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351901351901B007HP6TVUA378R8V3UEVLL6Guberinic Milena0051343433600Practically perfect in every wayI love caramel and I would kill for this tea. I had no doubts about caramel and matcha working well together. I think that caramel makes magic with anything it touches. And it definitely makes magic with matcha. The flavor of the tea is like the best caramel candy I've ever had, only in liquid form so I can get more of it into me faster. It makes a killer latte and I'm sure it would be just amazing in baked goods. I can't wait to try a caramel matcha cake!
351902351902B007HP6TVUA1S6QR05B3TPGTMike0051342310400Fantastic flavoured matcha!I've been meaning to try Matcha again for quite a long time and this is my first foray back into it... it was well worth it. I traveled to Japan in 2009 and unknowingly had Matcha several times at random sushi restaurants, etc. It was interesting there but I just figured it was a normal green tea, nothing special right? Oh man, was I wrong! This stuff really is something to pay attention to, and the different flavor and health benefits possible with matcha are well beyond any standard green tea. This is really a fascinating beverage and I am excited to get back into it.

Before this, I had never tried a flavoured matcha, in fact I had no idea such a thing could exist! Red Leaf pulls off the flavoured matcha with grace and skill, and offers a wild and impressive set of expected (vanilla bean, caramel, etc.) flavours and some wildly crazy and epic sounding ones (Coca Cola Matcha?!!!!) I am gonna have to try that one.

I bought the Red Leaf Starter (Basic Grade), Delicate flavouring of Caramel Matcha. This is available on their site here: [...]

Since I am a bit of a matcha newbie, I had to read their site about how to prepare it. It was very helpful. I got a whisk from Japantown and used a Chashaku (Bamboo Scoop) to measure out the matcha. I used 2 scoops and my first cup used the suggested amount, 3 oz of 80C water. I whisked it, poured it from the bowl to a mug and drank it from a mug, no extra water added. This was my previous experience with matcha in general, quite thick and vegetal. It was good.
In fact it was so good, I found myself going back to the kitchen to make a 2nd cup of it not 1 hr later!! This time I decided to change it up a bit, using only 1 scoop of matcha this time and a little less water, and then after whisking, adding a fair bit more water to reduce the thickness and make a larger drink. I think I actually enjoyed this better, it was a little sweeter this way and also allowed for a more tea-like experience (rather than a sort of "tea shot" like I had earlier). This was very tasty!

These are the only ways I have prepared it so far but I think it might be wiser (for my unrefined palate!) to buy the "Distinctive" flavouring next time so that I can get a stronger flavor. This one is subtle, but I tend to enjoy stronger more bold flavourings in my tea, so I think the next one I get from Red Leaf I will pay just a little extra to get more flavouring. Excited to follow this new tasty and healthy habit!
351903351903B00374TU7UA38Q2NS8QZW0OHPuterWiz0051348790400CookProSuper product. I got it first from someone who picked it up on sale from store going out of business. Fell in love with it but couldn't find it anywhere after that. Put this in/on everything - salads, soups, BBQ chicken/fish, some stir-fry [not Asian-style], veggies--both fresh/raw and steamed, eggs of all kinds including egg salad, sandwiches - you name it. Adds flavor without being overpowering like so many products can be. Excellent product. Find it hard to believe anyone could not like it.
351904351904B00374TU7UA47I3WXVH5QX3Margo D. Davenport "bargain hunter"0051283299200this seasoning is awesome!I love this seasoning! (Well, I love almost anything with garlic.) I primarily use it in garden salads, pasta salads, and pasta sauce, but I also have put it in eggs. I ordered it from Ozbo. The product arrived on time and was just as I described. Plus, the price was less than my local supermarket. I won't hesitate to buy from Ozbo again.
351905351905B003MZBSNSA1T37YXW803PAMT. Kincaid0051351036800Really creamyI purchased these to put into my coffee. It makes the coffee
taste like hot chocolate. I wished they had a sugar-fee
chocolate creamer. But I'll use these in moderation.
351906351906B003MZBSNSA2FZDFOTKIEJQUPam0051350691200Creamer SupremeThis creamer is not found in stores here in SC. It must be wholesale only product. Don't know why because it is delicious. By far the best chocolate creamer you will buy.
351907351907B0051COQ2KA2IS6VTDM14IR3kc0051346284800My little guy loves theseMy little guy loved this vanilla banana berry riosotto. We went through the whole case in no time. The texture is very smooth, but a bit thicker than stage 2 foods.
351908351908B0051COQ2KA20LIEGWWFLVFGA. Yang0051340841600delicious and well lovedThe Baby Gourmet baby food was instantly loved and Gobbled up by my 9 month old. Just for my information, I tasted it and found it delicious and high quality food item.
351909351909B0051COQ2KA50YT0YIW7O9SHarpseal004133531200012 month old likes it a lotMy 12 month old son likes this quite a bit. Wish it was a bit thicker, is more so a thicker puree, no chunks present of any sort.
351910351910B001SAOB5GABKYHQANNKUGPCatski5521317513600dried beans and spice?This nothing but a box with dried beans and a baggy of spices. It even calls for corn starch but doesn't include it. If you want dried beans you can buy them much cheaper. The spices were not as tasty as I like either.
351911351911B001SAOB5GA3F3LZGI31KRXKj2dish0051331769600Easy and Tasty!We made this mix with ground deer meat and cubed beef, it was delicious and so easy to make! All we did was slice the deer meat into a couple pieces and toss in some beef tips. Then added a can of diced tomatoes and turned the slow cooker on low while I was at work. Dinner was ready when we got home! Love it!! This one is great too American Pioneer 21 Bean Soup ( 6/13 Oz)
351912351912B001SAOB5GA2L1Z55GVXM1AFJ. Partin "extremities71"0011326585600Not quite gourmetI love chili! This was the first chili that I have ever had that I really didn't like. I cook a lot and have made chili from scratch and hoped this might be quick, easy and tasty. I had to add so many additional ingredients to this chili that it wasn't worth buying.
351913351913B001IZHYNMA1TE8DG7EK1OP1Steve loves KoolAid3351287705600Love the Kool AidIce Blue raspberry Kool Aid is the best flavor ever. Hard to find in stores but ordered it on the internet and it was delivered in no time with a supply that will last a year at least!!!!!!!!! It rules!
351914351914B001IZHYNMA1O4UHM6JOQO9JC. Grice ""3351236211200Best Kool-Aid EVERThis is the best Kool-Aid ever made. Of course the company discontinued making it...but luckily I found it here on Amazon, for a fantastic price! Now at least I've got some for awhile...thanks!
351915351915B001IZHYNMADVKCUEB496HBJ. Keeler1151283126400The Best Blue Kool-AidThis is the Berry Blue Koolaid I drank as a kid in the late eighties. I remember the marketing blitz for it back then, I drank it a lot in the summer! The "Berry Blue" Kool-Aid out now is not the same ancient formula--this "Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade" is. I know, I can taste this variety of Kool-Aid by just thinking about it. The blue color looks amazing in a glass pitcher--seemingly nuclear in origin! Delicious smooth lemonade type flavor without the sourness or bite. Unsweetened, so you can add your own sweetener.
351916351916B001IZHYNMA3QCPJSJ42UMEOL. Will1151248480000Best. Kool-aid. Ever.I consumed a great deal of this in High School but have missed it the last few years as it has been removed from my local grocery store. I convinced my wife to let me buy this bulk amount and I am thrilled. Little note will be paid to these reviews but still I must say, you need to try this.
351917351917B001IZHYNMA1KUOSQ1YZZFTUa_friend_usa "a_friend_usa"2341272931200Great berry flavor if you want a blue colored drink.My gf and I did a taste test of this and Kool-Aid Twists Blastin' Berry Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix (Kool-Aid Twists Blastin' Berry Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.17-Ounce Packets (Pack of 96)).

We found it hard to taste much difference in flavor. They are both good. The choice seems to be whether you want a red or blue color. We prefer red. My personal favorite is Black Cherry.

We use the Splenda packets so there are hardly any calories (Splenda has 3.5 calories per packet but it can be labeled as 0 calories since it is under 5). Splenda tastes just like sugar with no bad aftertaste. We have changed to using slightly less than 8 cups of water to make the taste richer. We have also increased the Splenda to 12 packets to make it sweeter.

Addendum: I decided to decrease my rating to a 4 since I prefer the flavor and color of Black Cherry.
351918351918B001IZHYNMAA8LVGUHN2X6Adude0051347148800Awesome.I found this at my local Safeway and its awesome
It's like ice tea and blue raspberry mixed I don't see why they discounted it
351919351919B001IZHYNMA3K4SK9HWHLJLN. Ward0051343174400Love this stuff!This is the only Kool-Aid flavor I can drink on a regular basis. The color is very appetizing to me, and it has a lot of flavor. I tried it a few months ago when it was advertised as a new flavor in my store. I bought it regularly, but it suddenly disappeared. None of the stores near me carry it. I really don't understand why, it always sold out quickly.
351920351920B001IZHYNMA7GWIEEO0662JMax0051333324800Greatest flavor everThe item was shipped on time and came with TWO CASES OF BLUE! I love this stuff, my girlfriend loves this stuff, I'm down! There is so much here I wonder how we might ever run out. 100% satisfied, will buy again when I run out.
351921351921B001IZHYNMA30UWBHC4QL4JTS. Robison0051313712000Perfect Value! Best FlavorThis is my favorite flavor of Kool-Aid, hands down. The flavor is a refreshing raspberry lemonade that is quite addictive and a perfect mix of sweet and sour. This pack comes with 96 individual Kool-Aid packets, which will last you for a great while by normal standards. I use this, in particular, at college for a quick drink for friends at dinnertime, and, really, it never gets old!
351922351922B001IZHYNMADYD89U4ZG8UQCrystal0051278460800Kool AidKool-Aid Twists Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade is hard to find where I live. Shipping was fast...and product was in excellent condition!
351923351923B001IZHYNMAKK49Y5DWSENDZombieLuv0051243900800Our Favorite Flavor Kool-AidMy entire family enjoys this flavor. The color reminds me of a tropical ocean, very summertime appropriate. Of course, I make it with Splenda rather than sugar, all the taste but none of the cavities/calories. The company still makes this kind but it is hard to find. I've found that smaller stores carry it more often than larger retailers. Thanks to Amazon, I don't have to go crazy searching though.
351924351924B001IZHYNMA3UUTDX2WNVUS3S. Whitworth "Hannah's Mommy"0051243728000Blissful TwistsI first purchased this flavor at a local grocery store and made it for my daughter during a hot summer day. Little did I know I would like it too. It has a great flavor and I make mine with far less sugar than it calls for. It is a nice cool treat for the kids and adults. It is also an economic choice. Since I can no longer find this flavor in the grocery store, I am here at Amazon stocking up for the long hot summer to come.
351925351925B000LKTJKQA20NYDARF21ZOFC. Kimmes "mommaceita"1411202688000CONTAIN WHEATAlthough these noodles sound very healthy, they are not for people allergic to wheat. I just opened my case and am disappointed to find out that these are wheat noodles with alittle rice and flax. The ingredients on the box are as follows: Durum wheat, amber durum wheat, wheat semolina, flax seed, brown rice. Very disappinting to those of us with food alleries. The amazon site did not list the ingredients correctly.
Oh well, back to my rice pasta.
351926351926B002SR5VQQA2S93VZAYVQERMVinny3351333843200The best coffeeThis is the best coffee on the market, bar none. My wife and I were introduced to it in San Diego in 1980 and were sold on its rich flavor from the first sip. Can't get on the East Coast, except on the internet. Thank God for that!
351927351927B000YG9YNEA28P6E8ZBCAH5WVictor002132209280075% of the bread sticks were broken into pieces75% of the Torino Classical grissini (thin) bread sticks were broken into pieces. Otherwise the flavor is just a LITTLE better than the other grissini brands. All the brands of the thicker bread sticks have a more natural and fresher flavor. The thicker ones do not taste as artificial as the grissini. I would have given this 4 stars if most of the sticks weren't broken!
351928351928B0027IVBBKA2582KMXLK2P06B. E Jackson0051336348800bite into the powdery sweetnessPlease, don't bite into white powdered donuts unless you have a glass of milk nearby because that's the ultimate way to appreciate the taste of donuts. The milk makes them soft and super satisfying. Actually milk is the *only* way you should be eating donuts (and cookies too- let us not forget the taste of cookies changes thanks to the welcoming presence of a glass of Santa's milk). I refuse to accept any other way. Okay, perhaps grape juice and donuts is a worthy alternative. Just don't DIP the donuts in the juice. That's what gross people would do. Though I REALLY don't believe you should be paying 11 bucks for a bag of white powdered delicious donuts here on amazon when the same darn bag is like, right uptown at the grocery store...
351929351929B004W55ZKYA2GBIUB8CDSHKJheirloomfoodie1151304294400Amazing cookiesFor those of you who enjoy a true Italian desert with your coffee or tea, jovial cookies are amazing. Not sickening sweet like American cookies, but a cookie rich in flavor
351930351930B004W55ZKYA1Y67I1T178O9WRayRay0051342310400Jovial Ginger Spiece cookies are a joyFor those like their cookies to be not too sweet, and that has a rich texture and substance. I don't know exactly what this einkorn flour is, but it does give Jovial cookies a "malted milk" taste that becomes so addictive that you won't be able to stop with a few. The perfect cookies to have with coffee or tea.

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