Amazon Fine Food Reviews

352141352141B0025U8LOUA2A1EE428G5657CaptainSpiff0051329782400Chunks, of pineapple!Chock full of chunks of delicious moist pineapple! I gave this item 6 stars, but amazon only allows 5. Pop em in the fridge, eat them for breakfast, eat them for lunch, eat them for dinner, eat them for snacks. These cans of tasty pineapple chunks are like an explosion of citrusy pineapple heaven.
352142352142B0025U8LOUA1PBOBD8GF6YITPlicketyCat0051325462400Perfect snack size!I've only been able to find the 20 oz cans at our local markets and at other online retailers. They're just a little big for one person in a single sitting, so I was happy to find the smaller 8oz size on Amazon... and at a reasonable price as well!
352143352143B003INN562A2LMN9ZA98AW9WTatyana Kondratyeva "consultant"1151336694400Great coffeeI accidently ordered this coffee instead of decaf, so I had to send it to my daughter. She loves it! All kind of coffee in Amazon taste better than what we buy in the stores. Maybe they are very fresh. And the price is very good too.
352144352144B0000E2Y9TA1CITRQE2HRW45Scamp Lumm "Littlesorrel/christian zionist"1151099353600MY FAVORITE CANDY!Twenty four ropes per box, that's a lot of ropes! At $18 per box, that makes out to 75 cents a rope. Willie Wonka also has a tropical, limited edition, nerds rope candy and also a christmas edition which is quite clever and has a mostly cherry taste. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't sell those varieties. Don't be surprised if you open a package and find the rope broken in one or more places. Whad d'ya expect? It's a nerds rope, and that's its disclaimer!
352145352145B0044395BOA2O1VFY299TVMABGD2251344816000So FREAKIN GOOD!!This was a gerat buy .. and cheapest I could find on the web. Was delivered on time and was the hit of the party. I will be ordering this again!!
352146352146B0044395BOA50KAJUAR401SJR "JR"0041349568000very tasty choicethe frozen goma wakame seaweed salad is very tasty product which i use as a side to seafood dishes, just thaw product out and you need do nothing else, i threw some sesame seeds on top of the seeds already in there. it shipped with a reusable sealed container (plastic) for refreezing. this is very similar to the wakame i have had in restaurants and adds color if appearance is important to your dish.
352147352147B000OSL2J6A1OBT1SVKUE4NOJ. Patton3331273795200Product can have Bad(Sour) CansMy cats will jump hoops to get this treat. However, after using for over 4 years, I have found you can get a 'bad' can of treat. When opened, immediately, the animals will sniff and walk away (and the smell is more oily and unpleasant). I purchase in bulk, and the last time out of 12 cans purchased 3 were bad (and had to be tossed). I spoke with a Kitty Kaviar representative, and they asked if they had gotten wet, which they had not; and they referred me back to the distributor for possible compensation. Luckily, the distributor I purchased from gave me credit. I have a friend who has had the same experience (buying the product local and not on line). This inconsistency in the product is a problem with the treat. When it is good I have very happy felines.
352148352148B000OSL2J6A10IURTUOFQ6RTLinda Cox0051346889600always pleasedOne of my cats is addicted to Kitty Kaviar. If we don't have it he cries and begs for it. We try to order it so we don't run out but occasionally we miss the mark. Entirely Pets always arrives on time. That is pretty helpful with a cranky cat. He only gets a little bit each day but if it's not there we are in BIG trouble! : )
352149352149B000OSL2J6AWGY91PQEUWR7Chris Gibson "Chris, FL"0051333065600My cats soooo love this!!This is great stuff that my cats go crazy for - like it was catnip!! The container hleps to keep it fresh too - not that it would ever last for long enough to go stale!
352150352150B000OSL2J6A2204TDQRT7RCVmcgrawlvr280051329264000Yay 6!This is exactly what I needed and what a price! I have 2 cats and they go through this stuff like crazy! This six pack is amazing and it was delivered within a few days with free shipping! I hope that I can repurchase this 6pack in a month when I need to reorder it! Cannot beat the $20 savings!
352151352151B000OSL2J6A2VCFAXA4CR5KLD. Driscoll0051324339200Add K.K. to your cats food!!!I have a VERY finicky cat. If she only knew how much money I spend on the high quality food she is eating ( Anyway, she was losing a little weight and wasn't eating as much as she should. I mix K.K. in with her food and she gobbles it right up. I feed her N.V. raw medallions mixed with chicken baby food which has a more wet consistency and it blends all the way through the food so she eats it all. She is getting back to her "fighting weight" your cat is a finicky eater, I promise this will do the trick. Great product. No expiration date and doesnt need refrigeration. Its pretty "flakey" so I put it in a food chopper so a little goes a long way. The cats only need to smell it in the food and they will attack. Sprinkle a little on the top to get them interested and they will dig in. Aloha
352152352152B000OSL2J6ASE5YVDJK7TX1tll0011321401600InconsistentInitially great but the last few times quality of the product has been a bit spotty. This last order was really bad - most cans had gone bad. Not sure how fresh the product is. I ended up going to the store to get some new cans since my cat wouldn't eat from these ones and the stores cans were great and my cat was happy and eating again. In fact, the consistency and color seemed to be different and better from the store bought. More flakey and less chunky than this last order.
352153352153B000OSL2J6AS9VE58KOCNCRKittenWithAnAct0051305590400My cat LOVES it!She will let me do anything for this treat, including cutting and capping her nails. I HIGHLY recommend it! And in response to someone's review about it smelling fishy, it IS fish! That's why the cats go crazy for it! It's dried shavings of fish. They actually use it in Asian cooking as well. You can find something similar at Asian markets, but it's probably too salty for cats.
352154352154B000OSL2J6AC2E5B435TCKCstain0051304553600my cat loves this stuffit has a terribly strong fishy smell, but my cat loves this so i continue to buy it. yeah, it's a bit expensive - but it must taste great i can almost see my cat smile when he eats this!
352155352155B000OSL2J6A271R22RXVA9G5Antoinette Ryan0051301788800Kitty KaviaMy kitty, CheChe, absolutely loves these treats. She know the cans and when they have arrived in the mail!
352156352156B000OSL2J6A1C5Z7Z1SECJNKLinda Trevillian "wicked witch"0051301270400Yum, yum, yum!!! Gimmee some!!! Kitty Kaviar, that is!!!Ever since I discovered this product at a small, independent pet store on the Upper West Side in New York City some years ago, my cats have been wild for it. Of course, the ones who enjoyed it then have long since passed on, but my current five are ecstatic whenever they see me take out the big round container. When I first found it in that pet store (an open container was sitting on a counter), I bought some for a dear friend who lives about 2-3 blocks from the store. When I sent in my six-pack order last month, I knew that I'd have to send me friend one of those packs. Her orange tabby cat is gone now, too, but her new kitten, whom she adopted even though - or perhaps because - he has only one eye, loves Kitty Kaviar as much as all of mine do. Great product. And, I even received an extra container with a similar product, free of charge (and a surprise to me).
352157352157B000OSL2J6A10C14QB0LEF0OMan. U "Oldbrit"0051300406400Manna for catsI buy this every couple of months. You would think this stuff is addictive the way the cats swarm around it when it is put down.
352158352158B000OSL2J6AR6ZWAYBV0FVGGeorge h0051299369600Kitty kaviarMy cat begs for this treat. He will keep running to the place where it is stored to make sure that I know what is on his mind. I have given it to friends for their cats and get reports back as to how much their cats love it (which makes me a hero to their cats). I purchased this product on and had great service.
352159352159B000OSL2J6A6CVBH028JECFE. Dodd "YummyDC"0051298851200Cats LOVE this!My Cat goes crazy for this snack! And my mom's cat, who never eats any treats and is highly persnickity, also LOVES it. I like that it has no artificial ingredients. I do keep it in the fridge once it is opened, which I would recommend. The only down side to this treat is that now every time I open the fridge, my cat runs over and starts meowing in hopes of getting some more fish.
352160352160B000OSL2J6A1LLYO3055KE0DDee Rodriquez0051291939200Kitty Kaviar 3As I have said twice before, this is an excellent product for cat owners. No matter how finickie your cat is, they will go bonkers for this cat treat. They are worth the prices and they are always fresh.
352161352161B000OSL2J6A1EK4XI1USK893tiff3040051287878400Best price EVER!My cat Domino, HAS to have his Kitty Kaviar EVERY DAY and not only every day but several times a day. It only makes sense for me to buy the larger size of Kitty Kaviar and the 6 pack of 6 oz. is the best way to buy for Domino. You will get the best price from Amazon for the best Kitty Kaviar on the market. You can buy cheaper Kitty Kaviar but it is not as good a product as this one is and at this price, you can't do better any place. Amazon is the only place I will order this product from and in fact, I love to order many, many other items from Amazon too and always get the best product at the best price and fast delivery. Domino is happy and that makes me happy!
352162352162B000OSL2J6A1KC24U022TMCQJody Lynn Nye0051287100800Several times a day... my cat insists that we give him MORE Kitty Kaviar. He has never loved a treat more than this one. The light flakes are easy for him to eat, and I don't have to worry about additives. He has a sensitive tummy, but these have never made him sick. They're worth the money.
352163352163B000OSL2J6A3EDTNQJBX2XW9Alice Stevens0051281052800cat treatThe product is excellent, that is why I ordered another batch. Unfortunately ,my cat decided she did not want any more, she still has not finished the first order.
That is why I returned this oner, there is nothing wrong at all, just cat preferences.
352164352164B000OSL2J6A3KU1QEAS9ROY3Kay0051278028800My cat LOVES this...I first got a sample can from the Pet Expo in Orange County. My cat LOVES these treats. He gets them once a week for a treat and the rest of the time they are used for training or a reward. I bought several cans, though, and I have shared them with friends and family. I absolutely recommend it for other cats.
352165352165B000OSL2J6A6IVWNRAEYIOWH. Vinson "ord03"0051276819200Rave Review!I've read about bad cans of Kitty Kaviar, but have never received one (and I've ordered several of the 6-can packs by now).
One of my girls loves it, the other could care less.

If your cat loves it (most do, I hear), she will go nuts for it.
If you are not sure, get a small one and try it out.

Really good product, a bit on the pricey side and hard to find outside of Amazon.
352166352166B000OSL2J6A1XROXWB7DIOTZSF City Gal "Jeanne M"0021260057600DisappointedAfter reading that other people's cats LOVE Kitty Kaviar, I was so looking forward to making my felines happy. Well, both of them turned up their noses at it! So now I'm stuck with all of this Kitty Kaviar they won't eat. Plus, not exactly inexpensive. Sigh.
352167352167B000OSL2J6A2H5LIIVNSPOYKNourHayati0051255824000The best cat treats I have bought so farMy Birmans love it! They are so anxious to get it that they get up to their feet in order to catch my hand! It is the best treat I have bought so far and I will continue giving it to my animals as the vet also told me that the fish fats are ideal for their skin and hair. Also I use it as a reward when medicine has to be administered; this way, my cats know there is a special treat waiting for them, if they are good kids. In other words, this treat has saved me!
352168352168B000OSL2J6A1RBZQTELKPODGDawn M. Wagenknecht0051249862400I buy this all the timeMy cats, all ten of them are crazy for this stuff... I can not run out of it or they will eat me!
352169352169B000OSL2J6A2EQ8TUJWQ8ZU0Jane E. Carroll0051229731200Love Kitty KaviarMy 18 yr old kitty, Coco, just LOVES Kitty Kaviar.
He calls me (meowwww) when i forget to feed him, and he watches until I have set a big pinch of Kitty Kaviar on top of his meal. It is what he LIVES FOR!
352170352170B000OSL2J6A1T1705DFIU9Y0Mary Mcdonald0051229385600My cat loves thisAll I have to do is get the can out and my cat comes running.

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