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388111388111B0095KATS4A3OGG1BW4L5CMUspu1151332028800excellently AWFULOK. I purchased this last week and eat the first box without looking at back side...the effect was: I didn't eat my dinner at all because I felt disgusted all day long. This is just what Bertie Botts supposed to be. But don't try it if you are NOT OK with awful flavors.I took a VOMIT one thinking it was cinnamon...and blueberry flavor tastes like dishwasher. I give it a five star because it is perfectly awful, but don't buy it if you haven't decided how much you can take...just don't!
388112388112B0095KATS4A37D8DRBOYWVHEJ. Glen "Jensuni"1151331942400Harry Potter Fun!!The different jelly beans are like the Harry Potter movie, that said, some of them were not yummy, think earwax. so of course the kids loved them!!
388113388113B0095KATS4A2RSCQ6T6U80K7Schmidty1111331596800Are you kidding meThis box of jelly beans is sooooo small. Are you kidding me? They are not nearly worth the cost. DO NOT BUY THESE FOR THIS PRICE!!!!
388114388114B0095KATS4AV0SF1WG6FD1KJohn F.1141325980800Fun for the whole familyThough a little pricey for the size (reason for 4 stars), this was a fun item to buy. We had a great time on Christmas daring all of the family members to eat the different flavors that come in the boxes. These are Jelly Belly jelly beans with flavors like vomit, soap, ear wax, booger, etc. My son swears a bubble came out of his mouth after eating the soap flavor and drinking water.
Great for all Harry Potter fans that enjoy a good laugh.
388115388115B0095KATS4A1CS0SLDX43A1BWowhite1131324425600OverpricedThese boxes are tiny. The size Jelly Belly Beans sells for $1.29. They are fun for Harry Potter fans, but way overpriced.
388116388116B0095KATS4AWTV8ON00K2ESToni1151322438400Just like in the moviesI didnt buy it from amazon I found it in Borders Book stores, seriously they had a whole Harry potter section just like Barnes and Nobles. I digress, I dont know what the heck possessed me to taste the vomit flavor one but was so gross, although there were some good ones too. Grass taste just like grass lol, I was too chicken to taste any other flavors after getting vomit and the was gross...gross but still pretty fun
388117388117B0095KATS4A3C1ARW7XLCCW4Phyllis M. Blasser "special needs Mom"1141321142400Bertie Botts' BeansI was told in a previous review that these beans were not good. They were right! Some were awful, and my kids enjoyed every miniute! During a Harry Potter themed birthday, we had an "every flavoured bean tasting" The dirt and grass were pretty realistic, but the vomit was a bit coconutty in taste. (Hmmm. Makes me wonder.) Anyway, they were not all meant to be delecious, yet some were (think, Tutti-Fruity) I would def give them a go again should we have the urge.
388118388118B0095KATS4A1IEZDQWI0NLH6OkBred "Melanie"1151317081600Harry Potter Bertie BottsWe LOVED these. The boxes were very small, like the size raisins come in. But in the end, you'll never eat them all. The flavors are fun and crazy, our Harry Potter sleepover with school friends was a hoot, and this product took it over the top. We only used one box for the evening. So, we're planning another HP
388119388119B0095KATS4A2L84KIT7PAZ0JAnastasia Toomey3421323129600Did I get ripped off?I was supposed to get 2 boxes of Jelly Beans in this package - but only one came. So I paid $12 for a single little box of Jelly Beans? Can't get in touch with the shipper to get another...not feeling good about this purchase.
388120388120B0095KATS4A3Q1D0AEVLN8QEAmazon Hater4611324944000A little disgusting... a lot overpricedWhen Harry Potter first made its debut we had bought a bag of the Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans for our children. Yes, they were perfectly disgusting... as they should be... and the kids loved trying to get people to eat vomit and rotten egg flavored jelly beans. Now we are at the end of the Harry Potter era and we purchased these for Christmas stockings. Still just as disgusting but who knew how SMALL each box was. 1.2 oz per box seemed acceptable but for $9 plus shipping????? At most they should have cost .50 to $1 per box. We won't be making that mistake again!
388121388121B0095KATS4A11GL3QGJ3NM44R. Miller2311336348800Too little for the priceSounded like a cute non-present but was way too expensive for the tiny package of beans. Flavors were indistinguishable one from another. Not worth it in my mind.
388122388122B0095KATS4A1I2KGV59LD7LKCallie2311327449600DispleasedThe package smelled like cigarette smoke. When I opened the package---the contents smelled and tasted like cigarette smoke. Would never buy this again!
388123388123B0095KATS4ASBIN6RUBD388Judy LaMance2321326326400Tiny tiny boxThe product itself is fine, but it is a tiny tiny box of jelly beans. Very hard to justify the price.
388124388124B0095KATS4A2085KGH087SKRHnwilliams0051350518400You get what you orderThe flavors are exactly what they are labeled. I don't know how they got the right combination of the flavors but the disgusting flavors are accurately done if you can stomach eating them I recommend these. Pepper flavored is my favorite
388125388125B0095KATS4A2ZJV6E0NUXKNOAshley Gray0051349654400Small package, BIG flavorAs other reviewers have noted, these are small packages, but these jelly beans pack a lot of flavor! I don't think I would want a box any bigger...some of these flavors are really awful!

This is a great stocking stuffer or other small gift for those with adventurous taste buds.
388126388126B0095KATS4A1IUGRT7PJ2IH0oldfashionedgal130051349049600The Names Fit the FlavorsMy mom and I bought these some years back, from World Market. We chuckled at the names and decided to give them a go. We couldn't believe they actually tasted like their given names...Volmit, Earwax...yuck! These were a good laugh and a fun experience.
388127388127B0095KATS4A9L2YV7RM10F1stacey0041348617600potter beansThey were a hit! Very small boxes, but everyone tried at least one! Wish they came in a bigger box. My sister loves Harry Potter and was hesitant to try them...I kinda made her promise to try them but I didn't tell her what it was. Her facial expressions were priceless!
388128388128B0095KATS4A3UQFOITFYHY8Fmasa_inn0051345939200Wonderful for a HP fanYes, they are expensive, but this is to be expected, as this is a novelty item and because of licensing costs involved.

Flavors are extremely realistic, be it watermelon or rotten egg; pretty close to what one can expect after reading the books.
388129388129B0095KATS4A3GU5YTM2N686NW. Hagan "wnhagan"0041343433600Hard to fine these anymore!Not a bad price for such a specialty item. I bought them for a HP themed party but forgot to give them out!
388130388130B0095KATS4AGAZFBO666E6GLFLFM0041331856000Actually quite fun.I bought this for my wife who's an HP fan; all the while thinking "what-the-crap".
But I found it to be quite fun to pick one at random and trying to guess what the crap you just put in your mouth.
There are "normal" jelly beans and special "weird" flavor jelly beans; these smaller boxes contain mostly weird ones - a larger box that I purchased (outside of amazon) had a more balanced variety between the two kinds.
388131388131B0095KATS4A3QWPLQTCSGTM9Professor Moody0041324252800Authentic - enjoyed by wizards AND mugglesWell, it's not exactly what you'd consider the epitome of culinary delights, but then again, Harry Potter isn't exactly the normal boy either. If you've read the books and wondered exactly what it is that the world of wizardry chooses for snack time, this has to be pretty darn close if not spot on. I wouldn't choose to eat a ton of these, but they're great for Potter parties and the like. I would suggest looking at the Jelly Belly website as well. They have some better deals on price, but depending on what else you order, shipping may exceed the savings. I recommend the crispy frogs, too. And careful when you open the package - they may jump!
388132388132B0095KATS4A2XQXCGAI8SSYTDeanna D. Newsome "Musicnerdsx2"0051323475200GreatBoxes arrived in great condition and in a timely manner. I can't wait to see what my children think of these crazy jelly beans.
388133388133B0095KATS4A32OU9GD0ICOEWAmy Reed0041322006400Jelly Belly is making them againI found these on Jelly Belly's website for $2.99 per box. I have not ordered from this vendor, so don't take this to mean these are the Jelly Belly ones, I just know that Jelly Belly is making them.
388134388134B0095KATS4A29U4102KKI5U9aka Shortie1231340841600Fun game, not enough of each color to really playGot this as a gift for the office. It's nice to get people to take a break from work to see what they get. Unfortunately, its not well mixed.
388135388135B0095KATS4A2T9DPOV2VAG9VSusanD1221339200000So little for the moneyFor the price, there should of been a bigger boxes or more boxes. It isn't anything like I thought it would be or like the product at Universal Studios. I was under the impression that is where it came from originally. My daughter wanted to taste it and that is exactly what she will get a taste. Guess I should have waited until Universal's website added more to their store.
388136388136B0095KATS4A1A4TM267BGCBERissiegrace1221330905600Bertie botts jelly beansThe order came with two tiny boxed. My daughter was very disappointed with the package size. We won't get these again.
388137388137B0095KATS4A18ZAUGQI9S3K9Rachel1241325548800Great gag giftThis is a great gag gift. I got a big kick out of this with my friends and my co-workers. Most people I offered them to seemed put off by the possibility of getting a bad flavor jelly bean, but eventually curiosity got the better of them and they couldn't resist trying one.

I had the displeasure of getting "earthworm" and "earwax" myself. Yes, they tasted absolutely horrible. But that's the point! It's fun to try the jelly beans out to see if they really are as disgusting as you might imagine.

There are some good flavors in there too, but most of them are gross and fun. :p

It's a great conversation starter. It's fun to see who is risk-averse and who will try anything.
388138388138B0095KATS4A224MOZOV0D2F7Jessica Lafontaine2411337472000horrible flavors, not worth the moneyI hated the flavors. The sausage bean tasted nothing like sausage. I thought the grass would have been good but it was ok. The price was incredibly expensive for boxes not even 6 inches tall. The best thing overall was the shipping. Take my word for it , don't buy this product.
388139388139B0095KATS4A3VC3UIK8S1Q27KHalle0151324944000Perfect christmas stocking stuffer for young harry potter fanMy 10 year old loved the idea of eating Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans from Harry Potter. Fun to share with cousins!
388140388140B0095KATS4A2KO02CI2DDQ75E. Dunne "Seekseekseek"01313244256002 important FYIs!1. The box is very small.
2. You can buy these for half the price at! Boy, did I feel ripped off when I discovered that!

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