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387301387301B0000CDBRQA2D2LFE4ZQJDK6Chris Womack "chrisse"0151328227200Yummy!Use this all the time. So happy to be able to get a large canister. Our store only carries in 2.2 oz jars. Will only buy online now.
387302387302B00371Y1CCAAOTD4Y7HN7T9M. Bowman4451223510400Senior cat's favorite foodInnova Senior is my 14 year old Cornish Rex cat's favorite kitty food. She has been eating it for about 8 months, and looks better than she has in years. I have been feeding her a variety of premium foods over the years such as Avoderm and Wellness, but the Innova made a noticeable difference. Her coat looks as good as it did when she was a show girl, and the added glucosamine seems to have put an extra bounce in her step.
387303387303B00371Y1CCA28LZQ8NNVZR3Xshanarufus3351326931200Old cat, no teeth, not-so-smelly poo on this dry foodI adopted a 12 year old cat who had had all her teeth extracted before I adopted her. She cannot eat wet food because of diarrhea; dry food has to be wetted down to almost soft so she can gum it. I had been using Merrick no grain and her litter box smell inundated the apartment within 30 seconds. I have since found out that the richness of food is what makes the smell so unbearable (and I am an immediate litter box scooper, and I mean immediate!).

She likes this food, I have her very slowly losing weight because half a cup is just a little over 200 calories. I am retired and am home most of the time so I feed her small amounts on demand. And if she poops in the night, my apartment won't be awful in the morning from the smell.

My preference would have been a very low carb but high-quality wet food but her stomach cannot take it. I tried several quality dry foods before I found this.
387304387304B00371Y1CCA41LXMNW3LCBNcarla faires1151291593600My Innova CatI have fed my cat Innova all his life. He is now 12 years old so the Vet recommended he go on the Senior Innova line. "Kitten" has the best looking coat, his blue eyes are clear and he is so playful (remember he's 12 now). Every checkup we pass with flying colors. I have been buying my 6lbs bags in a store that at first cost 19.99 a bag then went to $24.99 which is now $27.99 with us being on bag #144 by now..... I think it's worth every penny and what you eat DOES make the difference!
387305387305B00371Y1CCA2JNOT2PBM1UWGDorota Matusiak3811179273600disasterInnova Senior Dry Cat Food made my cat so sick,I thought she was dying.She had a very high fever and was clearly in pain.I had to run to the vet emergency room.Since then she is fading away.I do not recommend this brand of cat food to anyone Dorota Matusiak
387306387306B003ZXAMPWAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker4451296691200Light, crunchy and delicious!These crackers have a light and crunchy texture with a nice herbaceous flavor that I find well balanced. I tried these with some homemade ricotta cheese and green olives; it made for a perfect late afternoon snack.

17 crackers is a generous portion for under 100 calories if you have a topping or cheese to go along side. They are about the size of wheat thins but a bit thinner, crispier too I believe.

These are nice and don't get in the way of the topping. I would eat these if they weren't low calorie, they are that good!
387307387307B003ZXAMPWA3O1I3KB7L1R9SVickie L. Kneisler "Vickie"3351312761600On a diet and these are scrumptious!!!I love these crackers for an in between snack and it fills me up too. Thanks SPECIAL K FOR ALL YOUR GREAT
387308387308B003ZXAMPWA3HED8SW5DDP9QL. Satterlee2251321488000Little crackers with lots of flavor, great aftertaste, no cheese or dip needed.Little crispy crackers with lots of flavor, great aftertaste, no cheese or dip needed.
These are amazingly addicting because of the facts they are so light and crispy, taste good and are healthy...psychologically I couldn't stop eating them. There are plenty of the crackers, as they are light not heavy. I ate a whole box in three sittings over a two day period. One time as an soup accompanyment.
The herb taste is not overpowering or unnatural and allows you to go without the need to have some cheese with them, but I am going to have some cheese available the next time I open a box.
They are yummy, buy them.
387309387309B003ZXAMPWAFID9ZI2K7PKFtulipmania "tulipmania"1151319328000Yummy and addictiveOnce you open the box, you can barely stop yourself from finishing the whole package.
Goes well for afternoon snacks.
387310387310B0055ZRUOOA1D4K962HOGXXAangler7731328918400Smaller bags now! Bummer.I have been drinking Black Cat from my super automatic for years now. I was excited to see it finally being sold on Amazon and eligible for Prime shipping. There were two things that dissapointed me... Intelligenstsia has started selling smaller bags (12 oz) for the same price that they used to sell a 16 oz bag for. I didn't play close enough attention so the savings I thought I was getting (compared to where I usually buy it) was not there. Secondly the roast date on the coffee I got was a couple months old. I am used to being a week old, maybe two worst case. These bags had been setting around for awhile. I am going to stick to getting 16 oz bags from my usual merchant.
387311387311B0055ZRUOOAR7LLB0IVIUVABola0041350777600amazing espressoI recently discovered Intelligentsia Black Cat espresso blends and have fallen in love with them. This is truly one of the best espressos I've ever created. The only reason that the review is 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the roast date on the package. Buying through Amazon is not recommended, you get an older bean. Bought my second batch direct from the company and received carefully packaged fresh beans. I've tried several of the Black Cat blends and have been impressed with each
387312387312B0055ZRUOOAN3L8GJF2IY5WS. Willey "HRH at the Royal Westfield Resdence"0011350432000Not worth the effort or moneyIt took forever for this to arrive and it has much more the flavor of an American dark roast than an Italian or even French espresso roast. Would never purchase again. Starbucks, Peet's, Illy and Lavazza are far better for the money.
387313387313B0055ZRUOOAY93FVBSO7X4PD00113503456003 bags of a Stale BatchI have Tried this coffee many times, at the Intelligentsia Cafe in Venice, purchased from Wholefoods, and at a friends, but the product I purchased online through Amazon was stale and a disappointment.
387314387314B0055ZRUOOA1VUNX8MCNVX3MB0031348358400Good Espresso / Could be fresherJust ordered a bag, nice blend. Purchased directly through Amazon. Beans are medium roast, sort of a light nut brown. Not over-roasted, and not oily, beans are rather dry. Roast date is 1 1/2 months old.
387315387315B0055ZRUOOAUWZAK7OJ0N3JWilly0011347580800Beware! Stale coffee.If you've ever ordered from Intelligentsia directly, you may be very disappointed. I was.

Coffee received was FIVE weeks old, stale, hardly any crema, sour taste, disgusting...

This is probably not the kind of product you want to order from Amazon. You'll probably be enticed by the free shipping, but believe me, you will regret it.

At over $30/lb the least you can ask for is fresh roasted beans, but you won't get them here.
387316387316B0055ZRUOOAATY3I00RE1Z0Diane L. Hawkins "Diane. Hawkins"0051346630400Black catThis is better coffee than I have tasted me, it's better than Starbucks, or their competitors..I will be purchasing more of this in the future.
387317387317B0055ZRUOOA1O3JSE4XZH7V7S. A. Brown0031340841600Best beans for Jura S9: UPDATEDI'm an espresso nut and have several machines that I call my friends. One of these is a Jura S9 Avantgarde, and after trying dozens and dozens of various beans to find the perfect mate, Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic prevailed as the very clear winner. There may be better beans out there, but not for this machine. I've served thousands of shots of this espresso out of the Jura, and everyone is impressed by it... actually, not just impressed... blown away. It's not uncommon to have neighbors coming in the back door in the morning to grab a shot. This bean produces a perfect espresso... great crema, thick legs... smooth with no bitterness and a slight nut/chocolate finish. The best thing is the consistency... the beans are always the same... which is not true of so many other small producers. It's also great in cappuccini, macchiati, etc.

I live very close to Intelligentsia in LA and buy beans there in person... but, my other house is 2 hours away... and when there, I order these beans online through Amazon. These mail order ones are fine... and are very similar to what you get in the store. It is a serious downer that Intelligentsia switched the size from 16oz to 12oz, which essentially upped the price by about 30%... but, it's still much cheaper than Illy or some others.

When you buy in the store, the beans have usually been roasted only a few days before. From Amazon, it seems to be about 2 weeks... something like that. To be honest, it really doesn't make much difference... since the beans are whole and sealed, the taste between beans that are a few days from roasting versus 2 weeks is virtually indiscernible. If the beans were 1 day old versus a month or so, there would be a slight difference, but here... there's nothing really worth mentioning... and certainly nothing to prevent me from ordering them. There's lot of hype about this... but...

As an aside, I much prefer these Classic beans to the Organic beans. The Classic seem to produce better crema, have less bitterness and less of the bright-forward flavor I try to avoid.

UPDATE 7/30/2012: Purchased again from Amazon and the beans were about 2 months old. That's really pushing the limits of acceptability... probably will not order from Amazon again. Changed from 5 stars to 3.
387318387318B0055ZRUOOA16WLJ6PTPBH81AlBoston "alboston"0051340323200Good BrewI am ordering almost weekly now. Great tasting espresso. Easy ship to the house. Its much better tasting then the organic version.
387319387319B0000CDBRUAKE30C41GDAASD. Rhoades "College bound"2251262908800If you haven't yet tried, get some now.Chef Pauls Blackened Steak Magic is awesome. I never BBQ a steak without it. Buying 3 small bottles will more than pay for the 20 once canister and you will have over twice as much. This seller has a very good price and was very fast on shipment
387320387320B0000CDBRUAMX1OFA2EV1BDCZL "CZL"1121282089600odd flavorI bought this a few years ago and really liked it. They must have changed the recipe because this just tasted odd, sort of medicinal.
387321387321B0000CDBRUAV0W830C84055Christopher H. Sheffield2351182470400Blacken is BeautifulThis is good stuff...just like you would get in a restaurant.
Coat the steak (preferably ribeye) with melted butter...then press the steak into a pile of the seasoning, until every speck is coated heavily. Cook the steak in a white hot cast iron pan, until it's rare in the middle, and almost burned on the outside. There you go...wonderful product.
387322387322B0000CDBRUA8JEBW0IPZSZGFoodlover0051326672000Nothing else will doSeasoned Roasted Pretzels, only product that works is Paul's Blackened Steak Seasoning. YummChef Paul Blackened Steak Magic Seasoning, 20-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 2)y!
387323387323B0000CDBRUAEYPKIVUCL7D4Luvnmt "luvnmt"0051300233600AWESOME steak seasoning!!I LOVE this stuff for grilling steak!! Pat the steak dry and then lightly spray it with bourbon. Sprinkle the seasoning to your taste - I like lots of seasoning, remember you will lose some while grilling. Flip the steak and do the other side. Let it soak while lighting the grill. Just before grilling, lightly brush the steak with melted butter - be careful to not remove the seasoning! Make sure the grill is REALLY hot! Sear the outside and spray it again with a bit of bourbon. Flip the steak and do the other side. Flavor is similar to the Bourbon Street Steak at Applebees. My opinion is mine is a little better . . . It may take you 2-3 times to get it down pat but it is SO worth it!!!
387324387324B0000CDBRUA23YVDFM3ENXQWJohn Kilzer0051299888000Wonderful MisSteak I made.I have used Blackened Redfish seasoning for years, but made the mistake of ordering 2 20Oz containers of the wrong stuff, the Blackened STEAK magic. It was $20 and rather than returning it, I decided to try using it. It is the best steak I have had. I like sirloin better than ribeye because it's leaner. I would suggest following the recipe exactly. I use a Coleman stove out doors with a heavy steel French frying pan. Cast iron would work well too. It will smoke up your house unless you have an industrial hood. I never order steak anymore. It's always better at home. I would also recommend letting the steak come up to near room temperature before blackening it.
387325387325B0000CDBRUA1OSI45BV8CEWXRichard Cate "(TREE)"0051202688000Blackened Chicken Caesar SaladI Love this blend on Chicken for a Caesar Salad. I used to start thinking about it 2 hours before lunch. Serve the Chicken hot drizzled with fresh Lime juice. Awesome! I must have had it 20 times at Checker's in Calistoga.
387326387326B0000CDBRKA17U4B8TMIO3V4Christopher A. White4451200873600Chef Paul Prudhomme's Best SeasoningI've been experimenting with Cajun food for quite sometime. I've talked with several different Creole Chefs and two of the three that I have spoked with have recommended this seasoning over any other. From now on, this is the only Creole seasoning I use on any meat. I've bought the variety pack of Chef Paul Prudhomme's seasonings, and nothing really stuck out like this one. If you have been using Chef Paul Prudhomme's seasonings, and haven't purchased this one, you are in for a treat. I can't find this specific product in the stores, which makes the 24-oz can a great buy.
387327387327B0000CDBRKA2UVYJXK9DSGRC. Swank "Child of The Goddess"4451199750400Wonderfully Versatile!We absolutely love this seasoning. I worked years ago in a restaurant, and this is the seasoning they would put on fish, chicken and beef. It adds a lot of flavor, without adding a lot of fat and calories. We use it for veggies, soups, fish, you name it.
We can't seem to keep it in the house, and at approx $5.00 for a small bottle from the market, this large canister is a much better deal. It should last us a good long time.
387328387328B0000CDBRKA1UMSBY8790OFXBobo the Hobo "Bobo"2251322524800It's amazing, versatile stuff!This is my go-to seasoning blend now. I wish I had discovered it sooner! I use it on everything...including fish, chicken, pork, shrimp, burgers, steak, potatoes, veggies, and in dry rubs, marinades, soups and stews. I've even been tempted to top my ice cream with it, but so far have been able to restrain myself! :-) For a blackening seasoning, I find it has a nice all-around blend of seasonings, herbs and spices without being too over-the-top spicy or peppery. Flavor is key here...not "melt your face off" heat.

The larger cansiter is a much better bargain than the little 2 ounce containers, in my opinion. Amazon also has the 2-pack 24 ounce cansiters, and it's what I usually order when I'm running low. If you've never tried this stuff before, pick up the 2 ounce size to see how you like it...when you realize how good it is, you'll be glad Amazon has the big cansiters.
387329387329B0000CDBRKA1FRKRUFEEJWITW. M.2251226361600Chef Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Redfish MagicI absolutely love this product!
As a home-chef I use this product on just about all of my seafood. It adds a distinct flavor that that takes any fish or seafood to another level of excellence.

Great for even the most basic cooks!
387330387330B0000CDBRKA3HZ205ZDPP2Z0Paul Reiner1151253318400Excellent Seasoning - Never DisappointsIm was never a fan of eating fish but my diet requires it. I dug through my cupboard and found this seasoning my wife had bought last year. I tried it and fell in love with it. I went through the entire bottle in about 2 weeks. However when I tried to get more, it wasnt being sold locally.

I bought the 24 ounce canister because I was worried that it might get discontinued and because its a much better value. The only down side is that it doesnt have a shaker top.

Anyway, I now enjoy fish and Im staying on my diet because of this seasoning. It works well with everything.

Even my daughter likes it so its definitely a hit at our house!

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