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387481387481B0055QB4IQAC2SMT7WEOBQMBill0041325289600stuff is greatOnly reason this gets 4 stars instead of 5 is the one with the little meatballs gets the 5.
Boil the pasta, stick it on a plate, dump the sauce on it, nuke for 1 to 2 minutes, pour on the grated cheese and maybe nuke a Garlic toast, maybe not, then have at it.
Hey, I work 10 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week, I ain't in to much cookin when I get home so don't knock it.
387482387482B0052Z8MFSA31Z75D921R5K4Reggie0051333756800Nimm 2These are my favorite hard candy of all times , they are always fresh , and to top it all of very nutritious , have lots of vitamin c in it .
They usually arrive about 3 days after I ordered them , I love amazon .com
387483387483B0052Z8MFSA3MCM3WOF864RCMeghan Dunham "MeghanD"0051323388800Great candy!Try it out! I got hooked on these while in Germany and Poland. I wish this product was widely available in the US.
387484387484B001YXNZN6A2W93K7NH0GPCCCarmella Schoonover "Carmella"1151346025600Loved this product (looks like I may be alone)I have never been one to buy chicken in a can (quite a foodie most days), but my sister recommended it for chicken salad and I'm glad. It did not taste like fresh roasted chicken, but in reality I wasn't expecting it to. I've had a lot of BAD chicken salads from various locations that I couldn't bear to eat because of the really bad chicken flavor. With a gourmet chicken salad recipe, this chicken is great, but I guess, if it is mixed with little more than mayo it would be pretty bland. I admit it...I'm looking for somewhat bland flavor in my canned chicken. For me I'm just glad it doesn't add any bad flavor to my chicken salad. And yes, if you want to cook your own chicken that's great and the best route, but if you want something easy I recommend this chicken in a can. I mean,'s canned chicken what do you expect?

My Recipe: 3 cans chicken, 5 celery, 1 small Onion, fresh lemon juice (2 lemons), 2 1/2 cups red grapes, 2/3 cup pecans & (salt, pepper, celery seed, fresh parsley & mayo to taste).
387485387485B001YXNZN6A2WLECD2Z0NB16Joseph R. Brusky "killjoy714"4611308960000Just opening the can was unbearableThe smell of this product once the can is open is terrible. Its worse than bad tuna fish and even drained the meat smells the same. I left a half can in my refrigerator overnight and could barely stand opening the door because that terrible smell would wiff out into the kitchen. I would not serve this to friend or enemy. If you are set on eating it anyway, mash the big chunks up and douse it with lots of pepper,garlic & onion powder because it tastes like stinky mummy meat (yes, it is bland in a really awful way). Make sure you cook it. Save yourself money and do not buy this product.
387486387486B001YXNZN6A21N4V6D1IZPUET.B. West0051350864000Cheap, Lean ProteinAfter marveling at some of the previous reviews, I felt as if it were my duty to leave a good comment about one of my favorite lunch products: Member's Mark Canned Chicken. From my local Sam's Club, this package costs $9.98, just under $2 per can. At approximately 300 kcal of pure, lean protein, this deal is phenomenal. My daily lunch consists of a can of this wonderful chicken on top of a bed of spinach topped with a low-calorie balsamic vinaigrette with a handful of almonds. This healthy, 500 kcal lunchtime feast costs under three dollars, and anyone who's not a ravenous teenager or professional bodybuilder will find it quite filling. Please tell me how you can prepare a healthier meal of meat and vegetables in three minutes before heading to work in the morning, because I'd love to know.

387487387487B001YXNZN6A3TIG2JZYUE4NIkp "kdog909"3521311465600bland, overpricedFirst of all, you can get this same item (5-13 oz cans) for less than $10 at Sam's Club, so this product is ridiculously overpriced, even if you factor in free shipping. Secondly, as another reviewer pointed out, this chicken is extremely bland, in fact I think it is the most bland chicken imaginable. It just tastes like nothing. I honestly use it for dog treats. It works great for this purpose. For some reason my dogs will not eat specially made "dog treats", no matter what kind I try to use. This stuff though is bland and lean enough that it works great as a dog treat.
387488387488B001YXNZN6A2R7SSAD7FIB1Gtrekker3521302912000No taste, very bland.....I was excited to find this product at Sam's Club. I purchased it with plans to make cold chicken salad with it. I opened two cans, drained the liquid and added chopped celery, salt, pepper and mayonaise. This has to be the blandest food I have ever tasted. No matter what I did, I couldn't taste the chicken. The cans came with recipes for cooked chicken dishes but I can't imagine that the chicken has any more flavor cooked than it does cold and straight out of the can. If you love good chicken flavor in your chicken salad, buy the chicken and cook it yourself because you won't get it with this product.
387489387489B001YXNZN6A1VGESIMK2STOWR. Lee0221330646400They could have done better with this productWe have bought this 5-pack at Sam's club for less than $10. It is kinda dry and tasteless. The Swanson and Tyson canned chicken is better. R. Lee, Rochester, NY
387490387490B000M9O5WIA3PIHY8BD4AF7DNoseDaddy6651235865600Ready to heat Indian foodNot a western tasting entree by any stretch but a very good Indian vegetarian curry. Kinda hot but very tasty, especially the big chunks of mushrooms. The pouch does not contain what I would call a full meal (but says 3 servings= no womder Indians are so slim)but served over a bowl of fresh rice with a salad does the trick. The next time I make it, I'm going to add some tofu and see how that works. I'll bet it turns out great. Itsmells so good that the house carries the aroma for a long time.
I cut open the pouches and nuke it in a covered larger bowl to leave room for rice. I.d buy this again.
387491387491B000M9O5WIA2WNF8RWOI8H9ZBrad0111325116800Thing tastes badHonestly it tastes so bad that I almost threw up.

I normally love indian food but this stuff tastes bad.

I wish you can return food on amazon.
387492387492B000M9O5WIA1J8XJGDE61WK9Kristophoros "out_of_lane_1"0241297555200Good stuffI think this one tastes good, but Pav Bahji is probably the best! Don't get it if you don't like mushrooms (obviously)!!!
387493387493B004NBA1NIA18I2GS43SDI5PLhorna Murray1151328140800YummyThese were for a candy buffet at my son's 10th birthday. We had an alligator themes so everything was green at the candy buffet. These arrived in perfect condition, were very yummy, and went well with our theme. Thank you seller!
387494387494B004NBA1NIA3B4JKZCLV3HU0E. A. Luna "Tyler&Jayden'sMommy"3421337040000Not happyI was really excited about getting these and boy was I disappointed. Half of them were cracked, they didn't taste great, and "made in china" is printed on each lollipop wrapper.
387495387495B004NBA1NIA10QATN17AHMVQJEld2351333324800awesome!I had these for my sons birthday party and they were a hit he couldn't get enough and i plan on using the blue ones for an upcoming baby shower for my friend. They were awesome! =)
387496387496B004NBA1NIAJGU56YG8G1DQE. Kennedy2351313366400Fun!I used these and a bunch of other colored lollipops for a friend's birthday and she got a kick out of it. She had been complaining about feeling old so we threw a kid themed party. She had a great time. I don't think it's possible to eat one of these spiral lollipops without feeling like a kid!
387497387497B004NBA1NIA3OMVKVDLXRW7IKgm250021350691200Not quite true to sizeI purchased these for a baby shower and I was very disappointed with their actual size. Very small! They could do a better job of visibly displaying actual size and dimensions of lollipops. Taste is all right, not terrible.
387498387498B004NBA1NIA17TUPQ3CMB4CGChelsie H.0051350345600Great Lollipops!The lollipops came quickly and added a great pop of color to the baby shower . . . And they tasted good too!!
387499387499B004NBA1NIAPLJTOB1NPVAZNDP0041342396800They arrived safe and on time.They arrived safe and on time. They were smaller than I expected and wish there was a better description of the size,
387500387500B001G8WXJQA31B6ZYNVSRH5TWebuser "ProductReviewer"6731234569600ordinary gree teaI had high hopes for this green tea based on the reviews. Having had a few cups of this brand, along with other brands, I can say Batavia tastes like the green tea one can purchase from any Asian grocery store at the tune of $4 for a box of 100. It is not bad, but it is not exceptional either.
387501387501B001G8WXJQAOEPWXTPBDHROS. Ice "Tea addict"2251228780800Awesome Green TeaI tried drinking Green Tea because people say that Green Tea is good for your health. However I could not find any that is good until I try Batavia tea. Most of the Green Teas taste bitter, smoky, burn and leave an awefull taste in your mouth but not this tea. I like to brewBatavia Black Tea, 50-Count Boxes (Pack of 4) both of their green and black tea.
387502387502B001G8WXJQA30W6Y3S9T5CMCClaudelle E. Lyall3451228780800great price for great tea!i have been drinking this tea for years and it is the least bitter green tea I have ever tried. There are 50 bags in a box instead of the usual 24 other teas supply. Excellent value for the money.
387503387503B001G8WXJQAKWL6FXRRRW1IRoger P. Williams3451228780800Hands down the best green tea in my opinion.I've tried a lot of different green teas and this one from Batavia is by far my favorite. It doesn't have the harsh taste I've noticed from other green teas. I actually enjoy this tea better without sugar. I never would have thought I could drink tea without sugar.

Anyway, give it a try. It's very good.

Roger Williams
Albany OR
387504387504B001G8WXJQA2A8ZGBODBJPQRJayel Magruder3451228780800batavia tealike batavia black tea this tea is far superior to all other teas that i have found i especially enjoy it when i use one black tea bag and one green tea bag to the cup highly recommend this tea
387505387505B001G8WXJQA1QM79EW56ODJCBrittany King "kingmom"2351228867200Best green tea ever!!!I have tried other green teas in the past because of all the media attention given to the health benefits, but I never really enjoyed it and had to force myself to drink it. However, after finding this green tea I look forward to drinking it and honestly enjoy it. It is a FABULOUS tea!!!
387506387506B001G8WXJQAB5SCMK2F2NTXTechnoMack0031284076800WiryGreat taste and great price. The caffeine in it seems really wiry. If I steep the bag too long I actually feel nauseous from the caffeine high. I'm not really sensitive to caffeine usually and drink very strong coffee without it bothering me. I'm not sure what it is with this tea, but it just feels edgy.
387507387507B001G8WXJQA2EAXPEK9G3X1QB. Kimrey0051264464000Some of the best green tea ive hadThis is some of the very best green tea i've had the pleasure of trying.

Each 50-pack container has 2 separate sealed 25-count bags (the bags come with the hang tags, which a lot of green tea doesn't come with). It comes fresh, and makes a great cup of tea. What else could you possibly ask for??
387508387508B001G8WXJQA3UW8MVM6SY36IAammar Khan0021263686400Not so greatBatavias Pure Green tea is a mediocre at best. While the tea itself I would give 4 stars, the packing of the tea is what brings it down to three. The tea is NOT individually packed which kills it for me. Overall, its GREAT Bang for the Buck. Amazon had 50% off this tea so I got a great deal. Overall I'm contempt with the tea, it has good taste and does its job well.

Edit - July 14th

I've moved down my review to 2 stars, as I find there is clear evidence of some coloration with this tea. The tea is mediocore at best.
387509387509B004K04YYOA22CW0ZHY3NJH8Noname1131303516800Beware of the dustI bought a large bag of Celluclay for my children's school projects. It has come in handy. It stores well and is as easy to mold as Play-doh. Depending on the size of the projects, the 5 pound bags will last a long time.

My son's first project was to make an Indian grinding hole, which was basically a rock with a hole. This was easy and quite authentic looking. His next project is to cover a newspaper doll. His classmate used paper mache and he's using Celluclay.

A few things to remember and consider: Don't add too much water or the project will take forever and a day to dry. My son's rock took more than a week to dry. Also, mix it outside and use a dust mask. It is extremely lightweight and powdery. I made the mistake of not using a dust mask the first time I mixed it and accidentally inhaled the dust. It's awful. No matter how carefully water is added and how slowly it is mixed, the dust is everywhere. I think there ought to be a warning label. My lungs are still suffering the after effects.
387510387510B0014EUB28A2VZD53IMJ6ABSseetherfreak_093311325116800Go back please... :(Wedding Soup is definitely one of my favorite soups and campbells use to be the one canned wedding soup i use to buy...until they changed it. I get that they want to provide for people who want to consume less sodium but to totally do away with their regular wedding soup is disappointing. I miss the old flavor and everything about it this one is just too different if you like the original you know what im taking about. I hope they bring it back one of these days until then I guess I have to settle for this one or just stick to making my own. Why mess with a good thing?

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