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387721387721B000FKL0D6A1LFROH6LYEU6RMaripat0051300147200curiously amazingIf you haven't tried Altoids Liquorice mints, you have no idea what you're missing. Sadly, this flavor is not available in my area, so I've been resorting to buying in bulk when visiting other parts of the country where Altoids sells the liquorice flavor. But I enjoy them so much over other mints that I finally broke down and bought them online. Do yourself a favor and make the same purchase. If you like regular Altoids, you'll love liquorice - curiously awesome.
387722387722B000FKL0D6A30A8I2JLSO1P3peajay star "Happy with Purchase"0051298851200The best Altoids Ever!I have had a hard time finding this flavor of Altoids. So finding it on line, and at a good price was great.
387723387723B000FKL0D6A2GQ6KVC9GPKQ9Jason Farrell0051294876800Liquorice uncommonThe stores in our New York area sell peppermint, wintergreen, cinnamon, and even ginger Altoids, but liquorice is never stocked for whatever reason (worst seller?), so Amazon is the place to get them in bulk for a better price
387724387724B000FKL0D6A337I01MV88M9ZVeria F "Veria"0051290124800If you love licoriceIf you really like licorice flavor, these are the mints for you. I ordered 2 boxes, yes 24 of them. Hard to find in stores
387725387725B000FKL0D6A1QE9CMZSC4ZAZPatrick B. Mayes0051288483200Best AltoidsThese are the best Altoids. Difficult to get in the stores but as long as I can get them at Amazon I am a happy camper.

Last week I took several boxes with me on my trip to China and I now I have them hooked on the liquorice flavor. On my next trip they asked me to bring a case for them.
387726387726B000FKL0D6A1K7X4UCOO64IPRoDan550051279584000Best place!This is my best source for buying these in bulk! I can Never find them in the stores anyway!
387727387727B000FKL0D6A2YA8OVR8UMXXPMelinda Hetner "melinda hetner"0051279411200Picked a winnerMy brother-in-law is hard to shop for , but I picked a winner with this item.
He loves licorice and strong kicks of flavor and this definitely does not fall short of expectation.
387728387728B000FKL0D6A3Q0UZKLA3VZQNGeorge E. Collins "Ed"0051273536000Good LiquriceThis is the best strong liquorice I have ever had. I highly recommend it to any liquorice lovers out there.

Ed Collins
387729387729B000FKL0D6A1C8CPU5C9XC3VBuried Treasure "B.T."0051271980800Pungent & Perfect!These are my favorite Altoids, and they are so hard to find! They arrived perfectly fresh, and are still being enjoyed.
387730387730B000FKL0D6AIHWTTC5T00AJRissa Sklar0051270857600DeliciousThese liquorice flavored Altoids are so hard to find in retail stores. I was thrilled to find them on Amazon, and will reorder as soon as we get close to the end of the large supply we purchased. They are delicious mouth tinglers.
387731387731B000FKL0D6A3E3GO3HF92INDjust a browser0051260057600If you like'll probably love these! The flavor is intense, but it's great! So much licorice candy today is bland, tastes like sugary mush. In addition, they do a wonderful job on your breath as well, leaving it sweet and fresh. Co-workers who tried these and don't even like licorice think they taste good. Great price through Amazon, less than $2 per box. Thanks Amazon!!!
387732387732B000FKL0D6A1VJPB8OE64ICNDon A. Ross, Sr.0051256428800Liquorice AltoidsLiquorice flavored Altoids are my favorite mints. Local area stores have not been carrying them, but with assistance from Wrigley's website directing me to order from Amazon I was able to purchase an ample supply that should last me a long time!!
387733387733B000FKL0D6A3UPBQ6UIAOKBNAlan Meyers0051251676800Hard-to-find Altoids as a Birthday SurpriseLiquorice Altoids are my wife's favorite flavor of that candy, but they're hard to find in stores in our area. So, for her birthday I ordered 12 tins from the Altoids website, and they came quickly and with no problems from the Amazon site in time for her birthday. She was delighted.
387734387734B000FKL0D6A1H9DYK87HZUF7Ines Silvia Vargas "Sil"0051244678400Love thisMy husband and I used to buy this at a local market, but due to low turn over they decided not to carry it anymore. I was quite happy to be able to purchase it over the internet and have it delivered directly to our home. Love the fresh and strong liquorice flavor.
387735387735B000FKL0D6A3GX7GTOATZRKQJanice Vantrease "chef jan van"0051242259200Altoids Licorice ROCKSI have loved the "curiously strong" taste of Altiods mints since I first discovered them. As a Licorice lover, they just plain GOT IT RIGHT
387736387736B000FKL0D6ACHMCT04FA7FPK. schumann0051241654400amazon is very efficientThese liquorice mints are wonderful. does an amazing job at expediting orders in a timely and efficient manner.
387737387737B000FKL0D6AJNV2172SNS9XRobert D. Teitelbaum "Dr Bob"0051240963200Licorice AltoidsLicorice Altoids are difficult to come by. Shipping was fast and transaction was error free.
387738387738B000FKL0D6A4U916IA3SRFLS. Metzger0051238544000Liquorice AltoidsThese are my favorite Altoids flavor. Not sold just anywhere. Happy to be able to get them here at
387739387739B000FKL0D6AVDFFN96TX325Revontuli0051234742400A great way to get my licorice fixI discovered these when I went on a diet last year, and was looking for something to replace my licorice habit. :-o They really take care of the craving for people who love black licorice, and at only 10 calories for 3 pieces, you can eat a dozen or more *every night* and still not gain weight! I order these by the case now.
387740387740B000FKL0D6A1610L83MJD2HNdee baughn0051222646400Hard to findThis product is amazing and cannot be found in Arizona stores...too bad after this long, I still haven't received it.
387741387741B000FKL0D6A27LS5TBBCHCPELinda D. Hopewell0051222560000I LOVE liquoricePut a few of these in your tea when brewing. They are great in tea with some honey, or with black currant or berry tea!
387742387742B000FKL0D6A2I9L1T51G8PCUAnne L. Elmes "Bizzy"0051222560000Liquorice AltoidsIf you like liquorice, then you will love these little "mints" and they don't turn your mouth black .
387743387743B000FKL0D6A3OOZ582AQY25MRichard C. Worland0051219881600Liquorice Altoids for allergy reliefI and several of my friends have been useing liquorice Altoids for reliefe of Spring/Summer allergies with great results. The problem is that they are difficult to find in our area stores. Friends purchase them for us when in California as they seem to be more prevelent in that area. I will continue to purchase them from as they arrive in a short order and shipping is reasonable.Altoids Mints, Liquorice, 1.76-Ounce Tins (Pack of 12)
387744387744B000FKL0D6A1P9SCYW1N3KFTJ. Bryson "Altoids freak"0051215129600Altoids at their BestIf you like licorice(black) these are for you. You can't find them in the store, so Amazon is the place to go. Even with shipping they are less expensive than retail
387745387745B000FKL0D6A37HS09KSCHB68C. D. Steele0051214611200Better than other licorice products!If you want flavor without the fat and calories, this is perfect! It's much better than busting your jaws chewing on cruddy Twizzlers with minor flavor, or buying expensive packages of Aussie-style licorice chews, and the taste from a single one lasts me about 2 hours or more- so very worth it, and addictively delicious. :D Can't recommend it enough.
387746387746B000FKL0D6AAB0A9HCHC58QFrank E. Courtnier0051211068800I am a black liquorice loverI find it is very easy to buy from This product in not found in most stores, not even costco carrys it. As for the product, It is the same Liquorice Altoids that you get in the store. It you like Liquorice and you want your breath to smell good, then this is for you
387747387747B000FKL0D6AG33161QDQGUXJohn Mercer0051208563200altoid flavorLiquorice altoids is mild in flavor compared to peppermint,but is still intense and mouth watering. It's a winner!
387748387748B000FKL0D6A2PU9IF8Q9USJFLeendee "Leez"0051208131200AmazingYou must like Liquorice to even try this, but if you do you'll love it
387749387749B000FKL0D6A3ABWR2GUE7UALGary R. Dankwardt Sr. "garysr"0051207353600liquoriceIf you like liquorice, you'll LOVE thses!!! I found them here in my town once and bought only a couple. Was I wrong doing that!!! I couldn't find anymore anywhere!!! Then I found this site and YURICKA I found them and ordered a case!!
387750387750B000FKL0D6A15K162T06CY7XLen Rhodes "E"0051205884800Amazing discoveryWhile searching for a gift for a friend I accidentally stumbled across Licorice Altoids. I'm in heaven! The aroma of a closed box (plastic off) is incredibly soothing and calming. It's not necessary to eat the Altoids...but I do.

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