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352291352291B0045IO37YA1IRUUD2I6HZITbrezzy0051320364800coffeewhat's not to like??????? pleasingly great bold taste.....and price is quite lower than in the stores, even Wal-mart!!!....will definitely purchase again!
352292352292B0045IO37YAOKK7PZM5E0PVMaylesworth0051319846400Bam!!This is by far my favorite bold coffee!! It is rich, bold and holds up well with my flavored creamer!!
352293352293B0045IO37YA9JYNIFC9U5TBUTFan1 "SeaGail"0051319673600Our favorite!We've tried many different K-Cup blends, but this one by far (or, rather, so far) is our favorite. We like a bold taste and Emeril's is both bold enough and flavorful. Newman's Special blend was our previous favorite, but this far outshines it, I believe.
352294352294B0045IO37YAJZENI4B0SAMJB. Newton0051319328000simply a "Great tasting coffee"A rich bold taste that maintains smoothness. No bitter aftertaste. Have nver had a better K-cup. If they had six stars this one would receive it.
352295352295B0045IO37YA30CUQNTM3LO3Ewinsmom0051318291200K CUPS COFFEEThe order came as described. Packing was perfect. No problems whatsoever with it. The taste is great for a strong decent cup of coffee.
352296352296B0045IO37YA38U5D4DTJQ5ODPatrick T. Kelley0051318291200The Best Coffee I have FoundThis is the better coffee I have found in a K Cup. Deep, rich, smooth flavor. No bitterness. Worth the few extra cents per cup.
352297352297B0045IO37YAC04MNII0B5B9Colorado "clairibela"0031318118400Bitter, not boldI like the flavor of coffee, but Emeril's doesn't have that traditional coffee flavor. It's pretty bitter--so much so, that 2 Splenda packets in a 16 oz cup don't mask the bitterness. Three stars because it's tolerable, but I'm holding out for tastier coffee.
352298352298B0045IO37YA2RWVUT42HQAQCNanazy0051317686400My Favorite K CupI am addicted to Emeril's Big Easy Bold. It is strong but smooth, not bitter. I love my Keurig but many K cups are too weak for me. I used to order from Amazon when they had subscribe and save and started ordering it elsewhere whey they stopped. Prices have gone up everywhere it seems and this pack offered on Amazon is once again the best price I could find.
352299352299B0045IO37YA30I3OXE3CI7MXWendle0051317427200Love it strongI always drink one cup of coffee on the way to work. Emerils coffee is bold and full of flavor and with a little vanilla creamer added it's the perfect way to get my day started.
352301352301B0045IO37YA2H5J233R00FOVDiadra0051317254400Emeril's Big Easy Bold coffee is very bold and tasty!Emeril's Big Easy Bold is very bold and tasty and a great way to start the day! Not an expert on New Orlean's style coffee, but I love it's flavor!
352302352302B0045IO37YAQVE976ZVZ2P1reader99960041316822400Strong-er and RichI am a recent Keurig convert, and LOVE IT! But I have struggled slightly with the weaker coffees of K-Cups. I like my coffee with a pretty strong flavor.

But today I am sitting here with my first cup of Emeril's Big Easy Bold and can say, it is stronger than most but also feels rich in flavor, instead of bitter. It's very good!

As far as shipping it arrived right on schedule, although the 50 K-Cups come loose in a large unlabeled box, which was... odd. I just did a quick count to make sure they were all there and in good shape, which they were, and I just restocked a smaller K-Cup box in my cupboard. No big deal to me.

While gambling with your $30 to pick a good coffee, I bet you'll win with this one.
352303352303B0045IO37YA1Y3CYYO6PPI61cassidy0051316217600Great Bold CoffeeI have been ordeing this product for about a year now. It is great coffee. You should buy if you bold coffee.
352304352304B0045IO37YA3690KJBTLZDMSfond-of-wine0051316217600Best package price for this coffeeThis is great robust coffee (my favorite), and the price per k-cup is the best I've found so far. I'll buy it again.
352305352305B0045IO37YAV4GI7ZMVZH85Lucia0051315958400A good choice!My order is a repeat order as we have enjoyed this coffee for a long time. The price offered at Amazon is good and the delivery is very quick. I do recommend this product to anyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee each morning and at coffee-break time. MLF
352306352306B0045IO37YA384DF38IY969MCoffee Drinker0041315440000Bold & delicious!This is very good coffee. I enjoy the bold taste and I look forward to making a cup or two daily!
352307352307B0045IO37YA2QS3RG1ZA9F73Richard Bradley0051314921600Emeril Big Easy Bold K CopWent through virtually every bold, dark coffee for my Keurig. Emerils Big Easy Bold is the best dark coffee in the class, not in the slightest way bitter. The pack of 50 is a great bargain,
352308352308B0045IO37YA1YPSX7DRV4RLHE. B. Adams "granitestatebooks"0051314748800Great coffee!This is always my first cup of coffee for the day - strong, but very smooth. It never fails to wake me up and get me going. And it's very nice to have the 50 pack available.
352309352309B0045IO37YA2PJZELNVQXN4WScarletjazz "Scarletjazz"0051314576000Good and SmoothI received a Kuerig machine for my birthday and a variety pack came with it. So far I like Emeril's coffee the best,I will be purchasing more.
352310352310B0045IO37YA1CBTI7MJP07U9Jim Schulz0051314576000Our favorite!We get this on a regular monthly shipment and enjoy a decent discount. Coffee has gone up some , but we love this and Amazon has the best deal ! Wish Costco or Sam's would carry it like some others as their deals are the best!
352311352311B0045IO37YAWJD903NY5BVIwalt0041314316800No more price increases acceptedPrice keeps going up, up, up. Next price increase
and I'm out of here. Product is good but getting too
352312352312B0045IO37YA2H6YK4BZFGHA5David L. Roberson0051313712000Dark blend, similiar to chicory based coffee (but no chicory)Due to my 8 year exposure to Louisiana, I can reliably say this coffee is the best substitute for a Keurig based cafe au lait attempt. Aside from that, it is a tasty dark blend, you just have to look at Emeril each time, then jab him in the head with the K-cup assembly.
352313352313B0045IO37YALNJ5EQCJVABYWendy S.0051313452800Hubby Loves It!I don't really drink this coffee, but my hubby has at least 2 cups a day of it and says it's a really great bold coffee. We use subscribe and save for it because it is a "regular" at our house.
352314352314B0045IO37YA6N7S8EEUY5OKE. Peroni0051312848000Good coffeeI purchased Emeril's Bold for a vacation with 14 people. For the person who wants a stronger flavor Emerils is just right. I would purchase this again.
352315352315B0045IO37YA3CJNM7X4KOFCELynne E. Curtin "Lindy"0051312848000LindyMy favorite so far. Bold but smooth with no bitter after taste. Highly recommend if you like a bold coffee.
352316352316B0045IO37YA1ZOE6E7AR73PJbordway0051312761600Emerils Big Easy Bold K-cupsExcellent BOLD coffee ... if you're a weak coffee drinker, then this coffee isn't for you ... if you love tasting coffee ... you'll love this blend ...
352317352317B0045IO37YA2MG6DACLTIXJ4William M. Vance "Orange People"0051312329600Definitively Easy BoldBold is Bold is Bold yet smooth. Typically I am leery of celebrity products but I have ordered and reordered this product and it has been consistent over time, well priced and is bold but not overly "barky" enjoy.
352318352318B0045IO37YA2VVUPMDXWI6IFMillicent L. Van Ness0051312243200One of the best dark roast coffees availableMy husband and I always a cup of Big Easy Bold every morning. Its quality has been consistent over the past several years we have ordered. If you like a dark roast, without the bitterness sometimes found in dark roasts, this is the coffee for you.
352319352319B0045IO37YA3JLRSNSQGT6KTgrannygourmet0051312070400Best Coffee!Had a cup of low grade restaurant coffee yesterday morning. Made me realize just how spoiled I am to have the opportunity to drink Emeril's Big Easy Bold every morning. It has become our favorite!
352320352320B0045IO37YA17P57VS25YINNBob0031311724800Love the Coffee - problems with the k-cupEBEB is my favorite k-cup coffee flavor. It has great flavor and is my preference for a bold coffee taste without being bitter.


I've had a lot of problems with the actual EBEB k-cup. There is some manufacturing defect with these particular ones. About every 3rd k-cup something gets clogged somewhere and it overpressures the cup resulting in coffee & grounds spilling out of the top of the cup holder on the machine. I've purchased several different boxes of EBEB from different stores (including Amazon) and have had trouble with all of them.

I've run hundreds of other styles of k-cup through our machine with no problems - this only happens with the EBEB.

I called Keurig to tell them about it and while they were nice and sent me a free box of another type of coffee, they didn't seem to interested in understanding that there is some manufacturing defect in this coffee flavor.

Bottom line is that I'm very sad - I won't buy EBEB anymore because of this continuing problem with the manufacturing.

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