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386941386941B001SAU2N6A1P80567F4VNVZGeorge D.1151318464000DeliciousMade in a Lello. Easy mix Freezes well & holds to a cone Tastes better than commercial. I'm well into the second 12 pack.
386942386942B001SAU2N6A20TC95RVLLDQ4Steven A. Andersen "goose"0051345766400Junket gets it doneJunket has been around for decades. I saw my great grandmother use it for ice cream. Recently we saw it advertised and bought a small case of it. We were amazed at how great the chocolate Ice Cream Mix came out.( the one we bought) It was awesome and lightning fast without the egg custard necessary for good quality ice cream. We even used just whole milk and no cream and it was great ice cream..We recommend this product for those that want a quick treat or a handsome dessert done done up just before dinner guests arrive. You do have to use two of the small boxes for a good quart but Who knew?
386943386943B001SAU2N6A2FVCGUAYS2Q1MSusan0051344384000Junket is Still the bestJunket Ice Cream Mix is great. I have always loved it, but our stores stopped carrying it. Buying online was no problem and I was happy to find it. It is still the best ice cream mix on the market.
386944386944B001SAU2N6A1E2G25YSH2JBRronald balesano0051342310400Outstanding ProductThis product was every bit a good as some of the "best" brands. The chocolate was rich and smooth. I made it in my ice cream maker and it was outstanding.. I also made it by following the instructions on the box and the results were just as good.. I would recommend this product!
386945386945B001SAU2N6A2P5ZCMXDNMZKLoldhorseartist1451317945600Junket - a blast from the pastI remembered Junket mix from my childhood so I searched the Internet to find if it was still being made. Voila, of course and of course Amazon had it. I love it. Mix it up and put it in my ice cream maker, turn on the machine and shortly enjoy great ice cream. Yummm.
386946386946B005NDXEM0A1DB7JO28JORE5chris2231324252800i expected it to be bigger then it was however its worth the 26 dollarsnot as big as it looks but was worth the money. everything in the box is really small not much to it. for 26 dollars not bad tho you get what you pay for
386947386947B005NDXEM0A3K2DZ3CD84TMNAmanda M.1141325116800a good assortment of different thingsThis box isn't HUGE, but it's not tiny either. I got it because of the variety of items it seemed to have, and it didn't disappoint.

That being said: because it has 27 items or whatever, all of the items are pretty small (I was expecting this, so I'm NOT lowering it's ranking for this). If you're looking for a large amount of meat and cheese, I'd get something else, as while the meat and cheese were both very good, the logs were small and went fairly quickly. The sweet things in it were quite good as well, and offered something different to eat- and the sweet/hot mustard was loved by all.

My only complaint was that the only item that was either 1. not liked at all or 2. simply "ok" to most people that were eating out of this (6 people) was the Spice Cheese, which seems to be the only item that is repeated- as I believe there were a total of 3 of them in the box. If you really liked the Spice Cheese, however, that might make your day. The replication of that one item instead of putting in something else twice, or something different, is the only reason I'm giving this 4 instead of 5 stars.

In short: very good variety, though small items.
386948386948B005NDXEM0A230SSC49W79HDLARRY GIRTON0041349740800Swiss Colony 27 favoritesMy Swiss Colony 27 favorites was received in the time advertised and in the best of shape. My family and friends dove right in on the day received and we found the product fresh and Delicious as well as plentiful. Thank You for a wonderful product at a more than reasonable price!
386962386962B004EE2UR4A1PJAQP9MUSAXNT. Collins0051304553600love this teaI've always purchased this tea in bags. Wanted to see if it tasted the same in the kcups. I really do love this tea but it is economicly better to by it by the bags. kcups are great and convenient but just a bit more than I want to spend right now.....
386963386963B004EE2UR4A1M976FVAIMAZ7RescueRanger0031301788800Good, but...I like it, but.... there's a little bit too much of a sharp after taste. Even adding a ton of sugar didn't make up for it entirely. The product still has good flavor, but I'd gladly take Lipton Spiced Chai over this, if only the Lipton came in a K-Cup.
386964386964B004EE2UR4A2SH6KIZQ5LMMGT. Schmidt "tas"0051300924800Celestial Seasonings Devonshire English Breakfast Black TeaI highly recommend the English Breakfast Black Tea. I'm not real big on tea most of the time but I give this one 5 stars. Don't be shy and try it.
386965386965B004EE2UR4A3NWJPIRABJXX3Priscilla A. Smith0041300665600Tasty Chai teaI was skeptical thinking this tea might not have a bold enough flavor. It is instead very flavorful with just the right amount of spice.
386966386966B004EE2UR4A28ZG1SE6DKWKACatherine Montgomery "Emeraldquest"0051300320000English Breakfast teaCelestial Seasons has one of my favorite K-Cup teas in English Breakfast tea. I am a repeat customer in buying this brand of tea.
386967386967B004EE2UR4A1T7IB6NJ3KZFBJ. Miller "a_tech_guy"0051298505600Great tea/better priceSometimes it's hard to find good quality products for the K-cups. This is a good tea. I love green tea and this is a good brand. I like this brand and Bigelow organic green tea. I think the Bigelow is my slight favorite, but this is good tea. No aftertaste and nor are there grounds in the bottom of the cup. The price on this one puts everything to shame. Usually the K-cups are more expensive, so this is a bargain. Get it now.
386968386968B004EE2UR4A38TPUN6VBAYYPR Owens0051297900800Wonderful flavorThis tea reminds me of the spicy Christmas concoctions my mother made years ago. Fresh and spicy, but not hot-spicy, it's wonderful served hot or cold.
386969386969B004EE2UR4AZ880BV5XBANQJ. Howard "JH"0051297296000Great Green TeaThis is an excellent green tea. I enjoy this brand and one from Biglow.

I would recommend this tea to anyone who likes green tea. And it is organic for those of you who are into that stuff.
386970386970B004EE2UR4A32I2NNNQF5TWVasilion0031296864000Very StrongI generally like Chai Tea, however, this one is very, very strong for use in the Keurig. I would suggest watering it down or something.
386949386949B005NDXEM0A131Z12V04XO8TMad_Ducks0041326758400Good for the valueI sent this as a gift so I cannot comment on it too much. I do know that my friends were very pleased once they received it. It arrived on the date it said it would.
386950386950B005NDXEM0A21P6G66OXF9ZRhonda Staats0051326499200Good last minuteThis was a great last minute Christmas present,
As I procrastinated almost to late. But Thank You
It got there on time. I ordered three of them and sent them to three
\different people, so it worked out great.
386951386951B005NDXEM0AGO2MJ7LRHPSHMadeline W0051324944000very nice presentationI thought this this was very nice (to give as a gift) But as the other person said The shipping label took the gift idea to a new level. I will never order this again for a gift, but just in case anyone else gets stuck with this because of the label, this is what I did--I took a small xmas gift bag and cut out a santa picture and pasted it over where I had peeled off the shipping label, so now it looked more like a gift!!
386952386952B005NDXEM0A3RSGADZII483Hmartysc0051324598400Great Gift - fast shippingOrdered this for a Christmas gift just a few days ago and wasn't sure if it would make it to the recipient before Christmas (going Super Saver shipping via USPS). Just got a call that it arrived today in great condition and they are loving it - a wonderful variety of items that all taste good. Guess I've got a new Christmas tradition ...
386953386953B005NDXEM0ANL1R11YQ8PC8Sidphx0021324598400Gift Box Doubles as Shipping CartonRegardless as to how good or bad the food items are I don't consider this to be a 'gift box' as a 4x7 inch non-removable shipping label was slapped on top of the box. As I was giving this to a friend for Christmas I attempted to remove the label. The holiday box design came up in strips along with the label. As one pays a premium for these food samples one does so because they are arranged and displayed attractively and come in a 'gift box' to be given as gifts.
386954386954B001OY262QA4JSQFCKVKX2AJ. Kort3351331769600Yogurt lovers rejoice!!!For absolutely the best Yogurt, Bakto rocks. To 16 oz. Chobani lo-fat plain yogurt drizzle 8 cc (1 1/2 tsp) Orange extract, 1 cc Bakto Vanilla Ext and wait 10 minutes (to let the alcohol evaporate). Add 3 tiny scoops of Kal stevia, MIX and refridgerate. A healthy, lo-cal, sugar free masterpiece.
386955386955B001OY262QA5SD9CRV6B0MICheri174evr "Cheri174evr"2251325116800Delicious! Great Packaging. Quick Delivery.Natural Orange Extract (1 FL OZ)Pack of 3 I ordered the set of 3 Orange extracts, each is a 1 ounce bottle. This product arrived in excellent condition due to great packaging. The scent is wonderful, and the flavor delicious. The delivery took only 4 days. I will order from Bakto Flavors again!
386956386956B004EE2UR4A3JDAHAQHP4ITMDogRescue "Di"0051308009600This tea was yummy.Will purchase again! It was less expensive online but could probably find in stores everywhere now. Amazon has great deals. Just gotta look.
386957386957B004EE2UR4A5PC6KU9TQFRYGeorge Carte "Knik Wind"0041307750400Very nice green teaThis is a very nice, full flavored green tea. Also very convient in the K-Cup packaging. I have tasted some lose leaf premium green tea that is a little better, but much more expensive and not in K-Cup style.
386958386958B004EE2UR4A34P62SQB2DRGXStarlette B. Gwaltney0051307577600Tea Tottler!I am not a coffee drinker, so tea is my thing. With the Keurig machine, it makes it all the more easier to get a cup of tea.
386959386959B004EE2UR4A2AIGDKK3BQDJWAF Pilot0031307059200Tasty, but didn't delete my need for a Starbucks run.These k-cups taste good and are great for a quick Chai fix. They're also a good coffee alternative, but they not good enough to replace my Starbucks stop for a Chai latte or an Apple Chai.
386960386960B004EE2UR4AU8VKKC2H0LSLSanLee0051306195200Excellent FlavorThis Chai Tea has excellent flavor and I have enjoyed many Chai Teas. This one for Keurig is by far one of the best I have enjoyed over the years. Thanks.
386961386961B004EE2UR4A2JM4TKX99S313House of Raven0051305504000Morning BeverageAn excellant tea for Keurig Brewers... Did I mention that Amazon is the only place I can get many of the brewing cups for Keurig Brewer!

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