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387181387181B0026MIT5IAVZNM63GGF8H6Ruth Rice "Fun Limey"1151341532800Fiber!!!I have tried many different GNU bars, first found in TJ Maxx of all places. Cinnamon Raisin is one of the best. I like the idea that you get half your fiber intake for the day with only 1 bar. Excellent calories etc. You will not be dissappointed.
387182387182B003NQK7W4A3RR2P5IS3DGPRDr. M. A. Dixon "hyper-observant"2251331251200Delicious and economicalThese Kelp Krunch Seaweed Energy Bar by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables are delicious! I buy mine for $1.69/bar at my local organic grocer. As usual Nutricity is trying to sell them for double the retail; I do not know why Amazon continues to let Nutricity sell on their website. These bars have all organic ingredients: sesame seeds, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, kelp. They taste great and are good for you.
387183387183B0082CGVEMA2670J64G4FPY8E to the C "music is love"101051339459200Rich and Creamy without the intensity of other brandsWe have tried most of the brands out there, Pacari, Navitas, Frontier, Sunfood etc but keep coming back to Wilderness Family Cacao. Its mild but rich and the same time. The flavor is not overwhelmingly tart or strong and blends nicely with other flavors. Its very smooth tasting as opposed to the grittyness of other brands. They source this from Peru and package it well. Highly recommend this Cacao if chocolate is your thing.
387184387184B0082CGVEMAVOHZ5EZGGIDZJacqueline A. Jenkins1151349049600great product, rediculous shipping costsThe cacao is wonderful: full bodied and robust; mixes well. The shipping, however, was about a third to half the cost of the product. That kind of made the deal not so pleasant but it was delivered in a timely manner for a ground shipment.
387185387185B0082CGVEMAI8R4L9C5AU3MG. Li0051350950400Sooooo Delicious!I had never tried raw cocoa powder before, but was pleasantly surprised to find that it tastes just as good as the roasted kind. I make the best sugar-free, healthy, chocolate milk, milkshakes, and ice cream with this cocoa powder using raw cow's milk and Kal white stevia powder. I use one tiny scoop of stevia per cup of milk, plus one heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder and blend it up. It's also delicious with bananas, peanut butter, peppermint, strawberries (tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries), coconut oil (tastes like Mounds candy bars) or blueberries blended in. I can't get enough. I only hope that this cocoa powder is truly raw, and not roasted at low temperature.
387186387186B0082CGVEMA2E5KEAC12SJ61Sandra Cosentino0051349568000High quality chocolateDelicious full hearty chocolate flavor--I use it daily in my protein smoothies. Energizing health food in its pure form like this. I am very pleased with this product.
387187387187B000UXVIYEAULM1LWG7C07AClassic Country Fan "Steve"242511241308800Contains SugarThis product is not pure coconut water & pulp.
Contains Sugar. Do not recommend.
387188387188B000UXVIYEAN3587W69CXNWElizabeth Sikorski6621264982400Roland Coconut Water with PulpI am disappointed in this product because it's not pure. Has some additives, including sugar.
387189387189B000UXVIYEAIXOTE64FWTYVJ. Padgug3341289433600Jay's commentsVery refreshing.

But I found that many of the cans have dents in them. Are you using the internet to salvage cans that you don't/can't send to retail outlets because they are "damaged"?
387190387190B000UXVIYEA4E1756HT2SPVDani3311268784000Awful Coconut waterThis product is full of sugar and non-returnable. I got stuck with 30 cans of an unhealthy product!
387191387191B000UXVIYEA3CL18L46NHM1JR2241306800000Very SweetI like this product, it tastes like ripe coconut water. I know it has sugar added but it still tastes good to me. I have tried the other coconut water products and they are good, different because they are supposed to taste like the water of green coconuts but still good. I have tried "ONE", "ZICO" and "Naked" and for the most part they are good but all for some time time tasted like dirty water. I don't know if this was a problem with the product or what but I endede up canceling my subscriptions to these coconut water brands. "Vita Coco" always tasted funny to me so I just bought it once. Hope this helps.
387192387192B000UXVIYEA23P5BO1UGNIRRbunnybutt2241268524800not pure, but i still like itok. having read the poor reviews, and still wanting a cheap product, i bought this through subscribe and save, and on sale, and it came out to about a dollar per can. this tastes similar to products i've tried in asian supermarkets that advertise 70% coconut water, and 30% sugar water, essentially, and which taste pretty good, imo. the ingredients in this product: coconut water, water, coconut meal (the pieces of coconut in the product) sugar, and potassium metabisulfite (preservative)- 130 calories for a 11.8 oz can, 26g sugar. Coca cola has about 150 cal for 12 oz, and 40g sugar, as a comparison.

so, if you are drinking this for health, you would do much better with pure coconut water- vita coco-60 cal for 11.2 oz, 15g sugar, which i also think tastes great (sugar adds lots of calories!) but,if you're drinking this for "fun," (i just like the taste, and coconut water in general feels more hydrating when i drink it), i figure you're still getting some of the health benefits of the coconut water, even if you're going to drink some sugar water in the process (i put sugar in my coffee and tea...), which i don't mind that much, since i'm not downing this like water or anything. it also is the only thing my husband will drink, cuz he thinks pure coconut water is bleah.

i give it 4 stars, cuz it's good for what it is- a cocktail coconut drink (think cranberry juices)--however, they SHOULD let you know on the website this is a cocktail, though (very BAD advertising omission). also, many of the cans were dented. but, still, the product is yummy.
387193387193B000UXVIYEAIDUUBEUL3XHNKim "Library Lady"2241266451200Tastes YummyCoconut water is very refreshing and for the money this is the best product I have found so far. I prefer O.N.E. but the cost is much higher. This has water and sugar added but the taste of the coconut water comes through. I love the bits of coconut in it as well. My son is sharing this with the guys in his dorm and it is becoming popular. Who knew?
387194387194B000UXVIYEA331T1MEPUCBYVSuzanna Davis "suzanna"2221263081600Tell them to make it without sugar.Full of sugar. I like the recyclable cans but not the sugar - besides it is false advertising not to mention it as an ingredient!
387195387195B000UXVIYEA1WH5BOJLVPLHICBGB'S4531258675200Too sweetIt's just ok but a bit too sweet will not buy again. How do the natives on the tropical islands drink the water after they crack open a coconut? Do they add sugar?
How does it taste without sugar? I do not know just asking but I would think it doesn't taste too bad without sugar.
387196387196B000UXVIYEAENJBZSAD6ARYRPP "RPP"4551255824000real coconutThis is the best coconut water product we've tried for the following reasons:
1. It actually tastes like coconut -- delicious.
2. It smells like coconut.
3. It has pieces of coconut in it.
4. The extra sugar is tasty and no problem (unless of course you are diabetic).
5. The can (even when dented) is far superior to the cardboard containers that sometimes leak.
6. The price is better than the other brands.
387197387197B000UXVIYEAD99L837UWHNEMichael A. Jurca "Lover of Quality"3411257984000Item shipped was 21 days past the date stamped on the can.The coconut water Roland Coconut Water with Pulp, 12-Ounce Can (Pack of 24) I recieved was about 20 days over the date stamped on the Can. The Vendor claimed it was still good up to 30 days after the date on the can.
387198387198B000UXVIYEA22Z9R91N8L7IQT. Coleman "Rio Grande Tom"3551238371200Let's Review Product, Not AccidentsStuff happens in shipping. Factory packers goof; Amazon goofs; UPS/FedEx goof: they'll fix it. I had a case of V8 come so damaged I refused the order upon seeing it; but that has nothing to do with the V8, does it? Amazon shipped a replacement that was fine.

Yep, diabetics need to be careful and read labels. I sympathize. So should all of us quit drinking orange juice?

The question is, what's in these particular cans? What I found was delicious coconut water, along with the tantalizing little pieces of coconut that are fun to feel stuck in your teeth. I like that little bit of food with my beverage. This coconut water, served cold, is a great, refreshing break. Plus, my research seemed overwhelmingly in favor of coconut water's nutritional aspects and declared it the coming thing.

So, I just ordered another case and I'm highly recommending this, if you like coconut.

Oh, no shipping problems and I'm about to order my third case. I think they're learning how now.
387199387199B000UXVIYEAL07LVXLIEVOLArt McMahon1441209859200coconut waterbox it was shipped it was demolished in shipping, needs to be shipped in a stronger box
387200387200B000UXVIYEA2R9CORUNO0GSISusan Weiss41011222732800Not for diabetics.I was so disapointed, I got my shipment today, drank around 3 cans. I felt a little funny so I read the label. This particular coconut water had as much sugar as orange juice.

sigh - have to give these away, I'm diabetic. Ordered a no sugar version.

Coconut water (juice)is cut from the jelly coconut. Different sort of coconut then the hairy coconut you get coconut milk from. I know hairy is not scientific. I do love Coconut Water.
387201387201B00181UPYQA319RV88X292RGSheree Terry2251272672000Love Herman'sLOVE LOVE LOVE these seeds. Not overly salty like others. Roasted to perfection and rarely do you find just shells. Would like do find this product in bigger bags...
387202387202B00181UPYQA1MSVM7EHF49P6Jennifer Crum1151328400000Very salty yummy seedsI really enjoyed these seeds. Salty, good crunch and in small snack size bags so i dont eat too many. They are a really good deal for under $10. I will definitely order these again.
387203387203B00181UPYQA2VAH3IE1K86LSnutlover0051346803200yum!These seeds are so good! They are roasted to perfection and just have a great flavor. The smaller size bag keeps me from eating way too much, otherwise i would im a sunflower seed addict! Don't get me wrong the package is not single serving still, but it is nice to be not a huge pack. Plus i think the humidity gets to my open seed bags and ruins them so i like the smaller ones for that reason as well!
387204387204B00181UPYQA31SXZGGA9AGN2Cuddlekat "Kathy Weddle"0051342569600Top NotchI have been on a sunflower seed kick for the past couple of weeks. I've tried 5 different brands in that time and I'm thinking these were the tastiest. Not too salty, the perfect roast-y flavor. Amazingly eatable. I bought a 12 pack for my Arizona nephew who said "oh good, a week's worth of sunflower seeds!" He's been eating two bags a day. Not knowing I had planned to send them, my sister laid in her own supply of three huge bags...the boy insists on eating from his private stash.
387205387205B00181UPYQA3VEXLMF1VKDMKJARAM, CT0021342569600Ok, but not greatThe shells are fragile, and many are chipped or broken; the roasting process may be to blame. The taste is good, not different from any other brands.
387206387206B001EQ511MA1ZW0FZJ9LMDH9W. Hayes "rockfarmer"3351181865600Superb, Smooth CoffeeUnlike many "premium" brands that are much too strong (and bitter), Caffe Sanora has an excellent, rich flavor that you can drink without adding sugar and cream. Even it weren't for the anti-oxidants, I'd drink it for the taste.
387207387207B001EQ511MABGD9WHC4KHWBElaine Johaneman "wwriter"2251209081600Great tastingI bought this because of the antioxidants will keep it for the taste. Tastes like Arabica without being overwhelming. Its the best of both worlds when you can have a product that is good for you and tastes great too.
387208387208B001EQ511MA2D70A5ZZ3OGH5kuz681151252713600Delicious!This coffee is healthy and fantastic. It is a bit pricey, but worth every penny! The dark roast is my favorite, but they are all very good!
387209387209B0009PCOTQA33TS4SXAEX6FLVeronica Rains1151132272000Love itI love ths taste. i just hate that the grinder is non-refillable. it has me out looking for salt and pepper grinders.
387210387210B007MY6OBGA1OKISMCM33WEKOSMOS0051348358400DeliciousAll you have to do is to throw in all the veggies you want to have in the soup and the instant seasoning and boil it for as long as needed. So far it's the most delicious Sour Tamarind soup instant seasoning we ever tasted.

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