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387571387571B00271NNLIA3JJOUVMIIXLFQL Willis2251335657600My husband doesn't want for us to run out of this coffee.We both like our coffee slightly strong but not bitter. This coffee meets our expectations. This coffee pod is large and has to be put in the double pod holder if you are using a Senseo.
387572387572B00271NNLIA8RYQEBIPBDLBWilliam R. Gehbauer2251302048000Pod coffee at its bestPod coffee is the only type of coffee I have been able to drink that consistantly gives you the flavor that you enjoy (because of it's freshness). I have had the expensive pod cups at various retailers many times, and I find Miletta One Buzzworthy always the best tasting.
387573387573B00271NNLIAY22F5T2G7JDUR. E. James "mostly Libertarian"2251295568000Great coffeeThis is my favorite Java pod. Strong, but with no bitterness. I even tried using one of these pods with my Keurig, but no success. I have the Melitta system at work, and the K-cup at home. This coffee is better than any of the K-cups I have tried.
387574387574B00271NNLIA3974W27K49IHMACmpbll "reader"2251286236800ExcellentMakes a great full flavor cup of coffee and costs less than most. I find that I have to use the thicker Senseo pod holders because the pod's a little on the fat side. Love this coffee!!
387575387575B00271NNLIA1XYAUJB9PS4AWJ. Fermenich "JD"2221268611200Not what people are making it out to beI had pretty high hopes for this considering how many people were saying this is a strong cuppa with lots of flavor.

While it's better than all of the senseo pods or other mass marketed ones, it doesn't match up to the rich cup of joe from the Baronet Small Village blend pods.

Also, the flavor from these is pretty cardboard-like and one dimensional.

It's a cup of coffee. It does the job. But it's not something I'd buy again.
387576387576B00271NNLIA3F4IGSKA4DD5MAlan R. Hughes "ozark retiree"4531337385600Does NOT fit SenseoAlthough clearly advertised as "fits all pod coffeemakers" it does not fit the Senseo units. A single pod will go in the double pod holder but not in the single pod holder (too thick). The outside diameter of the Melita pods is smaller than the Senseo and the result is a weaker brew. I am stuck with eight boxes of eighteen pods each. Melita does make a Senseo compatible pod which is sold in grocery stores and is packaged exactly like the Senseo. These are not the same pods. Don't buy if you have a Senseo machine.
387577387577B00271NNLIA330C9GU11BRHYjoeyd034511326412800Does a cup of coffee have to be this difficult?I had high hopes for these coffee pods. I typically use Senseo Columbian Coffee Pods in my Melitta single brewer and those were fine, but my grocery store stopped selling them, so I thought I would try these thinking there's more coffee and better beans in each pod so it must be better. I popped one in my single pod holder and out came some hot light brown water. Totally confused, I came and read some more Amazon reviews, and read that I should be wetting one side of the pod, placing it in the double pod holder, and pressing firmly in place to get it to brew properly. I tried this method, and it did help, but it still tastes like water, so something must still not be right.

I'm open to suggestions.
387578387578B00271NNLIA2PGNSM1HQ3R96Amy Davidson1131347062400Fits my pod brewerI bought these looking for a Seneo pod alternative - they fit perfectly. They're OK flavor, not too impressed. For a standard cup of coffee one pod will work, but it is a little weak. For a "large" cup of coffee, make sure to use 2 pods.
387579387579B00271NNLIA2CJ26PDEZD4M1BoilerTim1151346803200Great coffee, easy to brew podI have used these pods for several years now, great quality cup is brewed every time. If you have a pod machine these are some of the best, much better results than Senseo or store brand pods.
387580387580B00271NNLIA3LQ60YIUXTXI8jess1131344729600too big for Senseo coffee makerI got this because the Senseo pods were temporarily unavailable. The coffee is okay, but not as good as the Senseo dark roast. The pods are much bigger, which caused the hinge on my Senseo machine to have problems. Of course, now you can't even get a Senseo machine, so oh well!
387581387581B00271NNLIA3PWS9LWINEFOGamber1151344470400great coffeeBest coffee pod available that fits regular pod machines. Great taste. No burn just a deep full flavor. Right price, beats all Starbucks etc. Melitta is the best.
387582387582B00271NNLIAI61FXWXFB0PNKathleen Marsh "Marsha Kitty"1151344038400Birght eyed and bushy tailedFull confession: I'm one of those people who cannot function without coffee. We have a Melitta pod coffeemaker at work, and so I order these for my work coffee. This means that this is the coffee that I drink when I am desperate--either I have not had my first cup, or life has spread me so thin that I need more than one cup to get me going, and this coffee does the job. It is perfect for work, because of the one-cup, on the go feature; the flavor is also great. We all prefer a very strong cup and the Buzzworthy fits the bill. It works for both the cup and the espresso options on the maker, and Amazon makes it easy by offering two packages at a time, delivered straight to your door. Easy breezy for starting your engines.
387583387583B00271NNLIA3U3DLO2YWFDXAnnaC1131340928000Tolerable for a pod, but not very strongI got these pods for a small pod compatible coffee maker I have in my office. I like strong coffee, so I thought these looked like a good bet. They make a stronger cup then other pods I've tried, but it is still not as flavorful as my regular coffee I make at home. I definitely can't make more than an 8 oz cup with these pods (my machine will let me pour up to 16 oz of water in)or it would just be flavored water.

These pods are bigger and fuller than other pods, but it's not getting drastically different results. The price is right though and I'm saving money making my own coffee rather than buying it at the 'Bucks or elsewhere. It is also convenient to use these pods in an single office environment where dealing with coffee grounds is more hassle than it is worth. It just doesn't taste anywhere as good.
387584387584B00271NNLIA1KMEWEKF7HYJ9Don1151340841600Great CoffeeSome of the BEST COFFEE I've ever tasted. If this coffee doesn't go much higher in price I will still be buying it. Much better than the Senseo Coffee I can no longer get at a good price.
387585387585B00271NNLIA31Y1G91FCKVHMamybobamy "amybobamy"1151340668800Better Than Senseo Pods!The trick is to know ahead of time: These are full pods, equivalent to using two Senseo pods so: Just use the double-pod holder to begin with.

These pods produce a very rich, delicious brew with a satisfying foam. These are BETTER than the product they are replacing, and half the cost (since you use one, instead of two, per cup of java).

I am quite happily forgetting that I ever even purchased the other stuff.
387586387586B00271NNLIAWT05YIY280XJNancy K. Holsted1151340496000Melitta PodsI thought I'd give these a try and see if they worked as good as the other pods I'd been using as Amazon was no longer offering the Senseo pods. I actually like the flavor just as well and am happy with my purchase. I'll continue to purchase via SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE.
387587387587B00271NNLIA25QYDA53YEWEGGranny Sue in Urbanny1151340064000Melitta One Java pods-Buzzworthy for Senseo PeopleFits the Senseo, use the double pod holder. Grandpa Jarhead likes his coffee on the wimpy side, an old Marine, go figure, he uses 1 Buzzworthy pod on the double cup setting. One pod on the single cup setting on the Senseo coffee maker will give you a right decent cup of coffee, strong with no bitter taste. These pods don't produce as much "crema" as the senseo pods, they are too thick for the single pod holder and a little too small in circumference in the double pod holder to provide a tight enough seal, the pod paper is more loosely woven and the water flows through a bit too quickly. Heads up to strong coffee lovers, when I brew these pods the initial flow is usually mostly water. I catch this in a dummy cup and when I see the coffee start to drop I pull the dummy cup and switch it with my coffee cup. It's not perfect for the Senseo, but it will do nicely if you're in a pinch.
387588387588B00271NNLIA3FMOKQ7FOAT8YCurious Reader1151338163200BEST COFFEE POD FOR SENSEO MACHINE YET!I love/crave/need a super strong several cups of coffee each morning, and I am thrilled THRILLED with this coffee pod - I have a Senseo coffee maker (which I love), and these pods are so thick that I actually use the Senseo two-pod holder instead of the Senseo 1 pod holder, and the one pod inside the 2 pod holder makes two full STRONG EXCELLENT cups of coffee. My only concern now is that they will stop making these great coffee pods! I give this my highest recommendation - and remember to use the 2 pod holder if you use a Senseo machine - and enjoy a yummie two cups of coffee.
387589387589B00271NNLIA2MAB0TMWAXMXUReece Chapman1131279756800Fair tasteShipped promptly. taste ok, very convenient for making a quick cup of coffee while the good stuff is brewing
387590387590B00271NNLIAPOON8C4QHHTPLinda I. Lawrence1151271289600A Very Worthy BuzzThis full-bodied cup of coffee is a real treat in the morning or any time of the day. If you prefer your coffee less strong, just use half again as much water, or even up to double the water, and you will still have a really good cup of coffee.
387591387591B00271NNLIA1CK3WR5FGQCJZC. Koenig "indimick"1151265932800Best Coffee on the PlanetRich-bodied yet smooth, this brew is the best way to start the day. Almost incredible that a cup of coffee this good can come from a pod! Love ti, love it, love it.
387592387592B00271NNLIA32F9NZEHSHP7IWayne Rupp3411335657600did not work well in my hamilton beach pod machinewas unable to get a strong cup of coffee even using 2 pods. Remainder of the pods are now sitting in the vegetable crisper of my fridge until I can decide what to to with them..
387593387593B00271NNLIA2DD07SFLV0GDDHollow Leg4611335139200Other than being too weak and tasting lousy, it's OK!I put the Melitta pod in my Hamilton-Beach Single Cup Pod Brewer. After it has brewed I take the pod and put it in the cup and let it steep for a few minutes. I remove the pod, give it a squeeze, like a teabag, and add a half teaspoon of Maxwell House instant coffee. I add my usual spoonful of coffee creamer and then enjoy a cup of weak, lousy tasting coffee. Wish I hadn't bought the 72 cup package. I'll be choking this crap down for months!
387594387594B00271NNLIA1EGWIELFXV4C1Brian0051350691200Great Coffer at a great price!I have tried it all from grinding my own beans to many different single cup devices (Flavia, Keurig). Frankly the single cup devices wouldn't deliver the strong coffee flavor that I like. In addition the amount of waste from each k-cup or Flavia foil bag was disconcerting. With a Senseo maching and Melitta Buzzworthy Coffee I now get a rich cup every time and the amount of waste is, essentially coffee filter material wrapped around the ground coffee as opposed to foil or plastic refuse.
387595387595B00271NNLIA1KASCRYOU6R8Pmhorne0051350691200Buzzworthy PodsOne of the best Melitta Coffee Pods for the One to One, a full body roast, no bitter after taste
387596387596B00271NNLIA1GFEYZJ5NR4UFThomas Bollin0041350172800Delicious coffee....but spendyI would have nothing but good to say about this product--it's really delicious--if the manufacturer could get a hold of quality control. I get as many as two ruined pods per package. That is expensive and inexcusable.
387597387597B00271NNLIA2V0C3QUSO4RUXanon0031349568000Melitta coffee podsAdding a teaspoon of instant coffee to your cup before brewing 2 coffee pods makes a good cup of coffee. The pods alone are too weak.
387598387598B00271NNLIA16X0AY50WFTSVMarianne Schumaker0051348963200Great coffee!I have nothing, whatsoever, bad to say about these coffee pods. They replaced another product that I had used for years, and these are just as good, if not better. The taste is great for dark roast and they work great in my coffee machine.
387599387599B00271NNLIAT4GGWSR3GTWAP. Harrison "P Harrison"0021348012800Weak coffee :(I bought these when Amazon ran out of the Senseo pods; the coffee comes out rather weak. They work a little better if you use 2 at a time, but that defeats the cost effectiveness of buying these, and you can't really triple-up for a taller cup. Also, they are individually wrapped, which I guess is better for "fresher" tasting coffee, but we drink so much coffee it just seems like a waste of packaging.
387600387600B00271NNLIA4Q2V1QAODOZYTokenGerman0011348012800Too weakI bought this product because the Senseo pods I usually use were unavailable. The coffee from these pods is so weak that I had to use two to get a halfway decent cup of coffee. If I could use three I would've. Thankfully the Senseo pods are available again and I'm definitely going back to them.

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