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387043387043B004EE2UR4A1UAA9C5PQW496Jineen0041328227200DeliciousI enjoy chai tea very much and my partner drinks only tea, no coffee. So when we purchased our Keurig, we wanted to try several varieties of chai to find the perfect one. I shopped on amazon and bought several types with reviews, cost, recognizable brand and speed of shipping being accounting factors ( in that order).

Pros: Quick delivery
The description is accurate and you get exactly what is advertised
Known brand
The price is moderate

Cons: I mention price here again because it is cheaper in other forms ( tea bags)

I prefer a non milk based Chai and so this was the ideal for me. I added sugar some days and drank it plain others and both were satsifying. My partner and I both enjoyed it above all the other flavors and I will reccomend and share with friends and family. I will continue to shop and attempt to find a better price, but would pay this again because it is worth it.
387044387044B004EE2UR4A3S9V8OLQENVK8readingaway0011327363200Like Green WaterI tried this because I can't seem to find the Gloria Jean Serenity Tea which I liked very much. The Celestial Seasonings was very very bland. I even tried it on the smallest cup, and it made no difference. There is no authentic flavor here. I was brought up drinking green tea. I especially like the Yama Moto brand green tea, but wanted something quick and easy in a k-cup. I like the Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Spice so I thought I would try the green tea. I realize that coffee and tea are a personal preference. For me, this green tea missed the mark completely.
387045387045B004EE2UR4A2X7JD68GFS2ZFdodgeballs0051327190400Tasty!Great Keurig tea pods. This is not chai latte, so don't expect white milky beverages. This is just tea flavored with chai spices. I suppose if you add hot milk you could make a decent chai latte though, but I haven't tried it yet. Very bright flavors, but not overpowering.
387046387046B004EE2UR4AV0SKM1SJ40IBkimmer650051326326400A great plain teaI have been looking for just a pain black tea with no flavors. I finally found it. I think it is my favorite tea. Not crazy about the flavored teas. I use it for both iced tea and hot tea.
387047387047B004EE2UR4A1YJYGAYY3UP37cany580051325894400Great TeaThis is a great tea. Very smooth. I don't even use sweetener with it, but it isn't bitter at all. If you like tea, you will love this one.
387048387048B004EE2UR4A15V4VI663JO58Lynne0051324339200black english teaExcellent tea and very enjoyable after a long day at the office. also great on cold winter days and some R&R while crafting.
387049387049B004EE2UR4AUOB0J10F5ULBHolly0051323561600teathis tea was very good,love it and would buy this product again soon. this is my all time favorite of all teas.
387050387050B004EE2UR4A1QWC52UKP8VWAGina S.0051323475200Love, Love Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea K-CupsI can not express how much I looove the Celestial Seasoning English Breakfast Tea K-Cups!!! When I purchased my Keurig, I was drinking Bigelow's English Breafast tea bags which I opened and used in the My K-Cup. I had a rebate deal that sent me 2 boxes of the Celestial Seasoning tea K-Cups and I've been hooked ever since!

The Celestial Seasonings is much smoother than the Bigelow. I hadn't realized how bitter the Bigelow was, I can't drink it any longer!! I'm a purest when it comes to my black tea, I don't like too many other flavors superseding the tea.

I wish I could get this in tea bags too (to carry in my purse when at restaurants, at friends houses and what not)!

The Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast is just an super-enjoyable cup of tea!
387051387051B004EE2UR4A3H42N22EVT84FKatie0031322956800TasteThe taste is alright. I love vanilla chai tea and I thought I would try this. I added a lot of cream to it after it brewed and then it was more to my liking. Next time I'm considering adding a drop of vanilla extract, I have a feeling that will do the trick.
387052387052B004EE2UR4A2388CJCMIF1MCRooks0031322870400A little disappointedI was disappointed when I drank my first k cup ice tea. I love iced tea, however I do not like lemon in my tea at all - I just want the taste of the tea leaves. The Celestial English Breakfast Black Tea has a lemon flavoring added. Ugh ... I was really hopeful I could brew a glass of ice tea with my Keurig. It is not bad tasting at all - it is just not what I prefer.
387053387053B004EE2UR4A3P92HTAJM8J9Pdiane0041322438400great black teaI really like his tea because it is mild and has a great taste and it taste good hot or cold. also you can brew the cup for 2 cups if you want
387054387054B004EE2UR4A2U5SNFKB8Q9WSMusi-cali "vhope00"0051322179200K cup green teaProduct was as described. The green tea flavor is okay, it can be a bit strong unless you prefer stronger flavors. I would purchase it again.
387055387055B004EE2UR4A2QTQYRPKJFY3PMargaret Cullum0051322179200Great TeaThis is a full bodied English Breakfast Tea. It is the one I drink when I don't need to drink a decaf tea. It is the best !!!
387056387056B004EE2UR4A2NY9ISFZGYN0ICindy W. Mitchell0051321488000Perfect Cup of Tea (Hot or Cold)This is the best tea I have ever tasted at home. The flavors are blended perfectly. I like to fill a cup with ice then do a quick brew with the Keurig Machine. No need to add sugar or cream. I just wish I could find a comparable decaf so I could have an excellent nighttime cup of tea before sleeping.
387057387057B004EE2UR4AUX7CXABOM8S4PJsMommy210051321228800Delicious Tea!This tea tastes amazing! It is not too strong or too weak. It has great flavor, it it smells divine!
387058387058B004EE2UR4AXQ43KVNU6TVNSheila Jindela "Musical lover"0051319932800Yum in a cupK Cups over all are a little pricey compared to just buying the regular product, I know! But the machine you use to make it ain't exactly cheap either! Having said that... this cup of Green Tea comes out perfect and yummy every time!
Waiting for Celestial Seasonings to make more of my favorite flavors of tea in K-Cups!
387059387059B004EE2UR4A2G1E1VLX7DVNNJan0051318723200Great productI recently bought a Keurig Coffee maker because my husband and I love our coffee and tea, but sometimes want different drinks on certain days and this coffee maker fit the bill. We both enjoy this Green Tea. Likely the best of teas that I have tried so far. They arrived sooner than expected and arrived as described. Happy with the service and the product.
387060387060B004EE2UR4A1Z6C3MALXO6Y0P. Teague0041318723200Tastes great, good price and fast serviceThis tea has a good flavor--not too strong or too weak. It isn't as great as say a fresh looseleaf but is comparable to Twinnings' Eng Breakfast.
387031387031B004EE2UR4AWOBBSEOX40WJohn McGuire0051332115200Very Good Iced tea tooI did not like any of the brew over iced tea flavors so i tried this and love it. Would definately recommend for iced or hot tea.
387032387032B004EE2UR4A24ANAR5QTRBOOGoldDove0051331856000Delicious teaI have always wanted to try brewing real English tea. I bought these for my Keurig, and they were so, so much better than my normal tea bags. They may not be as good as real, brewed tea, but I think they're delicious.
387033387033B004EE2UR4AXLTH6CGGHG6WSiannon0021331769600Chai teaThis tea has a bitter taste that I didn't like. I am fond of the Gloria Jeans chai tea that Amazon has been out of for a LONG time and will wait for that before trying anything else
387034387034B004EE2UR4A3IMAAM7H6E1GGLesley G0051331251200Great English tea for Keurig coffee makerI bought the Keurig coffee make to make coffee for guests but I now primarily use it to enjoy hot tea for myself. This brand of tea is just to my liking and the price was reasonable with no shipping charges. Win-win.
387035387035B004EE2UR4A2VO4JXWVV6LFICathy Curry0051330992000Celestial Seasonings Breakfast TeaGreat flavor, no bitterness and a wonderful way to start the day!
Have purchased additional packages of this product since first tasting it when I purchased my Kuerig coffee maker.
387036387036B004EE2UR4A11ITQ9IGDMQ27Elaine Echols0051330992000great teaCelestial Seasonings English Breakfast Black Tea, K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 24-Count
This tea has a great, smooth flavor. Even my husband, who is not a tea drinker, enjoys a cup of this.
387037387037B004EE2UR4A17Q3DS3CAP3JNSarah A. Primeau "Sarah"0031330387200Not my favorite...This tea is fine, but not a chai favorite for me. I don't think that I would purchase it again, but I will finish up the box.
387038387038B004EE2UR4A2XCZ6MUJDZJU7ComplaintKing0021330300800Lacks flavor and taste of Green TeaI recently purchased this hoping it would be good. I love Green Tea and enjoy trying different varieties. I was not too thrilled with this kind. It lacked flavor, was plain and just didn't have a strong green tea taste. I'd rather spend a little more for something that tastes more like green tea.
387039387039B004EE2UR4A17SI29DNSK3HQAudra in WI0051330300800Great aroma, Great taste!The India Spice Chai is a great tea. I've tried a lot of different brands of Chai and hadn't found any until this one that compared to the kind I made with the actual spices in a pan. I normally add a little milk and brown sugar to it after it's brewed, but it's very good tasting alone as well.
387040387040B004EE2UR4A3I6NNDNKM1IT1Logan0031330041600Just OKI bought these mainly for my husband to take to work in the morning, he usually uses actual teabags. So these were going to be the easy solution. However they were not as good as the actual teabags we have. Just wasn't his "cup of tea"
387041387041B004EE2UR4A1YS7LL44O3XNRJon & Taylor0051329264000Great tasting green tea!I stumbled upon Celestial Seasonings Green Tea k-cups at my workplace, and since have fallen in love. For a nice, quick cup of green tea, I haven't found any better solution. I have fancier or more old fashioned tea brewing methods that I use when I have more time, but I default to this green tea when I need a quick fix.

Now about the tea specifically - I have tried other green tea k-cups (competing brands), and none have been as clean-tasting and crisp as Celestial Seasonings. I will continue to purchase this brand for my green tea needs.
387042387042B004EE2UR4A1P6HTMYCE8U76Florence Maruyama0051328400000K-cup Celestial Seasonings green teaThe Celestial Seasonings authentic green tea k-cup is very good. One K-cup makes adequate flavor of 9.25 oz. of hot tea. Most of the k-cup assorted coffee produces light, watery coffee at 7.25 oz., but this green tea has good color and taste even at the max. 9.25 oz. I would recommend this green tea k-cup.

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