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387451387451B001HTR2E0AZG5T8FPJNZKXNom de Plume "not-so-famous poet"5551311379200I am in love.I love this water so much, I just subscribed to get it once a month. I'm sort of amused/bewildered at some of the other reviewers claims that the fruit flavor in this water is too mild- the flavor of the blackberry, in particular, is a somewhat strong, almost jam-like taste. It's not overpowering, but I don't think it could be any stronger without negatively affecting the flavor of the water. My guess is that what most reviewers are actually missing in this water is the sweetener- there is NOT even a hint of that- just the taste of fruit and water. This is precisely what I've been looking for FOREVER in a flavored water, as I don't like artificial sweetener but I do sometimes prefer something beyond the plain taste of water.
My only possible complaint with this product is that it's ridiculously overpriced. But apparently not so much that I'm not willing to pay it. It's THAT good.
387452387452B001HTR2E0A3HUF32L06B83FEmily Canibano "skyyogastudio"2251280966400Need Hydration, Take a HINTI love Hint. It is very lightly flavored, not sugary (there are no calories and better yet no fake sugar substitutes) that made it the perfect beverage of choice while pregnant. I agree that it is pricey, but I bought it by the case at Whole Foods during pregnancy to stay away from my typical state of dehydration. But you get what you pay for - the less that goes into something, the more we pay - sad but true - you want something natural and healthy - it costs.
387453387453B001HTR2E0A12E0Y0J6584RTSeanna2231275696000It's waterI recently purchased this water expecting to get a nice refreshing drink with a hint of Blackberry flavor. Well, in the end there isn't much flavor, and it's basically water. And of course water is very refreshing, but I was expecting a little more than just the occasional linger of flavor which in all honesty didn't taste much like blackberry.
387454387454B001HTR2E0A2ZHMIN244K4Y8I Buy Stuff "I Buy Stuff"2251270339200Pure undiluted blackberry essence - like spa water - love it!If you love berries in the raw, particularly blackberries, you will love Hint Premium Essence Water in Blackberry. I tried this for the first time at Starbucks and am totally hooked and am looking forward to trying their other flavors. As someone who's constantly looking for healthy beverage alternatives and gets tired of drinking plain filtered water, Hint has done it right and created a zero-calorie, zero-sweetener, preservative-free, refreshing water with literally a "hint" of natural fruit essence - no man-made fruit sweeteners here! The only thing I'm not crazy about is the price @ $2 per 16 oz. bottle when purchased directly from the [...] website. The 10% savings when buying from Amazon does help ease the high-price factor, but not by I still consider this product somewhat of a splurge/luxury for this budget-conscious/health-conscious consumer. With that said, I plan to buy in bulk every couple of months any how and am looking forward to drinking these in the summer in "slushie" form after storing them in the freezer for a bit. Happy "Hint" Drinking!
387455387455B001HTR2E0AYV3PYPSM99W9SB "SB"1151317772800Amazing pure water with NO additives!!!This is the best tasting pure water ever, this is my favorite flavor of all the HINT water (Blackberry), the Pear, Watermelon and Grapefruit/Tangerine are the others that are very good flavors. If you are like me you do not drink enough water during the day, drinking this will change that! You will love it.
387456387456B001HTR2E0A34TSVOAAHBMRYBrownbie1151290643200Just PerfectThis water is just perfect, not too sweet, not too plain. So many flavored waters have artificial sweetners and a weird taste. Not this, it is so refreshing! My kids will now drink water as well and love it too!! I had to get on the subscribe and save plan where you set up shipments at whatever intervals you want and also get a discount. Love the Blackberry, Watermelon and Raspberry Lime the best!!
387457387457B001HTR2E0A3EZOEB8DHJ6Fcmbrunken1151288137600RefreshingA salesperson at Whole Foods convinced me to try this stuff and now I'm ordering by the case on Amazon. It's incredibly refreshing.
387458387458B001HTR2E0A38JNSBJMF69O5A. Harford "Student09"1151288137600Yum! Tasty treatI tried Hint for the first time yesterday and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised! I have quite a sweet tooth, but I am trying to decrease my intake of sugary juices and cut back on the amount of soda that I drink. I avoid drinks with fake sweetners like the plague because I don't like the taste, but I was very interested to find out that Hint has does not contain sugar or any sweetners at all. It is literally a bottle of water with *just a hint* of fruit flavor. The flavor is not overpowering, and it makes water a bit more exciting.

I am not one to drink water with meals. I drink plenty of bottled water when I am thirsty or after meals, but I usually grab soda or juice when I eat lunch/dinner. However, I do enjoy drinking Hint with my lunch. I think it is a great alternative to many of the super sugary drinks and diet beverages on the market.

I recommend that you try it! It is a bit pricey, but it is a nice healthy treat. I agree with a previous reviewer: the flavor is similar to eating a piece of fruit and then washing it down with a sip of water. That is exactly what it tastes like.
387459387459B001HTR2E0A35SMT4HMM3KV4Lisa Olsen "Lisa"1151280620800Light and RefreshingI was skeptical when I first tried this, because most flavored waters are way too sugary sweet for my tastes. But this product delivers what it promises, a lightly flavored, cool, refreshing drink with yes, just a Hint of blackberry. You end up feeling like you just ate a handful of berries and then washed it down with some springwater, with just that essence of berry left in your mouth.

I wish they would come up with more traditional flavors instead of some of the bizarre combinations they have. What about just plain old lemon? Or Strawberry? And I wish it was available in more stores instead of just Starbucks and Whole Foods.
387460387460B001HTR2E0A39SCLIR3KQ1BDCallye Keen "massder"1151276646400YUMI just tried this 2 days ago and i LOVE it but it's hard to find around here. it really is just a "hint" of flavor and it doesn't leave your mouth tasting sugary and gross. I've even re-filled the bottle 4 times and I can almost still taste the blackberry. Expensive, but I'm pregnant and have very few luxuries in my life (food-wise) right now and I love drinking one in the bath/shower to relax and feel like i'm detoxing. Gonna go search the local starbucks for these!
387461387461B001HTR2E0A1WX42M589VAMQMir3421274659200Tried it at Starbucks today after Pilates: Huh, kinda not working for meI do think this product is crazy overpriced for what it is and how much flavor you get. However, I was thirsty after Pilates and went to the Starbucks next to the studio and they had this, so, liking blackberries and having tasted the Pear Hint (which has a complex and interestingly subtle flavor), I got it.

Not interesting. Not complex. Very much like you just added water to a glass in which you'd had some berry juice. But the flavor itself, while clearly a berry flavor, is not rereshing or interesting. It fell flat for me.

I did like the idea that Hint gave me to make my own fruit essence water. A simple idea, but other than a squeeze of lime or lemon or other citrus at home, it had never occurred to me to just add a couple drops of fruit concentrate to my filtered water at home and chill.

I'll do that now. I think it's crazy to pay a premium price for barely flavored water (unless you're away from home and dying of thirst and looking for something that's not sugary like juice or boring like plain water).

Nice enough, but really, nothing special. Though I love their bottle /label designs. They do catch the eye and feel "clean".
387462387462B001HTR2E0AFNUWIM7LLBQZEsther Min0051350604800SIMPLY THE BEST!I was looking for a zero or low calorie drink that didn't contain a lot of unnatural ingredients that could take the place of Diet Pepsi which I love but is not good for me since I have acid reflux. Plus I had read where the artificial coloring to create the caramel color is not good. Vitamin water didn't appeal to me because I thought how much of this stuff can I really drink? I don't want to overdose on too much vitamins. When I found Hint water it seemed to be exactly what I was looking for. The first bottle I tried I was a little disappointed. You can smell the "flavor" more than taste it .. it really is just a "hint" of flavor. However, the more I drank it the more I started to love this product and now this is my choice of drink! I don't write reviews. This is only the second review of written out of all the many products I've purchased from Amazon. Give this product a chance. Like I said, it was instant like for me but by the second or third bottle I discovered that this is really a great product and excellent way to drink more water.
387463387463B001HTR2E0A1OLWTPC2VEGAHmetoo0051343692800Amazing!HINT water is a perfect way to hydrate without the calories. I enjoy the slight hint of flavor without leaving a bad after taste.
387464387464B001HTR2E0A1CI6LLKV86526Baxter0051341964800Tasty!My wife has me order this item for her. We look like we are a small convinece store in our garage This is the only product she has found to have NO SWEETNER in it so it has flavor but 0 calories and no FAKE sweetner either. IF you get bored drinking water try Hint This flavor is her favorite
387465387465B001HTR2E0A2PIF4VKOC768JSciFi Junkette0051336003200Best thirst quencher.Ever get sick of drinking water? You won't with this. It beats filtered water, tap water, powder add-ins to water bottles; everything. I'd never say that I am a huge blackberry fan, but I drink these daily. I keep one in my car while I run errands. There is something that makes it seem cooler in your mouth too. It is the best.
387466387466B001HTR2E0A1KRMP4A6RAQ2SNicholas Borowitz0051331856000LOVEThese are delicious!!!! I love them! The price was great too as they are $3 a piece at starbucks and $2 each at walmart.
387467387467B001HTR2E0A37CGHJC9DMCBVGabrielle "SeattleG"0051325980800Delicious Water with just a HINT of flavorI am bad about drinking my daily water but this stuff certainly helps. The flavor is just right - not artificial at all like so many flavored waters and enough to taste like more than plain water. I love it! We are subscribed to get it monthly and save a little too. The blackberry is by far my fav though raspberry lime is good too!
387468387468B001HTR2E0A1MWEVW4SL2N27ilikeitdontyou0051320883200So delicious -- satisfies juice craving, but a bit acidicI really love these -- they're incredibly refreshing! I drink one whenever I'm craving juice, and it really satisfies the craving. I'm pretty sensitive to sugar, so bottled juice is off the menu. My favorite flavor is blackberry, which tastes just like blackberry without the tartness (it's awesome). The only minor drawback would be that I can't overindulge in these bc they are slightly acidic, though I'm pretty sensitive, so not sure if others have had issues with this. I've tried drinking this in place of my daily water intake, and I ended up having heartburn-ish sensations, so I drink these as a treat rather than a substitute for water. Overall love these, and I don't miss bottled juice at all.
387469387469B001HTR2E0A2NHE8RZPN5EFXCalifornia Mom0051320278400The best Hint flavor!I know I need to drink more water (don't we all?) but plain water just doesn't do it for me. I started trying out the different Hint flavors and I became hooked! Blackberry is the best of all, it has a very slightly sweet taste of blackberry, but without any calories or sugar. Try it, you'll like it!
387470387470B001HTR2E0A2TP4RZ4HQELHKsgme0051253664000Best flavor of Hint WaterThis is my favorite flavor of hint water. It's bright and sweet but still very thirst quenching and refreshing!! I like it more than I like actual blackberries.
387471387471B001HTR2E0A1EMZLER8HYFXULaura Bishop "bankermom"0211339027200Don't waste your moneyI bought this because of the glowing reviews. For those like myself, who does not like the taste of water, it was a welcome alternative. I love the taste of blackberries. I couldn't be let down more. Buy the Talking Rain products. You get great taste and no calories!
387472387472B001HTR2E0A299Z7FZBM3Z9XMarianna Eros "Miriam"0221279843200flavoured water between countriesShipping is exhorbitant and the flavour is very mild, almost non-existant in water that tastes like metalic tap water. I don't recommend purchaseing this especially to have it shipped fromt the US to Canada
387473387473B007XX754GA27R0AE9T4YQTVF. J. Redmann0051339459200Great ProductWe have been looking for this wonderful syrup for about 2 years. It tastes like fresh apples, but is not overly sweet. Good on just about anything you would put syrup on.
387474387474B002C6KI7UA3T9IWP077MAP2Tenzo979821252022400Bad experianceThe picture looks like a nice bonsai tree.

The product is a branch cut to about 4 inches in length and a clump of brown dead needles to it and spray painted. The pieces are glued together with a big clump of white glue that runs all over the branch. Whoever glued it together obviously felt more was better. because it's all over the place,

this is not a preserved tree.

It looks more like a second grade class project where the students took branches and glued them together and then spray painted the top green.
Wait, I'm sorry. That is exactly what it is.

I bought this for my wife for her birthday.
It's now hidden in the basement so I can ship it back.

If they don't take returns I will throw it out.
It's that hideous
387476387476B002C6KI7UA27WUJ3D5KCA8GEl_tAkErO182811307145600Disappointed Length:: 0:53 Mins

I want Bonzai Boy's return my money or send a natural bonzai tree
387477387477B008H33I1UA3CDH48G477VBQziggy buggydoog "i am imagining you on fire r...0011349222400Sent it backSo disappointed...The lids were rusted and liquid had leaked out. I had to send them back
387478387478B00305LV8MA2D1RMON3I29RQK. Howard0021317168000Not GiantThese antlers are by no means "giant". I know description said 6-7 " but "giant" should mean SOME substance. Not worth the price.
387479387479B00305LV8MA1J0B76GX9CIAXLost my way0051313798400A very nice chew toy.My dog MoJo love his deer antler. He chews on it a lot, and if he's not chewing on it, he's carrying it around. He doesn't seem to have done much damage to it in the month he's had it. Usually he destroys things in a couple of hours. If you've never gotten your dog an antler, here is the scoop- they don't make a mess, don't smell, are all natural and no deer are harmed in obtaining the antlers. They fall off the deer each year, and are cleaned and sanitized before they are sold. Our dog is very large so we get him the giant size, but smaller sizes are availble for smaller dogs.
387480387480B004YRQ78YA3JA8EXHWOUV6MFish Head Soup1121332720000Tastes good but VERY stale.Although the product tastes good the actual item is extremely stale and what I received was one lump of almost completely dry........well, candy. It is impossible to actually eat it as complete "strings" because it is all stuck together in one dry mound. Tastes good but I will never buy from this vendor again because they are not selling fresh items. Has to be multiple years old.

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