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388021388021B007RTR8UMA2ULQOGN59LDNKRichard J. Brzostek0051346371200gives EXTRA volume as promisedWe highly recommend this conditioner and given the price, it's unbeatable! This product truly leaves hair silky, soft and it does seem to give EXTRA volume as promised! Usually when you get a product that promises to add volume it's a gimmick, but this actually wasn't. This produce has a great smell; it's clean, light and seems to stay for a long time!
388022388022B007RTR8UMA3RMS65F4GT4MLBillie Rae Bates ","0041345852800Worked fine, not outstandingI also used the shampoo that goes with this conditioner, but not in tandem with the conditioner as I had used it up before I got this. Overall, I think this conditioner worked just fine on my hair. Nothing outstanding, but it performed on a par with any other conditioner I've used. I didn't notice a boost in volume after using it a while (and I have had fine hair all my life). The texture is creamy and the color milky white. It comes out of the bottle in neat ribbons. It goes on easily and rinses out just fine. I enjoyed the scent, and this conditioner definitely helps get a comb through my wet hair after the shower, which is really the main reason I use conditioner, as I've always kept my hair long. I love the fact that it contains vitamins and healthy natural ingredients. So yes, a good impression overall.
388023388023B007RTR8UMA3FBM0RMCMAABVPenguin Chick0051345420800Smells great!The thing I like best about this conditioner is the smell. It is so clean and fresh and it lasts all day. I feel like the conditioner really gets down to the roots of my hair and moisturizes well. It only took a tiny amount and it really rinsed out nice too. It's a great product.
388024388024B007RTR8UMA2SZLNSI5KOQJTCarrie, "Formerly "Sister Carrie""0041345420800All Day Volume. Lightly Scented. Performance on Par with Others in Its Category.Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner is lightly scented, goes on thick & takes a little work to rinse out. It claims to add all day volume to your hair.

I have medium to fine layered shoulder length hair & find that this product (1) does not weigh my hair down, (2) makes my hair feel soft and bouncy all day, and (3) gives my hair a nice shine. Additionally, the scent lasts most of the day.

However, my old stand-by (Suave professionals conditioner) does the same thing, so, in the end, my choice of conditioner would come down to price point since performance seems to be equal.

Note: I do like the bottle's design (dispenser on the bottom), which allows you to get the conditioner out of the bottle without a lot of shaking.
388025388025B007RTR8UMA1X3ESYZ79H59Echaos0041345334400nice conditionerLike the other "CLEAR" brand conditioners I've tried, this one is lightly scented and I would have to say that I like the scent. I'm not sure exactly what the scent is but it is pleasant. The consistency of the conditioner is okay but I prefer thicker conditioners. It rinses out well enough and leaves my hair soft.

I like that the spout is on the bottom because this helps the conditioner settle and makes it easier to get the last bit of conditioner out of the bottle.
388026388026B007RTR8UMA5KMMY627T3WKate Stokes0051345075200Shiny, smooth and pretty!I don't know what else you could ask for in a conditioner
388027388027B007RTR8UMA3MUSWDCTZINQZUlalume Jones "Creative Gal"0041344988800I find a lot of this line like regular conditionersNothing stands out much about this line of conditioners. I have tried a lot of them and they all seem to work the same on my hair, which is dry and curly. They work good but I don't note any big differences between each type of conditioner, except maybe the Ultra Shea line.
388028388028B007RTR8UMAY3D7DG5L5WCKEdward Walker "ednpatty"0051344902400Awesome conditionerI love this conditioner it works great, it smells great. My hair feels soft but not heavy. I like how the bottle is made with the shampoo being opposite of the conditioner.
388029388029B007RTR8UMA2V92F5R7MLCVIwogan "the book reader"0031344556800Small volumeThis conditioner seemed to work well and rinsed out without the sliminess that some conditioners have. It has the same nice clean smell that the rest of the Clear line has.

I noticed a slight volumizing, but my hair is also about 8 inches below my shoulders, so is heavy to begin with, it might work better that way for shorter hair.
I will repeat my main complaint against all the shampoos and conditions in this line. The bottle seeps a bit when it is left upside down in my shower and it is about 3 times more expensive than my regular less expensive conditioners that quite frankly do just as good of a job.
388030388030B007RTR8UMA34DQINHT6NYJUK. Isserman "Kisserman"0051344556800Washes Out Quickly and CleanlyI should use conditioner, but do so infrequently because it is difficult to rinse out thoroughly. As a woman who now has to color treat her hair, hot water is the devil to my hair as it diminishes the color more quickly. This conditioner rinses out more quickly and like the dandruff shampoo leaves my fine curly hair with more volume. It is so effective that I am using conditioner more than once a week for the first time ever.

i highly recommend Clear Scalp and Beauty. Their products work well and you use very little so your money goes a long way.
388031388031B007RTR8UMA26LD9FQHTM8ZHOlyNomad0031344384000Worked well for detangling, didn't notice any volume boostThis conditioner had a pleasant enough smell and worked excellently at detangling my hair, but I didn't notice any more volume from it. I wouldn't recommend this line of products for those who have sensitive skin because I've had scalp irritation after using most of the products in the line.
388032388032B007RTR8UMA2ZT5LYQVJQJAUAmazon Customer "handspun knitter"0051344297600Used with the shampoo, it seems to meet claims and has mild fragrance.As stated with the shampoo review, these two products used together do seem to create some additional fullness of my fine hair even with the hard water here. Again, the fragrance is pleasantly mild and I've not experienced the usual itching and/or burning with a fragranced product. Time will tell, but I think these two are going to meet the manufacturer's claims. Both bottles have a substantial flat base with opening end down to enable using those last few drops, and they are not going to be falling over with the slightest hit of water from the shower head. These are products I will continue to use if they live up to claims. Thanks!
388033388033B007RTR8UMA18FUHNBP90IB4cb0051344211200Great ConditionerMy hair needed some extra TLC after a summer of swimming in lakes and traveling and this product was amazing. I found that it brought life back to my hair and made my scalp healthy. This bottle went missing -- found it in my pre-teens bathroom , another satisfied customer.
388034388034B007RTR8UMA3OC93X866Z8TBAreesa0041344124800Doesn't leave my hair flat like some conditionersThis didn't add volume, but it didn't take it away either. I have very fine hair, and some conditioners weigh it down. I always have to look for volumizing conditioners to eliminate the problem. This one worked well. It has a pleasant scent that doesn't seem to linger after you have used it. I like the creaminess of it, and it seems to coat my hair well. When rinsing it out of my hair, it washes clean easily, and leaves my hair slick and easy to comb through when wet. I don't tend to have a dry scalp in the summer, so I can't speak for the claims of moisturizing my scalp. I'm giving it a 4, because I wasn't super impressed with it, in that if something I have used before goes on sale, I would probably pick it over this. However, I would buy this again, and it does what it promises.
388035388035B007RTR8UMA1QBOC76MIOJYPMyPenName0021344124800No good for meShampoo and coditioners will always be something that works differently for different groups of people. For me, this version of Clear did not work well at all.

My hair is long, to my waist. Not very thick, but pretty wavy. I don't use straighteners too often in the summer months, but I do use a blow dryer often and am in the sun alot, so my hair can get dry at times.

A conditioner for me has to work well at detangling and moisturizing, but more emphasis on the detangling due to my hairstyles. Especially with my hair being so long, I need something that actually works, so that I am not using a whole bottle at a time. This is why I stick to salon brands since they are so concentrated. Every now and then I will switch to a drugstore brand, just to try something new though.

Clear Scalp Volumizing Root Boost conditioner was horrible at detangling for me. I don't feel it was very good at conditioning at all in general. I had to use 3-4 heaping handfuls at a time and even then it just did not seem to be doing much. This Clear conditioner is very thick and rich, but it just didn't perform well for me. My typical shower routine is to shampoo, then wash my face, then apply conditioner comb it through and clip my hair up while I wash off. I like to let the conditioner soak into my hair. With this, it was much more difficult to comb through my hair with the conditioner on and my hair still felt rough/ragged.

This conditioner seems like it isn't absorbed by the hair at all. It is like it just sits on top of it and then rinses right off. It does rinse easily with no apparent residue, so that is a plus. It didn't weight my hair down at all, but it also did not give me any volume. This could be because my hair is so long, but I do use other volumizing shampoo & conditioners and can see the volumizing effects. I tend to be flat at the roots, so in lieu of teasing or heavy use of styling products, I like to use a volumizing shampoo & conditioner from time to time for fuller styles.

I had to follow up with a leave in conditioner every day that I used this. My hair is not overly dry, so it shouldn't have been such a big issue. I will try the other Clear varieties and see if I have better luck. This one was just not for me, but it may work very well for others, especially if your hair is shorter and not as wavy/curly. It does smell good though, for what it's worth. It is a light, fresh, somewhat floral smell.
388036388036B007RTR8UMA1Q1T811N4IY3ZClicker0041343779200Good conditionerThis Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy is a very nice. I love the fragrance. It smells floral and reminiscent of my visits to the salon. The conditioner is on the thick side, but it's easy to work it into my hair after shampooing. I particularly like the container. The opening is at the bottom, so the product will continue to move to the opening as it is used up. I'm sure you get to use the most conditioner possible out of the container and there is less waste than with other conditioners that have top spouts or openings.

This particular product is a Volumizing Root Boost. I have long, fine, straight hair and my roots were not noticeably boosted. Although I haven't tried many, I have never found a root booster or volume product that does work on my hair. This is however, a very nice conditioner. It leaves my hair feeling soft and healthy and I have not found that it's building up after daily use. If you're looking for a conditioner, this is a good one.
388037388037B007RTR8UMA2CZ98V784SRJ0L. Perry0041343520000Volumizing Conditioner WITHOUT the frizz. No tangles!!! Love that.Typically, I'm a Joico (Kpak) girl, and I default to Herbal Essences or sometimes Pantene (both have long hair products) when I cant find Joico on sale (full price Joico is not in the student budget...though discounts are pretty easy to find). In general I use minimal product: perhaps a little mouses on the roots and a leave-in on the ends if im straightening, spray gel if not straightening, and, when I'm in the mood, some hairspray.

My hair is waist length and fine/thick. I have a lot of strands---but the strand texture is fine. So that added to the length means weight. Which would make one want to TRY a volumizing conditioner. However, having long hair means you must protect and condition. This product promised both: moisture and volume. Worth a try!

Overall I'm pretty happy with the results. "Volumizing" conditioners have in the past been a HUGE fail. They leave me and my curls rockin' the white girl 'fro. With frizz and tangles!!!! This was a lovely change: lightweight volume, No frizzled, and my hair straightened happily. :)

As an added bonus the little tilt to the cap and side dispensing means you can easily dispense even the last of the product. (Huge points to the bottle design team!!!!)

I do think the name of the shampoo needs changed. It simply doesn't sound "pretty."

Very little scent.

REASONS FOR LOSS OF ONE STAR: did not leave my hair quite as shiny as I like.
388038388038B007RTR8UMA16YU3GRGCD95STheresa M. Studer "Terra57"0051343433600So worth the $!I used this product several times along with the dry scalp shampoo by the same company and have had wonderful results. Love the fragrance and the silkieness of the product without having to use a ton of it at one time. My hair is short and color treated and with using both products I get a wonderfully soft texture to my hair with tons of volumne. I always leave my conditioner in for 3 to 5 minutes so as to soak up any extra umph that the product might be able to deliver on.

If you want a good product that can do the job without breaking the bank then give this a try. I think you just might be surprised. I surely was.
388039388039B007RTR8UMA1V1EP514B5H7Yasiana0041343433600Good conditioner but poor packagingI can't count the number of conditioners that I've tried and then thrown in the trash in an effort to give my fine hair some needed volume. This conditioner does do what it claims to do--volume without weight and it smells good.

I'll probably buy it again. However, I wish it came in a more friendly container. It is difficult for my arthritic hands to hold the 12 oz bottle which has an odd shape. The L'Oreal Ever Pure shampoo and conditioners are much, much easier to hold.
388040388040B007RTR8UMA3FA9MUYT5D2C8Elaine "Bookish in California"0041343433600Good matchI use this conditioner with the shampoo, and they seem to make a good match. The conditioner is light and, while not as noticeably as the shampoo, does achieve good volume and doesn't weigh hair down. I only use it every other shampoo. Also, like the shampoo, it has a very strong perfume, which is another reason to use them together, as I think the fragrance would clash with other products.
388041388041B007RTR8UMA91BK8S5QH98KCelticWomanFanPiano0041343433600Pretty good.This whole line of hair care seems to be adequate but not exceptional. At least of the four products I have tried. They have a mix of conventional and healthy ingredients. The conditioning is exceptional as far as getting rid of tangles. But it leaves my hair with a dull look. Interestingly enough, I notice that my hair dries quickly with this line of hair products, I don't know what causes that. But I do enjoy that aspect of it. In short, I don't feel compelled to buy more but I'm not sorry I tried it.
388042388042B007RTR8UMA15T9G38F589KMKay Hayes "knitting ninja"0031343347200My hair was not impressedI'm in my 50's with very long, color treated hair. However, since I only color my hair 2-3 times a year and I don't use heat tools such as blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons or hot rollers; my stylist says my hair is in very good shape. In fact, she only sees me every 2 months to trim a little off the ends.

I usually alternate between Fekkai Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner and L'Oreal EverCreme Intense Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner. However I was up for a change and thought I could swap the Clear Scalp line for the L'Oreal line.

The first thing I noticed was that the new products had a much thinner consistency than my usual shampoo and conditioner. The scent was also just okay, nothing remarkable. After the first wash, I noticed my hair had more tangles and after a few more days I noticed that my ends felt dryer. After I added the Ultra Shea Nourishing Scalp Oil, my hair got a little softer but the Clear Scalp & Hair Moisturizing Dry Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner isn't moisturizing enough for me. My husband, on the other hand, tried it and liked it but then again, he has much shorter and thereby younger hair than I do.

Oh well, I'm glad he likes it because I don't think I'll be using it on a regular basis.
388043388043B007RTR8UMA23GFTVIETX7DSDebbie Lee Wesselmann0051343260800I love it!My hair is fine, but I have a lot of it, which gives it the illusion of being thick. The problem is that, when my hair gets a little long, the weight of the top layers of hair weigh down the lower ones, making my hair look heavy and, well, blah. I gravitate toward root-boosting products to restore natural body by giving my fine hairs a little lift. After using this conditioner, my hair retains its body throughout the day. Even better, I love the scent -- I can smell it as I write this, and it's been hours since I got out of the shower. Obviously, if you are bothered by perfumes, you should look elsewhere.

I'm really pleased with this shampoo. It's going to be in my shopping cart when the current bottle starts to run out.

-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann
388044388044B007RTR8UMA2XSY4L7GDHV4WRobert T. Brennan "Rob_1970"0041343174400Nice conditionerI have fine hair, and this conditioner works well. There is a perfumed scent that lingers even after you rinse out the conditioner, unlike other conditioners I have used that don't leave much of a smell. The scent is pleasant enough, however. My scalp feels less dry and looks more vibrant, and my hair has excellent body after using this conditioner. The only problem I see with this conditioner is that the opening is on the bottom, so if you don't fully close the bottle, gravity could take its' toll and some conditioner could leak out (they should have put the plastic opening on the top of the bottle). Otherwise, this is a great conditioner.
388045388045B007RTR8UMAGEKVD8JPZQMTM. Rodriguez "Cnyper"0041343174400Great compliment to the matching shampooI have hair that is thick and goes about 3" past my shoulders and difficult to manage-it always seems to be frizzed out (just thought I would included that so you know when reading the review you can compare your hair type to see if this will work with your hair or not) I am a Head and Shoulders Loyalist, however, this conditioner works pretty well.

It is smooth and goes on easily. I also like that I didn't have to use a whole bunch to get full coverage (I only had to use about a quarter sized amount). It smells pretty good (I would say about as good as Pantene or Garnier Fructis, but better than any of the Head and Shoulders scents I've tried) and after blow drying left my hair soft and silky, but not greasy-even the next day. I did use it with the Clear shampoo, so I think that using both products together also helped and would recommend that you get the shampoo as well!

Packaging Note: If you plan on ordering this on Amazon, be aware that it may leak in transit-Mine did leak a little bit, it was wrapped in a plastic bag so it didn't get all over the box/other items, but it was still messy and needed some rinsing off when I took it out of the box.
388046388046B007RTR8UMA15YB0DWQ815SYSusan Schenck "award-winning author of two books"0041343174400great stuffI felt this conditioner was really great and didn't weigh my hair down. Some of the ingredients are questionable, but that is not as important with things (like conditioners, as opposed to skin cream) that stay on the scalp and hair a short time. The price is also right for this product.

Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet
Beyond Broccoli, Creating a Biologically Balanced Diet When a Vegetarian Diet Doesn't Work
388047388047B007RTR8UMA2ZY49IDE6TY5ICrabigail Cassidy "Crabby Abby"0041343001600Better Than Average ConditionerI'm losing count on how many times I have washed and conditioned my hair to test this line of hair care products. This conditioner is definitely a keeper. I liked the scent. It was easy to apply and easy to rinse out of my hair with cool water. It left my hair shiny and manageable, but the greatest benefit was that my hair wasn't weighed down or greasy. This product touts that it is a volumizing root boost nourishing conditioner. While I think it definitely doesn't weigh hair down which makes it easier to add mousse or a volumizer, I don't think it actually does anything to increase volume. That said, I like this purely from the point of view that it doesn't over condition my very fine hair and makes styling with product easier. I would recommend this as a good alternative to some pricier conditioners I have used in the past.
388048388048B007RTR8UMA22S7D0LP8GRDHJacob Hantla ""0051342828800Thick In Your Hand Light In Your Hair
388049388049B007RTR8UMAY1EF0GOH80EKNatasha Stryker0051342483200Very light and bouncy hair!I used this CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner this week and am enjoying very light and bouncy hair.

I have a ton of very fine medium blonde hair that is to my lower back and this shampoo and conditioner combo really works for me! I shampoo my hair about every other day or so.

I will be buying this again once my review samples run out, it gives good results at a great price.
388050388050B007RTR8UMA3IR5UJT71ZGRZJoanne M. Friedman "Schoolmarm"0051342224000Great partner for the matching shampooI chose to test both the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty volumizing root boost nourishing conditioner and the shampoo at the same time, and I'm delighted that I was so wise. This is a nice pair of products worth trying if, like me, you've got wispy, fly-away, fine hair that frustrates your attempts to keep it corralled into some semblance of a style.

Unlike many of the similar products I've tried, this conditioner leaves no waxy or stiff feel behind, and my hair isn't the least greasy or weighed down. In fact, it rinses out so completely that I wondered at first use whether it was doing anything at all. It was, and it still is. Combined with the matching shampoo, this product has left my hair clean, shiny, and with enough body to keep it in tow. I supplement with a bodifying mousse styling product, and the effect is really surprising. I might be able to stop my endless search. Healthy-looking hair with some body is all I've been after. It's only been about a week of daily use, but I will continue to use this pair of products, that's for sure.

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