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387601387601B00271NNLIACKYM0CQ2GQOKSharon Rose "Sharon"0051347321600Better than Senseo!We found the Melitta Buzzworthy Coffee Pods, Dark Roast, to be full and rich in flavor, and capable of making an oversized mug, or two regular cups, of very delicious coffee with each pod. This makes it extremely economical, as well. Highly recommend this.
387602387602B00271NNLIA1G13LA4JFXX7ZCarlos Hernandez "El Che Che"0051346457600great cafeIt was a well packaged item. Good smell and great taste. For the money better than Senseo. I will get subscritption so I can continue receiving this excellent product.
387603387603B00271NNLIA1AYSAIWF1DEJBFrankolino "franko"0051344988800Good replacement for SenseoI purchased this even though there were a lot of negative reviews. I think the coffee tastes great. I use the double pod holder and push the pod into it and brew. I've already ordered a second round.
387604387604B00271NNLIA1NF84ZNWKJLD3Bonnie D.0041344211200Almost what I was looking for...These coffee pods looked like a dream come true, especially at the price offered. However, they are just a bit bigger than the normal pods and I can't brew 2 pods at a time like some of the Senseo brand pods. This basically means i have to brew one pod, and then change out pods again before brewing the other half of my beverage. A bit of a hassle but not obnoxiously so. The actual coffee flavor and strength was top notch, though. Far better than most other pods I have tried thus far. Product came in on time and in good condition. Overall, I am pleased with my purchase.
387605387605B00271NNLIAAACPNN37R3AVRodger Pettinger0031343433600Variable strength from pod to podFlavor varied from pod to pod. Most cups that I made were fine. Some were weak and barely above dark colored hot water.
387606387606B00271NNLIA1VRKP0TBL3IQNT. Pike0021343433600Extremely weak coffeeI am very disappointed in this coffee. Generally I use 2 pods for my travel mug
387607387607B00271NNLIA1YL14O4UXRLB9pladaaad0031342742400Quality of these PodsThe flavor is slightly bitter. Transitioned to the Melitta product after the Senseo Dark Roast product became unavailable. The Senseo product was superior. Will be changing my automatic replenishment to a different product.
387608387608B00271NNLIAONG05BB9R1O4Albert Tedeschi0011342569600Disappointment Amazon Verified PurchaseI usually order Senseo dark roast pods but they seem to have gone out of business so I tried Buzzworthy dark roast pods. Very weak. I tried them in my Senseo and Hamilton Beach coffee makers - same result. Can't recommend this product.
387609387609B00271NNLIA11T72POR1I75XIluvamazon "dotcom"0051342483200Delicious bold taste!I cant understand how some reviewers find this coffee weak! In my opinion as a lifelong coffee drinker these pods are bold, strong, but not bitter. Absolutely wonderful! I get these pods with the subscribe and save deal which means at $5 a box of 18 they're also a bargain. I recommend you give them a try and see for yourself. Otherwise you'll be passing up a great cup of coffee.
387610387610B00271NNLIA3RSRKIDBVV8AURobert A. Romaine "Robert"0021341619200Not a real dark roast coffeeDo not buy this coffee if you really want a true dark roast as it is only medium at best.
Purchased 4 boxes of this coffee and after two cups decided it was not as advertized and tried to return the rest but was told it could not be returned.

This product makes weak coffee in my Senseo and should not be labeled dark roast.

Very dissapointed in Amazon and Buzzworthy.
387611387611B00271NNLIA1BD738QURDYCRjudester0011341446400Weak, weak, weakBecause Senseo is not providing a good dark coffee anymore, I bought this based on reviews here, and got the smallest amount possible. It is very weak, and makes no crema in my Senseo maker. Because I did not realize it WAS NOT RETURNABLE on this site... I will have to double them up to make use of them.
387612387612B00271NNLIAIH6SO6UQBPHHRon Johnston0031341360000Not up to SenseoAlthough called Dark Roast this is more like a medium and doesn't compare with Senseo. At the time it was ordered Senseo had been discontinued.
387613387613B00271NNLIA20I3LH9LF8MG1FLMike0051334534400BuzzworthyProduct arrived within advertised timeframe, and it was exactly what I wanted. These pods are getting harder to find in stores, but I love them. Very happy I found a resource to order them online.
387614387614B00271NNLIAIBI4DXSQCTDNDiane Bailey0021334102400Melitta BuzzworthyI've bought this coffee for 6 years. It has become bitter and tastes old. Who is Melitta farming out their product to? I was once a perfect cup of Java.
387615387615B00271NNLIA1DWR8D15MH93IJoni Rice..Joni Rice0031331078400it's O.K.It's not as strong as I like my coffee. I did try to ask if there was a stronger packet but was unsuccessful. If there isn't I won't be ordering again. But thanx.

re: Melitta One: Java Pods, 100% Arabica Dark Roast Coffee, 18-Count Pods (Pack of 4)
387616387616B00271NNLIA1XGFY7TQNR2OVPatrick W. Rafferty "amazon fan 2010"0041330992000Good coffee, could be a little stronger for "buzzworthy"I like that you only need one pod for a large cup. Actually you can't use two, they are too big and don't fit into the 2 pod holder. But either way it's a decent cup of Java and I will definitely purchase this again
387617387617B00271NNLIA37498VZ7HWM7Enanjohn0051321920000coffeeThese are so quick and easy and the dark roast gives you a stronger cup of coffee when using the Melitta One coffee maker.
387618387618B00271NNLIA1U5XAVYN8670ULisa Norton "Mama of 2"0051320278400Buzzworthy RocksThis is simply the best tasting,smooth coffee pod available for Senseo.No bitterness.And the kick?Awesome.Seriously.Buy this coffee.I've bought about 1 pack of every pod out there and this is THE ONE that will not disappoint.
387619387619B00271NNLIACFH332Y3G39ITubru0041313971200Great coffee for the priceThis coffee has become my morning ritual because in my opinion it is the best coffee pod for the price out there, though I haven't tried the other Melitta roasts (those are next on my list). It is so dark and rich, with a chocolate taste and a great body- reminds me of a good Americano (blows a Starbucks Americano out of the water). I've found the best method to getting the best out of this pod is to brew it using about 7 ounces of water with my BUNN MC pod brewer, on the 'tea' setting. This makes a very strong brew, so I add about 2 or 3 ounces of hot water to round it out. My only complaint about these pods is the consistency. It seems like I get a bad, bitter tasting pod here and there. There is also kind of a dry aftertaste. But in all honesty, it could be something I'm not doing right in the brewing process. I'm only taking off one star since I don't know what the issue is. Otherwise, I'm very very pleased with this coffee. I've not felt the need to go to a coffee shop since I purchased it. I will definitely be buying again.
387620387620B00271NNLIAZI4PYYBCF595AV8TR0041309478400Good coffee!I have tried many pods in my Senseo and this is probably my favorite. Nice and bold. Fits in the single pod holder, but you need to pack it down or wet the pod and pack it down depending on your machine.
387621387621B00271NNLIA15ZH6P9813HAIW. Hogue0051308700800Excellent coffee !Excellent coffee ! Each pod is individually packaged so they stay fresh. The pods are packed full of coffee
387622387622B00271NNLIA2HT9GM4WQK8S5Patrick Mc Neese0031293148800Careful with Senseo BrewersYou have to be very careful with these pods and a Senseo brewer. The one pod holder is very snug but the two pod holder is too loose. I soaked the pod before positioning and that helped most of the time. I very good cup of coffee but almost not worth the hassle.
387623387623B00271NNLIA2B1FUHCOADEK2Shawnee Dave0051266451200Best PodsI have the Pod Holster for the Keurig because the Pods are usually a better deal. Up until now though all the pods I got (usually Senseo) were ok in flavor but usually very weak. Melitta are the first pods that I've found that are the perfect cup. Very good strong cup of coffee. They are individually wrapped so each retains their freshness. The Senseo ones are packed all together in one pouch. And you get 72 pods for a great price w/ the subscribe & save. Much better deal than the K cups.
387624387624B00271NNLIA28MBGVZUD7DJWcls0051265587200Buzzworthy's worth the buzz!Melitta's Buzzworthy pods make excellent coffee. I like mine strong and additive-free (no carmel latte machiattos, thanks) and this does the job well. The single-serving size is perfect: always a fresh cup! And the pods eliminate the mess and waste I had with regular coffee makers. Buy the 4-pack, you won't be sorry.
387625387625B00271NNLIA3V4MDGSR99EKACarolann Dechchio "Carol"0051261353600Just great!This is great coffee, we all enjoyed this very much. It is much like an expresso with a nice foam. I will buy this again.
387626387626B00271NNLIA3KIWUBR7L55TTDelle D. Muller "Dreamer"1211341360000Weak as TeaI was very disappointed in this coffee product. When I use it as directed, the coffee looks like weak tea. Tastes like hot water.
387627387627B00271NNLIA3064TIQGJPPWIld1211341273600These pods are not designed for SenseoAfter receiving a shipment of four boxes of the "Buzzworthy", not only were only half torn open (inside the individual packages), but the coffee was not brewing correctly. I called Melitta, as I have used their pods purchased at Walmart in the "soft" packages and they were fine. (I still think the "Senseo" brands are better, but now mostly unavailable) Melitta's rep. said these are only designed to be used with their machines. However, the box is clearly marked "fits all coffee pod brewers". Amazon quickly issued a refund and Melitta has offered to send one replacement package of replacement pods. The Melitta rep. said if you checked their website, you would see they are only intended to fit their machines. I believe the boxes/info. should be more appropriately marked!
387628387628B00271NNLIA2JS9LD9JVPDGSDave1211341187200Melitta Coffee PodsIf you're buying these coffee pods for use in a Senseo Coffee machine, forget it. These pods don't work. The pods are to thick for use in a Senseo machine and won't allow you to close the clamp to make your cup of coffee.

387629387629B00271NNLIA2BMFIUMZGS5NAcoffee drinker 651211340236800Melitta One Coffee PodsSince Melitta is not new to the coffee business, we thought these dark roast coffee pods would be delicious. Not so. There is so much coffee packed into them there is no room for the water to penetrate and actually make a brewed cup of coffee-it comes out like hot water, has no flavor. I'm sorry I ever ordered them--won't make this mistake again! Huge disappointment!
387630387630B00271NNLIA8TU78HJV4HKX2manybeers12113396320002manybeersThe taste of the coffee is fine. The problem is that the Melitta pods do NOT fit in a Senseo machine. Even though they are advertised to do so, the pods are too thick. Not even close to fitting......way too thick. Finally had to use them in a regular coffee maker and after using a Senseo that's no fun at all.

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