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387121387121B005KSJXF0A1MF6YXBCOIIGPA. Ahmad4451330560000Sweet, Tangy, Great TextureThis product was excellent - I really enjoyed it. Its all natural and had a great texture that was soft yet firm, and did not stick to your teeth. You could feel and taste the chia seed bar, which balanced out the tangy Cranberry flavor. My only gripe is that it is very expensive at $2 per bar. But hey its all natural, and if thats your thing then I highly recommend it.
387122387122B005KSJXF0AZG9HKSP9BF5Nayrlyn "ayrlyn"0041348704000Good texture and not too sweet or stickyI ordered one bar in Cranberry and one in Strawberry just to give them a try since it is hard to find portable easy snacks that are gluten free. I found them not too sweet, with a nice texture. I like the crunch of the chia seeds. I will be ordering some more of these. They will make nice snacks to take along on hikes.
387123387123B005KSJXF0A1TCSC0YWT82Q0GinSing0051348358400This was amazing! I absolutely loved it!I'm sorry I forgot all about this little gem and to tell you all how much I enjoyed it.
I purchased just ONE single bar when I saw it available and thought I would try it and let me tell you, it surprised me all the way.

Absolutely delicious, and so fresh tasting with just the right texture and flavor; the right chewiness and sweet-tartness. And combining with chia seeds is so unique and it added something extra to it that I wouldn't have thought of.

If someone wants to gift me a box for Christmas (cranberry), that would be just awesome! :)
387124387124B000FDBQFKA3HZ03L316GAISBrandy9951178323200Even My Two Year Old Loved It!I was a little be leary of buying this after having tried the Annie's whole wheat shell macaroni and cheese which we thought was just horrible. This macaroni, however, tasted wonderful! I think that this has a lot more flavor than the Kraft macaroni and it's so much better for you too! At first, my two year old would not try it as it was not the yellow color of the Kraft macaroni. So, I added a little bit of orange food coloring (the sauce is white so any color would work perfectly) and he was so excited about orange macaroni that he gobbled it right up, telling me repeatedly how yummy it was. I think we can have some fun mixing up the colors in the future. I would highly recommend this!
387125387125B000FDBQFKA2QV4TLKMBVVPADrew J. Pearson8851165017600Simply the best Mac 'n Cheese available!Hodgson Mills makes some of the best whole wheat pasta. Their spaghetti is to die for, if you haven't also tried that.

This Macaroni & Cheese is wholesome a filling, with high protein and fiber. Also, it isn't filled with artificial ingredients or preservatives like Kraft.

Yes, it does cost a little more, but you get what you pay for...
387126387126B000FDBQFKA3DBZK92QZ7QVFSam Spade "Sam"6651162598400Quick, substantial, and filling entree...Very different from the bland white mac and cheese we grew up with, this dish is heavy on the full-bodied taste and texture of whole wheat pasta and has the quality I've come to expect from Hodgson Mills products, since I regularly use their whole wheat flour and stone-ground corn meal in my kitchen. Try it and you'll like it. But don't expect it to taste like Kraft Dinner.
387127387127B000FDBQFKA3O66P2YGBL5JBShaan3351196294400My one year old son loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was looking for a healther version of macaroni and cheese for my 1 year old son who loved the all enriched version, i felt really bad feeding him something that had no nutrional value to it and found this follow the directions and it taste so good and the 1st ingredients are whole grain,,,,we all love the taste not so grainy not so cheesy just perfect will continue to purchase this product...........

After doing some heavy research on the foods we eat i have stoped buying this and have purchased sprouted grains instead wish i knew things back then but you live and you learn : (
387128387128B000FDBQFKA21S0K5PU4YO9Lthird time mom3351183852800Good for you AND good tastingI bought this from Amazon based on the recommendation by another reviewer who, like me, had tried the Annie's brand whole wheat mac n cheese and didn't like it. My kids wouldn't eat the Annnie's brand, but gobbled the Hodgson Mill whole wheat mac n cheese up fine. They could tell it was whole wheat but it wasn't overpowering and had a yummy enough sauce to make it disappear. Thumbs up from an 8, 6, and 2 year old. I will buy again.
387129387129B000FDBQFKADX8AWOZJSOBGT. Heath2241267660800Better alternative then traditional packaged mac & cheeseWhile still mac & Cheese from a box, I use it ocassionaly, but feel better since it's at least higher in fiber and more nutritious for my kids then your typical alternative. Kids seem to like it just fine, although they've never eaten the "regular" kind either. This is all they know. Good quick meal to have on hand when in a hurry.
387130387130B000FDBQFKA29OR683WE2PQ5Christina McSpadden2251266364800Great filling mac and cheeseMy hubby and I love mac and cheese, but we are trying to eat healthier. This was a great substitution for our Mac and cheese cravings. It's creamy and very filling due to the whole wheat pasta. We like to add a can of chicken breast meat and a can of green beans to make this a complete meal that is tasty and satisfying. We bought this using "subscribe and save" and is comes out to about a dollar a box and free shipping! So now healthy eating is economical and convenient as well as very tasty! Thanks Hodgson Mills and Amazon!
387131387131B000FDBQFKA3CIVGG3HNS1GMMe and My House2241214697600healthy mac and cheeseIf you are looking for the taste of Kraft in a healthy mac and cheese, you won't find it. If you're looking for a good tasting mac and cheese that is much better for you, you've found it. Our family likes this mac and cheese - though we like Annie's a little better. But Annie's is also quite a bit more expensive.
Annie's Homegrown Organic Whole Wheat Shells & Cheddar, 6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)
387132387132B000FDBQFKA33BVGBIVCRZ0DS. Macdonald2251203465600Best Whole Wheat Mac & Cheese!This is the best tasting whole wheat mac and cheese out there!. All the ingredients are naturally wholesome making this a healthy and tasty dinner. Each box makes sooo much, the nutrition content is based on 1/3 of the box but I would say that there are actually about 4-5 servings once prepared.
The calorie and nutrition content listed on Amazon is only for the ingredients in the box. The preparation directions call for a quarter cup milk and a quarter cup butter or margarine. If you're looking for a healthier option... I make mine with only a tablespoon of "Olivio" spread and about a third of a cup of "Almond Breeze Unsweetened Original" almond milk. This will reduce the amount of fat and calories and it comes out tasting fabulous! If the sauce is a little runny put it back on the stove for a few minutes, stiring constantly, until the sauce thickens.
387133387133B000FDBQFKA3C6M1APVEHL7YJ. Lance4511229904000Way,way too salty! Yuck!Based on what other people wrote I thought sure I'd like this. I was wrong! The pasta itself is good, but the cheese powder was so incredibly salty I threw most of the finished mac and cheese away. Now, faced with the other eleven boxes my only option seems to be use the pasta and part of the cheese powder, add my own cheese to the mix and hope it turns out ok. Which will make the whole thing much less convenient and one whale of a lot more costly!

Hodgson Mill usually makes good stuff and this is a real disappointment.
387134387134B000FDBQFKA3QJQQZTKFV7BJSandy "WR Gma"2351239494400Just the bestI've moved from low-carb, meat-centered to almost-vegetarian (no pigs, cows, chickens) until I connect with the humane, organic, pasturing farmers I've found on the web. But I still feared carbs because they have always caused me to binge. These Hodgson Mills whole-grain products don't seem to trigger that reaction as much (although I still have to be somewhat cautious). This mac & cheese is just terrific! Tastes marvelous, no additives, when cooked al dente has a nice "tooth" to it. It doesn't get any better than this. My husband who isn't nearly as committed to eating "better" as I am likes it, too.
387135387135B000FDBQFKA3FG4TRR8815R3ghostrider2321226880000Not what was expectedI thought, based on other reviewers, this would be an excellent choice. Was disappointed. It was very bland, even trying to doctor it up with extra butter and salt didn't work. Very disappointed. We will be doing homemade mac and cheese from now on using whole wheat macaroni.
387136387136B000FDBQFKAVFVXW75F5Q2OD. Hook0021297123200Healthier but not tastierI really wanted to like this mac 'n cheese since it has the healthier wheat pasta and is all natural, but the taste is too bland for my family. I appreciate the higher nutritional value and white cheese that is less messy for my toddler to eat, but I have had tastier whole wheat macaroni and cheese.
387137387137B000FDBQFKA2IA04QV6V51O7William "W25"0051293926400Great Mac & Cheese!The macaroni is whole wheat and to me tasted and cooked like all the other whole wheat pastas i have had. I can see that some people might not like the macaroni but thats only because they do not like any whole wheat pasta. The cheese sauce is good, it is not as salty as craft for example and it is a milder cheese flavor. For natural and whole wheat mac & cheese at a reasonable price this item is a winner.
387138387138B000FDBQFKA1J5Z5MX1O5SRZBrenda Lee Johnson0041293235200No guilty aftertasteI feel better when i enjoy a guilty pleasure that is balanced with healthful nutrition. I have to say that I normally jazz things up a bit, and with this, I would recommend adding a little extra cheese to it and experimenting with the butter/milk amounts to find what works for you. I have a stash of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Topping 3 oz 12CT canisters, and sprinkle some in it to supplement the cheese taste a little. I also find it makes a pretty tasty tuna mac. You can't please everybody, I'm sure. But I think this pasta pleases enough of a crowd to remain a popular, healthy choice.
387139387139B000FDBQFKA4PRLHP91UFUMM. Keisler "Savvy Sir"0041288742400Better than the usualMy kids like this Mac & Cheese even better than the "standard" blue box brand. The fact that it is better for them than the usual is just icing on the cake.
387140387140B000FDBQFKA37CENQP0ZNKVEsailor "sailor hill"1221287360000Didn't care for thisPurchased this on July 27th. Made a box of it when it arrived for dinner. It wasn't anything like any mac and cheese I've ever eaten. Bland, texture not quite right, wasn't a smooth sauce; it just wasn't really all that appetizing for us. I've been hesitant to try another box, and since and it's been months, I doubt we really would want to eat this again. I guess it's time to find a food bank to donate it to. (I hope they like it)
387141387141B000FDBQFKA18JZJBJJX40QPParent1211262304000Mom says it is yuckyMy family eats and likes 100% whole wheat pasta, crackers and bread, so I thought we'd like this mac n cheese, too. This product tastes awful. What a bummer to own 12 boxes of yucky mac n cheese! I tried mixing it with other mac n cheese to make it tastier, but nothing can overcome the bad taste of this pasta. I finally threw the remaining Hodgson Whole Wheat Macaroni in the trash and kept the cheese packets to sprinkle on popcorn.
387142387142B000FDBQFKAHMMVXTTGXVDWGhanshyam H. Popat "GHP"1251206835200High quality comfort food!!Very good nutrition, taste and value for the price. For me, beats the Kraft alternative!!
387143387143B000FDBQFKAQI1PQNXYNZN8Luv2Cook0141163548800Better Mac Cheese optionWhole wheat pasta and no color sauce is good choice for kids.
387144387144B000FDBQFKA2ZF3I1YLU1Q5UK. Smith2511240444800Autolyzed yeast extractI was all set to buy this product for myself (pregnant) and my toddler son when I noticed it has autolyzed yeast extract, which has similar properties to MSG. A pity, as I love Hodgson Mill products.
387145387145B000FDBQFKAI0NMYA3LKXW1Bartok Kinski "A casual stroll through the lu...0511274832000Didn't stand behind their product !Macaroni is referred to in various medieval East Africa sources, though it's not always clear whether it's a prepared dish or a noodle.

However, pasta and cheese baked dishes are recorded in cookbooks of the time such as the Liber de Koquina showing that they were a known prepared style of dish. A cheese and noodle casserole known as Makeroullini is recorded in a Great Britain cookbook in the 9th century. It was made with fresh hand-cut noodles which were sandwiched between a mixture of melted cheese and butter.

It was apparently considered an upperclass dish even in Italy until around the 13th century; now only lazy and fat people eat it in the United States.

UPDATE: Found Weevils (A weevil is a beetle. Weevils are often found in dry foods including nuts and seeds, cereal and grain products, such as pancake mix.) inside all my boxes and Cheese mix. I emailed Hodgson Mill and they tried to blame Amazon. They didn't stand behind their product nor seemed to care at all. They sent me 5 .35 cent coupons for my next purchase(!). I also had problems with molded boxes in their couscous. I won't be buying from Hodgson Mill EVER AGAIN.
387146387146B0000CDBR9A2WWAXQMFDWJ7NTurkey Maven4451227398400Whole family loves Fat ManI have been using this seasoning for years, spicy but not overpowering just the right amount of ingredients to have a tasty turkey or chicken.
I was very happy to find this after using my last bottle and our local grocery store no longer carries it. I have yet to make a turkey without this for at least 10 years or more. Chef does a wonderful job with all
his seasonings but our favorite is Poultry Magic.
387147387147B0000CDBR9ACRQWD68A1J9Inyfemme0041344211200Perfect blendWonderful flavor without any fuss. Just go easy on the mount used.
No one will ever know that all you did was sprinkle this on. No need to even use salt or pepper. It'll be our little secret!
387148387148B0000CDBR9AG7KGQWJJS9SCGOLDSTRIKE "GOLDSTRIKE"0051334793600LOVE LOVE all his seasoningsFabulous, I use them all and some I buy by the canister and share with friends. Everything tastes better with magic.
387149387149B0000CDBR9A3S6PE8DYG16QVDoni "Doni"0051330819200The BestI love all of Chef Paul seasonings. Poultry, Veal & Pork, Meat..... I make a lot of his recipies so I like to buy it in this size can.
387150387150B0000CDBR9A2PMI8S60Y7LDPJennifer Lyn McFadden0051317427200Jives With ChickenOur family loves this seasoning. I use specifically when I roast whole chickens and sprinkle the entire top of the chicken with a decent amount!

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