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352210352210B009L90JNYA27L3C5CPNQFCYMiriam Martin0021350172800Disappointing!The spices tasted harsh and raw. There was a weird taste, maybe too much asafoetida. No comparison to simple homemade rasam! I tried to improve the flavor by adding cilantro....still the "rasam" still did not taste good. Next I added a packet of MTR ready to eat sambar and a small eggplant, some minced carrot, a diced potato, a few string beans and okra... And more cilantro. Now the rasam/sambar was passable but would have been a lot better if I had made it from scratch. All this took a lot of time which defeated the point of using a ready to eat packet! I like the MTR spice mixtures but NOT the ready to eat!
352211352211B004YV7EMIA1KEK09ZA6J9P8Colleen M. Schneider1151318377600delicious for krispie treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm always on the look out for flavored marshmallows to use in krispie treats, which is hubby's favorite sweet snack. When I saw these I thought they'd be worth a try. Aside from just sampling them from the bag I've only used them for the treats. They are a pineapple flavored marshmallow rolled in toasted coconut. The only thing that I could say was a drawback is that my recipe calls for 10 oz. so I usually use a package of these then 16 regular size marshmallows to come to the 10 oz. I also increased the butter from my usual 3 T. to 4 T. which gave them the usual consistency, otherwise the coconut will really make your mixture thick. I've bought a lot of flavored marshmallows in the past but these seem to be the big favorite. They make a pleasantly sweet coconut'y' treat that is out of the ordinary. Keep them on hand because as we go into winter I'm guessing these will be sailing off into the sunset, just when you need them most.
352212352212B007IVF1YOA1XA2VXCLID9RDTeresa L. Jones0011350604800NOT AS DESCRIBEDThese bay leaves were listed as 16.4 oz. I received 4 oz.
They have since changed the description to reflect the true size.
I would not have waited 6 weeks for this item if I had know that the size was grossly incorrect.
Obviously not pleased..
352213352213B007IVF1YOA3I5OPZMR1GBBRcelticcook0011350259200Misleading DescriptionI compared several packs of bay leaves to come to the conclusion that this was a good deal. Unfortunately the description was written "Ajika Bay Leaves, 16.4-Ounce". This is not a 16oz bag, but 16 leaves with a weight of 0.4 ounces. Not Happy.
352214352214B003WRHXIAA243HAZQ3JHPOFV. Elliott "Cooking Guru"0051348444800AMAZINGI have had all of the Pommery flavors of mustard.
The cognac one is our favorite.
I wish it came in a gallon size! I'd buy it!
352215352215B003WRHXIAA2NP9CGUSFP22ERobert F. Gontarek "Bob G"0051346630400Pommery MustardGreat product. Superb taste and goes well as a marinade or used as is. Goes particularly well in salmon recipes and unexpectedly well with chicken.
352216352216B0061BI748A1KERUJLPNG2EOS. Cram0151339891200Great gluten-free gift ideaI purchased this for my mother-in-law who has a gluten allergy and she loved it so much she asked me where she could get more. Great gift idea and apparently they arrived intact in perfect condition.
352217352217B002GJCP7EAPAJIAO29T0V0John0021328313600Baby Bear DisasterThis product is poorly made. The stitching comes apart very easily, and our pug dog destroyed it in less than a minute. There are better products on the market.
352201352201B004YVOFH0A2W9B725TZBXOXMrs.58 "GimmeDaOldDaze"2251326931200And the kids dont know I have these LOLand I have no intention of sharing them either.
I never really took Ghirardelli too seriously as a chocolatier, that was my mistake. I'm partial to the raspberry filled thin dark chocolate, the one piece is so filled with flavors, richness, dark chocolateness that makes a woman's brain calm and quiet. But when a person has a bag this size (20oz) staring at her with 4 different flavors and life is short as it is, the imperative to eat more than one is overwhelming...if these are still on sale, buy it with thethought you will share them with loved ones even if you stash them away for lil ol you, you deserve it.
352218352218B001ELL3LEA101URGEMDW2Z7Bondo373811246665600False Advertising - FROM CONCENTRATEI buy this juice at the local grocery store, and on the label it states NOT FROM CONCENTRATE as well as on the ingredient list. I just received these from amazon and they say FROM CONCENTRATE, but amazon advertises it as PURE NOT FROM CONCENTRATE. Just a heads up for anyone like myself looking for the real stuff, as from concentrate juice can be had for a fraction of the cost of the real stuff. Very disappointed.
352202352202B004YVOFH0A3BL2JRAZRKZHPLouis J.Salway "Louis. J"0011333324800Ghirardelli Chocolate Premium Asst.Candy was very hard to seperate from the candy wrapper and in some cases the mint squares acctualy bleed thru the wrapper.......don't know if product was still in the (best by date) but provided Ghirardelli with the code number and I am waiting to here back.
352219352219B001ELL3LEA20WOVJBUW9Y9LManuel Díaz "Manuel"252611240099200Not pure juice, this is concentrate + water.If you read pure cranberry juice, you do not expect to read that there is water in the contents. I understand that this is from concentrate, but the density is much lighter than other brands that do offer real Pure juice (Lakewood, Pure Cranberry Juice, 32oz).
352203352203B0006FMKG6ABOD2CGMINXTLJessi45 "JESSIKA!"0051334361600NeatI can't say they help with digestion or passing food with the fiber in it but my dog LOVES them, and they are healthy. I bought these and some other sweet potato kind from another company and she wont even eat the other ones. Shes quite the picky dog when it comes to treats or food!
352204352204B000MSS6C4A33YM6ZD4LWQQRonnie Gonzales0041339200000Good productThis product is a good one and enhance the taste of the food or chicken. It also makes easy preparation with instruction on how to cook or mix all the ingredients.
352220352220B001ELL3LEA3PNH8VFT9TXG6J. Bartlett121311262908800Not a concentrate- it has water addedIt is good juice, but it is not concentrate like it says. It does have water added. I have seen a bottle of this brand that is a concentrate and does not have water added, but cannot find it anywhere. I thought this was it, but it's not. I can get this locally with the water added. I want the concentrate, just cranberry (with the c). If I wanted the juice with the water, I would have given it five stars. I give it one because the ingredient list is different, and that is what I expect, the ingredients to be right.
352205352205B005HEUV9YA3OPUMECXP3ESCL. Sommers2241314316800Great toddler snack, but...Seriously, the price on these is absolutely outrageous. My toddlers eat one container EACH. These are a great, non-messy snack for the car, but get them at Target!
352206352206B001QE8V4GA15VZED1XIZKHLElizabeth B. Casey0051341273600Wellness WellBites are a TreatMy dog LOVES all of the different flavors of the Wellness WellBites Soft Dog Treats! They stay fresh in their ziplock bag.
352207352207B0014EW4VYAQ6MHR9VZDBQXFred H. Hassett4551329177600Why did Campbell's discontinue this good soup??????This is the tastiest soup I've ever eaten out of a can. I've squirreled away three cases but it's going fast. Over the past year for so Campbell's discontinued my two favorite soups, Chunky Salisbury Steak with Onions and Mushrooms and their Chunky Meatball Rigatoni. Hopefully Campbell's will get their act together and put these two soups back on the shelves again.
352208352208B0014EW4VYA2OFMPPHT0CGJ9SamanSarr1151343347200The Best Canned Meat SoupThe combination of potato, mushroom, and meat is perfect and it is simply tasteful.
If you are a meat lover, this is most probably the best canned soup you can buy online, as I have tried almost all different Campbell's and Progressos.
Also if you don't care either at all for neither noodles in a soup nor runny soups, this is what satisfies you for sure.
352209352209B0014EW4VYA3PD8JD9L4WEIIBron "Bron"2331331337600An OK soup, but lots of dented cans in my shipmentThe soup is fine. Typical Campbell's chunky soup. Decent taste, very high sodium content. OK for a quick meal now and then. But my shipment consisted of nearly all dented cans. Does not really hurt anything, but clearly these cans were "salvaged" and repackaged for sale here to people who could not see their condition. That's fine, but I'd expect some disclosure and a better price for dented goods. Current price is about the same as local prices.
352221352221B001ELL3LEA2P2772Z34TI33SK4451184198400Daily combination with Orange Juice works wonders for your healthI have been drinking this everyday mixed with orange juice in the morning for the past 2 years. Mixing with Orange juice makes it more palatable. Otherwise, it is quite tart undiluted.

It helps greatly in controlling infections of the Urinary Tract. Drinking and experiencing is believing.
352222352222B001ELL3LEA1X3XKB6RMAIFLT. Priddle3351235865600cranberry juicethis is great for anyone who has chronic UTI. I have one glass just before bed when I think I feel a UTI coming on or I am a little dehydrated. it seems to do the trick. Its the only one I found that is not just 100% juice but 100% cranberry juice.
352223352223B001ELL3LEA2LA1JN2SOAYJXB. Sutherland2251237161600pure cranberry juiceThe product seems to be helping the problem it was purchased for. I was happy with the cost and speed of delivery. Thank you!
352224352224B001ELL3LEA2320OE778KFA3Ruby J. Tullis2251190160000I LOVE ITThis product is everything it says it is and better. It is very sour.
but good at the same time. I actually crave it every morning. It is very refreshing.
352225352225B001ELL3LEA1WGOMFZW19C7FJ.Sanchez4551186099200Not so badI bought the juice because I read in the Fat Flush Plan that pure cranberry juice mixed with water helps with cellulite. I drink 64 oz's a day 8 oz's juice and 56 oz's water and it's not too bad. It's not at all a drink you enjoy but after I noticed my cellulite getting better it's something I'm staying on.
352226352226B001ELL3LEA29HGA7DOXZIJUD. Chandler81111261353600False Advertising & Retail FraudSounds pretty harsh but, if a local store did what Amazon is doing here, the authorities would be on them in a heartbeat. Amazon describes this juice as "not from concentrate." Previously, I was getting Mountain Sun cranberry juice from a local grocery store which was "not from concentrate." It was expensive, over [..] a bottle but, cheaper than the health food stores. Then, they changed to the cheaper version from Mountain Sun, made from concentrate, at around [...] a bottle. I was delighted to see Amazon had the "not from concentrate" and at a good price. My wife and I have bought from Amazon for years but, not food items. We have always been very satisfied with Amazon until now. When we received our first shipment of juice, I was shocked to see that the juice was made from concentrate. Amazon was passing off the cheaper juice for the "not from concentrate" version and at a higher price than I can buy locally. What a fraud and retail scam! Amazon, I no longer respect you as a trusted vendor and will be much more cautious in buying from Amazon in the future. I will also tell all my friends and family to be cautious when buying from Amazon as well.
352227352227B001ELL3LEA1UAZ6MNSZKB7GOnce in a while1151238457600Wowwee is it tart!This is full strength cranberry juice, so it's really really tart! But oh so good when diluted or mixed in other beverages or used for cooking. And because you dilute it, the three bottles go a long way.

I make my own cranberry juice drink by diluting this pure cranberry juice with four parts water, then sweetening with Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Turbinado Raw Cane Sugar.

It's a great, flavorful substitute for lemon in tea. My personal favorite is two or three teaspoons stirred into a cup of Lipton Decaffeinated Green Tea. I have a cup sitting beside me as I'm writing this.

For cooking, a couple of tablespoons are a tasty substitute for wine when roasting chicken or beef.


And I haven't even mentioned the health benefits this stuff is supposed to have!
352228352228B001ELL3LEA21CLGNYWS7O0LDLH17111151235779200ExcellentExcellent. It must be diluted and sweetened. I add a shot glass to tea and it makes it refreshingly different. For those who say it is awful consider that you can't drink it straight and it is not sweetened. Dilllute and sweeten to your taste. It is very strong.
352229352229B001ELL3LEA2RBN9ZY3PDTWXChristine1151215129600Affordable!This concentrated cranberry tastes great when diluted with water. Add some Stevia for sweetness without adding any calories or toxic chemicals. Comparing the Amazon price over the health food store...very affordable! Great for bladder and urinary tract health.
352230352230B001ELL3LEA6HECQ95UT5XXD. DiazGranados1151199836800Great juice!Know that this is unsweetened, which was exactly what I was looking for. At the price that I got it at, it was a steal!

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