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387391387391B000QV0GNEA2DO28J301N5N2Hatts20021131301443200Apple CinnamonI have tried several flavors of the Extend Bar. The Apple Cinnamon flavor is by far my least favorite of them all. I would not say it is a complete waste of your money but it just doesn't taste as good as some of the others.
387392387392B000QV0GNEA1NPEPZYBCA0CYIsabella Longoria1151257379200Yummy and Healthy!The Cinnamon Apple flavor is not the tastiest of all the variety (a tiny bit chalky), but I thought it was good enough for me. Can't beat the nutrition tho, really lo-fat and high protein.
387393387393B000QV0GNEAH464UPNU7MVJade Wyatt1151212624000Gluten free too!This bar really did for me what it claimed it would... I ate it on the run and when I got home a couple of hours later, when I would normally raid the kitchen cabinet, ravenous, I found I wasn't hungry or grouchy at all. In fact, I paced around the house because I wasn't sure what to do --getting home starving had become such a habit!
I am not diabetic; I bought this bar because it said it was gluten free and also because I have trouble staying full. I was a little nervous about the "made in a facility which processes wheat" warning but after I ate it I did some research on the company website and they actually test the products for gluten.
Now, the flavor of this particular one is a tad off and soy-y, but not bad at all. I plan to try the peanut one; I heard it's good. Try the chips the company makes as well. The white cheddar ones are super yummy.
387394387394B000QV0GNEA1SQSL0053VPC0fullhouseelgen0051340496000Very GoodThis order came in just a few days as promised. We ordered 3 different flavors (15 bars per box) of ExtendBars, all three flavors taste great. I generally eat one for a midday snack (2pm or so); and each flavored bar keeps my blood sugar even, with no ups and downs just as advertised, the rest of the day. We are very satisfied with this product.
387395387395B000QV0GNEA33SEWPO0P3E46Jason E Wasserman0051303084800Yummy & CrumbelyThese bars are a must for anyone with hypoglycemia. I eat one before I go to bed and viola, no more night sweats and terrors. The apple tastes delicious (actually all the flavors I've tried do) but falls apart easily. So, expect pieces to fall off while eating. I also recommend Glucose Tablets to people with hypoglycemia. I've only tried the Target brand and raspberry is the best.
387396387396B000QV0GNEA2SIHIJRTF40KFSands0051302480000Gets me through the dayA friend showed these to me because she knows I can get low blood sugar. I was skeptical, but decided to buy a box. They have changed my mornings. Before I would drive to work and would almost be falling asleep at the wheel. Now I can get through the day now problem. I now order a box every month. I'm also glad that they are gluten free! Am thankful that my friend showed me these bars. I've only tried the apple cinnamon, which are delicious.
387397387397B000QV0GNEA11SF8ZPU4G7MVN. Davis0041265241600works greatThe flavor and texture leave something to be desired, but these bars work better than anything I've found for maintaining blood sugar. I use them whenever it's going to be a while before I get to eat again, and they work every time.
387398387398B000QV0GNEA295EPUCPHLBJXDavid N. Lewis "DNLEWIS"1251212019200Works as advertisedThis is for my wife to help her with her diabetis. They work great and she says that they fill her up and taste wounderful.
387399387399B000QV0GNEAZ784Z55XTLEGJane H. Weight0111211587200Does not live up to it's adAs a diabetic, i am always looking for anything that can help my blood sugars. I was excited to read about these bars, and the claims sounded great. For me, this product did not live up to it's claims. The taste was terrible! I ate it anyway, thinking the benefit would outweigh the taste, but within an hour or 2 ,I was very hungry! Very disappointed in product. I would spend my money on something else.
387400387400B000JFH81KA19SDJ2TSSL8HIK. McGee0011348876800Only Trail Mix I've Ever HatedI've tried lots of different trail mixes from sweet to salty to hot and spicy and lots of different brands as well and this is the first trail mix I've ever had that I literally just couldn't eat because not only does it taste horrible to me but it smells icky too.

I'm not sure exactly what it is. If you've ever eaten raw nuts and substandard chocolate together then that's a bit what it reminds me of. Roasted nuts taste a lot different than raw and I'm not saying the nuts in this package are raw but it's got that....super organic kind of taste that's sort of bitter and just not good.

Another strike against it is that it was the most expensive bag of trail mix in my local grocery store. Normally if I get something at the grocery store that doesn't taste good to me, I just "lump it" because I don't think it's the store's fault but in this case, I took it back and received a refund because even the store manager thought it smelled funny and he wouldn't even taste it. Please note that it was not expired product.

I'm going back to my regular brand. I can't recall the name of it but I know it when I see it. If I can recall it, I'll come back and add it to this review because it's FAB and the cost is reasonable.

Addendum 10/21/12: My favorite brand of trail mix is Kar's. I can get a huge 34 ounce bag of it at my local grocery store for about 8 bucks. I add unsalted almonds and unsalted pecans to it to make it just perfect. You might like it as is but I'm a type 2 diabetic so I like to watch my carbs/sugar and salt intake.
387401387401B000JFH81KA1HUGJ7EVM7CD1tanyaj0011298937600DisappointingThe raisins are either gritty or they have stems and sticks in them. The nuts are not fresh, the chocolate pieces don't really taste like chocolate and it's too salty. Skip this one.
387402387402B000JFH81KAQ7QOE2PD05KMShawn_Hart0011283126400Not Recommended At AllI didn't think you could really go wrong with any type of trail mix, but the "Fancy" Mojo Mix proved me wrong. At first, the taste just seemed off to me. Finally, I just got bugged at how not good it was, so I decided, "I just want the delicious chocolate candies since the rest of it is no good". That's when I realized that the chocolate is the worst part! I ended up throwing away the vast majority of a 28 oz bag I had purchased for a road trip. Save yourself the disappointment and don't buy EnergyClub Fancy Mojo Mix.
387403387403B000JFH81KA2ECHUZCUNOG6RJason E. Shultz "Open Sky Media, LLC"0051281398400Loved itIt's a nice snack to have around when you have been slaving away on the computer all day. It has a nice mix of different snacky goodness and a good dose of chocolate. The fact that it comes in smaller packages means I won't gorge myself on a giant bag before it's too late. It's also a very good price compared to what you will find in the store.
387404387404B005KC8ANMA1XY3FO2A5WLWHcarms0051346889600good stuffgood deal for the price! but i do wish they would sell the la llave in the cans aswell as the bags
387405387405B0058NEITSAL0MLF4AINGY3R. Guieb "Rosiebud320"2251333324800These treats are a hit with my PittyI have a Pit Bull who is a little over a year old. To say he is food motivated is an understatement. However, with that being said he is still picky. He adores these treats and others from Darford. I do much research before I feed treats/food to my dog and I could not find any bad information on this company. I promote these treats to family/friends that have dogs and their dogs are also hooked. Good wholesome treats and grainfree which is good because some dogs have allergy problems with grains.
387406387406B00124YDMYA1GZD1W495MHYKJon Jakoblich101051140739200good stuffThis gum is pretty decent. It loses its flavor after only a few minutes of chewing, but I don't chew it for the taste. It tastes good, but there are other benefits to chewing this gum and those are more important to me. I generally pop 2 pieces in my mouth after each time I eat and chew for anywhere between 15-45 minutes.

I think it does an excellent job of removing the food from my teeth, especially the deep pits of the molars. It helps to reduce cavities by not allowing the bacteria to munch on the leftover food in your mouth.

I generally have a nice clean feeling in my mouth after chewing. This gum does not replace flossing - I recommend that people still floss, but the dental benefits of this gum are fantastic.

Best of all it's sweetened with xylitol which won't cause your bloodsugar to spike and it does not contribute to cavities because of the structure of the xylitol molecules.
387407387407B00124YDMYAMX286UGXISMAAaron Dragushan7821264982400lost flavor very quicklyI was disappointed in how quickly this gum lost its flavor. It lasted one minute TOPS. Going back to Xylichew.
387408387408B00124YDMYA159IH8K8G5GTYMr. Bug0051322438400Healthy, Natural Chewing GumI grew up loving gum. Bubblegum, chewing gum, whatever. I'd chew the stuff until my jaw hurt. Now, thanks to scientific progress and a small dose of common sense, I've learned that sugar, aspartame, and basically every other sugar substitute out there has detrimental effects to your teeth/brain/blood sugar/etc. But I still wanted gum. Enter Spry *cue infomercial music*. I bought a jar of this back in June and am just getting down to the bottom of it (I tend to chew 2-3 pieces at a time). The xylitol is healthy, the gum is consistent, the flavor is real (even though it doesn't last very long). It does a fine job of freshening up my mouth, and it's hard not to grow weary of all the clueless folks who bash this because it's so foreign to the aspartame-pumped stuff they're used to chewing. Give me natural sugar alcohol any day. I'm forgetful enough without Alzheimer's.
387409387409B00124YDMYA11P5QPO3PGHAHMark0051318550400No chemical poison sweetner in themTheis gum is great. I used to chew a lot of the Dentyne and other brands the use aspartame and used to use aspartame and splenda with my coffee and oatmeal until I developed insomnia and a heightened sense of fear and anxiety. I thought I was going crazy.

It took me a while to figure out what was causing it. One week after I stopped using chemical sweeteners and drank a lot of water to flush my system, I was back to normal. I could get a good night sleep, wake up refreshed. Upon further research I found how damaging aspartame an splenda is to our bodies, yet we continue to see them in diet soda and other products. As a result I've grown so sensitive to that stuff that even one piece of a chewing gum containing aspartame or two sips of a drink containing splenda makes me suffer the prior side effects.

Anyway, I love chewing gum and these are great and don't bother me at all. Cheers and stay healthy.

Public service: If you or someone you know have developed insomnia or other psychological problems and not know what's causing it while drinking diet soda or taking Asp/Splenda in coffee, those are the culprits.
387410387410B00124YDMYA1L113QXFHY3W1G. Hoffman0051318291200Yum!I'm trying to avoid aspartame, which is in EVERYTHING sugar free, it seems. This is the best tasting aspartame-free gum I have been able to find. Also, I'm starting to enjoy buying gum in a 600-pack! :)

The flavor doesn't last long. It seems the gum-makers use aspartame to make gum flavor last a long time, so when you give up aspartame, you are effectively giving up long-lasting gum flavor. Therefore, I don't hold the brevity of the flavor against the makers of Spry. I get about five minutes of flavor before it's time to spit it out.

Hint: empty Altoids tins (or similar) work really well for carrying some Spry gum with you!
387411387411B00124YDMYA3SM576V5911MBM. Tempel0051315872000Chew it for healthy teeth - Xylitol helps reduce cavitiesTrue, the flavor isn't long lasting but a very important aspect of this gum often goes unsaid. Xylitol has been proven in studies to reduce cavities. This is the gum to let your kids chew. Although, they say you need to chew it at least 4 times a day to get the full benefit.

This gun also has no artificial colors, ingredients or sweeteners and a very low glycemic index.

We also use the Xylitol nose spray and the never-ending sniffing finally ended.

There are articles and books written about the positive health benefits of Xylitol.
387412387412B00124YDMYA18P55KFS6AZFCIzzy0051314748800LOVE this gumI LOVE this gum. I prefer sugar-free gum and am not able to eat aspartame. That leaves me with few choices. I tried this gum several months back. Now I have to order it by the largest container available because I chew it all the time. The flavor is great. No weird aftertaste from the xylitol. The flavor lasts a long time as does the texture which is often a serious problem for sugar-free gum. They make smaller packages if you are just trying for the first time, but you will wish you had bought the larger size as you will be addicted like I am.
387413387413B00124YDMYA2I8D7UMJI5IEShy "Punky"0041312329600Excellent GumLove the benefits and flavor of this gum, however the flavor does not last long, hence the 4 stars. This gum made with 100% Xylitol, will not leave a funny or yucky taste in your mouth like other artificial sugar free gums. Amazon sells this at a great price, better to buy the large container, for quantity and cost saving. Will be ordering more in the future.
387414387414B00124YDMYA25F7CUJSQ6ZZ2nic0051304985600Good xylitol fixIf you need your xylitol fix (8-10) grams a day, then this is a good product for it. Searching around, it looks like Spry Gum is probably the cheapest xylitol gum option out there. The flavor doesn't last long, but it doesn't matter to me because all i want is the xylitol benefits.
387415387415B00124YDMYA2P11PATL7JP5XLatika880051302566400The only gum we buy.A great tasting, decent lasting, all natural gum. It won't fall apart in your teeth like other natural chewing gums. Has a nice crispy outer shell and holds its flavor for about a half an hour. Longer than other natural gums I've tried. Amazon has the best price for this I've found, and I shop around :)
387416387416B00124YDMYA2QBI5FEPWOLHTWonderwoman0051302566400Product & CompanyThe product arrived much faster than they predicted. Great product, very fresh and wonderful. I would buy from this company again. A+++++
387417387417B00124YDMYA1S9WA26T3WDZZDahlia "dtheshopper"0051294099200Love it!Our family loves this product because we don't have to compromise health to chew gum! Most chewing gum has either artificial sweeteners or sugar in them. This has a natural sweetener!
387418387418B00124YDMYA1N9W99MOVUP02paula "paula sue"0051269475200wonderful alternative to chewing gumI chewed gum with nutrasweet for years and thought I couldn't walk as fast or remember things because of the natural progression of age. As a nurse and a person who reads a lot about nutrition and health I know that people have been misdiagnosed with MS when they consumed products with nutrasweet (aspartame). When I took nutrasweet out of my diet I could walk fast again and think clearer, I was surprised. Spry lets me chew gum again, it protects my teeth from decay and my mouth from bacteria. I don't ever want to be without it again and with the subscribe and save feature, I don't even have to remember to order it.
387419387419B00124YDMYA29U976OROS9TQL. Dates0041264809600Spry GumLove the gum but the flavor does not seem to last long and if chewed for more than three to four hours the gum will turn to mush.
387420387420B00124YDMYAD2SWQGS2FSP1Lucinda Chevallier0051253577600GREAT GUM!This is the best xylitol-sweetend gum around - it really keeps the mouth clean and fresh, even after the taste is gone. A big plus is that xylitol is actually good for your teeth and mouth. No more of that chemical-tasting, sugar-free gum for us!

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