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387915387915B007RTR8UWA144VK5JBDWJ4CMotorcycleCindy0111348444800Makes your hair fall out...I had seen the commercials on TV and thought since I have naturally fine un-treated blonde hair I would give it a try.

Within one month my hair was falling out. Not just a little, A LOT. Hairbrush full, shower, or just falling out.

Thought it might be Thryoid, hormones or something else. Went to the doctor and had all blood work done. Everything FINE!

I read comments for all brands of CLEAR on Amazon, found A LOT of people were having the same issues....

Quit using the shampoo and went BACK to Pantene. Within 2 weeks, my hair was slowing down in falling out. Within 3 weeks, much to none was falling out.

Called the manufacturer and complained. They said this was unusual... I advised them to check customers comments on Amazon.

They offered to send me coupons for free porducts...

If you want to give this shampoo a try, good luck. If your hair starts to fall out, remember this comment. IT MAKES YOUR HAIR FALL OUT.
387916387916B007RTR8UWA3S15YGZ6W6EV2K. Varraso0151348099200Good conditoner, even better bottleI gave this conditioner a try, and was really looking forward to it, because I have very long hair. (more than halfway down my back) I wanted a conditioner that would strengthen my long hair, and this conditioner looked as if it would be great for me.

I used the conditioner several times, and was reasonably satisfied. My hair looked ok, didn't have any static bothering me and snarling my hair, and smelled very nice. I didn't notice any strengthening nor anything that seemed special for my long hair. It would be good for hair of any length.

The best thing about this conditioner is the packaging. Really. The cap is on the bottom of the bottle, and a simple press of a button opens the bottle. Because the bottle is upside down, the conditioner is always at the cap and you'll be able to get all of conditioner out of the bottle without wasting any. Good job!
387917387917B007RTR8UWA1N3B244LIRQYPen Name0141347753600Very goodI love this conditioner!. When I first started using it in didn't see any difference in my hair but after about a month my hair is softer and looks so much healthier. Its not frizzy anymore and I can let it air dry and it looks fine. Bottom line I love this product :-) :-)
387918387918B007RTR8UWAEL6CQNQXONBXCute Chihuahua0131346630400Very average to me, doesn't smell very good and doesn't condition as well as many othersI have used this strong lengths conditioner for a couple weeks now and I would consider it very average. I don't dislike it but there simply isn't anything about this conditioner that makes it special. It conditions my hair and makes it soft but not as soft as many other conditioners. I also don't really care for the smell of this conditioner. I prefer something that smells either minty, tropical or fruity. This just smells like plain conditioner. Overall I really like Clear Scalp & Hair products but not this specific conditioner.
387919387919B007RTR8UWA1UMSB7LAW0RIRWriter of Books - Mage - Mom to Two "Writer, ...0131346371200Smells great, works okay, great priceI decided to try this long-term to really see if my hair felt more 'nourished' in the end. Well, it doesn't. The price is great, the conditioner smells awesome, the bottle is fancy...but it left my hair feeling kind of gunkier than my normal conditioner. After a few WEEKS of use I'd say my hair is no better off and the color seems a little flatter. I'll stick with my normal conditioner (Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner, 32 Ounce which is AWESOME and leaves my hair as soft as a baby's hair! Plus, it's more affordable for a huge bottle.
387920387920B007RTR8UWA3T0EJIUQDEWNIK. Hernandez "DailyReadz - One Great Book Eve...0151345766400Very substantial conditionerI already have tried the sampoo that goes with this conditioner, and I love the shampoo, so I figured the conditioner would also be terrific. It is. It smells just as great as the shampoo, and it is very thick and reach. Coats the hair well, rinses out clean, and makes my hair tangle-free and manageable. Extremely nice product.
387921387921B007RTR8UWA2TBAUW2W7J538Matthew Brown "mbrown3"0151345680000Love it!I don't have long hair, but love this conditioner. I like the's like a cross between water and glue (that may not sound like a good thing, but it is!). I find that many conditioners are too gooey. This is just right. The smell is nice and it works well to nourish hair. Recommended!
387922387922B007RTR8UWA1W415JP5WEAJKRoberta Karchner0151345593600Light and fruity, rinses out wellI appreciate this conditioner for the way it leaves my hair feeling afterwards, clean! Unlike some conditioners that weigh my hair down, this one strikes the right balance between clean and conditioned.

The scent is light and just a bit fruity scented. I didn't realize how it lasted until I went to lay down on my pillow and found it pleasantly scented as well.
387923387923B007RTR8UWA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0131345420800Decent Conditioner. Lightly Scented. Thick, No Tangle Formula. Leaves a Non-Dissolving Residue in Your Shower Drain.UPDATE: This conditioner leaves a non-dissolving thick, slimy residue in my shower drain. I have not noticed that any of my other conditioners did the same thing. I do not know if this enough residue to cause a drain build-up & future plumbing issues.

I have medium to fine shoulder length, non-treated, layered hair & found the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner to be on par with my other conditioner (Suave Professionals).

This conditioner goes on thick & takes a little work to rinse out (Suave does too). It leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny & bouncy all day long. I did not notice a significant difference in "no tangle" or hair loss from Clear versus my other daily conditioner, so I cannot comment on Clear's "strong lengths" claim. In the end, my decision to continue to use Clear will be based upon price point since the results seem to be similar to other products that I have used in the past.

Note: I like the bottle design (dispenser on the bottom) & have not experienced seepage.
387924387924B007RTR8UWA1X3ESYZ79H59Echaos0141345334400good basic conditionerCLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce $4.98
This conditioner is lightly scented and I would have to say that I like the scent. I'm not sure exactly what the scent is but it is pleasant. The consistency of the conditioner is okay but I prefer thicker conditioners. It rinses out well enough and leaves my hair soft.

I like that the spout is on the bottom because this helps the conditioner settle and makes it easier to get the last bit of conditioner out of the bottle.
387925387925B007RTR8UWA3T4OHEAHOJ700B. Colonna0141345075200Good Product!This is not an expensive product. Sometimes you will find that a less expensive conditioner is very watered down and just makes your hair greasy as opposed to looking nice/conditioning it.

That is not the case with Clear Strong Lengths. It smells nice and it works as advertised. A little dab applied as directed and it does a nice job of conditioning your hair. I am a guy and my hair is fine, and shorter than most women, so for peope with longer/thicker hair, you probably want to use more conditioner than just a dab, similar to an product you already apply.

The ingredients are typical of a hair conditioner. It does perform nicely ad I would use it again, especially at its present price point.
387926387926B007RTR8UWA5KMMY627T3WKate Stokes0151345075200Works great!I don't have much to say about this product other than the fact that it works great as a conditioner. It conditions my hair and leaves it shiny and smooth. I can't say for sure that it is strengthening my hair because I already have fairly thick and strong hair but from a pure conditioning standpoint it is working great.
387927387927B007RTR8UWA3FBM0RMCMAABVPenguin Chick0151344988800Great!I love everything about this. I love the size, the color of the bottle, the shape of the bottle and best of all, the stuff really works! I have fairly long hair, down to about the middle of my back and it took very little of the conditioner to cover all of my hair. It rinsed out easy and really helped with tangles too. I love the way it smells and it kept my hair feeling clean and healthy.
387928387928B007RTR8UWA2XIOXRRYX0KZYB.L.0151344902400It Did The Trick!After my nephew came back from a vacation he'd gone on, his hair wasn't in great shape. I guess he spent a lot of time in salt water and it had taken his toll. I looked through what I had in the house and figured this seemed like my best bet to get it back into decent shape. I was impressed, though, by how nice and soft his hair was after that single round of conditioning, considering how rough it had started out. The difference was really dramatic, so I'm more than happy with how this conditioner performed.
387929387929B007RTR8UWAY3D7DG5L5WCKEdward Walker "ednpatty"0151344902400Awesome conditionerI love this conditioner it works great, it smells great. My hair feels soft but not heavy. I like how the bottle is made with the shampoo being opposite of the conditioner.
387930387930B007RTR8UWA28IIVKXOE1ATFEmory Daniels0141344297600This Conditioner Does The Job Without Spending Big Bucks"Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner" (12.7 fluid ounces) conditions your hair with a slight and pleasant scent at a reasonable cost.

The conditioner consists of a moisture complex of vitamins B, C and E plus sunflower, almond, soybean, coconut oils and aloe vera to cleanse and nourish hair that is prone to breakage.

My wife found this product easy to use and was pleased that it rinsed so well without leaving any residue in her hair. She preferred the light scent over heavy chemical smells of other conditioners. And this product did what she wanted, left her hair soft, tangle-free, and a clean feel. Because my wife highlights her hair she is very careful about conditioners and found this one met her needs.

More expensive conditioners may perform better but this product makes for a very functional and pleasing every-day conditioner that is easy on the budget.
387901387901B007RTR8UWA1TR1R2QKWRSRAD. Chou0031343174400Not entirely natural hair conditioner that's part of a hair care system.My gal and I take good care of our hair and mainly use natural hair care products. Her hair is dry and brittle. My hair is also dry. After using her usual NaturOli Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo - Organic Hair Care - Sulfate Free! - Ayurvedic Ingredients - Normal to Dry Hair - Unscented - 16oz.; while I used my Johnson's Baby Shampoo 20-Ounce Bottle (Pack of 2), we applied this CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce (CSH) for about a week.

>Non-greasy with a apple-like scent.
>Our usual shampoos and this CSH conditioner left our hair softer and manageable with no scalp irritation but she still prefers her favorite Komenuka Bijin Moisturizing Hair Treatment / Conditioner with Natural Rice Bran - 7.7 Fl Oz while I don't feel the need for a conditioner. Tip: our dermatologist has always advised us NOT to use our fingernails vigorously when shampooing hair, always use fingertips gently to avoid scalp damage and to minimize premature hair loss (thinning/balding), and dandruff. Use common sense.
>Hair breakage was already minimized with her prior usage of organic shampoo and conditioner so it's difficult to determine whether the CSH conditioner was effective.
>We liked this sample and it's easonably priced at $4.22 with free shipping from Amazon; It's only $4.01 with Amazon's "Subscribe & Save".

>Even though CSH conditioner has "Nutrium 10": ten vitamins and nutrients, there are a whole lot of other artificial ingredients including Zinc Sulfate and Lysine HCL.
>The conditioner is only the second step of a four step regimen: cleanse, NOURISH, treat, and repair. The manufacturer obviously advises using ALL of their products within this system over 7 days for best results.
>Scent is ok during use but may smell a bit acrid to others.

My gal still prefers her organic shampoo and conditioner without all those synthetic chemical ingredients. I still prefer scentless or lightly scented shampoos. Individuals have different types of hair so shampoo and conditioner preferences are highly subjective. If one has NO problems/sensitivities with artificial ingredients, then this CSH system is certainly worth a try.
387902387902B007RTR8UWA37KG9AQK1PN10William B. Dwinnell IV1251344297600Pleasant smell, no waxy feelThis hair conditioner has a pleasant smell and, unlike many conditioners, does not leave a waxy or oily feel behind. I will definitely use this product again.
387903387903B007RTR8UWAF6YLFBSBJ6NHgretch1211343433600horrible productI decided to try this new shampoo and conditioner line and greatly regretted it. After the third time using it i noticed my hair still looked and felt greasy. I thought i just didnt get the conditioner out but after washing it again thoroughly it still felt and looked greasy. I figured it was the shampoo and had to buy this neutrogena shampoo that stripped my hair of all the chemicals that crappy line had in it. It took 2 days for my hair to go back to normal. I will NEVER use clear again. Its shit.
387904387904B007RTR8UWA35NOFKHK8P2LUMaura Ann Rubies1211343001600Not Best Choice For MeI ordered a bunch of different products in this line to make a comparison between them.

I think I was exposed to too much of whatever is now making me itch and break out all over. It started with my arms after washing and conditioning my daughter's hair in the sink (I had already washed and conditioned my own hair with different products from the line)...I noticed red spots along my arms, small bumps and itching. My kids then saw the red rash across the front of my neck/chest (which happens when I am allergic to something).

For the last several years, my previous shampoos and conditioners were mostly PH balanced and all natural.

These CLEAR beauty products have a "common thread" between the shampoos/conditioners, despite have slightly different smells...They are most abundant in ingredients that may initially detangle, but are drying and irritating on my hair and skin with accumulated usage/exposure. It is now clear that these products are not good for me to continue using.

*Not the outcome I had hoped, but found a "silver lining:"

When scalp became extremely dry as a result, with dandruff "raining down" to the touch, I did an internet search. I found that VINEGAR is an excellent conditioner. I used 1/2 vinegar/water-amazing results! My scalp calmed down and my hair seems to have recovered-now soft to the touch instead of brittle.
387905387905B007RTR8UWA2YM3KILJ1G0YJJason1241342742400Does the jobFour women in my household used this product.
-1 x Brown, very curly
-2 x Black, bone-straight
-1 x Blond(ish), straight(ish)

All thought it did well. Got their hair feeling clean, easy to brush, maybe even lighter.

Their hair looks really good, no oily appearance, and the smell is pleasant enough. I can't say it's strengthened their hair, but I did notice less hair in the drain. So that's a good thing since it's my official manly duty to clean the vile hair-sludge before it travels to the sewer system and creates a Ghostbusters II situation.

I'd buy it for them again.
387906387906B007RTR8UWA35CCGJDNXUDY9Sandra Brazier "Artist, educator, and musician"1251341878400Excellent Conditioner for Long HairThis conditioner has it all. It has a wonderfully feminine fragrance, and it leaves hair feeling nourished and conditioned, not dried out. And because it is highly concentrated, you use less of this product than you would of another conditioner. It is especially effective when used with Clear Scalp Strong Lengths Nourishing Shampoo. It leaves hair shiny and soft and fragrant!
387907387907B007RTR8UWA3I9MCGO36KZ7VShawn Kovacich "Author and Creator of numerou...1251337126400My Girlfriend Loved ItI gave this to my girlfriend to review since she has long, color treated hair.

The fragrance is interesting. I don't think it's too terrible, but it's not one that I just have to use. This was sent in a padded envelope. It didn't leak but there is the possibility.

I used the conditioner with the corresponding shampoo. When I first used it, it didn't feel like I was actually putting anything into my hair. I'm used to conditioners that have the feel of a thick lotion that gets worked into the ends of my hair. My hair did feel a little dry when I rinsed it out and I was very skeptical.

I could easily run a brush through my wet hair. Usually my hair is a knot from ringing out the water, but this time the brush slid through my hair with no knots. This is a lighter conditioner so my hair has more volume when dried. My hair is not weighted down by the excess product that didn't get rinsed off.

I do like this conditioner. This would be a conditioner that I would purchase again. I have bleached fine hair and this conditioner made it feel thicker and healthier.

Shawn Kovacich
Author and Creator of numerous books and DVD's.
387908387908B007RTR8UWA188JOXWF4EY1RAnn B. Hibbard "anbee"1241337040000Great for my hairAs I mentioned on my review of the shampoo, my hair is:

- Plentiful, but very fine and therefore easily broken.
- Straight with a small amount of natural body.
- Lacking in volume.
- Easily weighed down.
- Oily.

I had one primary concern about this conditioner. The directions state that it is to be worked into the scalp and throughout the hair in order to work properly, because it is supposed to help condition the scalp. I never put conditioner directly on my scalp. My hair is so fine and so easily weighed down that I avoid conditioning the roots as much as possible. But, in order to truly review this product properly, I went ahead and followed the directions.

I was VERY pleasantly surprised! Not only does this conditioner not weigh down my hair, it also really did create a moisture balance along my scalp to help control the oil in my hair. In fact, not only have I noticed a decrease in the oiliness of my hair, but I have also noticed a decrease in facial oiliness as well.

The combination of the shampoo and conditioner has seemed to increase the strength of my hair and reduce the amount of hair lost in brushing and washing.

My one frustration is a reduction in volume. I really like to avoid excess products in my hair as much as possible, but I have to use volumizer more with this shampoo/conditioner duo than I did with my old set. My hair is not weighed down by this product, but what little body I have seems to be reduced dramatically. I have to say, though, that the reduced volume is a small price to pay for oil control and greater strength.

**Note: I have not been to my stylist since using this product. So, I do not have confirmation from her that my hair is indeed increased in strength.**
387909387909B007RTR8UWA209XHC20QAYMweathered11231336694400A Conditioner with an Equal Mix of Pros and ConsA little background on my hair: it's long, thick, coarse, and naturally "wurly." It's also color-treated, gets blown dry at least a little bit every day, and gets flat-ironed about once a week. Needless to say, I'm always on the lookout for products that can make it look and feel better, so I thought I'd give this product a chance.

First, I know that a lot of people (and I'm one of them) are sensitive to heavy fragrances. When this product first arrived, it was wrapped in a sealed plastic bag that was then enclosed in a bubble wrap-lined mailing envelope. Somewhere along the way, a small amount of the product had leaked out, inside the plastic bag. When I made the first tiny slit in the top of the envelope, I was almost bowled over by how potent the fragrance was, and that was through the *sealed* plastic bag (and it had totally permeated the envelope). So, the smell is definitely on the strong side, and it does stick around once the hair is dried, although to a lesser extent. That said, even with the strength of the fragrance, I was happily surprised that it has never wound up giving me a headache, even after a couple of weeks of use.

As for the actual impact of the conditioner, I was initially a little wary of trying it, since every time a product is touted as being "strengthening," "fortifying," or some other variation on that theme, it inevitably intensifies my hair's coarseness and dryness. Fortunately, this conditioner did not follow suit - it makes my hair quite soft and does a pretty good job of detangling.

However, it pretty much eliminates all vestiges of volume in my hair, and I've noticed that my scalp will get oilier much more quickly after using this product (as directed) as compared with others. That could be a result of the conditioner's serum and oils, and/or the fact that you're supposed to massage some of the product into the scalp (when normally, stylists will usually recommend applying conditioner from around the bottom of the ears, down the length). Also, when I try to embrace my hair's "wurliness", I find that this conditioner really weighs down every single bit of curl and wave that my hair possesses. So, it's fine when I make the effort to straighten my hair, but I have to avoid it all costs when I try to wear it in its naturally wurly state.

Another aspect - on the more positive side - is that I've noticed a bit less shedding since I began using the conditioner, and I think that I've had slightly fewer split ends than I otherwise would have.

Since I got this product, my local Walmart is now selling the whole line for something like $4.68 a bottle. Is it worth that price? Well, it could be worse, and the conditioner does have some positive qualities. At the end of the day, though, it also has quite a few drawbacks. This conditioner was mostly just OK for me, and while I might try other products/conditioners in this line, I don't think I would spend money buying a bottle of this particular one once the one I have runs out.
387910387910B007RTR8UWA3LOGP4VA9DX46Prism0131350777600Nice smell but a little heavyI really like the smell of this line of shampoos and conditioners. They leave my hair smelling so fresh and clean and not overly perfumey. I thought this version left my hair heavy and weighted down. Styling was more challenging than usual. I will use this as a weekly deep conditioner and not an every day conditioner.
387911387911B007RTR8UWA2VJJ2POCLMED7Marshall Carter "Ornery Gamer, Fiend Club Member"0131350604800Not my favorite Clear product...I've tried a few Clear products in recent months, and the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Strong Lengths Nourishing conditioner is probably my least favorite of the bunch. It's not the worst conditioner I've ever tried and actually smells better than some of their other products, but it just didn't leave my hair as soft and manageable as, say, Clear's Volumizing Root Boost conditioner. That might be because it's more about strengthening your hair than leaving it soft, but I didn't notice much help for me there, nor did I have any less tangles (sometimes gets severely tangled in the front, to the point that I basically have to cut the knots out).

Now, I realize that my hair might not be what this product is aimed for, as I don't really have long lengths (currently about shoulder length, long-ish for a guy), but my wife's definitely is, as hers is long (mid back) and can be prone to breakage (naturally quite curly, but often heat-straightened). She didn't particularly care for it either, also preferring some of Clear's other products (again, just didn't seem to condition as well to her either; this is probably why this one is still half-full while the others are almost empty).

There are worse conditioners out there, but if you're looking for something that's going to really make a noticeable difference, then there are much better options within Clear's own product line at the very same price point.
387912387912B007RTR8UWAL63PFK6S156OK. Harrell "Enjoying the Journey"0131350518400Not for me...This product did not give desired results. I have chemically relaxed hair, that is around my shoulder blades. I felt that my hair was not particularly nourished after using both this shampoo and conditioner. However, I am used to the results from more expensive products, so maybe you just get what you pay for. The price is reasonable, just don't expect your hair to feel luxuriously moisturized.
387913387913B007RTR8UWA1VTBADV3JS1ECRandi Morse0151350518400Still In LoveI have now reviews two of the Clear Scalp & Hair conditioners and I have to say, I'm still in love! It's so bad that my 8 year old daughter demands to have it opened if we have a bottle rather than use any other conditioner in the house! Definitely still love!!
387914387914B007RTR8UWA33VI944SO2YCNSqueal0151349654400Nice conditionerI have tried several of the Clear Scalp conditioners. They have all been good conditioners, but this is one of the better ones. I have long fine color-treated hair, and this conditioner left my hair soft and mostly tangle-free without weighing it down. You don't need to use a lot to get good conditioning, so the bottle lasts quite a while. I think this is a great conditioner for long hair. I find it comparable to many more expensive salon brands. I definitely recommend giving this a try if you have long hair and are looking for a cheaper alternative to salon conditioners.

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