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386971386971B004EE2UR4AC4MO7EL9T29TSarah H. Knauss "Lab Lover"0051296432000Perfect Chai taste!This tea is bold and smooth at the same time. If you are a lover of Chai, buy this. Easy to use with Keurig and no artificial sweetners or additions to take away from the tea.
386972386972B004EE2UR4AC5LQDZ8D4XXXsusie0051296345600green tea dream...easy quick great hot or coldLove quick....I can fix it if I want it hot or if i am in the mood for a cold drink. I do recommend you give it a try....
386973386973B004EE2UR4A1FHVEKX1PDM2ND. Godi "frogfly"0051296086400Better than Starbucks!I love this stuff! I add sugar and half and half and get a drink that is very much like Starbucks Chai Latte. The price on the product has gone up since I ordered it on Jan. 7th 2011 -- so, I ordered the CS Indian Spice Chai tea bags instead. I put 2 teabags in MY K-Cup and it tastes exactly the same. You get 6 boxes of 20, so that is 60 servings for me (2 bags at a time) for the 13.95 (subscribe and save) these cups used to be. If I want the tea a bit stronger, I will remove the tea bags after brewing from the my k-cup and throw them in my mug. Let is steep a bit longer and it is wonderful!
386974386974B004EE2UR4ACHKXS1PNBMMUDebbie0051296086400Calming and flavourfulI like Indian chai tea and this teas was very flavourful, not too strong easy to work in my new Cuisinart coffee machine.
386975386975B004EE2UR4A2865VA8CZJNKXKevin W0051295049600Celestial Green Tea with White Tea for smooth taste is a win!The BEST green tea I have ever tasted. Extremely smooth and great taste! Tastes better than from a tea bag!
386976386976B004EE2UR4A3ECI859GVJ2KLisaVA0051293840000NIcely SpicedThis is the only chai brand that i've tried so far but it seems to be very good. nicely spiced. not to strong or weak.
386977386977B004EE2UR4AEI9Y1R8F00BNS. Goffstein0121332028800India spice teaI was thinking this would be a nice break from the normal tea. However it is a bit too spicy for my taste. Unless you really like the spice chai, I wouldn't recommend this tea.
386978386978B004EE2UR4A2QW39KWLVPX9DSheri L. Hasty0131326067200Not a latteBe sure when you order this product that you do not want the latte. It was my first order with the K-Cups and I ordered the wrong thing.
386979386979B004EE2UR4A2OY1B4GRU1VYYRebecca C Williams0211301875200Celestial Chai TeaThis tea taste and smells awful and there is no return, be careful before you buy it, try a smaller version of it.
386980386980B004EE2UR4A28I19Q54MYXGVBuffy1511313539200Celestial Seasonings India Spice ChaiWhat I was expecting was a chai tea similar to one I find in popular coffee houses: a spiced tea infused with cream and sugar. This tea smells wonderful but the taste when you are drinking it is very plain to me. Also it is missing the cream and sugar elements so it has none of the flavor and body of a coffee house chai. I've also tried three other chais from Timothy's, Bigelow and Gloria Jean's and had the same reaction to them all during my side by side taste test. The K-cup chais are simply not the same as the coffee house chais. To approximate the coffee house chai you'll need to add your own cream/milk and sugar/honey and give it a little shake.
386981386981B004EE2UR4A2ADC9XMNOO6G1Ready2Fly0611317945600expensive and a waste of plastic$15 for 24 servings?? that is crazy, especially that you can get green teas in a box cost a few bucks. Also, the plastic cups go in landfill. i will never buy these cups again.
386982386982B004EE2UR4A4VMQ6ZTSXSSLkiwanissandy "Go Bucks!"272851292457600Delicious with 5 spice aromas, not full of sugar and creamThis India Spice Chai while brewing fills the whole room with wonderful aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves almost like the Chinese 5 spice blend. There is no added sugar or cream so if you want that go with Cafe Escapes Chai Latte K-Cups for Keurig Coffee Machines - 16 Pack. Those k-cups which are delicious as well have the cream that many expect in a chai tea. This particular brand of Celestial Seasonings is just tea. You can add what you want after the fact. I've not had any trouble with the packaging, nor having the tops flop off while brewing. This is just a nice cup of spiced tea. It's not peppery and won't offend or be too spicy for most. I really like it and highly recommend.
386983386983B004EE2UR4A3JXBZ8F65100OFerdy141451294963200Converted me to tea over coffee - it's that goodBefore buying my Keurig brewer, I never really like black tea. I would drink herbal tea from tme to time but black tea always seemed too bitter. After trying Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Tea, I was instantly converted. There is no bitter taste and it's so much less acidic than coffee and therefore much easier on my stomach. It has a mild, slightly fruity taste that is perfect with breakfast or really anytime of day. I've tried it plain and with a bit of milk and sugar as well. I honestly have become more of a tea drinker than coffee drinker since trying this delicious tea.
386984386984B004EE2UR4A1RGNH6GLPV3G9Zasu "Kolacky Girl"8851296000000One, two, chai, chai, chai!The India Spice Chai is delicious! I usually buy the Chai Latte (which I love), but decided to try the Chai tea. This is not a creamy drink like the Chai Latte. It is a regular tea. The spice blend is delicious. The aroma is divine! Try this, you won't be sorry.
386985386985B004EE2UR4A3PU5ECUMTNV9PHolly Mardis8851295049600Great FlavorI drink this tea nearly every day (sometimes twice) and really like the flavor. With the health benefits of green tea, and the convenience of the Keurig, I drink more of it now than I used to when I did the wait/brew/wait/brew thing with old fashioned tea. I highly recommend it.
386986386986B004EE2UR4A3JDAHAQHP4ITMDogRescue "Di"6651308009600YumYum Yum Yum... I love Chai Tea and this was closest to Starbucks. Of course I dress it up with a bit of almond milk.
386987386987B004EE2UR4A346O72R8U5VD4Pupshine5551303344000Excellent tea!I love my Keurig and use it every day, several times a day. My mum was born in England and is VERY particular about the taste of her tea. I got her to try this and she really liked it. I love it! True tea lovers will like this tea. It is the only K cup tea I will drink.
386988386988B004EE2UR4A1328E7Y9FJNGPM. Dowdie4451294704000The best tea I've hadI'm not a hot tea connoisseur, but I am a big iced tea drinker and occasional hot tea drinker. These K-cups makes some of the best tea I've had anywhere and I've started to actually crave it. I set the brewer for 12 ounces and it makes the tea about the right strength for my taste. The 8 ounce setting also does fine. Highly recommended.
386989386989B004EE2UR4A23RBNQWX11KWESherry3351315267200Great Tea!!This green tea is delicious. My new diet calls for green tea or coffee only. I am not a coffee drinker and usually drink ice tea. This green tea is perfect hot or cold! I use Stevia and it taste perfect. With the cooler months upon us, this will make a great hot drink to sip on...not to mention the benefits of green tea! Buy won't be disappointed!
386990386990B004EE2UR4AINUV6DVXMKEMkzoomn "Audiophile"3351313280000Great substiture for AM coffee.Taste is what it's all about and this tea not only tastes very good but is a welcome change to the morning coffee. These Green Tea cups (IMHO )provide just the right brewing strength. Another plus is that you don't have to wait for the tea to brew. Using the 10oz setting is just right for me. If you want a stronger brew then use the 8oz setting.
386991386991B004EE2UR4AAQ9X4WUQYS7MShan Luc Picard212911302912000Where's The Cardamon? Prepare for the Cloveaload!If the only chai you know is from a chai flavored latte at a coffee shop, this might be a good tea for you. If you have an Indo-Pakistani family like me, the first thing you'll say after tasting this is "this is NOT chai tea." There isn't even the slightest hint of cardamon in this tea. As it is, it should be called "spicy clove tea." This tea is heavily seasoned with cloves--I can't agree with any of the reviews that talk about cinnamon or other spices. It's just cloves, cloves, and more cloves. I guess that's what I get for looking for a simple chai-flavored tea. Real chai contains Milk, Sugar, loose black tea, cardamon, and a tiny amount of other spices according to region. Cardamon and strong tea should be the dominant flavors. Check the wikipedia article on Masala Chai for the original chai and how the American chai is a just a strange revision. I'm sure that my fellow sugar-loving Americans would love to have a cup of super-sweet traditional chai, so I don't really understand why the flavor has been changed so drastically.

I was hoping to add milk and sugar to this to get a "traditional" Indian Chai, but I'm going to have to try again with another brand. For all the people out there who know what Indo-Pakistani Chai tastes like, I'll be reviewing each of the "chai" K-Cups according to how they resemble the original.
386992386992B004EE2UR4A25D1XYXD8LGTBKeith M. Heston2251328486400Great for regular chai or latteI love this chai, and it makes a much better chai latte than I've tried in any k-cup before. To be clear, this doesn't come with powdered milk or cream, so you have to add your own cream in order to make it a latte.

I have disliked all of the pre-mixed latte k-cups I've tried because of a combination of artificial sweatener (which they all seem to insist on adding) and the powdered creamer (which is worse than fresh). I add my own sugar and cream to this chai, and it is delicious!

When I tried this without cream and sugar, it tasted slightly heavy on the clove. With the cream and sugar, though, I don't have any complaints.
386993386993B004EE2UR4A2TDB2RRNMIEA123452211327622400Hate this :(I love Chai Tea. I don't even put sugar or honey in my Chai Tea. This was just not right. Tasted burnt out of the keurig and the cloves are overpowering. No amount of honey and milk could make this right for me. I am suffering through my 24-pack and may just throw it out. Very disappointing. I've had this brand/flavor in the bags before (although not recently) and liked it just fine. Even bought it multiple times. Not sure what is not working right with the k-cup formula.
386994386994B004EE2UR4A43KIRU0JUW64Liltink2251320624000Great Tea!Just received my new coffee maker as a gift. One of the sample K-Cups was this black tea. I set it at 8 ounces.It was so delicious, with a bit of sugar and a bit of cream. I love Red Label English Breakfast Tea and this was as good or even better. Do not be afraid of this tea, you will not regret it. No bitter bite from over processing, just yummmmmmmmm!
386995386995B004EE2UR4A2YD2OOVCPXU0NM.S.G2241302998400Great teaI prefer tea that is not steeped too long. This tea is the closest I have found to the way I would make it myself. I run it through the Keurig twice, once at 10oz and once at 12 oz and it comes out exactly the way I like it. You may not prefer as weak a tea, but that can be solved by running it through only once. It has a clean, refreshing flavor.
386996386996B004EE2UR4A1822NRXOYYHDHAJLMD132251298937600Best Breakfast TeaI drink this every morning with a tablespoon of sugar. Great tea with just the right amount of caffeine to survive the long, early mornings. Strongly recommend.
386997386997B004EE2UR4ADRQUBG5JSAQ3G Elizabeth2251295913600Best Cup of Tea!!I received a Keurig machine for Christmas, so I purchased this tea yet I wasn't expecting much. Well I found that this makes the BEST CUP OF TEA!! I have to pace myself because I could just drink cup after cup it is that good!!
386998386998B004EE2UR4A2A774EV8O7DP6Kit1151329696000Tea TimeThis black tea is delicious and I have found that reusing the cup doesn't affect the flavor until the 4th or 5th cup.
386999386999B004EE2UR4A1ZJKSL026HG44gcet1151320451200taste great!I love this tea! My wife is usually the big tea drinker in the house but after trying this in my Keurig I have to say I LOVE it. I didn't purchase through amazon though because I got the same amount 24 in a box for only 9.99 elsewhere but I would recommend it to anyone.
387000387000B004EE2UR4A3FON5KASMUGQUCarrien1121318550400Weak FlavorI love k-cups. They're pretty cool, and I like the idea of them, but I don't like sacrificing the flavor just for the sake of a cup. The tea tastes very watered down for some reason. And I am a tea drinker who doesn't add sugar/honey because I enjoy the natural sweetening properties in the actual herbs. But this herbal tea is missing something, especially with a name like 'Authentic Green Tea'. It's pretty disappointing for the price of these things, but I'll continue to drink it until I run out.

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