY5TTWAEJO4XTZCENMJHandyMan1151311465600The way tuna used to be.Good stuff. Just like canned tuna used to be like: firm, flavorful, meaty. Less packing liquid than basic brands.

Strange though - the can says caught in the USA and processed in Vietnam?!
351749351749B002EY5TTWA1QSMUVHF0ZC81Liberty177691311336089600Canned in VietnamThe canned goods I received state the fish is processed in Vietnam, which makes me question the source of the tuna. I have purchased other Wild Planet canned goods that are processed in the USA.
351750351750B002EY5TTWA2SSLLIFNTQ9IKS. Wood69113341024005 stars for item NEGATIVE stars for packaging

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