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351781351781B002Y2QTRKA2RUB6NW46LMWTK. Cosby4451271635200The best ground coffee there is. Period!I drank community Coffee growing up as did most folks that I knew. Since moving from Louisiana years ago, I grind my own coffee beans since no ground coffee that I've tried compares. However, a brother sent me a bag of Community Cafe Special recently and it is almost as good as fresh ground bean coffee. In fact, it's so good that I am here at Amazon as I write this to purchase more. Bar-none, there are no other pre-ground coffees that come close to Community Coffee.
351782351782B002Y2QTRKA1VJS5J9RWVQ5KPuff n Fluff* ®™ "Puff*"1151326240000Excellent flavor - lovely brewWe have tried many brands of coffee this year and found most to be rather disappointing. Not so with the Community brand coffees we've tried so far. We've like them all and have enjoyed the Cafe Special the most. We're going to stick with this one.
The Cafe Special is a clean, medium roast with almost undetectable acidity.
For the best tasting brew, start the brewing process just long enough to dampen the grounds and then let them sit and bloom for a minute before restarting the brewing process. You'll have brewed a grand pot of delicious, aromatic coffee.

I have 2 bags at a time delivered - Keep one at home and I transfer the contents of the other bag to a container that seals tightly and take it to work with me so I can make coffee just for myself. - The rest of our work crew either doesn't drink coffee or are content with the awful, vile smelling and tasting (in my opinion)generic, canned coffee our company supplies each branch office. I keep my very own 4 cup coffee pot in my personal office and brew my excellent Community coffee there. - Usually 2 pots a day. Sometimes I even share a cup or two or three with coworkers when we're all stuck working late. How nice of me!! :)
Everyone comments how the coffee in my office always tastes so good. Can't figure how they can go back to drinking the icky, free stuff.

The price is right for this coffee too and having it delivered via auto ship makes it even better.
351783351783B002Y2QTRKA1S05DQTX2QMD0Steve-o1151297123200Decent coffee for the priceGranted, this coffee is not Starbucks. Then again, if that's what you're expecting then you won't be happy. However, this coffee is a great everyday coffee that tastes better than your standard Folgers or Maxwell House but provides a better value. For the amount of coffee you get (64 oz), it's a better deal than anything I can buy at Sams Club. The grind is a little more coarse than other ground drip coffees (like Folgers or Maxwell House), and could probably work in a french press if you don't mind a little extra sediment in your coffee. I was pleasantly surprised at the mellow taste that wasn't weak and have been enjoying this coffee for about a week straight. I would definitely recommend this coffee to anyone who isn't expecting their coffee to taste like a kick in the face--which by the way, I do love Starbucks in addition to more mellow brews.
351784351784B002Y2QTRKA2GVO6CQS5MURDJ. special, the best coffee on the marketCommunity roasts the best coffe. Everyone in Louisiana can tell you this. It's too bad that most people out of the gulf south are not aware of how awesome CC's is. Smooth, medium to dark body, and full of aroma, but not acidic and burt like that starbucks garbage.

I highly recommend for those who want to have coffee with taste.
351785351785B002Y2QTRKA24SC9DL05V7CHIndependence Dave0051351036800Won't start the day without itCommunity's Cafe Special has become my favorite stand-by coffee - not too dark or bold, not too mild. Since leaving the South, I can't find it in the grocery stores, so I'm thrilled by its availability on Amazon. Plus, you'd never get a deal this great in the stores anyway: four pounds of great coffee, free shipping, dropped right at your door. Life is good.
351786351786B002Y2QTRKAGI0IX0XDOPSRmudduck0041350432000community coffeemy wife and i have been drinking this coffee for 15 yrs and have found none better for use in a home style coffee pot.
351787351787B002Y2QTRKA2VJ5ALN1BIV3Bterster "Terster"0051348876800Cafe Special... AWESOME COFFEEI am a huge fan of Community Coffee. The company often runs specials, they are very responsive to their customers and their product is good.

I've tried most of their flavors now and this one is a very good one. I buy this any time i find it on sale.

I've written the company asking for samplers and they sent all kinds. It was great. I also love their decaf and 1/2 caf products too.

They will email you when there are large storms (like the hurricanes) to let you know there may be a delay in shipping. Makes sense.

I believe all the beans are roasted here in the US.

Huge fan of Community Coffee.

But, I also realize that not everyone will agree. What i like, you may not and vice versa.

My recommendation... buy 1 bag (it's now sold in local stores where i live) and if you like it, then come back to Amazon for more as the prices here are often the best, unless the company is running a special.
351788351788B002Y2QTRKAX4G1V8DIMPGBGregory A. Keck0051346803200Great CoffeeHave been buying Between Roast in 1LB packages, 10 at a time from CC. This figures out to be cheaper per oz and the taste is just as good as the Between Road. Use it in my Keurig using refillable cup (Ekobrew) Get Great coffee one cup at a time. Can't wait until Community Club offers their coffee in K-Cups because I'm lazy.
351789351789B002Y2QTRKANPAYZUMXU69WDavid Kay "a friend of Bills"0031328832000DistinctiveI ordered 4 bags of this coffee when it was on special..I noticed upon my first cup that it has a very distinct taste..the verdict is still out since I am only on about cup number first I thought no way am I gonna consume this stuff...but after a few cups now,its not too bad...hehe...I just made a cup and noticed the smell/taste when it was brewing,don't know if its a manure smell or what..maybe someone else is better at identifying smells..(I am not)..but I can smell very good....take a chance you may like it,and who knows after 4 bags I may be HOOKED?
351790351790B002Y2QTRKAVM4L8XWJYIKBThe Prophet0051328400000Great coffeeThis is the best coffee I ever had both my wife and I enjoyed it. I'll probably buy more when these bags of coffee run out.
351791351791B002Y2QTRKA3SVBFJEU27FNZDena J. Anderson0041325980800Great coffeethis coffee is a wonderful American made product with excellent flavor. I brew this coffee every morning and look forward to my first cup of the day.
351792351792B002Y2QTRKA1J5IF0UT8OH1Emomof30051325116800Excellent deal on great coffeeThis coffee pleases my husband, who is a Starbuck's fan, as well as me, who really can't stand Starbuck's and would best be termed as a Denny's fan - prefer standard milder restaurant breakfast house coffees. We're happy to have found a great deal on coffee that can make us both happy.
351793351793B002Y2QTRKA1W2FY1VSKOBGSwordisbondkid0051320364800One of my favoritesThis is probably my favorite roast of coffee. I never realized how different coffee was between brands until I laid off on the sugar. After doing this I can never drink Starbucks again.
351794351794B002Y2QTRKA3AGKCSB9FLZ0TG. meschino1241304467200fine coffeethe coffee was very good. middle bodied. the price was good. i would buy it again.Community Coffee Ground Coffee, Cafe Special, 12-Ounce Bags (Pack of 3)
351795351795B002Y2QTRKA29313797NGT9LEddie Wannabee1241293321600No more than 4!For the value (money versus cups) this one gets a 4 Stars but if it was taste alone, and here I go again with the half measures, it would probably get 3.5. Still, it is a lot of coffee that when brewed right it will yield a respectable cup of coffee.
351796351796B002Y2QTRKA35A4XCXDPYSB8geemaniac1251280016000Best coffee you never heard of...unless you're from the Louisiana area, I'm guessing. Decided to give it a try and I'm glad I did.
Excellent coffee at an excellent price! That's it in a nutshell.
351797351797B002Y2QTRKA29W1YXUVCO64XsouthLAgirl0151305676800not usually a coffee drinkerI do not typically drink coffee, just because I never got into the habit. However, if and when I feel the need for a little Joe, this is the coffee I will drink. EVERYONE NEEDS TO TRY THIS ONE! After educating myself a little on coffee roasting and roasting standards, I know Community Coffee is the best coffee in the south. i can not believe that Star-bux even stays open down here. Seriously, they don't hold a candle to Community Coffee! My parents drink CC, their parents drink CC, and THEIR parents drink CC! Cafe Special is a great coffee to start with if you are a first-timer.
351798351798B002Y2QTRKAU5ZLZPJ45GGTMary F.3621298332800Nothing special.I'm from Chicago, not Louisiana, so perhaps I just can't understand what is supposed to make this coffee so great, but to my taste, it was just OK. I'd much rather brew Starbucks House Blend or even Folgers. I will not buy again.
351799351799B002Y2QTRKA1WEY252CHABRYms0311322179200Really awfulI normally buy Eight O'clock Coffee-100% Arabica beans. Amazon didn't have my normal subscription order so I went looking for another brand. Unfortunately I chose this one and won't make that mistake again. It's a very weak coffee and you need to use a lot more than you normally would, and it has a 'off' taste. Not recommended at all.

Until I can get Eight O'clock again, I'll buy Dunkin Donuts coffee.
351800351800B0041FEBNMA2S64EJQWUKTCYdogfish "shimmertwist"0051343088000The Best CoffeeAs far as I'm concerned, this is the best coffee. Dark and smooth. Strong flavor, no bitterness. By far my favorite.

I brew it in a Aeropress -- (if you don't know what one is, you're missing out. All the fun of a French Press but much easier to clean.) It, and the Ebony Pearls are a match made in Coffee Heaven.
351801351801B0041FEBNMATU17PH3J645Xeva "eva"0051323907200Really Great Coffee!Great coffee, would highly recommend to a serious coffee drinker who appreciates an intense dark coffee.

I love this brewed in my espresso machine, it bold, yet smooth - excellent!

I live in Canada and always find this at Winners...but if I had to order on line I would, and its a great price.
351802351802B0041FEBNMA1E9DUNLO1CU1GDeborah A. Burkett1251323388800Ravens brew ebony pearlsRaven's brew coffee is one of the best companies fro whole bean coffee. I have tried many varieties from this company and every one is great. From mild to strong, they have one for everyone. I would highly rec ebony pearls.
351803351803B0041FEBNMA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana0151336867200Best coffee I've found thus farI keep trying all the various French Roast coffees available through Amazon, based on what others have posted. This Raven's Brew Ebony Pearls Whole Bean is the best I've tried. I think I've tried 2 or 3 other Raven's Brew coffees, but they were not rich enough for my taste and I also have tried a couple of Cameron's. Next on my list is First Colony which I used for over 40 years until they ceased production and sold to White Coffee. I'd like to try 2 pounds of their coffee first before I commit to purchasing a 5 pound bag, so for the time being, I'm sticking with theEbony Pearls.
351804351804B0014H17LOAG8FL74QYNYXJTroy, NY3351255824000good vaccuum packed supermarket gnocchiI had been buying this at my supermarket but they stopped carrying it. After trying the competing brands, I ordered from Amazon because this one actually has flavor as opposed to other brands that are overpowered with salt.
351805351805B00411V0N0AIUWMLQGB4OGLThornton Hagert0411320537600Product undescribedPurporting to be sweet baking chocolate associated with the German's trademark, this fails to tell the percentage of cocoa solids or substitute, cocoa butter or other fats or oils, sugar or other sweetener, milk or other additives. What is melting temperature, etc. ? Who would buy such a pig in a poke ?
351806351806B0046IHF7SA34PRWLV61Y355Pseudonym0051337385600Surprising winnerSt Dalfour offers a variety of spreads, notable for their reasonable price, about half the sugars of ordinary brands, and pleasing taste. Kumquat may their least popular flavor, but it's actually reminiscent of marmalade, with a touch of apricot that makes it a distinctive pick. Kumquat is unfamiliar to many, but it's also about 30% less than more popular fruit, but it's ideal as a complement for toast or crackers. St. Dalfour has seized the market on this spread, but its distribution online through health stores make this relatively hard to find. But this spread is a real winner: mildly sweet (thanks to the addition of grape fruit concentrate - its only sweetener), but never cloying. While other spreads lose their personality through too much sugar, St. Dalfours gets the balance right. Flavorful, with real personality.

This spread is destined for success.
351807351807B0030LELS8A25A64EXSSQ86NCLM0011308614400Wrong Product SentBeware - I ordered this item and they sent me Salad Topping instead. Will not be purchasing from this vendor again.
351808351808B0017692KAA33APRYDUSJY2ACassie Abbott1141325980800Made in the USAMy biggest concern was where these came from, which was nowhere to be found in the product description. According to the box they're from the USA, which was important to me! My only complaint is that some parts of the hoof walls are thin, making it easy for my Border Terrier to chew off small pieces and try to eat them. So far that hasn't caused a problem. Other than that these are a good product and a much better deal that buying singles at the big box stores.
351809351809B0018MZ7Q6A117K1W206D8CNLZO0051343001600Excellent Quality ProductI live where these are made, so I buy them and bring them to my family whenever I go to the USA. They are always of excellent quality and my family prizes them very highly! I buy them in brine, since everyone is watching calories, but the kippers are also excellent in oil. I just paid 1.79 (about $2.20 in July 2012) for one tin of these kippers. But I know that posting them overseas is quite expensive.
351810351810B004H6FDLYA2M8W53D4TWXYTWanda M. Isum "weisums"1151317686400Original ClearjelMade canned apple pie filling with this product. It turned out nice and clear. Anxious to see what it will be like when pies, etc. are made. received the product very fast.

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