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387421387421B00124YDMYA2U9M7IBX8TMXCmamajen1221320192000Don't buy this just because it's cheaper!If you are buying this gum because of the different sweetener, that's fine. But if you are buying it because it's cheaper per piece than other similar gums, DON'T! The pieces are a little smaller and I found that two pieces was a closer match to ONE of the other stuff. Also, the flavor just doesn't last. You remember that pink Bazooka gum that had a little cartoon in it that you used to get at halloween time? This gum flavor lasts about as long as that did (so... way short! Really, don't bother if you're trying to save a buck, otherwise (you people who worry about different kinds of fake sugar) the flavor is good, while it lasts. Maybe I'll feed it to my kids (keep them out of my better gum).
387422387422B00124YDMYAP6LEWTDVUA89Anonymous4721250208000Made in ChinaThis is a below average gum. The flavor is mostly gone within half a minute.
If I had known ahead of time that it was made with raw materials from China I would have never purchased it. Does it really contain Xylitol or is it laced with contaminants as other products from China have been in recent times? Will not buy again.
387423387423B00124YDMYA1VL62M12N2K82Mark Twain0141301011200I like itIt does lose flavor earlier than the chemistry-set gum at your local deli
387424387424B00124YDMYA1WI34X1EWGWULBill D "Bill"2611316563200Ingredients from ChinaI bought this product and read the tiniest print on the label after chewing the first piece. The label says "Raw materials from China and the USA". I think people should keep in mind that China has a horrible reputation when it comes to health and safety standards for food products. Unfortunately, my 100 count container of Spry chewing gum is now one piece short but is at the bottom of my trash can.
387425387425B00124YDMYAE2PHZIFBGV52bonnie brooklyn girl0321289692800Very disappointingI heard about this gum on a radio program--with a respected physician encouraging his listeners to use Spry gum. I ordered the 600-piece jar, and it was fairly pricey. However, I found that you needed two or three pieces for a good "chew," and the flavor lasted only 2-3 minutes. My husband didn't like the gum at all. I threw away 3/4 of the jar after owning it for a few weeks. Certainly not worth the price.
387426387426B000VXWJR8AD35PEERXX9QFEveryman2221274659200funny tasteI bought this in the 2.5 gallon size (with the built-in tap). It's hard to describe the taste of it, but it's definitely not what you want when you buy bottled water. I assume the taste comes from the plastic material used in the container.
387427387427B000VXWJR8A3A2T8RSSVIOQSErin Braun6811211760000Bad tasting waterJust bought a case of Nestle Pure Life water. We were with my boyfriend's daughter and she told us to buy a different kind since they sold it at school and she thought it tasted "funny." Since she tends to be a little finicky, we disregarded her comment. Mistake. The water has an odd, metallic aftertaste and your tongue feels a little tingly afterward (not in a good way). Even on sale, this is definitely not worth it. We not only wouldn't buy it again, we wouldn't even take it if it was free. It's that bad.
387428387428B000VXWJR8A21EI11OGS0OFDDevyn K. Smicik1151226707200I don't know what theay're saying about "bad taste"I LOVE this water. I remminds me of Aquafina, and is one of only two or three brands of bottled water I will drink. I don't know what the other reviewer is saying about a "metallic taste" but maybe it's just me.
387429387429B000VXWJR8A3F5YNRADTUQUGM. Clouse "mjotti"1111223424000overpriced....this purchase was about 6 times the cost of purchasing in the store. Free shipping statement was a complete farce at this price. vendor did ship quickly however for what it was worth.
387430387430B000VXWJR8A1N92SL45J4NTISteve Mc0011347321600Tastes Like Its Been Filtered With SoilThe good thing about this water is that it is wet.
Whats goes against it, is that it tastes like soil.
387431387431B000VXWJR8A2ED14X9SGENCD. Lehman0011259020800Bad aftertasteI thought it was just me! I'm having this debate with a coworker that Nestle Pure Life purified water tastes different than Ozarka spring water. I like Ozarka natural spring water but can't stand Nestle Pure Life. He showed me that Ozarka is a division of Nestle and it was all in my head, that the bottles are identical but just have different labels. Looking closer at the labels, I see what the difference is. The Nestle Pure Life is basically distilled water with added minerals. So I wouldn't buy it unless you don't mind the taste of distilled water.
387432387432B000VXWJR8A36ET1IQK8PYZNFracina Turner "mommy of 3"0051244332800$3 at Walmart!!!This is very good water, but it is WAY over-priced on here. I buy this same pack at walmart for $3 dollars (regular-price)!! Doesn't taste funny to me, but whoever said that might want to look into that, maybe that area got a bad batch!
387433387433B001XWRP34A7KWF3O8HGTIRwas0151323993600(Sample Size Only) ------>To small to be sold for so muchi was not happy with this item 0.85 oz is very small and i am so sory i did not take the time to recognize how small this item was i ordered the package of six and when i got it i was realy angry i think its useliss to sell products like this in such small quantities i would have done better if i had just trow my money away i am not pleased at all, the seller needs to upgrade to a much larger size
387434387434B004DIVYGYA9YG5QJ1U7P12G. Mitter0051309651200Great tasting sweet teaI gave a couple to friends, and they ended up buying. Hard to find in grocery stores, so Amazon was my choice. It doesn't have a nasty aftertaste like some canned sweet teas I've tried.
387435387435B001EO5TFCAAS8DVPOC0VAMPIMomma0051324252800Tasty OatmealWe tried Fifty-50 Hearty Cut oatmeal several months ago and thought that we would be able to find it in the grocery store. Unfortunately, we were not able to. Then we checked on Amazon and luckily they were selling it. It is one of the most delicious hot cereals that I have ever tasted.
387436387436B001EO5KZQA2VHVA9IG5GE7VAubade d'Ergine2251293408000Ambrosial treat appeases finnicky adults and children alikeI've never had much of a sweet tooth and even I find these lollipops to be addictive. They are not sickeningly or artificially sweet, there are no awful additives and food colourings, just fruit juice and sugar. Best of all, it's organic.

There is a wide variety of piquant flavours, some more traditional (Strawberry Smash) and others more tropical (Mango Tango). NB: I have to agree with a previous reviewer in that the bags definitely do not provide equal amounts of each flavour. Luckily, none of them taste terrible but it is a legitimate niggle.

For the kids, this candy is especially practical due to its relatively small (read as exercise in moderation) size and you can give them a few without feeling like you're spoiling or depriving them. As for the adults, the flavours are complex enough to keep you interested in a guilt-free indulgence. Sure they cost a bit more than non-organic lollies but where else are you going to find gluten-free Kosher lollipops that taste this great? Exactly.

So whether you're bribing your nieces and nephews into behaving or helping former smoker friends ease the pain of nicotine withdrawal, it's always good to have a bag of these on hand.
387437387437B001EO5KZQA1HFML4SFJP7W7HeatherB in TX0051335312000Delicious!These lollipops are wonderful! Excellent flavor and variety of flavors and I don't have to worry about the ingredients when giving them to my kiddos! I will definitely be purchasing these again very soon!
387438387438B001EO5KZQA1ONX1V650U74DYummyEarthFAN0051327536000Best ever!Most amazing candy I have ever had... I have my whole office hooked on these Lollipops and now I have more visitors to my desk than ever before.

For someone like me who has chemical sensitivity, irritable bowel & gastroparesis.... these Lollipops have been a wonderful treat that do not exacerbate any of my medical conditions. :)
387439387439B001EO5KZQA30LWKHG50WTM9Duped in FL "Duped"0041314489600Good assortment but does not contain every flavorThis version of the lollipop assortment has a good variety of flavors but there are a few that are not included such as the lemon, orange, and ginger. However, if you dont want to have to buy the full 5lb bag, this is still an acceptable assortment with a good variety.

As for the lollypops themselves, theres no point in trying to give the flavors a rating since one reviewer says they hate it and the next says they love it. One thing though, is that some of the colors are very similar to each other and it can be hard to differentiate between the lollypops at a glance, and its harder to remember the exact flavors you enjoy. The blueberry one to me doesnt taste anything like blueberries, and its not blue either, its white, and is my least favorite. My most favorite is the wet face watermelon and mango tango. I purchased my bag at whole foods and got a fairly even assortment of flavors.

The lollypops are all wrapped individually. They last a decent amount of time in your mouth and the flavor lasts the whole time. They are roughly the size of a quarter, but thicker. I wouldnt give these to little kids since of course, they could choke, but also since you can bite it near the end and get even smaller hard pieces of lollypop. Also, the stick lasts longer then other brands unlike dum-dums which tend to fall apart and leave you with pieces of paper in your mouth.

22 calories per lollypop, 3 lollypops per serving, 17g carbs and 17g sugar per serving. Made in mexico, certified organic.

To say that these are the BEST lollypop I ever tasted is a little overrated.. these are certainly tasty and fulfilling, but in the end its still basically sugar on a stick. Some people leaving reviews are touting it as a healthy miracle just because it doesnt contain a fraction of a percent of artificial coloring. But its a good product to snack on when you need something sweet. If you really love a particular flavor they do sell bags individually of the various flavors as well.
387440387440B001EO5KZQA1D0IF46RH030CToo Tall "Tom"0051299024000So GoodI'm a college student, and my mother sent me these in a care-package. At first I was skeptical because of the organic label, but after trying them I was addicted. My friends all loved them too. They taste better than any other lollipop that I've ever had. All the flavors are really good.
387441387441B001EO5KZQA2V0T3BINYC9PGDaz0051278892800DeliciousI used to buy one for a quarter every time I went into a local smoothie shop. These are absolutely my favorite lollipops. They are just the right size to satisfy the cravings.
387442387442B001EO5KZQA2EW6CDXG1RVE8A. Mrocek "poohbear"0051185840000Awesome suckers!These are very yummy lollipops. The flavors are intense, they are low-calorie (you can eat 3 for 70 calories), they are fairly good sized, and they are free of yucky chemicals. My kids love them! They are also a great value- the bags are huge!
mango, lemon, and watermelon are my favorites- very fruity. Pomegranite one has an intense cherry flavor- I don't really like cherry, but the kids seem to like them. No orange one to speak of in my bags- too bad, since we love oranges....
387443387443B001EO5KZQA2ZWU0ARYT6VA7robert beaudry "VEGASBUM"0041183593600GO LARGESecond time buying this product and they are really good but buyer beware. First time bought small 30ct. containers 5 containers 150 pops for $16.33 no other items listed. Second time purchased 1 lb bags 284 pops $17.50 no little containers but you do the math. Now they have larger containers 70ct x 5 350 pops for $19.00 What i dont like about this product is the assortment count, it was bad both times. first time did not count but second time had to counts are 157 pomegranate, 48 lemon 43 mango 36 watermeion. I know if I wanted even counts I shouid have order 4 1bs of each but cmon 16lbs is a little to much. no orange to speak of in the 4 bags and only 15 empty sticks, machines get hungry too lol. by large and dont buy variety packs you wont get what you wanted even amounts, where did the orange go, GOOD LUCK
387444387444B001EO5KZQAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0151307145600SO GOOD! Helped a lot with morning sickness :DI had morning sickness so bad it lasted all day and for 5.5 months, ugh! I called it baby flu since there was little relief. Ginger ale and YummyEarth organic candies were the only two things that settled my stomach enough to eat a small meal. The assorted bag was nice to switch it up depending on my taste that day. After I delivered my baby girl, I still enjoyed these when I have a dry mouth or would like a little sweetness. It was so nice to find a tasty organic hard candy, so much tastier than Preggo Pops!
387445387445B0001VVCXCA26A64X86VL1R4Snowbrocade1151160784000Classic flavor and nutritious.Red Zinger is the tea that made Celestial Seasonings famous. This was the must-have tea in the seventies. Every well stocked hippie cupboard had to have this tea next to the brown rice and soy sauce. But it is the healthful ingredients and classic flavor that keep it an enduring favorite. This caffeine-free herbal blend brews up into a tasty ruby potion that smells lemon-mint tart and tastes like minty cherry syrup.

Hibiscus is the first ingredient. First consumed by the ancient Egyptians, Hibiscus tea has diuretic qualities, can lower blood pressure, and has minerals and flavonoids. The second ingredient, rose hips, are very high in vitamin C and are used in herbal medicine to prevent urinary tract infections. Other ingredients include peppermint, lemon grass, orange peel, lemon myrtle, licorice and wild cherry bark.

Celestial Seasonings gets extra points for their packaging: they utilize 100% natural recycled paperboard in their boxes and they don't package each tea bag individually. Instead they use a system of a waxed paper bag inside the box that stays shut when you fold it. It keeps the bags fresh and utilizes less packaging than individually wrapping each bag. The art they use on each box is beautiful as are the quotes and information they put on every surface.

Quote from the box:

"Passion colors all that it touches in its own hues." Baltasar Gracian.
387446387446B000EFFTRUAXRCSQMR8H9FQD. Anderson0051322784000What an awesome first christmas present for my girlfriend! LOL.Last year, I didn't quite know what to get my gf for Christmas until we were out shopping at the local grocery and noticed that they no longer carried OEP Cheesy Mexican Rice. She looked at me with actual sadness in her eyes, as we'd eaten it at least once or twice per month for our entire relationship. We checked everywhere for availability... Target? Out. Walmart? Out. Harris Teeter & Food Lion? Out and Out. So, I went on Amazon looking for a gift she'd never forget... and here it was. The laugh we shared on Christmas was worth the price, which is still a great deal nonetheless.

Of course, I got her other stuff too... but nothing quite made an impression like a case of Cheesy Mexican Rice. We had to order another case in July!
387447387447B000EFFTRUA2U6YRTFNHP5Z0LISA J RANDLES "GoDario27"0051212364800This stuff is the bomb!I can't get this rice in any of the grocery stores around my house any more! It's soooo good!...I sometimes throw a slice of american cheese into the mix when it's done and it makes it even better. I actually just had some last night! YUM! AWESOME! s:) Looking forward to going home and having leftovers.
387448387448B000EFFTRUA3VKHO9N0Z8W0RGary Van Ess "badgervan"0131267920000Pretty Much What You'd ExpectThis is a cheese flavored rice... pretty much what you'd expect from the box. A good backup or side.
387449387449B001HTR2E0AFLYFDRIZ9S4XSoggyGranola8851289260800Delicious!This is a great product. We had been drinking Vitamin Water (which we still love) but needed to reduce the amount of sugar. This product does just that without losing the flavor. Unfortunately Amazon has priced itself out of the market by raising the case price by $6 overnight. You can buy it cheaper at Whole Foods individually. What a bummer!
387450387450B001HTR2E0A8B57JMZCC8Q3K. Sellin6651312070400Great water for non-water drinkersI'm one of those weird people who has never been able to drink water. I don't like the taste of it, it makes me gag when it's going down, and it just stresses me out even thinking of drinking water. I know, I know, I have issues... Anyway, I'm getting OLDER and realizing that drinking 5 bottles of flavored sugary Snapple is not going to cut it for my daily liquid intake any more. Then our cafeteria at work started stocking this stuff and I thought I'd give it a try. I was IMMEDIATELY hooked. It's just damn good. It's not sickly sweet or overpowering with fake fruity flavor like some of the other flavored waters. It's just the right HINT of flavor. I'm addicted. Now I get regular deliveries to make sure I don't run out.

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