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387961387961B007RTR8UWA301B6L3TCD7WLTanya McHenry0141339977600African Hair - Not BadEvery once in awhile I don't need a super-rich therapy type conditioner. This works well for that for my thick hair. Suave type products leave my scalp itchy and uncomfortable. This worked well for a quick shampoo and conditioner. Because I don't, and shouldn't, wash my hair daily, I need my conditioner to keep my hair soft for a couple of days, and it did that. I did use liberal amounts compared to the small amount of the more expensive products. I also like the smell of it and love, read, love the shape of this bottle. It opens at the bottom which is just fantastic, and didn't fall over while I was showering. Those are two great pluses in terms of bottle design.
387962387962B007RTR8UWA1E3OB6QMBKRYZMagnumMan0151339891200Great Conditioner, Nicely Packaged DesignFinally, a conditioner that does what it states. This is one of a few I've used over the years that helps me avoid post shampoo and drying tangles and leaves my have manageable but not so heavy it looks fake. Also has a very pleasant but not overpowering fruit essence scent.

One thing I really like is the bottle design. Since most of the bottles in this shampoo and conditioner line look alike, it's a welcome change to see that this bottle sits upside down (opposite of the shampoo that sits right side up). That and the curved top make it easy to spot when in the shower (and without my glasses).

Very good product and I'd recommend it.
387963387963B007RTR8UWA10Z8FC0SMU5VQDorraine M. Rooney0131339804800okayI have naturally oily hair...this did leave my hair soft, but the need to rewash my hair in 12 hours kind of bummed me out- the need for this came as my hair looked greasy if I did husband has dry hair and it worked great for him
387964387964B007RTR8UWA3U1S5KR287T3IA. M. Brinkley "elvis_lives_81"0131339804800Makes my long hair a bit oilyI used the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner for a week. The combination leaves me hair very soft, but by the next day it is flat and oily looking. I like that it is for long hair. The conditioner is pretty thick, which is much better than the watered down cheap ones. It smells great, too. I'm looking for a conditioner that doesn't make my hair oily, but makes it soft and keeps away static at the same time. This conditioner wasn't the right fit for me, but it may be for you.
387965387965B007RTR8UWA9G7RE8KMHVUDr. J. J. Kregarman0141339632000A fine conditionerMy wife has been using this conditioner for over a week and she says it keeps her hair very soft. As a result she intends to keep using it for the foreseeable future. However her hair still breaks easily as it had before, so despite her hopes, there has been no change for the better in this regard. Perhaps when used with the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty shampoo it will work better.
387966387966B007RTR8UWA8WAYVOKYBLO6Rane Wallin0131339545600A lot of hypeI've been using this conditioner for two weeks and as far as I can tell it is just a lot of hype. It's no better than any other department store conditioner. In fact, I much prefer my regular conditioner Aussie Moist to this. It takes twice as much of this conditioner to get it through my hair and remove tangles that it does my Aussie. Afterwards, my hair feels good, but no better than it does with my regular conditioner. What I especially don't like is that the conditioner is tinted pink. I have light blonde hair and I don't normally use conditioners with dyes because they stain my hair. It has been years since I have even seen a conditioner with dyes in it. I thought that went out of practice in the 80s.

Overall, I would not use this again. There are better conditioners on the market and I would prefer something without dyes.
387967387967B007RTR8UWADS5APY1NKTL4D. Pawl "Dani"0141338854400Effective conditioner....I use this conditioner, along with the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY shampoo. It smells great, goes on thick, and doesn't make my hair and scalp feel like I am suffocating it. Instead, it feels I am nourishing it and giving it hair food, to keep it clean and strong. Like anything, or any part of your health regime, you've got to make sure your hair is in good shape. Breakage and dryness just won't do. Think of this conditioner as a tall glass of water for your hair region, on a hot, summer day. Nice.
387968387968B007RTR8UWA3NWMK532EV42WC. B. St Hilaire0111338854400OK conditioner, but made my scalp itchyI used this conditioner for one week paired with the shampoo for color treated hair and I'm not impressed. The smell is a bit strong and chemical-ish. Plus, even though it is for the scalp, the two CLEAR products made my scalp dry and itchy. Another bummer is that I learned the product contains an animal byproduct (from cows) and the company does not have a no animal testing policy. In summary, I won't purchase this conditioner. I'd prefer something a bit more natural with less chemicals.
387969387969B007RTR8UWAKJ3P4XK1KN5YPhoenixFalls0151337644800FANTASTICThe bottle promises improved strength in 7 days, but my hair felt infinitely better after just a single use. I have a great deal of very long, very fine, very straight hair, and generally I find that conditioners leave my hair feeling not conditioned enough (and sadly dry and static-y, particularly since I moved to the desert) or far too weighed down by product. This conditioner did neither -- it just left my hair feeling thick and shiny and smooth. I haven't been using it long enough to see if it really reduces split ends -- I brush carefully, so I'm not particularly prone to them anyway -- but it's worth the price even if that particular claim is bunk, because my hair has never in my life felt this healthy before.
387970387970B007RTR8UWA231WPU3CPWC94P. Thompson0141336953600Less tangles, less flakesI have a mass of very fine frizzy hair. After washing and upon towel drying it resembles a cave woman's: dry, tangled, and bushy. I hate to wash my hair as it takes 20 minutes to comb out and during the process I have a lot of breakage. Afterwards, I dare not run a comb through again as it will continue to snarl. This makes it difficult to even place a part in my hair. I am sure some of you share my pain. This is why I recommend this conditioner. When applying it feels like it is truly being absorbed. It has cut my comb-out time in half and I have less breakage. My hair feels softer. It is still just as frizzy and if I use a straightener and then go outside, the 80% southern humidity will still cause it to frizz. Of course, this product does not claim to help with this issue, I am only sharing my experience.

I have small patches of bumps and flaky skin on my scalp. This conditioner has been the best for this issue. I have used T-Gel, Nioxin, Matrix's Biolage, and a variety of sulfate-free products. This product has cleared the flakes. It uses Zinc sulfate, lactic acid, and zinc pyrithione. I know Matrix uses zinc pyrithione also, not sure why this works better. Maybe the combination of acid, zinc and healing oils? The oils include sweet almond, coconut, sunflower, soybean and aloe.

The one negative for me is the strong floral scent. Thankfully a lot of the fragrance rinses out and only a mild scent is actually left behind in my dry hair. Personally, I think this product is a winner and plan to continue using it.

Update: I have since given away all my pricier shampoos/conditioners and only use this product due primarily to the ease of comb out. I am now using Clear's "Ultra Shea Smooth and Nourish" line in the gold bottle as I prefer its scent. I was hoping the "Smooth" would help tone the frizzes but it doesn't. Still, I highly recommend this product and can not wait for Clear to create a line that combats humidity, smooths, and adds a little shine.
387971387971B007RTR8UWAO96PLO6E3MJCGrandma GG0151336953600Terrific hair products for fine hair!I've been using CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce and CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Strong Lengths Nourishing Conditioner, 12.7 Fluid Ounce for three weeks before writing a review, just to give them a good test, but there was a noticeable improvement in my hair after the first shampoo. For several months, I had been getting hairs caught in my comb when combing out my wet hair. After using these products for the first time, there was only one hair left behind in the comb. After shampooing and conditioning a couple of times, there were no longer any hairs in the comb at all. I've waited three weeks to see if these products would accumulate on the hair strands, because my fine hair just collapses under the weight of product build-up. But there doesn't seem to be any build-up at all. They leave my hair manageable, soft & springy, and very shiny. I was surprised that neither product is clear (both are pearly in color.) Be advised it takes very little product to work up a rich lather, so start out small and add to it or you will be rinsing for a while. I recommend both the shampoo and the conditioner.
387972387972B007RTR8UWA1URMXEEWEQR6VJeremiah L. Olson0141336521600Conditions with some poof and heavinessWhen I put the conditioner in my hair, my hair really feels weighed down, moreso than with other conditioners. Maybe that's just their way of getting the job done. My hair does feel smooth and conditioned when I rinse it out. However, the following morning, there is much more poof in my hair. It does not have a strong scent. Overall it does the job but I would not say it is any better than any other conditioner.
387973387973B007RTR8UWA3DFH4CKPIT0N9Suzanne Amara0151336521600Noticably great conditioner!I normally wouldn't rant about a hair product---I'm just not the type! But this conditioner is literally the best one I've ever used. I first used it on my daughter, who has long straight hair. I noticed that it felt different than other conditioners---lighter somehow, more formy and more able to cling to hair than most I've used. The real test was the next day. Her hair looks noticably thicker, smoother and just plain better. It was easier to brush----important for brushing a little girl's hair! I used it the next day, and noticed the same thing---my hair just looked and felt noticably better. I'm going to seek out this brand for sure in the future. It's nice to see a product that really seems to work.
387974387974B007RTR8UWA2V92F5R7MLCVIwogan "the book reader"0121336176000Seven Day TrialThis conditioner claims that it is a conditioner," that feed your scalp and give you stronger, more beautiful hair in just 7 days".
I used it for 7 days. My hair is about 8 inches below my shoulders and at that length I really have to watch that it does not get in tangles and pull out. As I have gotten older my hair just does not seem to be as strong as it used to be (neither does anything else for that matter).

After 7 days, using this in the same manner as other conditioners I normally use - ones that are on the lower end of the price scale, this does not work as good. I have more tangles in my hair and for that matter it just does not seem as creamy, even to the feeling on my skin as others.
Also the bottle is fashioned to be stood `upside down' so that the opening is on the bottom. That is great in order to get all of the product out of the bottle and not to have to shake it to the top while you are waiting to use it; but the bottle then drips, so that it will wind up in a small pool of conditioner the next time you use it - not good in a practical sense and not really as effective as other conditioners that I have used.
387975387975B007RTR8UWA1OA65HXZIINHRJoan W. Johnson "average reader"0141335744000A difference in 7 days? Yes!I am cursed with very fine hair, that is now also thinning as I get older. I am always dubious of products that make grand promises, but had not tried a "scalp conditioner" before, so thought I'd give it a try. First, the smell of this product is wonderful, but may be overpowering if you are using it with other scented products. The product itself is very thick and a small amount goes a long way. Directions state to shampoo, then gently massage this product into your scalp and hair, then rinse. The product takes a long time to rinse out thoroughly. All that said, I do notice, just 7 days from starting to use this product, that my hair feels stronger and my scalp itches far less. I do not have dandruff, just a few "itchy" spots on my scalp, and this has been cut down noticeably. Immediately after use my hair is left very soft and very shiny.

I will continue to use this product as it seems to do what it promises, and I enjoy the scent as well as the results of shiny hair and less itchy scalp. It's all good!
387976387976B007RTR8UWAIK0G28AWIL17DJY510141335571200It's A Good ConditionerI don't like the bottle. The dispenser is on the bottom of the bottle, so if it drips, it will drip on your counter. The conditioner is just as good as most of the ones I use. Because I straighten my hair and dye it, I use a very expensive conditioner, ER by Crede that I prefer. If my hair weren't damaged, this would be fine for me. That said, I don't see any difference between this and others I've used.
387977387977B007RTR8UWA3QL857ALV5RCJTamara Thorne0131335312000Mixed ReviewsMy husband gives Clear Scalp's conditioner four stars. It adds so much body that his hair looks thicker. It's silky and shiny and I like running my hands through it. There's a definite difference between Clear Scalp's shampoo and conditioner and the modestly priced VO5 that we routinely use.
He knocks off one star because he isn't crazy about the fragrance. He's neutral about it but says he'd prefer something else.

I, however, would have to give Clear Scalp one star because I'm very sensitive to certain synthetic fragrances and this product reeks of one that goes straight to my sinuses and gives me a dull throbbing headache. It's an odor that cloys in my nose. I'm overly-sensitive to it and if you have similar problems, you may want to steer clear of the conditioner and the shampoo. If not, listen to my husband, not me.
387978387978B007RTR8UWA2P739KOM4U5JBGracie0111335225600Used once, wont finish the bottle But it might just be meDisclaimer- my hair is keratin treated and may not be representative.

First, I recognize that the shampoo and conditioner claim to make stronger hair in 7 days and that I didn't use it for that time. But I don't feel that the immediate downsides of this product make trying for a long term benefit a good idea.

My hair is fine and quite long (well past the bra line). It is also keratin treated. Like most people with long hair I care a great deal about it and put quite a bit of effort into it's care. I was excited to try this product.

After using the matching shampoo, I applied this conditioner. The shampoo had left my hair feeling stripped and I was hoping this would fix it. The conditioner was light and smelled good. I left it in for several minutes. When I rinsed it out, I was disappointed to find that my hair still felt dry and stripped. I rinsed it thoroughly and let it air dry. My hair was a tangled mess. I ended up needing to use my daughters detangling spray and brush it out very carefully to avoid breaks.

While this product is meant to be used over time to gain results one of the biggest things to avoid with long hair is dry tangly hair. A long term gain is not worth the short term breaks and snaps that will occur due to tangling.
387979387979B007RTR8UWA2RIAXGSBP65BJAmanda Hamm "writer"0221345939200very light scent is the best featureI appreciated that this conditioner did not have an overpowering scent. But I didn't really care for it otherwise. It seemed to make my hair "puffier" than others and the bottle was really hard to empty.
387980387980B007RTR8UWA2V0I904FH7ABYRam0251344556800Good shampoo, except for the perfume/smellMy wife used this shampoo and provided me good feedback on the quality of the conditioner, it was used right after using a clear shampoo.

The only thing which she did not like is the smell/perfume of the shampoo which she felt could have been better.

Will update later based on the long term use of this shampoo.
387981387981B007RTR8UWA3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"0241344297600Seems good enough for my thick hair...I am currently trying this conditioner out with a similar shampoo. It works well with my thick hair. I leave it on several minutes before rinsing it out with cool water.
387982387982B007RTR8UWA91BK8S5QH98KCelticWomanFanPiano0241343174400Good, but no shine.This conditioner really conditions and leaves ones hair nice and silky. I am very pleased with how tangle free it leaves my hair. And for a conventional conditioner, I am pleased with the long list of healthy ingredients included in the formula. My one complaint, and the main reason why I haven't given it a five star rating, is that while it doesn't give my hair a completely dull look it doesn't give it much shine either. I'm a brunette with lots of natural red highlights and they don't seem to be visible much with this conditioner. The scent is light and pleasant and I like the lavender color.
387983387983B007RTR8UWA3V6TPJDYS60I9kva "kat"0211337644800nothing specialEhh, not good, not bad, any suave will do the same , hair actually seems alittle stiffer if anything, not as soft as it was before this shampoo.
It has some questionable ingredients too hat are known to be bad.
387984387984B001FQ0W2YA35A5S6H1WROO6Wood Wren "Wren"4451234656000Seductive!I was at a friend's house recently and she was trying to impress me (that is another story) and she used this product with the meal she was serving, which included a wonderful beef dish. She also used it with a cheese spread she invented herself. This stuff is absolutely delicious...I was absolutely stunned. I know food and I know good food and this stuff is great. It also allowed my friend to get what she wanted. I plan to order this stuff myself.
387985387985B001FQ0W2YAXPM9U0H5TY7LSharon Wagner4451211068800Simply the best.I have orderd from this vendor twice. They deliver on time. The product is absolutely delicious. Happy, happy.
387986387986B001FQ0W2YA3EOXE0EURDR9YEpiphone Player2251236038400hard to find, very tastyConfit, (Websters) pronounced kon-fee "a garnish made usually from fruit or vegetables that are cooked until tender in a seasoned liquid"

This is really tasty! We searched for it at the local grocery store, zip, nada, zilch. Lots of internet recipes for how to make your own. Too much bother. It was required in a recipe we wanted to try, so we decided to have a jar shipped to us. It made the dish really great. Then I tried it on my next hamburger. Wow, love it. My wife said it made her tummy unhappy later, but her system generally has the same response to all onions. So if you're OK with onions, you'll love the sweet onion confit.
387987387987B000F6VVQ6A3IPGWK8CTT7O2duane woods1121332201600Love the sauce hate the costI love this sauce. Unfortunately I now live in an area that doesnt have an asian market. I came on here to order some and I thought the price was kinda spendy for so little. I used to get these all the time, in the previous place I used to live I used to get the 16.4 ounce bottles for 3.95. they sent me 2 16.4 ounce bottles instead of 4 6.4 ounce bottles, so I actually got 6 ounces more than normal but at 2X the cost. but considering shipping was spendy and it took a month for them to get here, at 25$ for 2 bottles I will never be doing this again. buyer beware, if you are looking to get some of these, its in your best interest to contact someone from another town and have them look for you, itd be far cheaper.
387988387988B006NZBJP6A1BC9UTKKDW8WHAnnette l. Callies0051350777600great tasteThis product was nicely packaged which made it easy to throw in my purse or briefcase. The flavor was rich and satisfying. I will buy this again
387989387989B007RTR8UMA28I19Q54MYXGVBuffy0131340841600CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing ConditionerThe is a very low cost conditioner that goes on feeling a bit 'drier' compared to other conditioners I've used. It seems to rinse out fairly easily and quickly. Hair feels smooth after using but not as nourished as I would like, but for the price this is decent.
387990387990B007RTR8UMACR4HKUT808U1Ursula K. Raphael "AstraDaemon of The Zombiep...3351338854400Works Well For Fine HairI used this conditioner with CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo for a week, and I was very happy with the results.

Even though I do not color or over-style my hair, it gets dry & has fly-away static if I don't use any conditioner. The problem is that I have fine hair, so almost all conditioners weigh it down - even the ones that claim to enhance fullness/body, but this Clear Boost conditioner worked exactly as described.

My hair looks healthy with a noticeable lift, so I will continue using this brand.

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