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387759387759B000FKL0D6ABX80YYFMM8NYJoanne A. Clark "Annie Jo"0051172188800Liquorice MintsAnyone who really likes licorice will be delighted with this product. It has a very stong taste like most Altoids but it is not as much minty as it is licorice. Also in my area I can not find this product in any store.
387760387760B000FKL0D6A3EQ3TMJD7S2GDThe Smutman "music maven"0051170720000Pleasant surpriseI have been an Altoids fan for many years, but had never tried ,or even heard of, their Liquorice mints before. It was a very pleasant surprise to receive them. For one thing, the scent is very strong and I could smell the Liquorice through all of the packaging. I must at this point admit that I have a very good sense of smell, but I did find the scent quite pleasant. The flavor is from natural liquorice and although as strong as one would expect from an Altoids product, it is very sweet. I would highly recommend this flavor to anyone that likes Liquorice or anise flavors.
387761387761B000FKL0D6A3ULFPYWO55G03Guy Sturdevant0051170115200Altoids Does LiquoriceWhat Altoids has done so wonderfully for peppermint lovers they are now doing for liquorice lovers. Serious liquorice for serious liquorice lovers.
387762387762B000FKL0D6AFDN3ED1O12F8Marion Lindsey0051169164800Best liquorice mintThis flavor of Altoids is hard to find in the stores so I don't know what I would do without the online ordering mechanism. I love the refreshing taste and have always enjoyed liquorice. The Altoid liquorice mint flavor is my most favorite in all the world.
387763387763B000FKL0D6A2XRRDO1V4AMEPWok King1211252800000Licorice candy, Great! Altoids Licorice Mints, UGH!After seeing the Altoids advertisement in Amazon and based on the many favorable reviews, I quickly ordered the 12 pack. When it arrived and I took the first mint in my mouth, the aroma and taste wasn't what I expected. After the first mint, I felt a queasy feeling and quickly brushed my teeth and tongue to get rid of the lingering, nauseating taste, YUK!

The tin's shelf life was less than a year and half from time of receipt: 14 Nov 2010 and the ingredients seemed okay: sugar, natural flavors, gum arabic and gelatin, but the freshness of the ingredients?? The mints in the tin were larger when compared to an aspirin or tylenol pill and the uniformity of mints shape were uneven giving suspect to faulty production quality control. The distributor was Callard and Browser of Chicago, but the source of production is unknown.

If you like licorice candy and want to try ordering a 12 pack of Altoids Licorice mints from Amazon, I suggest to find a outlet where you can buy just one tine and sample it to determine that it meets your expectations in terms of value, taste, aroma, and after experience.
387764387764B000FKL0D6A2LAI34BV6I3DUCharles F. Miller "Flyer"1211208217600Bad change in tasteAltoids Mints, Liquorice, 1.76-Ounce Tins (Pack of 12)

The composition of the mint has changed the taste completely. The factory must have mixed the wrong ingrediants. The numbers on the tins are as follows: L210409 110M3. This is from the 4 packs of 12 I bought.
They taste like a mixture of Ginger and Liquorice and leave a horrible after taste.
387765387765B000FKL0D6AL6Y118KUEK45Edward R. Hudock1251168387200My wife LOVES them!!!I buy these for my wife every year. She loves the Liquorice Altoids the best. The price is right and the free shipping with the minimum purchase works out perfectly.
387766387766B000FKL0D6A2JV3VRYQOCY44Bjarne Haug "Kris"0151316563200Good stuff, but does not taste like real liquorice.Being from Denmark where we can get liquorice in all sorts, I guess I know how that tastes... And this is not the taste of real liquorice, it taste of something candy we had when I was a kid and exactly like the dutch salmiak 'Lakrisal' drop, if you can get hold of that thing BUY RIGHT AWAY... But bottom line, the altoids taste incredibly good, but it's definitely not liquorice... Besides that and my childhood good taste I give it 5***** thanks...
387767387767B000FKL0D6A3PW5NLA6SUY4WEmily0151291766400Refreshing MintsOf all the Altoid Mints available the Licorice is the most refreshing and the most difficult to find. It has a strong flavor and leaves your mouth feeling very clean. I have searched every drug store and supermarket looking for this product and the only place I can find it is on In addition to finding it only on Amazon , the price can't be beat.
387768387768B000FKL0D6A2BEH8XK4HQ0D8K. LAROSA "Bike Rider"3611214784000Could it be a bad batch?UPDATE - I bought a tin of Liquorice Altoids at Trader Joe's and they are definately different (and better) than the ones I purchased from Amazon. The tins from Amazon don't have the purple flowers on the top and the Altoids themselves have more of a bitter taste. Original Review: I'd never tried licorice Altoids before, but based on all the great reviews and the fact that I love black licorice, I figured I couldn't go wrong. Now I'm stuck with all these lovely tins of horribleness. They taste very bitter to me and I can't even finish one. In another review someone thought maybe they got a bad batch. The numbers on my tins are L191009 110 Z3.
387769387769B0000VOQNGA1F8UC1G8YJ69AMaggie Jarpey1151296259200It was a hit for a Christmas giftMy relatives of Scandinavian heritage got a kick out of this basket and liked the food--except for one item that they were scared to try! It was a fun gift.
387770387770B0000VOQNGA2C8LSPYB44RCJKathryn Roosa0051343433600Much appreciatedBought this as a birthday present for my dear friend who is 2nd generation Swedish-American. He loved it! It arrived on time and was the perfect gift!
387771387771B001FA1LOSAESPPXJJOPPYHKaulika5551273536000Real chai!This is the real thing. Tea, cardamom, and nothing else. If you're used to getting chai in the northeast of India, this is the next best thing to making it from scratch. Tea India also makes a good masala chai, which is found throughout India. If you prefer a stronger brew, just use more than one bag per cup. The nice thing about this brand is that the tea doesn't get bitter when you steep it for longer periods - it only gets stronger.

Add some fresh ginger to this tea and you've got something really special! I drink this tea every day. Cardamom is great for your health - it's considered a weight loss tonic in Ayurveda, and is also good for various internal organs.
387772387772B001FA1LOSAI1CCG4FDP9PTJennifer M.2251297382400Love it!I haven't ordered this online, but I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this tea. I usually get the cardamom or the marsala chai, but I also have a soft spot for the ginger. I usually pick these up at a local Indian grocery for 2.99 a 60ct box. My mother, who introduced me to this brand, thinks its very strong and uses 1 teabag in about 12oz of water; Personally, I like my tea strong, so I tend to mix the same amount of water with two flavored + a basic black teabag. Mix in a little sugar and/or milk and its the perfect wake-me-up or after dinner drink (the ginger version is particularly good for that.) Our household goes through several boxes of these in a month!
387773387773B001FA1LOSA1FL9N5PME8U87shopper mom "g nyc"2251251244800love this teaTea India is my favorite chai tea. I used to be able to get at local supermarkets but haven't for months. Was thrilled to find on Amazon and at such a good price. Was questioning whether to order Cardamon but it is great as well -- don't know which is now my favorite.

I ordered the 6 boxes of each -- such a good deal -- I'll have tea for life!
387774387774B001FA1LOSA1R5B79N76R3TGlord0131335744000Cardamon chaiI bought this tea (6 boxes) to enjoy tea with Cardamon/Elachi flavor. Tea by iself is good but unfortunately you can hardly get Cardamon/Elachi flavor. I would recommend Tetleys Elachi tea if you really craving for Cardamon/elachi flavor. Tea India Cardamom Chai Tea, 60 Tagless Tea Bags, 4.8-Ounce Boxes(Pack of 6)
387775387775B001FA1LOSAHKPZ11JT110Famazonbuyer1331305158400Very mild...I love this tea and will be purchasing it again. But I do not brew it alone. I brew it with Tazo's Chai to balance out the flavor. I also add extra green cardamom seeds, freshly ground pepper, ginger, and star anise. So as a tea all by itself, this wouldn't do it for me. But it makes a perfect balance with the Tazo Chai and all the other spices I throw in.

After the tea is all brewed I do add honey & whole milk. The milk eliminates any bitterness.
387776387776B005HALB0GA9BDWM0CYBJ4ULanDee "Purplehaze"2251296518400Wonderful,wonderful,wonderfulJust absolutely yummy! We get this type of bread every year at Christmas with rasins this year I just saw the box and thought I was getting the usual but when I got home we saw that it had Hersheys chocolate and we were not quite sure if we would like it.I left my Mother her two boxes and we took one home.It was love at first bite.My mother called and said ok you can bring my cake back over LOL.It is not to sweet and the chocolate it not over powering (maybe it should be,HA).I hope you try it and enjoy it as much as we did.
387777387777B005HALB0GA2S4XBH2352WHJTeccho1131321401600Good for BreakfastPanettone is an Italian Christmas tradition. A product that is inherently artisanal and difficult to make, requires use of "sourdoughs" from Milan that have been sometimes kept alive for over a century. Understandably, you cannot get a good mass market adaptation of a real Panettone. If you want to try, you should still go for something made in Italy like Bauli, Perugina, Balocco, Motta etc. or for the quintessential higher-priced commercial panettone: Tre Marie.

The above-notwithstanding, Bauducco is a decent product if you see it for what it is: a commercial cake from a Brazilian producer; an item that essentially exploits the Italian sounding name of the original panettone. The bottom line: if you can find this product on sale for $5 or so buy four of them. They will probably be good until new year. However, there is no way I would spend more than $8 for this.

I found it on sale at a local store and my daughter loved it for breakfast with some milk. But that is about it.
387778387778B005HALB0GA331GGLR4Y5EDEDanica Wladyka0051324252800Most expensive bread ever, but so worth it!I had this bread a long time ago, and I couldn't find it anywhere near me, so alas I had to order it here. Good shipping times, and MaxBras even sent me some candy for ordering! So very nice of them. Delicious bread, perfectly moist and just the best amount of sweetness. I probably won't be able to order another until next year, but well worth every penny! Now if only I can get the chocolate kind around here..
387779387779B004RHIV8UA1XKVE3CVV8BCCpdxBK0011326672000Not a good ideaThese bones are easy for dogs to chew into very large chunks. Cleaning the carpet now. Won't be buying these again.
387780387780B0019O3C7EAALVNYZHKO7UIsouthernbelleina5551312675200Loving Kadoya Hot Sesame Oil!!!I first saw Kadoya Hot Sesame Oil sitting on the shelves and I was attracted to the bright yellow top. I was looking for hot sesame oil and it looked so enticing.
I bought it, took it home, and it was just what I had been looking for all my life!! I have tried other hot sesame oil's and they do not hold a candle to Kadoya. It
seduced me and I have remained faithful all these years. So glad you can order and have it shipped to me....Thanks...........
387751387751B000FKL0D6A1JH6JNT4KFSJ7Brady "Cat Lover"0051200700800Liquorice AltoidsIf you like liquorice these are for you. They don't have that Altoid "BITE". Almost fat free, it's like eating candy. Good for sore throats also.
387752387752B000FKL0D6A2RDK0KT8HQWEMarlene K. Goodman0051191196800Licorice AltoidsLiqurice Altoids are the best of the lot but they're hard to find
in the stores. I give them two thumbs up for their clean and curiously
strong flavor.
387753387753B000FKL0D6A2YWWL9SV8OB8FLisa M. Jolley "Jolleymomma"0051188259200If you love Licorice, these are great!My boyfriend loves licorice, so i surprised him with these. He had never had them before and just loved them.
387754387754B000FKL0D6A3PXOUP5IKN5MH. Sutton0051184544000Wonderful findI had been looking everywhere here in WV for Altoid Licorice. I couldnot be found. I love it. I am so happy I know where I can get it now.
387755387755B000FKL0D6A3JY6C15ZXFY5VJohnnie C0051184284800For the Liquorice LoverExcellent breath freshner for the one who wants something other than a minty taste. Tried them once from a WalMart store, but have not been able to find them anywhere so I looked to their web-site and was directed to Amazon. Within 3 days I had a case of six. Within another 3 days, I had another case of six, as my daughter went to Amazon thinking this would make a nice Father's Day present. If I use a tin a month, I'll be back next year for more.
387756387756B000FKL0D6A2K4EV3B0SGRY8Cool and the Gang0051179792000Altoids LiquoriceProduct came through as advertised and in good condition. Would use this method of ordering again.
387757387757B000FKL0D6A273FZD1XJO8S3tatm660051174867200We love licorice altoids!We love this flavor and they are hard to find where we live.
387758387758B000FKL0D6AYVTPIGJBOB70James Mueller0051173657600pure awesomenessLess expensive than a grocery store, and the tastiest of flavors. What's not to love?

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