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352261352261B000E63L8SA1W0F3F6EXIAKPvieprivee "vieprivee"1151280448000Amazing!I ordered this item about a month ago because it was the most economical option for this peppermint tea. I figured I would have the product for the next 10 years and still not use it all up. BUT I actually tried making iced tea (three tea bags make a perfect STRONG quart of tea)as someone suggested here. WOW! It is the MOST refreshing drink I have had in a long time and I have just reordered this item, only having one box of 40 tea bags left. My entire family is addicted to this peppermint iced tea and THAT is a good thing since the only thing in this product is peppermint leaves. TRY IT, it is totally amazing as hot tea and iced tea!
352262352262B000E63L8SA1LA7SN3YFEVRVDog Lover1151246838400Great for Stomach AchesAfter having a few adominal surgeries I get stomach aches quite often, especially at night. If I'm awaken with a stomach ache I will brew some peppermint tea which always helps. Unfortunately, it's not great for my bladder so a couple of hours later I'm back up but I can then usually get back to sleep again.
352263352263B000E63L8SAEWYUPCNDV7HYModern Blue Argonaut1151215129600Wonderful tea!This tea is one of my all time favorites. It has such a clean, refreshing taste and intoxicating scent. From the moment I open the waxed paper liner, and all throughout it's brewing cycle (I make mine in a coffee maker) it just smells so delicious.

I like to put this peppermint tea over ice and add a touch of Stevia Spoonable Powder NO Calories NO Carbohydrates Extracted from the leaves of the Stevia plant with high concentrations of Steviosides and Rebaudiosides - 16 Oz #ST52 for sweetness.

My husband prefers this tea served hot in the winter, I love it year round.
352264352264B000E63L8SA2LTD78IF8QK23Erin Fetsko "EbullientErin"1151204156800Amazon grocery success caseShipment arrived intact ontime and dry. Also when I opened the first box it actually seemed fresher than the tea I buy in Jewel. That combined with the total savings of about 50% makes it more than worth the effort.
352265352265B000E63L8SA1THITL7L23B3QN. Austin1151200614400A Classicthis is a classic...who wouldn't love this tea? the peppermint taste is intense and sharp without being overwhelming. i enjoy bigalow's 'mint medly' flavor, but find this to taste so much more...authentic and closer to nature. and i love that they do not individually package each tea bag--always seems like a waste of the earth's resources--but the tea always stays fresh.
352266352266B000E63L8SA38C8QBYY0HPC8Born Skeptical "Vickie"1151192579200My favorite teaI know I shouldn't be too excited about a product with a single ingredient, but I think what makes this tea taste great is its simplicity. The peppermint in this tea tastes just right.
352267352267B000E63L8SA4TK8ENW87B41Lila Klu1151190678400sweet and simple pleasureThis tea is such a treat (especially as a crisp minty companion to chocolate). Offers the taste of premium tea without the extra price. Thank you, Celestial Seasonings; I owe you this 5-star review.
352268352268B000E63L8SA3FKGKUCI3DG9UPaul Moskowitz3451276992000A Visit to the Peppermint RoomSeveral years ago, I went on a tour of the Celestial Seasonings tea factory in Boulder, Colorado. The guide showed us the bales of tea as they arrived, machines that ground and mixed the tea, and a machine that put the tea in tea bags. The tour included a visit to the room where the peppermint tea was stored. Our guide told us that peppermint was stored separately so that it would not contaminate the other teas. He did not tell us what was to come.

The doorway into the peppermint room was surrounded by bright red stripes. This should have served as a warning to us. We all innocently strolled into the peppermint room. The smell of peppermint was overpowering. It entered my nose, my head, my lungs, and then my whole being was infused with peppermint. What a rush! The crowd stampeded out of the room in a hurry. For the rest of the day and into the next, all I could smell and taste was the mint.

I am now addicted to Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea. Every time I have some, I am reminded of that fateful day in Boulder. The events of that day have changed my life forever. Amazingly, the tea is still legal, openly sold in stores and on the Internet. I think that the tea is great, but then again I am not an unbiased observer. On your next visit to Boulder, take the tour. Or go a safer route; buy the tea from Amazon.
352274352274B000E63L8SA1A14CF173OQJ4Stephen Cirelli0051323388800Good teaIt's tea. I've always gotten this brand in stores and really like it. So I decided to get them online for much cheaper.
352275352275B000E63L8SA27B5F2BP9TR6LBennon0051322179200Great for upset stomachThis particular tea we have found to be great for upset stomach.There are other brands out there and we have tried many of them.Though they also seem to work this particular brand is much more enjoyable as a iced drink at each meal.
352276352276B000E63L8SA1RSL0LFHYTGA2S. Dembeck0051307059200refreshing and packaged for easy effortrefreshing and caffiene free tea packaged in a very user frendly as the bags are not individually wrapped and have no annoying string, a real plus.good value.
352277352277B000E63L8SA1ZSTU6RKY1JCLJen0051289520000Love This Peppermint Tea!What can I say? This tea is delicious and is wonderful during any season! Love it! :)
352278352278B000E63L8SA3BEYQ95Z4A38AFay B. Davis "redhot's mama"0051279929600refreshingCelestial Seasonings Peppermint tea is really nice over ice. For a non-caffinated beverage that is also healthy, it's a win-win.
352279352279B000E63L8SA3F5ORKLVZK3AAR. Smith0051274572800Enjoyable BargainThis is a very enjoyable tea at a bargain price; with no shipping charges it's as cheap as driving 130 miles round trip to Costco. Makes great iced tea, too.
352280352280B004OUVEZ2A27CBL1BAFKYIIMargaret Maugenest1151302912000The Best Tape (Fermented rice)If you like tape, fermented rice, then this is the yeast you want to use. This delicate treat is hard to make -and not all yeasts are alike. Other things you have to know is that the rice must be clean - and completely cooled before you sprinkle the yeast (crushed into a fine powder) on it. Sprinkle on thin layers, building up the layers in a bowl. Small batches are best. The bowl must be covered so that no light comes in. Put on top of the fridge, or other place that emanates some wamth. It should be fermented in about 3-4 days. Remember, all utensils must be clean also. Good luck. I like it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
352281352281B004GCV9ZSA1E3MZXRCMKZ72tctommy0031348617600paid more for shipping then the productbut I wanted it so what can i say at least it was fresh and i knew what it cost so I cant complain too much . they could have given me a coupon for next time
352282352282B004GCV9ZSA1S39JQK2E9A44Only Me1251336867200Requested ReviewWhat can I say that hasn't been said: I order the product and that's just what I received in the mail; very quickly I might add.

I know that had I received a new Corvette instead of the tea I ordered I would be writing a more elaborate review; but I ordered tea and got tea, so I guess I'll have to keep waiting for the Corvette to show up.
352283352283B0045IO37YA3M333GYMKIG8ASandra J. Long "BoomerBabe"0051324252800Wonderful Deal on Bold FlavorI love the bold flavors of K*Cups and this way you get 50 of them for so much less that other places.
352284352284B0045IO37YA120BPRX233DLLGreg "smitz0327"0051323302400Always goodNever went wrong with this kcup. I usually buy this and Donut shop and get this because it is a strong coffee. Not to bitter either
352285352285B0045IO37YA103U3KR4L2ZXTAndreaR "andiemack"0051323216000Great CoffeeI have ordered this several times and like the fairly rich taste without any bitterness. It is also very smooth and is one of the better K-cups that I have found so far.
352286352286B0045IO37YA3LTX4DFG2JUOHRobert T Haselman0041321401600Bold is Beautiful!I was very impressed with how bold this coffee is. This is easily my new favorite early morning brew. Bam!
352287352287B0045IO37YA3MNHGI16H85B8Sharon Hopson0051320710400Emerill's Big EasyIf you enjoy a bold coffee, this is a great pick! I purchased a Keurig brewer this spring and I order different types of coffee to experiment to find the "perfect" cup. I will definately reorder Emerill's Big Easy
352288352288B0045IO37YA324HLTPHG7BTTErin0031320537600okayThe coffees are great, if you can get one that doesnt bust open while brewing and ruin your coffee! its good if you are looking for a bargain and dont mind making a second cup very once and a while, but if you use the keurig machine because you are a busy person, these coffees are not the right purchase for you. The flavor is though! just buy a normal sized package instead.
352289352289B0045IO37YAVMYLQNMTBIC1easydoesit0051320537600full-flavoredThe coffee is dark and rich, without being acid. This coffee is for those who like their brew to fill their nose as well as their cup.
352290352290B0045IO37YA29QY127R679KSJ. T.0051320451200Great cup of coffee in a K-cupIt's a nice bold, strong flavored cup of coffee. Goes great with a sweet breakfast. Also a good strong kick in the pants in the morning. This is one of my favorite K-cups.
352269352269B000E63L8SA2XSQOL0IZQFKSWON2351175558400Great dealThe price was great, it arrived quickly and it was exactly what I ordered. Great deal and great service.
352270352270B000E63L8SAUCE520NQLKOTkdee0051344384000Love that mintWe order by the case. This peppermint is clear and strong tasting. Celestial Seasonings is great at packaging the taste as if you just picked the leaves. During cold winter months we drink this tea every night.
352271352271B000E63L8SA3PM1EC3W9UCT0I. Reed0051343606400The stuffThis tea is the best I have tried. I have tested about 5 different kinds and this one is consistently more minty and less leafy than the rest. Keep it sealed up though, because it does seem to lose its potency over time.
352272352272B000E63L8SA1SYBUDPIINOHQTony0051331769600WONDERFUl!I drink this tea almost every night! it very soothing! very good for winter months! but i am not sure if it is 100 pure mints though! I would definitely recommend
352273352273B000E63L8SAZ93N0PALQFZZJack Spitler0021329955200Watch the Packaging - 4 to an envelopeWhat I was expecting were individually wrapped tea bags. They come 4 to an envelope, so once you open it the others are exposed to the air. They definitely can not be used in a public setting where no one knows who originally opened it or how long it has been open. I suppose they would be good for batch brewing at home.

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