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387374387374B0000GGHU6A22CG2GLAD7Q1BLoveSome Heat7751290643200La Costena's Chipotles - your secret cooking weapon!Seriously , these peppers add great heat and smokiness to any dish. Just puree or chop em with a food blender or knife. I use them in a simple sour cream sauce -mix in pepper purre, touch of cumin and a squirt of lime juice to taste. Use as a dip or on chicken etc. I use the puree for burgers too. Mix in one whole 12 oz can of the chipotle peppers (pureed) into 2 lbs of ground beef - add garlic and onion powder as well. Grill to your liking and top with cheddar and onion (cilantro is a good addition too!). I always get compliments on these smoky hot burgers. Good Luck.
387375387375B0000GGHU6A1LPHVOMJOISTTM. Buckley0051346630400Really really goodI used this ingredient for a Martha Rose Shulman recipe with black beans, it absolutely made the dish. I found a different brand at our market to compare, LaCostena was far superior.
387376387376B0000GGHU6A2SB4VW0UEAORJfrancine shannon2741294963200on timeI ordered from this vendor and needed the product FAST. I paid for the expedited shipping. We got a giant snow storm in New England which delayed many deliveries. But I HAVE to say, I received my order ON-TIME!!!!! This is awesome because I am having an Ice Skating party and making Chili. I am so excited that I can now make this and it will taste delicious!! Thank you so much for insuring the timely delivery!!!!
387377387377B002GWHDY6A347SCMR3OO3PAJ. Karl2251297123200My opinionThis is just my opinion based on trying a few other organic sugars. C&H does not harden as easily as other os's. It is a MUCH more pleasant tasting sugar and seems to blend more easily when used in my morning bowl of cold cereal. I like it. I have to buy it on Amazon now because the Kroger store that once carried it has limited it's sugar to Domino's only and a store brand of organic sugar that was just downright nasty. I also use ONLY C&H pure cane sugar non-organic; brown & white for baking and flavoring. The quality of C&H has never disappointed and it is a company I trust. And, though I don't know for certain; I believe it is grown and processed in the good old U.S of A. - Hawaii - or so their jingle once claimed. Aw shoot now I cannot get the song out of my head!
387378387378B002GWHDY6A2HG7VX461YYH8saltgaber0051350086400#1The more things I buy that is organic the better it is for you. I appreciate you making this available. Thank you very much, Franklin
387379387379B0000CDBRAA2WWAXQMFDWJ7NTurkey Maven4451227398400Whole family loves Fat ManI have been using this seasoning for years, spicy but not overpowering just the right amount of ingredients to have a tasty turkey or chicken.
I was very happy to find this after using my last bottle and our local grocery store no longer carries it. I have yet to make a turkey without this for at least 10 years or more. Chef does a wonderful job with all
his seasonings but our favorite is Poultry Magic.
387380387380B0000CDBRAACRQWD68A1J9Inyfemme0041344211200Perfect blendWonderful flavor without any fuss. Just go easy on the mount used.
No one will ever know that all you did was sprinkle this on. No need to even use salt or pepper. It'll be our little secret!
387381387381B0000CDBRAAG7KGQWJJS9SCGOLDSTRIKE "GOLDSTRIKE"0051334793600LOVE LOVE all his seasoningsFabulous, I use them all and some I buy by the canister and share with friends. Everything tastes better with magic.
387361387361B0000CDBRMA3PJEISJV1P1WYCool Robin2251252972800Salmon Magic does its name JusticeI love Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends ~ Salmon Magic! I initially purchased it at my local grocery store but they stopped carrying it. I was thrilled to find it on Amazon and can't live without it. I eat salmon almost everyday and this seasoning is delicious. You can't go wrong if you buy this item.
387382387382B0000CDBRAA3S6PE8DYG16QVDoni "Doni"0051330819200The BestI love all of Chef Paul seasonings. Poultry, Veal & Pork, Meat..... I make a lot of his recipies so I like to buy it in this size can.
387383387383B0000CDBRAA2PMI8S60Y7LDPJennifer Lyn McFadden0051317427200Jives With ChickenOur family loves this seasoning. I use specifically when I roast whole chickens and sprinkle the entire top of the chicken with a decent amount!
387362387362B0000CDBRMAGJJLOPCMEFBKJ. M. Warren1151322352000Best Stuff EverI don't even like salmon without this stuff anymore. Yah, it has sugar in it, and spices, which means its amazing. When I'm out, I've even tried mixing a bag of sugar and my guesses as to what else went in there. Not as good =( Don't stop making this Mr. Prudhomme, I'm warning you.

Try chopping up a mango, half a peach, a tiny bit of bell pepper, throw in some cilantro, juice a lemon on top, drizzle some honey, dash of salt, and let marinade while your salmon is in the oven. Serve salsa on top, perfect mix of sweet and sour.
387384387384B0000CDBRAA1AA56T6AO1206Stephen G. Bernard0051304553600Love this spice!First package was dropped off in the rain and got soaked through. The company promptly resent another.
This is so much cheaper than buying it in the supermarket. I love the flavor and for me it tastes really good on Ribeye steak with a pinch of salt on each side before using the seasoning.
I also use it on chicken, it's mild but very tasty.
387385387385B0000CDBRAA2BSSP134RILC9Mintz9110051299715200Great product better priceI use Chef Paul Prudhomme's Magic Seasoning Blends ~ Poultry Magic for all my poultry and stuffing needs. The problem is the only store that sold it (Superfresh) in my area just closed down. It adds that kick that my family and myself likes. I normally buy it in a 2.0 oz. jar for about $3 plus. So there is no doubt the 24 oz. can was a better value. It shipped fast (3 days) and came with a little catalog with all their other spices, most of which I didn't know existed.
387363387363B0000CDBRMA1POXXTXRSNEYUBobby Dunn "The Cyclops"1151309046400Great stuff, just don't go over board!!!I love this stuff, it adds a very unique flavor to salmon. My only suggestion is to not go overboard, a little goes a long way and too much and it gets too salty quick.
387386387386B0000CDBRAA3JHVXM1HQJ69XJTB-10051294704000Best product of its kind...Chef Prudhomme's spices are simply the best.

The seasoning, especially the Poultry product, adds so much flavor to grilled chicken.
These spices sear the outside of the meat and it retains the mositure and flavor.
I wouldn't even consider grilling chicken without the use of these spices.
BTW, the Poultry and Veal spices are excellent too and the value of buying these in
bulk is outstanding. About 1/4th the cost of retail. Thank you!!!
387387387387B0000CDBRGA2JX0ZYT4QC7ORChrista Robinson1151318377600Much better buy than the store!We have trouble finding this product on the shelves of grocery stores. What an amazing find! Our favorite pork rub, in an amount that will last many times, not just one.Thank you Paul Prudhomme
387388387388B0000CDBRGA3AZ825RXFR24KD. Clayton "DWC"1151284422400Awesome Pork SeasoningThis is a great pork seasoning. I first tried this as a sample I requested from the company - for FREE - and then had to buy a large can because I loved it so much. I tried it the first time on a couple of 1 1/2" thick Iowa style pork chops, cooked on a charcoal grill, and was hooked. I have since used it on ribs and pork roasts and have been pleased every time.
387389387389B0000CDBRGAG8IUED9YEQZ5Vern D0051349827200Makes your pork/chicken taste like you're gourmet!This stuff is incredible...put it on pork chicken (or any meat really) especially as you're cooking it, and you will love it! It actually brings flavor, not undue hotness.
387390387390B000QV0GNEAEUSITS8KN9OUMamaMia "MamaBear"2251282953600Not just for DiabeticsMy husband has diabetes and he uses these bars as a night time snack.
His favorite are the fruit flavors and they last him all through the night.
I eat a bar at work for energy through out the afternoon;I like all the bars
but try to stay away from the ones with sugar. Amazing, they actually
have a good sawdust taste.
We had been getting direct from the manufacturer, but find it easier to
use Amazon's subscription plan to deliver right to our door.
Sorry if I sound like an advertisement, but after trying so many other
bars for my husband, we keep coming back to this one because???
387364387364B0000CDBRMA1UOFCAP9SCKH5R. Bruno91311311465600Not my cup of teaI tried to find out the ingredient list before I purchased this seasoning. I went to Paul's website and it didn't list the ingredients. It said this: Salmon Magic(tm), Chef Paul's newest creation, is a unique blend of carefully selected herbs and spices with subtle accents of dry mustard seeds.
After I received it the first ingredient listed was Sugar. My problem is that I don't like sweet tasting food unless it's a dessert. I tried to like it but I could hardly get through dinner. If you like your food on the slightly sweet side it will probably be fine for you.

P.S. I really like his Seafood and Blackened Redfish Magic.
387365387365B0000CDBRMA2XT36PN4AJ5SCP.J. Single0051348444800Best for salmonSince we eat quite a bit of salmon we've found this seasoning to be essential to our enjoyment of it. We've never tried it on other foods, but it would probably be great on a lot of things.
387366387366B0000CDBRMA1JFK03S4RFHPIJ. Clark0051347235200Best salmon prep ever!This stuff is FANTASTIC. Throw salmon in skillet, sprinkle some of this on, and voila! Most delicious home-cooked salmon you'll ever have, no sauce necessary.
387367387367B0000CDBRMA9PYL5E1JJEL5Frank0051341273600Real magic seasoningI have about 2 years using this seasoning when I make my salmon .. just add lemon juice, olive oil and the chef paul sazoning magic. after I put the grill and I have a meal as any gourmet restaurant would serve. simply recommend this product 100%
387368387368B0000CDBRMA297Z39UJY3B34Beth0051339977600Nothing like it!This is my favorite seasoning for Salmon! It is the perfect compliment to Salmon and seasons it to perfection. I have been looking for this in stores before I decided to take my search online. I forgot how much I really loved it. We have used quite a few of Chef Paul Prudhomme's seasonings and have never been disappointed.
387369387369B0000CDBRMA1JYC55FWV9CW4smkennedy0051330300800paul prudhommes 24-oz salmon magicIt is the best salmon seasoning I've ever had!! Anyone that I've prepared grilled salmon for just loves it! Even my grandkids, who don't like anything, will eat the salmon this way.
387370387370B0000CDBRMA1VA7HY8WEU47Erin Regli0051328572800Amazing FlavorThis is a must try!!! I put it all over my salmon and potatoes and the flavor is amazing. Whenever I cook salmon with this seasoning I receive so many complements. Just add a little olive oil, fresh garlic and sprinkle this seasoning all over your salmon, cook at 400 degrees for about 20-30 minutes. Enjoy!
387371387371B0000CDBRMA3GVS68MFATQAKmwilson5240051327968000Absolutely Phenomenal!!This stuff is amazing. I first tried it on Salmon, then chicken and potatoes, even is absolutely hands down the best thing since sliced bread! Its great on Salmon of course, just gives it a little kick. I really like it on sliced red potatoes with a little olive oil. If my husband would let me I would probably put it on my cereal in the morning. Watch out, its addictive. Good thing amazon has it at a great price!
387372387372B0000CDBRMA253F3QA4WHGXURobert Hefferle "HEFF"0051327276800SALMON MAGICI really like all Paul Prudhomme seasonings. Salmon Magic is the best salmon seasoning that I have ever used. His Seafood Magic is also excellent for other fish.
387373387373B0000CDBRMA1IIIP2FY2TS3SJ. William Cartus II0051326067200The best stuff ever!We have used this seasoning for the last few years and regularly serve to guests when having Salmon. Everyone comments on how good it is. I was so disappointed when Costco stopped carrying it, so I had to order online! You WON'T be disappointed. It is amazing and the larger container is the best deal!

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