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387175387175B0036FEB4WA3Q01CSFIZT86PH. Sacklow1131278374400DisappointedI have purchased the larger pouches of this product before and really liked them but the packets I got were dried out and did not taste the same. They did not have the "gummy bear" consistency I found in the larger pouches.
387176387176B0036FEB4WA2SN1C0KVT7K4KJKLineberry2351285891200Highly Addictive!!I am addicted to these things! They are difficult to find in my local grocery store and my Sams Club doesn't always carry them. I have bought these and the Kellog's variety. I prefer these because the flavor is more robust and the texture is more like Gummi Bears while the Kellogs is more soft & smooth and the flavor is a bit flat. I like to grab a couple bags on my way up to bed as a bedtime snack.

387177387177B0036FEB4WA2PU5LZS20RBRRno0051345334400bad deal for the $$$$$$Wow, just saw this item. what a rip off. I just bought the box of 80 pouches at Costco for 9.99. seems this is not a great deal. Unless of course you are held hostage and can not get out to shop.
387178387178B0036FEB4WAKZKG2Z7CNV27BreezyPaige0011329523200just don't like theseI plain just don't like these fruit snacks. Texture is really important to me when it comes to fruit snacks, and these are more hard than gummy. The orange ones taste pretty good, and none of them taste bad, but they just aren't awesome. I recommend Annie's brand (particularly the Berry Batch) or Ocean Spray (the Berries and Cherries is really good). Both of those brands have an amazing soft texture and don't have to sit there chewing forever as you do with the Welch's.

PS- if you are going to purchase these, they are WAY cheaper at Costo
387179387179B0036FEB4WALVUUDZRG3NTSC. J. Carson "BUNNY LOVER"0221281830400go with Kellogs insteadI just don't care for some of the fruit flavors in this, kids seem to like them, however.
387180387180B0052Y15VWA102SH9AIMFJSSC. Whooley "busy cook"0041344816000M&M's purchasethe seller was great, order came on time and we were happy with it. I would suggest putting a better description, I didn't realize they had a Vanentine theme but it did work for what we are using them. Had they been for something specific, I would not have been happy. Candy was fine though.
387151387151B0000CDBR9A1AA56T6AO1206Stephen G. Bernard0051304553600Love this spice!First package was dropped off in the rain and got soaked through. The company promptly resent another.
This is so much cheaper than buying it in the supermarket. I love the flavor and for me it tastes really good on Ribeye steak with a pinch of salt on each side before using the seasoning.
I also use it on chicken, it's mild but very tasty.
387152387152B0000CDBR9A2BSSP134RILC9Mintz9110051299715200Great product better priceI use Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends ~ Poultry Magic for all my poultry and stuffing needs. The problem is the only store that sold it (Superfresh) in my area just closed down. It adds that kick that my family and myself likes. I normally buy it in a 2.0 oz. jar for about $3 plus. So there is no doubt the 24 oz. can was a better value. It shipped fast (3 days) and came with a little catalog with all their other spices, most of which I didn't know existed.
387153387153B0000CDBR9A3JHVXM1HQJ69XJTB-10051294704000Best product of its kind...Chef Prudhomme's spices are simply the best.

The seasoning, especially the Poultry product, adds so much flavor to grilled chicken.
These spices sear the outside of the meat and it retains the mositure and flavor.
I wouldn't even consider grilling chicken without the use of these spices.
BTW, the Poultry and Veal spices are excellent too and the value of buying these in
bulk is outstanding. About 1/4th the cost of retail. Thank you!!!
387154387154B0051G3R8AA15IBKVA8KGTUFAlicia Czechowski0011329350400Not real black currant flavor-very artificial tasteThis "pure black currant extract" tastes like artificial raspberry flavoring. It leaves a lingering and unpleasant artificial after taste. Over-priced and not at all natural in flavor.
387155387155B003NCEABCA1SZ5QXGTVUPMBbuck0011340150400Very DisappointingThey are charging ($11.58) for a 10 oz. jar of what amounts to brown sugar.
A 2 lb. bag of brown sugar is around $2.00 at your local grocery store.
By the way brown sugar a very good popcorn topping in my opinion. As good as I have found.
So there you are.
My opinion for what it's worth.
387156387156B003NCEABCA3OXMTBAHKCX2JJohn M. Touchton0051326326400Delicious toppingWith low calorie butter spray from Publix, adding a dash of this to air popped popcorn makes for a nice dietary treat that won't make you feel guilty like chips or cracker jacke!
387157387157B003NCEABCAM7N9MTQAIUIYJames E. Carenbauer1251281916800Wabash Valley Farms Popcorn SeasoningThis item arrived in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with this product and would buy again from this seller.
387158387158B0054RSFZGA3Q90JARBPQ51YMac G1111347840000Somewhat resembles peanut butter-- maybeI purchased this in a grocery store, not amazon, but having read these reviews I wanted to offer my view. I absolutely cannot believe the other reviews that say it is good or the closest thing to natural peanut butter. Neither the texture nor the taste come close to even the cheapest supermarket brand peanut butter, never mind tasting like a quality natural product. It has intense off-flavors, somewhat reminiscent of tapioca gone bad, or perhaps it's something like a sweet chemical-like flavor/smell. And the texture is way wrong. It is too thin, almost liquidy. Just yuck. Better'n Peanut Butter isn't even better'n nothing.
387159387159B0054RSFZGA280XZAMM95WNICEH2351344470400Better'n Peanut Butter vs. JiffI am pleasantly surprised that this stuff taste better than any of the natural peanut butters I tried to replace Jiff with. While it does not taste better than my favorite it is the closest. I would rather eat this than Peter Pan, Reeses, or any other similar competitors. My main purpose for this peanut butter was to replace Jiff because of its ridiculous fat and caloric count. I now eat this 9 out of 10 PB and J's. It suffices enough to replace Jiff. I have no guilt when eating peanut butter now with the amazing nutrition of this product and unexpectedly good taste. I keep Jiff around to eat maybe once a month although I would not die if I was never allowed ot purchase it again come tomorrow. I am not a health freak, but I just started working out again 3x's a week and this really helps me shed calories and fat while supplying some nice protein and fiber. God bless greek yogurt, canned tuna fish, and this peanut butter for keeping me healthy and not looking like glutton.
387160387160B0054RSFZGA15F20ZOMDK1ODt belden "Trixie B"2351343520000Better n Peanut ButterPositively scrumptious. Lives up to its name. I mix it with greek yogurt and have it for breakfast every morning. Beware the Better n Butter addiction, one spoonful and you'll be hooked.
387161387161B0054RSFZGA3DGWPPVCNOUJ4Nicole0041348790400Pretty goodPretty good, looking for a lower calorie alternative to PB, this is pretty good. its 100 cals and 3 grams of protein in two tablespoons. A little thinner and sweeter than your average PB but i like it and I will purchase it again (although I bought mine in a Super Target). Try it.
387162387162B0054RSFZGAS80W021NXRQPMaia Domingues0031347494400intensethis stuff is intense. its both very salty and very sweet. it has a very peanuty taste, the texture is a very creamy/liquidy. its good. but very strong, think salted caramel intense. 1 tbsp and you're good.
387163387163B0064MEVXAAQXYD1H2ZQ9NNfrugalshopper0011327449600Don't waste your moneyThe site doesn't list the ingredients for their products online. Had I known the product was full of trans fats I would not have ordered it. Watch your labels. Partially hydrated = partially hydrogenated. You have to laugh at the ways manufacturers will try to fool the public. In the future I will not order a product that doesn't list its ingredients online so that consumers can make informed purchases.

Did try the product and found it tasteless. No heat/spice and it left a waxy film on the roof of the mouth, must be from the wax. I was going to send it to my son in college but tossed it in the trash instead. The sad thing is that they do NOT have to use trans fats to get flavor. They just don't care.
387164387164B0000CDBR7A4X4NO9N14URIproudmom0051304553600Great Sauce!I usually don't like terriyaki sauces too much, but this was great! We used it to marinade chicken kabobs and it was so delicious! I am ordering more now so we can make them for our next party! I definitely recommend this product!
387165387165B004US1ZXOA4J5V6KMSDDKMD. Backlin "Who fan"0021328572800Smells Bad, Tastes WorseI've been experimenting with different cooking sauces and found this on sale at my local grocer, so I thought I'd give it a try. It's a really think sauce, almost like ketchup, but has a coarser texture.
When I heated it up in a pan, it just sat there and didn't spread out much. I finally spread it around with a spatula and added my chicken.
It smelled like cheap vinegar, not like any kind of curry sauce I've ever tried (and I've tried quite a few). It tasted a lot like cheap vinegar, too. I added a little bit of tandoori powder and a little bit of Thai basic cooking sauce I happened to have handy and managed to save the meal.
I still have half a bottle of the stuff and I haven't decided what to do with it (Toss it? Mix it with something else?). All I know is it's no good by itself and it has managed to stink up the whole apartment.
387166387166B0001VWF3SA1QOKMGIAZKW1BSuzann @ Work Smarter Now0041240963200Alternate UsesPerfect for our needs. While we did use the peppermint leaves for cooking, we also used it in outside doorways to keep away unwanted pests (mice) who dislike the smell.
387167387167B003WF0HYYA2IF2OND8SJMAPHenry2251319760000Best tasting hot sauce I've ever had!Seriously, this is some GOOD stuff! It's not particularly spicy, especially if you're the sort who's into trying the hottest of the hot sauces, but the flavor is phenomenal! The garlic taste is strong but not at all overpowering. It's not the sort that has a load of vinegar in it, which is a huge plus in my book. When you get it, I highly recommend opening it up and taking a whiff. The scent is out of this world.

Basically, if you're looking for a sauce that's light on heat but big on taste, get this one. You will absolutely not regret it.
387168387168B0004LWYOAATH5GW4OYXZE8Jeanne Jackson5551259280000A "must have" on the spice rackOn Salad, fish, poultry, beef, soup or steamed veggies, Zatarain's Creole Seasoning enhances virtually any culinary creation. It has a lot of flavor and a nice little "zip" but not what one would describe as "hot" like Tobasco Sauce or Jalapenos. Dinner guests always want to know what that wonderful seasoning is in my food, most of the time it's the Zatarain's.
387169387169B0004LWYOAAS9IHA39EJNSVBxmedic "Bxmedic"5551206230400Love this stuffThis is one of my favorite seasonings. I use it as a season all on a variety of dishes. It adds a lot of flavor with a little spice.
387170387170B0004LWYOAACH1HJAM7UIZRnishiko4451283817600This is THE BOMB on Salmon!!All you need to make THE BEST SALMON is to sprinkle a little of this on one side of the salmon, and bake/broil the requisite time. In my infrared toaster oven (which cooks faster than most traditional ones... you may have to up to double the time in those), I simply put some aluminum foil on the small tray, lay the salmon fillets down on that, sprinkle a little Zatarains Creole seasoning on the top, then put it in on 425 for about 10 minutes. DELICIOUS!!! And incredibly easy!!

I've tried other Creole seasonings to make Salmon, and the two I've tried didn't even come close.

AND, salmon is pretty forgiving, so if you overcook it a bit, no big deal, it'll still be good.

Try it, you'll be so thankful you did, and will not bother with all the hassle of mixing special sauces for your salmon. When I go out to a restaurant, I rarely ever order the salmon, because I regularly make better (almost always) at home for a lot less money.
387171387171B0004LWYOAA1HGXLP6WATS4BF. D. Gillett "Comparison Shopper"2251295222400Simply the Best!I love creole/cajun foods and Zatarains Creole Seasoning has the most authentic flavor of the many creole seasonings I've tried. It's a must for jambalaya, gumbo, and anything considered creole. I especially like it in country gravy, but it is good in any gravy. Use it on baked potatoes instead of regular salt, it's great in casseroles, stews, ham and beans, and so many other things in which you would normally add salt. It turns ordinary hamburgers and meatloaf into a memorable meal.

I've had many compliments about the flavor of foods in which I've used the Zatarans. As another reviewer said, this is a must to keep in your spice rack.
387172387172B0004LWYOAA1LW3XGXYP98BWHank Peace1131330041600Add a Taste of Louisiana to Any DishZatarain's Creole Seasoning is a flavorful, versatile blend of spices that can add a taste of Louisiana to any dish. I have only one complaint. It's way too salty! By comparison, it has almost twice the sodium content of Grace's Caribbean Tradition Jerk Seasoning. If you really like to put some flavor in your food but don't care for salt, you're out of luck with Zatarain's. Now, I recognize I both like more flavor and far less salt than most, but a lack of salt can always be rectified with the shaker everyone has handy. There's nothing I can do. Sadly, this has left my can of Zatarain's sitting on my spice shelf unused and forlorn.
387173387173B0004LWYOAA2DN1ZSHQ3TBPSJoan Hay "Jay"1151319760000Great size packageEveryone knows that Zatarains products are just the best. The 8 oz. size was wonderful because it fits easily on my rolling shelves. Service delivery was right on time too.
387174387174B0004LWYOAA2IA3OGJDSC2TBEliza B.0011343952000Too Salty!Made Cajun chicken pasta with this seasoning and it was so salty that I had to throw out a huge pot. Nobody in my family could eat it. My husband complained that his tongue still felt swollen from the salt hours later. If you use this seasoning, limit it to the amount you would use if it was pure salt.

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