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388077388077B007RTR8UMA1I6U5AQAT3ZG9E. B. MULLIGAN "Bronwyn"0041337817600VERY MUCH WORTH A TRYok, I got the family to try this for the last 3 days.

The 65 year old's (female) hair found this product to be very nourishing with a short hair cut that is washed and conditioned daily. The hair volume felt fuller but didn't seem as bouncey as usual.

The 50 year old's (female) hair is longer and thicker. She was able to use this conditioner to deal with the split ends that occur between salon apppointment.

There was concern from the intial smell that the scent would be overpowering but it rinsed nicely and was very light and subtle after air drying.

Loved the bottle design with the bottom being the click to close dispenser. That way when the content is down to the last inch there is no struggle to get the last bit out, it's already at the mouth of the dispenser.

The price was right and we would try again. Will get the male perspective next time we have relatives visit.
388078388078B007RTR8UMA3FHSLWEMH7JD8Elizabeth G. Melillo "gloriana"1231338336000Comparable to other products in this price rangeClear Scalp is of a quality comparable to that of other products in this price range. I did not find it had any outstanding features (and, indeed, some 'bargain brands' are surprisingly good by comparison.) I am neutral in this particular review - it is adequate, but I did not find it to have any special qualities.
388079388079B007RTR8UMA1VV72295OP6B4Cheryl A. Reynolds "Spuddie"0151342742400Great for fine, flyaway hair!Really helped add some boost and lift to my fine hair, even without any other mousse or product in the hair. Also, my hair seemed shinier and sleeker, too. Will definitely buy again!
388051388051B007RTR8UMA26NLJJ8O09706Laurie Brack0051342051200this is a great new shampoo!I have tried so many shampoos my closet is full of duds that didn't work for me. I have a dry scalp, and it seems that the shampoo's that are advertised to help my scalp and hair, just don't. This has made my hair more manageable and is cheaper than any of the others. I love it. It works for me.
388080388080B0064YO85OAHQCRP1RSKJ5KStuiletufuga0021334188800Large Palm Corned Beef 15 oz with Juices (Ordered 8 Cans)What we expected: That the corn beef was exactly what we remembered eating back in American Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

Our Actual Results: That the Corn Beef is AWESOME. Excellent quality and taste and just enough fat (not too much) mixed in making it so juicy and tasteful.

What we were NOT Happy About: Is that we found out this same 15 Oz Can is cheaper elsewhere on the Internet but I found this out AFTER I already ordered and ATE my order (LOL).

Overall - I am happy with my purchase but just not happy with the price WHICH could be more competitive meaning, the Seller/Vendor (My Filipino Grocery) should research and price their items so they can compete (as I am not ordering this again).

My Future Plans: I will not be ordering anything from anyone without researching as I could have ordered this for less than $7 Dollars per can (this one is $8.49 per can).

Thanks so much.
388054388054B007RTR8UMA12B203CDL7ZOAAJSmith0051341446400A Hair Must HaveI did not buy this at first because I figured it was another gimmick all shampoos guarantee they are the best thing for your hair etc.

This product is worth the money and I saw results after one use and keep seeing healthy hair after each continued use.

Nice scent that lasts
Hair is shiny and not weighed down by excessive product
Hair visibly looks healthier

-If you are used to a thick coverage with your shampoo/conditioner (i.e lather and creamy conditioner) this probably isn't the product for you.
-Small container size

Remember this is not a regular shampoo and conditioner so it is not suppose to be used as one make sure to read directions before you use so you can see maximum results.
388055388055B007RTR8UMA3JXBZ8F65100OFerdy0041340755200Excellent productI tried the conditioner right after the Clear Scalp Volumizing Shampoo. The product has a nice consistency -not too thick or too watery. It has the same fragrance as the shampoo which I wasn't really fond of. It's not bad, just sort of bland. The conditioner feels creamy when applying to hair. I left it on my hair for 1-2 minutes while finishing my shower and then rinsed. It rinsed very cleanly and didn't feel like a lot of residue was left on my hair. After drying my hair, I was surprised at how shiny and soft it felt while still having lots of volume. I have short, color treated hair and have struggled trying to find products that will give my hair softness and shine again but they all seem to be oily or heavy and end up making my hair flat. Clear Scalp conditioner works perfectly. Every member of my family has tried the shampoo/conditioner combo and we all love it. It will definitely be on our shopping list for the future.
388056388056B007RTR8UMA1XEZIHQIUAOR1Monika Matthews0031340582400Nourishing, Not VolumizingMy hair feels pretty silky and seems to be less frizzy than normal. It has less volume than with my normal conditioner, though. The product is fine, but nothing remarkable.
388052388052B007RTR8UMA2WN1QF8GSVHYVAltmed0031342051200OK every day conditionerThis is a nice every day conditioner, no overpowering scents

Works pretty well, yet if you have dry hair, you'll probably want either a conditioner with more oils in it, or will want to add a hair treatment to it.

OK conditioner with no overpowering smells, like many conditioners & shampoos have, but lacks as a conditioner for those with very dry hair.
388053388053B007RTR8UMA2D4FQHV506EPBC. Hernandez0041342051200Gets better with continued useThe idea behind this hair care line is that to truly nourish your hair, it's important to start at the scalp where the hair grows from as opposed to the length of the hair which is considered to be dead. This makes sense, but I did have some reservations because the directions instruct you to gently massage this conditioner on your scalp and hair stylists have always advised against that because it causes your hair to be weighed down. I went ahead and used the conditioner as directed. After I dried my hair, I was pleased to see that there was more volume at the crown of my head. The downside however, was that my hair did not feel as conditioned as it normally does, but after continued use (about a week or so) it did start to feel softer and conditioned. I do recommend this product, but my advice is to be patient and give it a chance to start working, it's worth it.
388057388057B007RTR8UMA266BFIUYON37VJulie0041340236800Clean Feeling, but a bit Strong on the ScentI used this conditioner for three weeks in place of my very pricey salon conditioner and found it to be quite comparable in quality, and it's a fraction of the price. I don't wash my hair everyday, so any conditioner that weighs down my hair immediately gets tossed out (I have straight hair - zero curl). I was definitely skeptical about the volumizing claim, I usually find hair products touting this to be gloppy and waxy feeling, but not so with this product. Here's the quick summary:

- a little goes a long way; you don't need a heap to soften hair
- the ingenious spout is on the bottom and doesn't leak (wish ALL hair products had this!)
- did in fact leave me hair feeling a bit more voluminous as advertised
- great value

- the scent is bit too strong (hence the 4 stars)
388058388058B007RTR8UMA2ZXBFBA7EKYNRMysti0011340236800Caused my scalp to itch and break out...I have used many different shampoos and conditioners and wouldn't consider myself to be a person with sensitive skin or special hair care needs. When I first attempted to use this conditioner, I found the scent to be very appealing. I used my regular brand of shampoo(John Frieda) before using the conditioner. When applying the conditioner I did find that it was thicker, more like a masque, than other conditioners. I didn't notice anything strange until I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror. My forehead had red blotches around the hairline. When I started putting on my makeup (10 to 15 minutes later) my scalp and forehead began to itch. It lasted for a couple hours. Just to make sure that it wasn't a fluke, I tried this conditioner again a week later and had similar results. I was not able to use the product more than those times so I cannot say how well it volumizes. I am sad I couldn't continue to use the product.
388059388059B007RTR8UMA1M7Y63Y5GYJI1Tracey Carter0041340236800Leaves my hair soft, silky, and tangle-free...I like this conditioner and I've very picky about what hair products I use. It leaves my hair soft, silky, and most importantly tangle-free! My hair knots up if you just look at it the wrong way and I've definitely spent less time combing my hair out after switching to this conditioner.

Once rinsed out it does leave your hair smelling good, although I did notice that it had a slightly chemical smell to it when in the bottle, however it dissipates quickly.

The bottle doesn't say that it's safe for colour-treated hair, however I have highlighted hair and have been using this product for several weeks with no ill effects on my coloured hair. Your mileage may vary of course.
388060388060B007RTR8UMA2UM324B00HBC8CLR "Celestial"0041340150400Very good conditioner -- just short of greatUPDATE: The longer I use this conditioner, the healthier my hair seems to be and the better I like it. The concerns I mention in the original review are still valid, but I've decided to continue to use this conditioner given its reasonable price and the health its imparting to my hair.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: My hair is fine, limp, and has no natural body. Conditioners that add body usually leave my hair feeling dry. Conditioners that add shine and moisture usually weigh my hair down. So my conditioner needs aren't easy to meet --and my guess is that yours aren't either. I love my Fekkai Glossing conditioner, but it's so outrageously expensive I use it less often than I'd like. Other days, I use different conditioners and haven't settled on anything reasonably priced that really works for me. I like this CLEAR conditioner, but I don't love it. It leaves my hair shiny, but adds no body at all. It does make my hair feel healthy, but only time will tell whether that is merely superficial or truly healthier hair.

The really odd thing about this line is that there appear to be more conditioner names and claims than distinct formulations. For example, the Volumizing Root Boost, the Total Care, and the Strong Lengths conditioners all have EXACTLY THE SAME INGREDIENTS LISTED IN THE SAME ORDER. They all look exactly the same, feel exactly the same, and leave my hair feeling exactly the same. They even smell the same (mediocre). Yet they are being marketed for different hair problems.

Volumizing Root Boost indicates it has "lightweight nourishers" and is for "all day volume & body from the root." It does not volumize at all, doesn't boost my roots in the least.

Total Care says it has "advanced moisture complex" and provides "total care for scalp & hair." I don't have dry scalp, so I can't say for certain, but these claims seem more in line with the way the conditioners actually perform.

Strong Lengths states it has "strengthening serum" and will give "stronger hair in only 7 days." My hair seems no different after 7 days, but in a month or two who knows?

Since all these conditioners have the same ingredients, it would follow that the claims made for each of them should apply to all three of them. If all the conditioners did all they claim that would be one great conditioner. It would volumize, moisturize, provide total care, and make my hair stronger. But, as I said, they don't. They are okay for me, but they don't do everything I want. If I can get any of these conditioners at the right price, I will buy it, but I won't go out of my way to find it and I won't pay a premium for it.
388061388061B007RTR8UMA188JOXWF4EY1RAnn B. Hibbard "anbee"0031340150400Prefer Other Clear ProductsWhen I first started using Clear products for my hair, I noticed a distinct difference in the health of my hair. After about two months of usage, other people have started noticing and commenting as well that my hair seems healthier. That is important to keep in mind as I review this specific product.

I have very fine hair. Any little thing will weigh it down. In fact, that's the one complaint I had about the first Clear product I reviewed (Strong Lengths) - I lost what little volume I had. I didn't want to lose the benefits of the sleek, shiny healthiness I found with Strong Lengths from Clear, so I tried the Strong Lengths shampoo and the Volumizing Root Boost conditioner together before switching to the volumizing shampoo. To be honest, I didn't seem much of a difference with that combination.

Next, I switched to using both the volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I did see a difference in the volume of my hair, but it also became more fly-away and less sleek. That has made it a little harder to manage, especially with my new short cut. (I made the switch two weeks after I got my hair cut.)

I really don't like to use other volumizing solutions other than a little hair spray. But, I think I would prefer those over the results I get from this volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I'm glad to have the set. I'm glad to have tried it. And, if I still had long hair I might even like it. But, with my current hair cut, I doubt I'll go out and buy this product. I have no qualms, however, about sticking to the Clear brand.
388062388062B007RTR8UMA3N4CUW4UYC9I3MH0041339977600Smells GREAT!!I have been using the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner a couple times a week. I wanted to add it into my regular regimen so that I could be certain any changes in my hair were from this one product, so I used my regular shampoo and styling products.

At first I was concerned, because I still had to work to get tangles out of my hair. I keep a wide toothed comb in the shower to comb through my conditioner. I have natural blond hair, and my hair tangles very easily. So, this step was still a little difficult with the Clear conditioner, so I do end up using more than what I feel I should need. I also didn't notice any extra volume in my hair. I'll admit, I tried the volumizing formula rather than others, because I have found with a lot of lower cost conditioners, the moisturizing formulas can often make hair look greasy, and I wanted to avoid that.

The conditioner smells absolutley incredible!!!! I love it. I notice myself swinging my head around sometimes during the day, just so that I can smell my hair as it swings in front of my face (when nobody is looking!!). Even though, I had trouble combing the conditioner through my hair when putting it on, drying my hair afterwards was fine. My hair felt soft and looks good.

So, the negatives for me are that I need to use more of this conditioner than other products and it doesn't give volume as advertised (not a huge deal to me, but I thought I should point it out for others who are looking for volume). The positives are that it smells splendid and my hair feels and looks soft after drying it. I will continue to try the Clear products and alternate them with my higher priced salon products just to be able to save some money.
388063388063B007RTR8UMA17FLA8HQOFVIGLinda Linguvic0051339632000Works well with the shampooLove the fragrance, love the quality, love the shape of the bottle. This fine conditioner is a perfect companion to the shampoo. It is also a fair price. My hair feels soft and fragrant after using it. Can't ask for anything more.
388064388064B007RTR8UMA1Y1R5R1C96Q5MJ. Chendea0051339632000Great conditioner for oily hairI got this from Amazon Vine. I like it more than the expensive brand I was using. I'll definitely buy it when it runs out. I have oily hair, but it's very lightweight.
388065388065B007RTR8UMA37R3P5JFNQG8SKaren Wilber0041339372800Hair feels softI've been using this product along with the Clear Damage and Color Repair Nourishing Shampoo exclusively for the past 2 weeks and I'm actually more impressed with the conditioner than with the shampoo. I have thick wavy hair (which is short) and live in a humid climate. I found that my hair felt softer after using this and I had very little frizz. My hair feels good and styles easily.

This product has a light scent, difficult to pin down the fragrance, but it is pleasant. I received a free sample of this to review, but I would buy this product.
388066388066B007RTR8UMAZD8SMNGQI98ODiane Davis White "Historical and Contemporar...0041339372800A nice conditionerI used this product with the shampoo and found my hair is fuller, the fuzzy look is gone, and though not as much volume as I'd like, it is shinny and soft. A nice conditioner for the price.
388067388067B007RTR8UMA1X2LENOF84LCQD "D"0031339372800Makes your hair soft and silky but no volumeThis conditioner is creamy and really does feel nice but it doesn't provide any volume, not to my hair it doesn't. It seems to weight it down instead. It really seems more like a smoothing conditioner than a volume conditioner. It feels sort of like it leaves like a silicone feeling to the hair. I have wavy hair so I don't want it weighted down, I want it to be more natural looking and keep the waves. Maybe if you have straight hair it works better?
388068388068B007RTR8UMAX0ZTNX6KVJ40J. Jones0031339200000Does A Good JobI received Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner and the shampoo from Amazon Vine two weeks ago and have been using it ever since. It does a good job conditioning. My hair is soft and tangle free. Using the conditioner and the shampoo has not made any difference in the volume of my hair. That might be because I have thin fine long hair. Just the weight of my hair could be keeping the volumizing from being effective. My one big complaint is the size of the print on the container. The smallest print is the word conditioner. I wear glasses for reading and do not wear them in the shower (does anyone). The print was so small that I could not tell which was conditioner and which was shampoo. I solved that by using a black marker to put a large S on the Shampoo and a large C on the conditioner. It would have been nice if both words were in large print on the bottle.

After I wrote this I had my hair cut much shorter. I can tell a difference now. It does give my hair body and volume now that it is shorter.
388069388069B007RTR8UMA1OMXVXXP07F05D. Couse "darkman1969"0031339027200OK conditioner.So after using this for about a week along with the shampoo, I can't really tell much. I don't really have a sensitive scalp, but I do have a scalp that likes to get a good scratch now and again. I've tried all the tingling shampoos, the liquid medicines but nothing seems to really take away that need when my scalp starts to itch.

I must say I was surprised that with a name like Clear Scalp & Hair...I was shocked to see the product is not clear. I don't know why I had my mind made up that it would be, but when it came out and wasn't, there was a sense of let down which leads me to believe that it's still just a bunch of chemicals I'm putting on my head.

Since I was fortunate enough to have both the shampoo and conditioner at the same time, I will also say that I'm not a fan of the product packaging. The shampoo stands up with the opening in the air, while the conditioners opening is down. Maybe this is so you can tell the difference in the shower? I don't know, but again, I didn't like it.

It definitely made my hair softer and more manageable, however, I keep my hair short so it really doesn't benefit me.
388070388070B007RTR8UMA2ZPZM9RE08JXFA. Pohren0041339027200Leaves hair soft and tangle freeI used this along with the Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo and was very pleased with the results. I loved the light smell and the thick smooth texture of both. I had no problems rinsing out either the shampoo or the conditioner. As my hair was drying (I let my hair air dry rather than blow dry) I could just feel the softness settling in. I have this weird habit of ruffling and fluffing my hair as it dries and after using this product, my hair had such a great feel to it as I did so.

Once dry, my hair settles nicely with no wild/static craziness and looks smooth and soft. I have long hair - below my shoulders - and it sometimes likes to go the crazy route. Also, one of the things I miss most about my youth (granted, I am only 38) is the incredibly thick hair that I once had. Once I began having children, my hair thinned quite a bit and I miss that thick mop, lol. In any case, this product does seem to give it volume and "plump" up my hair.

I also want to be sure to mention that I have weird/picky hair/scalp. It responds to different products in an extreme way. My scalp is oily, while my length is more dry. When I use hair products it either leaves my hair a limp mass of yuck or works really well. Most of the time, it leaves a limp mass. Needless to say, I was thrilled and pleased to find that the Clear product left my hair looking and feeling great. I am also one that has to wash my hair daily - in the morning, otherwise it looks oily and feels horrible. I notice with this, however, I can wash my hair one day and the next morning it does not have that oily look and feel to it! Yay!

At the price, I feel this is a great product and one that I will continue to use for a while. The scent is great, the effect is great and I am very pleased with the outcome when I use the shampoo and conditioner combination!
388071388071B007RTR8UMA3TX58JY0EZBPCBookNerd Extraordinaire "BookNerd"0041339027200A nice conditionerAs I have ventured into my 30s, my hair has become much flatter and is losing its bounce. I have what "appears" to be thick hair but really, I have a LOT of hair that is made up of lots of thin strands. I figured trying out Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty volumizing boost nourishing conditioner couldn't hurt. I thought the smell was pleasant and not overly strong. It rinsed out nice and clean without any kind of left over residue that would need lots of extra rinsing. I didn't notice much of a boost to my volume after the first use. My hair felt nice but that was it. I don't wash my hair every day, just every other day, but on the second wash and condition, I did notice my hair looked more voluminous- not a huge amount of volume but definitely wasn't my usual flat hair! So yay! A little volume is better than flat and I am good with that. The price (less than $5) isn't too shabby either!
388072388072B007RTR8UMA100ZQDV7L8PVVKaren Vaughan "Herblady"0041338940800Lighter than it looks.When I first saw the conditioner I was skeptical. I'm used to thicker protein rinses it looked the consistency of white hand lotion. I was afraid it would hold down my fine hair or leave it oily. But it doesn't. It also doesn't thicken the hair shaft with gel that will get messed up as the day goes on. The smell is light and the shape of the shampoo container is opposite of the conditioner so people with bad eyes won't confuse them while in the shower without glasses. It is too soon to know if this will help hair grow by nourishing the roots but when used with the matching shampoo and a blow-dryer it seems to have a lasting lift. I've used it twice. Will report back if there is long term hair growth.
388073388073B007RTR8UMA3EAP2VG0BVYWXnekojita0041338854400give some volumeClear Volumizing conditioner is part of a shampoo and conditioner set to help boost the volume of your hair, among other things. It has a nice scent and it rinses clean, and I've noticed a bit of lift to my hair (or at least it's not as flat by the end of the day). That it does provide a nice shine and a bit of volume is a definite selling point for this conditioner - however, I've noticed that in following the instructions, I tend to use a little more than I normally would of another brand (Clear instructs you to massage the conditioner into your scalp and then through your hair).
388074388074B007RTR8UMABMX8XUNPR3LPJennifer Sicurella0031338854400Nothing specialI have colored, heat damaged hair, so a good conditioner is a must. With 2 weeks of use, Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Conditioner had absolutely no effect on my hair. While it had a pleasant scent, the conditioner itself didn't seem to do anything.

It didn't coat my hair well like other conditioners and didn't leave my hair soft once I had washed it out. My hair remained rough and tangled-feeling, about the same as after shampooing but before conditioning. Once dry, my hair seemed to have even less volume than it usually does (which isn't much to begin with). The lack of volume may have been because I needed to use a conditioning spray to get a hairbrush through my hair after using this conditioner that may have weighed it down.

This conditioner didn't damage my hair, but it didn't help it any either. I needed to use more product to keep from damaging it by using a brush while it was wet than I would have normally had to use with a different conditioner, so I found no benefit to using this product. I won't be finishing the bottle.
388075388075B007RTR8UMAJNW2SVETWAW1kacunnin0041338854400Rich, creamy conditioner -- does what it claims to doI've used the CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Conditioner for about a week now, and it it works well on my long, thin hair. It's very creamy and easy to apply, which means a little goes a long way. I followed the directions, massaging it into my scalp and hair and then rinsing it out completely. After use, I found my hair to be very easy to comb through. After blow drying, my hair was shiny and lush. I wouldn't say it's better than other conditioners on the market, but it's certainly comparable to others in the same price range -- it does what it says it does.

I did use this conditioner with its companion shampoo, CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY Volumizing Root Boost Nourishing Shampoo, 12.9 Fluid Ounce, so I can't comment on whether it would work as well with other products. Both the conditioner and the shampoo have a light floral scent which was more intense in the bottle than it was on my dried hair. I found it pleasant.

Overall, this is a good product for those looking for a boost for thin, fragile hair. Whether it actually nourishes the scalp will be determined over time.
388076388076B007RTR8UMA2KUVD844LL7QMAngela M. Hey0041338249600Creamy conditioner that flows well out of the bottleThe conditioner ingredients are unremarkable - chemicals plus oils from almonds, coconuts, soybeans and sunflower seeds. Many conditioners have a similar smell - not a heavy perfume - just that of a typical hair product.

Many conditioners now have bottles with lids at the bottom. This is no exception, the bottle is elegant and simple - not fat - so it only contains 12.7 fl. oz. (375 ml), yet is the same height as a 25.4 fl. oz. (750 ml) bottle - clever packaging to make you think you've bought more than you really have. What differentiates this conditioner is its consistency. It is neither too thick to pour nor too runny to drip. It has just the right creamy consistency that makes it easy to rub into the hair.

I have thick, dry, over-treated hair that can be quite brittle. The conditioner performed as well as the conditioners that typically come with hair color. I have used a paraben free SimplyU conditioner from Walmart that I like better.

I compared this conditioner with Dove Daily Moisture Therapy Conditioner, Dry/Rough Hair, 40 Ounce (Pack of 2) and Garnier Fructis Conditioner, Fortifying, Pure Clean, Normal Hair, 13 oz.. Both of these were thicker and in both cases I had to put water in the bottle to dilute them - so they probably will last for more shampoos per fluid ounce (or milliliter) than the Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Conditioner, which I have not had to dilute.

I don't wash my hair every day - so the idea of a Nourishing Daily Conditioner doesn't appeal - however I do use conditioner once or twice a week. It has left my hair manageable, just as any other good conditioner would.

This conditioner is not one I would rave about, but it does have excellent creamy consistency that makes it easy to apply. I like paraben free, very simple products. This has about 30 ingredients - are they really all necessary?

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